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Avatar n tn hi teak ; today i took my hiv 1-2 / ag test results ( day 91 ) negative can i move on now ?
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar n tn You can absolutely rely on the negative HIV test result. Almost no drug or medical condition makes an HIV test falsely negative. That might be a concern if you were deathly sick from some other illness or were taking potent cancer chemotherapy. But not diabetes or any of the drugs you mention. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn As long as you or your partner have not had unprotected sex with anyone else 3 months before your test then your test is conclusive and you dont have hiv. If he was hiv positive there is a really good chance you would have contracted it and tested positive already, especially from anal sex. Rest assured you are negative.
Avatar m tn Hello, My test results are HIV DNA PCR (20 days post exposure) – Not detected, and HIV 1 and 2 Antibody test (Method - Chemiluminescent Immunoassay) at 30 days post exposure – Non reactive (Value – 0.14). 1) How accurate is this result at 30 days post exposure? 2) Is there a chance of this value increasing 1 – 2 months from now, given that there are no more exposures? 3) The last time i had got the HIV antibody test done (2 months back), the value was 0.01 and now it is 0.14.
Avatar f tn hi I got my hiv blood test results after 104 days of exposer it was negative thank god. but before 15 day of hiv test I got dengue fever is dengue fever effect hiv test results. should I need another hiv test or should I move on from this .
Avatar n tn 5 weeks (81 days) also negative. At that time i put HIV behind me. But now i have this feeling that if i go and test again i might test positve, i did not have any more contacts during this period. I know this is some kind of HIV phobia. I need some advice, was my 81 day negative conclusive? And what are the chances that it was a false negative? Is there a possibility i had a late seroconversion? I am 23 years old i don't drink or smoke.
Avatar n tn You can obtain your conclusive negative test 3 months post exposure. Start using condoms. Sex lasts for minutes and HIV lasts a life time.
Avatar f tn Whoa there buddy! You're way overthinking it . The proceedures in place are extremely rigoruos . You dodged the bullet this time.
Avatar n tn My neck has been stiff off and on for 6 weeks, but that is the only symptom I have been feeling. I also had a complete blood count done at the same time as my hiv test, where the test results came back all in the normal range. Is it alright for me to assume that I am HIV- since the HIV test came back negative and my blood shows no signs of fighting any invection or virus.
Avatar f tn just wanted to know if my HIv test it was a 4th generation test a Duo , if it is conclusive at 7 months? the exposure im a female I had unprotected vaginal sex ..
Avatar n tn It is Antibody test basically -------------------------------- I went for HIV Test (Antibody test) at 28th Day, it was negative (0.142). Then i took the test again at 40th Day, it was still negative (0.194), then number was increasing, so i took the test again after 2 days (at 43rd day), it was still negative (0.214), but number has been kept increasing. Does this increasing number in repitive tests mean anything?
Avatar f tn No laboratory evidence of hiv 1 infection. I confused as to the results of the 4th gen test....I’m not overly concerned because it was safe sex and I just recently had a life ins test and hiv was negative but I want to make sure since I have a committed partner. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn It is rare if ever that someone "messes up" a rapid HIV tests. They are so foolproof that some experts hope they will someday be available for self-testing by patients at home, i.e. with no professional training. And probably nobody "messed up" on your test results so far. Weakly false positive or indeterminate results just occur from time to time, without explanation. Try to accept the reassurance and advice you have had.
Avatar n tn I had an HIV test about a month ago, just to ease my mind. I had not been sexually active(heterosexual) for about 3 months prior to the test, even then, it was all protected sex. I had an unprotected sexual experience about 9-10 months before the test. My question pertains to the results of the test, which was done by Quest diagnostics. The test said that I was "non-reactive" to HIV antibodies, which I knew to mean "negative". Great news, right?
2030686 tn?1351692148 Luckily my dr got with the gastro and asked what tests he was gonna run. So hopefully my poor veins will get a rest. I told her to test for hiv, syphillis, hbv, and anything else that could interact with hcv. I figured since I never in a million years expected the hcv to come back positive, I should probably make sure I don't have anything else. It's just a precaution cause that's just how I am. They also drew for geno typing, I've been a bit anxious to get that over with.
Avatar m tn Negative HIV test results 5 months after low risk incident. (unprotected oral received felatio) Time to move on? Are these definitive?
Avatar m tn Of course it's negative, you never had a risk of contracting HIV.
Avatar n tn Negative results do NOT rule out the possibility of HIV infection. PCR results should be used in conjunction with other laboratory test results and the patient's clinical profile. . This assay is currently labeled by its manufacturer "For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures". This assay has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Avatar m tn HHH have stated 6-8 weeks will provide results I can have confidence in. I plan on going for a rapid test after work today. My question is during the last week I experienced chest pain that lasted for about 3 days then went away. After that I notice an area a couple of inches above my wrist area was swollen and still is as I type this entry. Are these ARS symptoms?
Avatar f tn I just want to give a quick run down of all my test results...TEAK, Chris, Shadow, etc. please give me an honest opinion. I won't bore you w/ all my symptoms but there have been a lot and some very similar to ARS. 2wks- HIV anti-neg; RNA Real Time PCR-unable to detect <48copies 4wks-HIV anti-neg 6wks-HIV anti-neg 9Wks-HIV anti-neg; RNA Real Time PCR-unable to detect <48 copies All the test have been done through Labcorp-not sure if this matters.
Avatar m tn I received my results today from my hiv test. The person on the phone said it was negative. This was 12 weeks after exposure. Can i rely on this and put this past me. This was a walk in clinic (city md) so is that as reliable as my primary doctor?
Avatar f tn HIV in women in the United States is almost exclusively limited to the either injection drug users, or those who have been the long time sex partners of an HIV-infected man. In the 25 years I have worked at my clinic in which we see thousands of patients per year, I have not once seen a woman who tested positive after only one sexual encounter. The likelihood is that every year in the United States, virtually no one contracts HIV after only one episode of heterosexual sex.
Avatar n tn i got tested at 4 weeks on the 28th of december it was negative the doctor said i shouldn't worry because I'm young and it was a one time exposure my one time exposure was unprotected sex with a straight male so I'm still worried what should i do i read a bunch of diffrent stuff saying a negative is a ngeative and stuff so what should i do get tested again
Avatar n tn When I had a follow up appt (I went to a different Dr this time), I asked to be screened for STD's since I never got my previous results. The new Dr. told me that if I was HIV positive (or positive for anything for that matter) the old Dr would of contacted me as soon as I didn't show up for my second appt. I still got tested for regular STD's (not HIV) and everything was negative. A week or so after my follow up appt with the new Dr my old Dr's office called me.
Avatar m tn The test I took was confirmed to be an Abbott Architect test, are the results from this test conclusive after 25 days? Thank you for your time and effort.