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Avatar m tn HHH have stated 6-8 weeks will provide results I can have confidence in. I plan on going for a rapid test after work today. My question is during the last week I experienced chest pain that lasted for about 3 days then went away. After that I notice an area a couple of inches above my wrist area was swollen and still is as I type this entry. Are these ARS symptoms?
Avatar m tn Unfortunately there is lots of misinformation out there regarding HIV risk and HIV test results. Some of the confusion comes from the fact that people quote or use older, out of date data for the basis of their explanations. Another reason for confusion is conservatism on the part of governmental and other official sources who feel that when they place information on web sites they cannot "afford" to be wrong. Finally, there's just a lot of misinterpretation of data.
Avatar n tn a few years ago I became pregnant and went in for my first dr visit.I got tested for 'everything' including HIV. The doctor told me well, if we have any problems we'll let you know otherwise we'll see you in a week. Well, in that week I was out of town and had a miscarriage. I never made it back for my Dr appt. When I had a follow up appt (I went to a different Dr this time), I asked to be screened for STD's since I never got my previous results. The new Dr.
Avatar m tn Negative HIV test results 5 months after low risk incident. (unprotected oral received felatio) Time to move on? Are these definitive?
Avatar m tn Hi Dr Hunter Yes it appears I made a mistake , the tests I had were the pcr RNA, which I understand now to be early detection test for the hiv 1 . The other test was ELSA test which was for hiv 1 and 2 antibodies and the P24 was hiv 1. I think that makes more sense now? But as the antibody was at 3 weeks I should do 1 more at 4 weeks?
Avatar m tn My partner is pregnant and recently had a HIV Test. The test was 3.5 weeks ago, we still don't have the results. Can anyone please tell the normal turnaround time? Does the turnaround time increase when it is positive due to confirmatory tests etc.? I had unprotected vaginal sex with a Thai prostitute before i met my partner (around 3.5 years ago). Nervous as hell & guilt like you wouldn't believe for not testing myself earlier.
Avatar m tn It sounds to me like you have access to the sorts of tests often referred to as DUO tests which test for both the HIV p24 antigen and HIV antibody. These tests provide definitive results at 28 days. At 25 days, certainly almost all recent infections would have been detected but what the small proportion is that might have been missed is unknown- certainly less than 5% (i.e. certainly the test you took would have detected over 95% of recent infections).
Avatar m tn In any case, the test results you report are 100% reliable; it is not possible to have HIV and have both a negative PCR/DNA test and negative antibody test at 4 weeks. (Much is discussed on this forum and the HIV community forum about the test window being from 6 weeks to 3 months. That applies for antibody tests only. At 4 weeks, the combination you had is also 100%.) So there is no concern about infecting your wife and no need for further testing.
Avatar n tn Hi: I haw a question about my test result. I'm a 35 year old guy In Nov 2007, I went to a female CSW in hong kong and had protected oral and fingered her a little. No intercourse at all. I was very worried afterwards and got the following tests, when I was back in the US - 20 days: oraquick in NYC and NAT that both came up negative.
Avatar n tn Yes, your tests would have detected HIV . You are NEGATIVE, end of story. Time to let it go.
Avatar f tn After checking with my doc she informed me the test she used to test for HIV was the HIV-1 RNA PCR Quantitative . I took this test 7 days after the incident . It did come back negative . Can I feel a little better ?
Avatar f tn Test results always overrule symptoms. No matter what symptoms you have had, your test results prove they are not from HIV.
Avatar n tn I am going to get an hiv test today.I have had a risk for hiv. It has been two and a half weeks since the exposure. Is it way to early or will some people have detectable antibodies by this time.
Avatar f tn I had dated a guy over the summer and there was a couple times we weren't as careful as we should of been which is something very uncharacteristic of me. Months after we'd gone our separate ways, I started really panicking that I could of contracted HIV. I've been tested twice for everything else but have been too scared to test for this. We still remained friends and promised me he would ask his dr to test him at his routine physical.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your response! I know this is a mouthful but here goes.
Avatar f tn hi I got my hiv blood test results after 104 days of exposer it was negative thank god. but before 15 day of hiv test I got dengue fever is dengue fever effect hiv test results. should I need another hiv test or should I move on from this .
Avatar m tn I received my results today from my hiv test. The person on the phone said it was negative. This was 12 weeks after exposure. Can i rely on this and put this past me. This was a walk in clinic (city md) so is that as reliable as my primary doctor?
Avatar f tn Could this mean that my immune system is week at producing antibodies and can thus test positive for hiv later on, or does the fact that i tested so strongly positive for hsv 1 rule out the fact that my body is unable to produce antibodies. Also since i am positive wouldnt that mean hiv rna would be detectable, had that test done as well at 97 days. Looking to move on and put this issue past me finally just need some answers.
Avatar f tn Whoa there buddy! You're way overthinking it . The proceedures in place are extremely rigoruos . You dodged the bullet this time.
250398 tn?1225263291 OK, in a routine physical, had a CBC. Results included VDRL and HIV test. HIV 1 & 2 said Negative. So, I know that means no HIV. But, what is covered in VDRL? Result said Non Reactive, so that would indicate no STD's - for what it tested for, right? But, what all would that be indicatiing a NO andswer for? Thanks.