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Avatar m tn You don't have an HIV concern.
Avatar m tn As worriedofhiv2016 said, the term non-reactive, not detected and negative in the result means the same thing, you are hiv negative. You tested 4 days shy of the 84 day mark. you can take it as conclusive. Your negative result isn't going to change in another 4 days.
Avatar m tn Therefore, you can be certain your symptoms were not due to HIV. Test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history. However, if you would like still more security about it, you could have a final antibody test 3 months after the exposure. You can expect it to also be negative. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My neck has been stiff off and on for 6 weeks, but that is the only symptom I have been feeling. I also had a complete blood count done at the same time as my hiv test, where the test results came back all in the normal range. Is it alright for me to assume that I am HIV- since the HIV test came back negative and my blood shows no signs of fighting any invection or virus.
Avatar n tn a/b screen @ ER = Negative. 5 weeks and 1 day (36 days): HIV 1/2 EIA w/ Reflexes @ PP's office = Negative 8 weeks (56 days): Rapid finger prick test at Planned Parent center here in D.C. = Negative. are these results conclusive? Do I need to test again at 12 weeks. The vaginal intercourse I had with this escort was protected. We had sex 3 different times and I used a different condom each time. The oral sex, however, was not protected.
Avatar f tn =P terrified2death - I will also be testing this Monday, but with oraquick, so we'll find out results the same day.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your response! I know this is a mouthful but here goes.
Avatar m tn It sounds like you're concerned about a sexual experience you had and your HIV test results. None of the exposures you had can be considered to be a high risk. Cunniligus is a low risk of HIV, kissing presents no risk of acquiring HIV, and fingering has only a negligible risk. Negligible means that HIV is unlikely to be transmitted this way and there has never been a reported case in British Columbia.
Avatar m tn So ive been getting in trouble for reposting the same questions....but i have results now. I had to get blood work for life insurance and i got my results yesterday. The company i went with was called examone. My blood results came back with a negative result for hiv. It will be three months next week since my possible exposure. Should i trust the results from this company?
Avatar m tn I'm confused on my test results the paper says HIV NONREACT should it say nonreactive So am I positive or neg
Avatar n tn The thing is that at week 4 and few days I went to a clinic to get tested for HIV (for the anxiety) and they performed another syphilis test; the results were HIV negative and Syphilis -Weakly reactive- Should I be confident with the HIV negative result? What happened with the Syphilis? I'm sorry for bothering you...
Avatar f tn A where I tested they don't want to here about your exposure they look at the results and by the restults I had they asked me to test again and when the test give mixed results they don't have any answers they just say its very rare and if they where so educated I wouldn't be asking questions on this forum.
Avatar m tn I also had a test back in January and I posted the results on the forum. That test was not type spacific and I waas told that it was useless. So here I am 6 months later with another test. I havent had any outbreaks since. tg and i hope it stays that way.
Avatar m tn In my country, results of an ELISA fourth generation test for HIV are available the very same day.
Avatar n tn Me and my husband had a 3 some with other woman and the condom bust wild he was having sex with the next person my husband went for a Hiv test it came back negative and 40 day after me and the next woman went for our HIV test all 3 person HIV test came back negative .Do u think i should still worry about being infected? . hazelann.
Avatar m tn Your results will never be the same. You can take the test in the same lab five times in one day and they will be different. It's because the tests pick up other contaminates in your blood and scores it. All you have to ever concern yourself about is that you are below 1.0.....
Avatar m tn Thanks for your good reply Sean.I dont know but some suggest 6 months testing for me today is 3 days missing to be at 5 months mark.Do you think I can test again or is unecesarry since I get tested 2 weeeks ago.Every little while I get under stress and very unlinkly will be happy until I dont get 6 months negative result. Please advice .
Avatar m tn If I had a blood test for HIV and they came back next day negative what kind of test at hospital did they do? A lot of people on here seem to be waiting for results, why would mine come back same day.
Avatar m tn Even though after that I washed my dick with water, but I am still very confused of HIV transmission to me, since I slept with a sex worker. Did it a day before only. I am too scared, Please assist whether i should go for HIV test or not.
Avatar f tn I had a 1/2 hiv antigen and antibody test 4th generation with ref done at 15 out with negative results. Is that enough time for the antigens?
Avatar n tn 2) Those results mean you don't have HIV. 3) Sure, test again at 6 weeks with (another?) EIA if you like. 4) EIA (enzyme immunoassay) and ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) are different words for the same thing. 5) I don't know what ARUP means. 6) How safe you are depends on more than the test result. It also depends on your sexual lifestyle and the nature of the exposure(s) you are concerned about, and you say nothing about that. Read innumerable other threads to learn more.
Avatar m tn So today I went to get an appointment with the inmunologist. Unfortunately, Dr. is on vacations so I will have to wait a bid. So I also went with another Dr. (an infectologist - the second one I see during this week). But unlike the one I saw on Monday, this one was more interested in the case and seemed knowledgeble.
Avatar n tn Any way ihad a pcr test at 2weeks and 4weeks for hiv both negative. at 4 weeks i also had gon,clam,hep b, and syhp test all neg. I then had elisa test at 10 weeks and 17 weeks both neg.Since all of this I have had throat problems, I saw an ent. doc and they determined i had acid reflux,causing an irritation in my throat. Since then every now and then i get a few bumps 4-6 that resemble flea bites not sure if that is any thing or not.
Avatar f tn Last year I took the oraquick advance test, the result had a very faint line at the control area with no line at the test area. The next day when I looked at the test again the line next to the control was more stark and there was still no line next to the "t". Can this be considered conclusive? I did the test in the car while driving and the test may have been jostled a little bit, would this affect the result?
Avatar n tn my question is how reassuring is this test and what statistics do you have regarding accuracy of a HIV test at 34 days post exposure.
Avatar m tn Doc, I am a 34 year old male (heterosexual), on 22 march i had a oral sex (unprotected) and intercourse (vaginal) (protected), last week 19th of April i had a really high fever and chills, the next day the fever break down, the following week i had a low grade fever, a body rash (macolupapular on chest and face) red skin on the whole body, and a sore throat (i think there's an ulcer in my tonsils), feeling panic i take a test frenzy on the 22nd (PCR RNA Test, CD4/CD8, and HIV test - Vidas HIV