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Avatar n tn a/b screen @ ER = Negative. 5 weeks and 1 day (36 days): HIV 1/2 EIA w/ Reflexes @ PP's office = Negative 8 weeks (56 days): Rapid finger prick test at Planned Parent center here in D.C. = Negative. are these results conclusive? Do I need to test again at 12 weeks. The vaginal intercourse I had with this escort was protected. We had sex 3 different times and I used a different condom each time. The oral sex, however, was not protected.
Avatar m tn You don't have an HIV concern.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your response! I know this is a mouthful but here goes.
Avatar m tn In my country, results of an ELISA fourth generation test for HIV are available the very same day.
Avatar m tn So ive been getting in trouble for reposting the same questions....but i have results now. I had to get blood work for life insurance and i got my results yesterday. The company i went with was called examone. My blood results came back with a negative result for hiv. It will be three months next week since my possible exposure. Should i trust the results from this company?
Avatar f tn Could this mean that my immune system is week at producing antibodies and can thus test positive for hiv later on, or does the fact that i tested so strongly positive for hsv 1 rule out the fact that my body is unable to produce antibodies. Also since i am positive wouldnt that mean hiv rna would be detectable, had that test done as well at 97 days. Looking to move on and put this issue past me finally just need some answers.
Avatar m tn I'm confused on my test results the paper says HIV NONREACT should it say nonreactive So am I positive or neg
Avatar f tn Same situation for me also i did the test on 18th day. Next the doctor told me to test after 3 month. Its very hard to concentrate on work.
Avatar m tn In any case, the test results you report are 100% reliable; it is not possible to have HIV and have both a negative PCR/DNA test and negative antibody test at 4 weeks. (Much is discussed on this forum and the HIV community forum about the test window being from 6 weeks to 3 months. That applies for antibody tests only. At 4 weeks, the combination you had is also 100%.) So there is no concern about infecting your wife and no need for further testing.
Avatar m tn Have swollen lymph nodes in my groin, and a little headache, also diarrhea. Had a 9, 13 day hiv rna pcr both negative. Also had an elisa negative at 16 days....How reliable are this results, especially with me having the symptoms? Could it be another std?
Avatar f tn For more information about time to reliable HIV test results, including the reasons that official advice remains for testing at 3 months, see the thread linked below: So no worries! Until and unless you have other high risk exposures, you needn't worry about HIV. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar m tn If I had a blood test for HIV and they came back next day negative what kind of test at hospital did they do? A lot of people on here seem to be waiting for results, why would mine come back same day.
Avatar m tn Your results will never be the same. You can take the test in the same lab five times in one day and they will be different. It's because the tests pick up other contaminates in your blood and scores it. All you have to ever concern yourself about is that you are below 1.0.....
Avatar f tn A combo tests for HIV 1 and 2 antibodies. A DUO tests for HIV 1 and 2, antigen to HIV 1 and antibodies to both types.
Avatar f tn Hello doctor, I am new to this site and was wondering if I could get your insight on my hiv test results. Back in June I recently found out my bf was cheating on so I decided it would be smart to get tested. At 6.5 half weeks (47 days) from the last time we had unprotected sex I went to the clini and for tested for all stds including hiv with came back negative. The test that they used was the 4th generation duo test and was told that my test were conclusive.
Avatar m tn Is the Chemiluminscence HIV test a standard and a modern HIV test, the reason being all these forums usually talk about the Elisa tests and other rapid tests.
Avatar n tn // dr.h.h.hYou "heard" correctly. The combo test (HIV antibody and p24 antigen) is virtually 100% reliable by 4 weeks after exposure. there are many tired of copy pasting. if you need further info just go and type duo test in hiv prevention or international will find all you need .
Avatar m tn Next day morning ( 12 hours later after that massage ) I was nervous and I went quickly to do HIV Rapid test which came positive then I did another Elisa test in the same day and came negative and he did western Bloat 2 days later and came negative, the doctor told me not to be worried as far as Elisa and W.B. came negatives. do you think I got HIV infection from touching other person fluid if he HIV infected and do you think the 1st Rapid test was false positive?