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Avatar m tn I have read that Determine HIV 1/2 rapid blood test cannot detect HIV-1 subtypes H,J,K? and how does the AFA here in singapore conclude that a 3 months post exposure test is conclusive if they are using the above test kit which cannot able to detect HIV-1 subtypes H,J,K? Can you pls give me some inputs on this issue.. You can confirm this fact on its product catalogue.
Avatar m tn 6 months back i had oral sex with a call girl. 2 days back i had a hiv tridot test. It came as non reactive. Does it mean that i am negative? Even though he used a new needle, i am afraid that needle may have some hiv deposit and i may get infected?? Am i over reacting? Are there any documented cases of hiv transmission through needles in private clinics??
Avatar f tn At day 115 I took COMBO test HIV 1/2+antigen 24 which was negative and in conjunction with COMBO I took RNA test. I am now waiting till tuesday comes and I will get my results. Still a bit nervous. If RNA test comes out negative it would be mean that there is no evidence of antibodies, antigen and viral RNA. This will finaly put me to rest, I hope. Or it is any possibility to have all those test negative 4 months+ and still be infected?
Avatar m tn hi sir your help in answering my doubts are greatly appreciated, sir on 6/04/2014, i had a exposure, unprotected sex with a massage girl, vietnamise, 10 ten later i did a hiv 1,2 test elisa-negative, 20 ez trust rapid test, negative, 50 days after exposure did a western blot test, it says negative for antibody and antigen, after that 10 ez trust rapid test negative 90 day cmia hiv test plus stud, hiv was negative but positive for herpes type 1, i guess thats why my tounge turn whitesih, till now
804317 tn?1274207759 I am planing to take another test in two weeks. The person at the free clinic explained that I have to take the rapid HIV test three times in order to be sure of the result. This is very worrying to me because my test on April 20 could count for nothing. Again, How accurate is the rapid test at 70 days, and is there a better test to take?
Avatar n tn yes youre home free. Dont even think about HIV anymore.
Avatar m tn I had a possible HIV exposure 5 months ago (unprotected anal sex I was the insertive partner). I took two Oraquick home tests today, both came back negative. Am I in the free and clear or should I get additional bloodwork done? thanks!
Avatar n tn do u think my counselor was mistaken about info re antibody and antigen? is an hiv antigen test done the same way an hiv antibody test is done? what is a more common rapid test taken at a howard brown clinic giving free hiv tests?
Avatar n tn i was asking bcoz , me & my friend we both recieved oral sex from a prostitute almost 2 years before just 1 time in life, we were never involved in anal or viganal sex never, & my friend donated blood just 3 months before, so i was thinking to get a hiv test for me , but now i think i shud not do it , bcoz my friend is hiv free & we both recived oral from same prostitute he donated blood, it means i also have a no risk, or shud i get tested?
Avatar m tn No this would not - You are HIV free
Avatar m tn 3 weeks ago today, I received oral sex from a trans gender person. I have now become hiv positive. This was my first sexual encounter outside my marriage in 15 years. After the event I felt very guilty. I visited this site to learn the risk factor of receiving oral. At that time I felt good with so many saying either low risk and some saying no risk at all. I even called the county health dept and they said maybe test for other std's but no need to test for hiv.
Avatar m tn Hello experts, I am back and again, I truly appreciate the unwavering help and helpful advice you've been offering! Finally, I got tested for all of those common STI (except for HIV), and the results all came back negative. It looks all good but I still cannot live with a peace of mind, it seems like I just don't have the courage to have a HIV test.
Avatar m tn you are free from hiv...NOT because you didnt have any symptoms...but because you were NEVER at risk. not everyone exhibits symptoms of early infection.
Avatar m tn The only test that tells if one is infected is an HIV tests. You can't tell if anyone is infected with a CBC or a WBC. You said she had a negative test result. She's negative.. PERIOD..
Avatar f tn I waited 3 months and took a rapid Insti hiv test at a free aids clinic. Then my OCD came back a day later .. Having thought like was the tesr kit contiminated .. Lancet of pipette was dirty.. What if the tester in the free clinic was trying to infect me? It is a free testing facility is there a risk? So I'm 5 weeks after getting tested I am still worried. I always Google transmission risk of a lancet and everybody says there not reusae. It's like my mind won't believe it.
Avatar f tn This came back fine. Can I assume I am completely HIV free? And stop worrying, because I have been worrying alot. And also, I got the last oral test 7 weeks and 9 weeks after I performed unprotected oral sex on a man, is that fine too? Thank you greatly.
434357 tn?1204199563 then you are probably free from HIV. For most people the test can find an infecection if the blood sample was taken at three months after a person got teh virus .Unknow if less than three months have passed since your last unsafe actand the time of you test. the test may not find the virus. Hope this hope and stop living in fear cause I'm going throw it and getting help over what happen . Listen and dont put your self at risk !
Avatar m tn re so expensive plus you have to wait to get the results. At most health clinics, the HIV test is free and you get your answer within 20 minutes!
Avatar n tn Handsfield, I had posted on this forum earlier and was recommended by Dr. Hook to get an HIV test. Its been 9 weeks now to my possible expsoure and my results have come out non-reactive. This is what it says: Cut off Value: 1.00 Patient Value: 0.17 Note: Test to be considered "Reactive" if patient rate is equal to to greater than cut off value.