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Avatar n tn I tested last this week for hiv/aids infection after possible exposure 1 year 4 months ago. The results came back as non-reactive after an Elisa test. Does this mean i do not have the disease for sure and have passed the window period? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went to go pick up my records today and it says hiv 1/2 ela antibody non reactive is that the accurate test?
Avatar f tn I received a non-reactive test result for HIV today... I posted before asking my chances of being infected, it has been 5 1/2 weeks. Do I assume these are right or is it to early to test positive for HIV?
Avatar n tn Woo Hoo.. 14 weeks, HIV 1 / O / 2 w/ WB - Non Reactive Syphills, RAR, Non Reactive, neg.
Avatar m tn i have done the test of hiv ,the result is hiv antigen&antibody non-reactive (46days after situation ) and doctor told me,should do one more test in 3mouths after sex. 1 is non-reactive result means a good result?means i am ok?not be infection hiv? 2 did your see anybody have a non-reactive result in 6weeks after sex,then have a bad result in 3mouths test?
Avatar n tn 10 and it stated that the result was non reactive, the comments stated that the test was non reactive but it said that it could be non reactive due to the window period. could you let me know what thas means?
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors, Recently I had blood test done and the results were as shown: HIV - Non reactive ( COI =0.362) HBV-Non reactive (COI=0.499) I am happy to see the result non reactive.But am worried with those COI values.Can u please tell me whether my COI values or normal.i am very much scared. Please help me out.
Avatar m tn I had sex with friend and he found he got hiv+.I also test HIV and hiv results were negative. after 8months i test agian it was non-reactive.I want to know are there chaces of getting hiv + to me. What is non-reactive means ?please advice me.
Avatar m tn Then after a 1 month i repeted again the same test its shows that RPR is Non reactive and TPHA non is mean that is false positive when i have test in the first time.It is mean that i already clear for any infections?
Avatar m tn i am in a state of depression since i was diagnosed with candida oesophigitis doctor referred me for hiv test ,HBA1C(Glycoslated haemoglobin) test and fasting glucose the results were HBA1C--- 5.2, fasting glucose----105 and hiv 1 and hiv 2 non reactive method used was CMIA.
Avatar m tn Non-reactive - your test is negative. HIV 1 Antibodies : Non-reactive. (%75 the lab said on the phone) - your test is negative. also on the page was : Antibodies IgG Index = Negative 1.09 Your Screening Test for Herpes 1 IgG is POSITIVE. Your Screening Test for Herpes 2 IgG is NEGATIVE.
Avatar n tn non reactive = negative, if you got your results in 35 min you had a rapid test , which one you got you would have to called them and ask, they will be happy to tell you and 3 months is conclusive
Avatar n tn Hi, I tested myself for HIV 1+2. The results came out as non-reactive. In the parameters the non-reactive range was mentioned as < 0.1. My result was mentioned as non-reactive (0.081). What does this mean? Am I a borderline case? Will the value increase over time?
Avatar m tn Thanks..
Avatar n tn Hi, I have recently done HIV 1 and 2 AB test and the results says its NON REACTIVE. Underneath it says This results does not exclude HIV Infection. What it means exactly? Pls reply.
Avatar m tn My HIV test result was 0.32 non-reactive on a parameter of 0.00 1.00.
Avatar n tn Three weeks after the incident (now back in Canada), my GP sent me for an HIV test (4th gen duo), which returned non-reactive. In all, I have tested at weeks 3, 4, 6, 12 and 27 with the same sort of test. To my surprise, all the results have been non-reactive. I also tested negative for VRDL (week 3) and HCV (week 22) and a general white bood-cell count at three weeks came back normal. My health is usually excellent.
Avatar f tn I have gone for the VDRL, HIV and Hepatitis B test and have been tested non-reactive. Do I need to confirm the VDRL with the TPHA test?? I am conducting these tests because I will be moving abroad soon as am getting married. So I need to have a clean medical history.
Avatar m tn I recently got my test results for the ECLIA test - HIV. The result being 'non reactive (.453)'. It said that anything below 0.9 is safe. There are others who have asked questions on this forum with results like .11 or .27. I have taken this test after the 3 month window period. Please could you tell me that although my test results are negative, why am I am .453 and others lower. Is this a risk?
Avatar n tn Non - reactive Does this mean I don't have HIV ?
Avatar f tn Hi, Ive just had my hiv test results back as non reactive but has said theres sub results as follows. HIV (Ag): 0.184 COI  Sub-result value for detection of HIV-1 p24 antigen.HIV (Ab): 0.0949 COI  Sub-result for detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies. What do they mean? Do i have HIV.
Avatar m tn and i only did one test but the sheet she gave me has 1st test result and she circled non reactive. 2st rapid test and theres a * next to reactive. Then it says test result=confirmatory result non reactive, confirmed positive, inconclusive/indeterminate. And under that it says although a western blot was ordered to confirm the results of the two rapid tests we consider this individual positive for hiv and have referred them to care.
250398 tn?1225266891 OK, in a routine physical, had a CBC. Results included VDRL and HIV test. HIV 1 & 2 said Negative. So, I know that means no HIV. But, what is covered in VDRL? Result said Non Reactive, so that would indicate no STD's - for what it tested for, right? But, what all would that be indicatiing a NO andswer for? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Do you mean "non-reactive"? Or possibly "indeterminate"? A non reactive result is a negative result, and an indeterminate is really neither, it means more testing is needed. It isn't uncommon to get a false POS which is sounds like what she had. The follow up test (most likely a "Western Blot") most likely will give a conclusive result. I'm sure everything will be fine. Some people react to the one protein band for some reason....
Avatar m tn I had a very low risk encounter just over 3 weeks ago. Had HIV test done at my university, and received the results today. Lab: *HIV (addl charge Western Blot)-L_52 Name: HIV 1/O/2 Abs-Index Value Value: <1.00 Reference Range: <1.00 Name: 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Value: Non Reactive Reference Range: Non Reactive As of now, do my results look okay?
Avatar m tn Hi, My elisa test. And eclia came non reactive, but cmia came reactive with index 2.15 (<1 being non reactive) My western blot and rna pcr came negative. Time approx 3 months after exposure. What do the results mean ?
Avatar m tn or the test has picked up antibodies for non-HIV related infections? 4)With these 2 test results mentioned above, can I conclude I do not have HIV? Thanks a lot.