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250398 tn?1225263291 OK, in a routine physical, had a CBC. Results included VDRL and HIV test. HIV 1 & 2 said Negative. So, I know that means no HIV. But, what is covered in VDRL? Result said Non Reactive, so that would indicate no STD's - for what it tested for, right? But, what all would that be indicatiing a NO andswer for? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I tested last this week for hiv/aids infection after possible exposure 1 year 4 months ago. The results came back as non-reactive after an Elisa test. Does this mean i do not have the disease for sure and have passed the window period? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went to go pick up my records today and it says hiv 1/2 ela antibody non reactive is that the accurate test?
Avatar m tn I'm confused on my test results the paper says HIV NONREACT should it say nonreactive So am I positive or neg
Avatar m tn i have done the test of hiv ,the result is hiv antigen&antibody non-reactive (46days after situation ) and doctor told me,should do one more test in 3mouths after sex. 1 is non-reactive result means a good result?means i am ok?not be infection hiv? 2 did your see anybody have a non-reactive result in 6weeks after sex,then have a bad result in 3mouths test?
Avatar m tn I did a hiv test in a clinic.since my test are non-reactive , why it says: A non-reactive result diicates HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies have not been found in this patient specimen. A non-reactive result, however, does not preclude previous exposure or infection with HIV-1 and/ or HIV-2.? Do every HIV result have this statement? 2nd question, Are all the Clinic in The US have licsense to do HIV test? I mean are the results accurate after the window period?
Avatar f tn Hello, You should not try to read into laboratory report language so much. It is always common to writr in reports like the HIV test, reactive or non-reactive. It is the same as positive or negative. NON-REACTIVE=NEGATIVE. Because the lab does not know the exact medical history of the patient (as that is up to the doctor requesting the tests), they would always add comments to cover every single possibility.
Avatar m tn hi i did p24 test after 8 weeks of exposure it came non reactive cut off value 0.607 test value 0.564 technician told me its negative 2 days later i did qualitative dna pcr test the result was not detected next day i did cmia test it also non reactive should i worry ?
Avatar m tn and i only did one test but the sheet she gave me has 1st test result and she circled non reactive. 2st rapid test and theres a * next to reactive. Then it says test result=confirmatory result non reactive, confirmed positive, inconclusive/indeterminate. And under that it says although a western blot was ordered to confirm the results of the two rapid tests we consider this individual positive for hiv and have referred them to care.
Avatar f tn So, on December 16th, I had the HIV Antibody test done and the result came back negative/non-reactive. To be reassured, I had the HIV RNA Test test done (I purchased the lab order through and LabCorp processed the test) on January 9th and that came back negative/non-reactive. offers the HIV RNA Test. But I do not understand the different between HIV-1 RNA by PCR Testing (Viral Load Test/Quantitative) and HIV RNA Test (Qualitative).
Avatar f tn What do u mean by inconclusive the resut is either reactive, non-reactive or borderline what is the value indicated in your test result and when did u get yourself tested within 6weeks from last exposure or before it.
Avatar n tn 00 Results Negative, HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Value Non Reactive Range Non Reactive Results Negative. Im confused about the Value and Range. Since they show some kind of Value and Range does mean that its a possibility that I need to go get retested? If so what are the possibilities of them coming back positive are negative?
Avatar f tn I received a non-reactive test result for HIV today... I posted before asking my chances of being infected, it has been 5 1/2 weeks. Do I assume these are right or is it to early to test positive for HIV?
Avatar m tn Then after a 1 month i repeted again the same test its shows that RPR is Non reactive and TPHA non is mean that is false positive when i have test in the first time.It is mean that i already clear for any infections?