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Avatar n tn I went to go pick up my records today and it says hiv 1/2 ela antibody non reactive is that the accurate test?
Avatar m tn i have done the test of hiv ,the result is hiv antigen&antibody non-reactive (46days after situation ) and doctor told me,should do one more test in 3mouths after sex. 1 is non-reactive result means a good result?means i am ok?not be infection hiv? 2 did your see anybody have a non-reactive result in 6weeks after sex,then have a bad result in 3mouths test?
Avatar n tn i was tested hiv-ab western blot and it was found to be indterminate then i was Hiv 2 EIA non-reactive, Hiv 2 immunobolt and it too was non-reactive. I was then tested for hepatitis B and C it was non-reactive also? Please someone tell me what is going on. I was tested in Oct.06 and was negative and after that have not had unprotected sex.
Avatar m tn I did a hiv test in a clinic.since my test are non-reactive , why it says: A non-reactive result diicates HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies have not been found in this patient specimen. A non-reactive result, however, does not preclude previous exposure or infection with HIV-1 and/ or HIV-2.? Do every HIV result have this statement? 2nd question, Are all the Clinic in The US have licsense to do HIV test? I mean are the results accurate after the window period?
250398 tn?1225263291 2 said Negative. So, I know that means no HIV. But, what is covered in VDRL? Result said Non Reactive, so that would indicate no STD's - for what it tested for, right? But, what all would that be indicatiing a NO andswer for? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I went to a non profit organ. hiv rapid testing site. It was non reactive. On Monday I went to the health dep and took one. It was also non reactive. They also took blood for Elisa test. Am i infected? Im scared.
Avatar f tn I did my hiv test at 82 days after the event. The test is HIV-1/2 antidody screening assay.It is non-reative. Should i do further test? IS it 82 days equal to 3 months? Because 12weeks x7days =84 days. Looking for your relpy..
Avatar m tn Do u guys think that a non reactive HIV PCR RNA test done with an HIV antibody test negative at the same time is conclusive?
Avatar m tn Lal Pathlabs (Reputed lab in India). 26th Day Antibody test- Non reactive. 34th Day Combo Test- Non Reactive. 63rd Day Combo test- Non Reactive (3 days before this test I took a 2 day course of clarithromycin 500 mg for my throat infection) Q1. Will clarithromycin affect my hiv tests? Q2. Are my test conclusive? Q3.
Avatar f tn I received a non-reactive test result for HIV today... I posted before asking my chances of being infected, it has been 5 1/2 weeks. Do I assume these are right or is it to early to test positive for HIV?
7444579 tn?1392527229 Non Reactive and Negative, it is the same thing, you do not have HIV
Avatar n tn I tested last this week for hiv/aids infection after possible exposure 1 year 4 months ago. The results came back as non-reactive after an Elisa test. Does this mean i do not have the disease for sure and have passed the window period? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Then after a 1 month i repeted again the same test its shows that RPR is Non reactive and TPHA non is mean that is false positive when i have test in the first time.It is mean that i already clear for any infections?
Avatar m tn Elisa test (CMIA) 2 months ago which was non reactive. I again tested for hiv by Elisa 4th gen test yesterday and it also came non reactive But i m facing recurrent skin and gastro infections. I m in great depression because i m feeling that these are symptoms of hiv.