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Avatar n tn The odds that any two people would both have falsely negative HIV tests are astromonically low. The results are conclusive and prove with absolute certainty you do not have HIV. There is no need for further testing.
Avatar m tn Hi, i have a question about my HIV results 2 months ago i was tested negative for HIV and my doctor assured me that i shouldn't worry about this anymore, that i was out of the woods. but i read that we should get tested at 3 months to have a 100% negative results in the past couple of days, i've been feeling flu-ish and of course my anxiety started up and i know there's no specific symptoms, but is it possible that they would show up, unnoticed after 4 months ?
Avatar m tn The tests tell you that your hot sweats, weight lost and white tongue are not due to HIV. It is IMPOSSIBLE that you have HIV. Test results always trump symptoms. Forget everything that you learned on the Internet regarding symptoms- they are useless in determining HIV status. You need to accept that you are HIV negative or seek professional mental help.
Avatar f tn I also have anxiety when it comes to HIV I kno how it feels but dnt worry if ur test came back negative then your fine trust me.
Avatar m tn i had protected sex with a prostitute after 6 weeks all test negative including hiv antibody no pcr just elisa after 9 weeks all negative now after 11 week n 2 days i got elisa negative i was told that they check for antigen n antibody here in uk when check for hiv so now u dont have to be tested after 12 weeks or 90 days should i go for further test after 3 months can u plz help me is thr any possibility that u r negative at 11 week n get positive after 12 weeks thanx
Avatar m tn of course you had a negative dont get hiv from kissing. there is no reason for you to test again. move on...
Avatar m tn I have following results from my HIV tests. 2-"HIV1/ 2 Ag/Ab Combo Screen" result negative at 4weeks+3 days 1-"INSTI™ HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Antibody Test" result negative at 5 week, Can anyone answer me how reliable and accurate this results are. I am reading everywhere on internet that window period is 3 months to get accurate results. why someone not produce antibody at 4 weeks when he/she is infected and only after 3 months. can anyone explain this?
Avatar n tn It is Antibody test basically -------------------------------- I went for HIV Test (Antibody test) at 28th Day, it was negative (0.142). Then i took the test again at 40th Day, it was still negative (0.194), then number was increasing, so i took the test again after 2 days (at 43rd day), it was still negative (0.214), but number has been kept increasing. Does this increasing number in repitive tests mean anything?
Avatar m tn Hi, My test results for HIV AG/ab shows following: Interpretation: Ratio <0.90- negative Ratio 0.90 to 1.0 - Positive Result : Ratio 0.26 Kindly reply is it HIV POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?
Avatar n tn Manage to get myself together and waited until 91 days today, got a negative result for HIV 1/2 with a 3rd generation ab test and a negative VDRL test for syphilis. Should I consider myself in the clear?
Avatar n tn You can absolutely rely on the negative HIV test result. Almost no drug or medical condition makes an HIV test falsely negative. That might be a concern if you were deathly sick from some other illness or were taking potent cancer chemotherapy. But not diabetes or any of the drugs you mention. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I recently got my test results for the ECLIA test - HIV. The result being 'non reactive (.453)'. It said that anything below 0.9 is safe. There are others who have asked questions on this forum with results like .11 or .27. I have taken this test after the 3 month window period. Please could you tell me that although my test results are negative, why am I am .453 and others lower. Is this a risk?
Avatar m tn Western Blot Interp was negative All GP/P is absent hiv-dna rt by PCR negative- HIV-1 dna not detected. I hope this is what u meant by exposure. I am new to this right here. But again the hiv 1 0 2 is 2.
Avatar f tn Means you are negative to HIV 1 and HIV 2. You don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn hi every one well i have got a risk encounter with a girl in january 28 she infected me whit gonorrea i make my first exam at week 6 (3th gen test) negative then other in my week 9(4 gen test p24 ab/ag) negative other in week 10 (3 th gen) negative im waiting for my 12 week exam i got a serius sore throat since my 6 week and i still got it, that makes me very anxius can this be ASR ? i have seen in other post that 8 week test is conclusive, is it ?
Avatar n tn I had hiv combo test at 50 and 79 days.  Both tests are negative but there has been absolutely  no change in the index value.  Is there a possibility that these tests were not done accurately. many thanks..
Avatar f tn I've read that in late stage hiv/aids that antibodies sometimes disappear causing a false negative test.
Avatar n tn Hello Dr. I have had an HIV test and the results came back negative. It was about a week ago since I have been tested. I have been with many sexual partners and my last partner was 3 weeks before I took the test. The HIV-1 Antibody Value <1.00 Range <1.00 Results Negative, HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Value Non Reactive Range Non Reactive Results Negative. Im confused about the Value and Range.
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with an acquaintance approximately 23 weeks ago. 17 days later this same person informed me that she had just tested positive for HIV. I was immediately tested and I went to a local Emergency Room and received the following tests: - Rapid HIV1_2 Antibodies (RESULT: NEGATIVE FOR HIV-1 AND HIV-2 ANTIBODIES) - HIV 1 RNA PCR QUANT (RESULT: * <1.