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Avatar n tn Thanks for your response! I know this is a mouthful but here goes.
250398 tn?1225263291 OK, in a routine physical, had a CBC. Results included VDRL and HIV test. HIV 1 & 2 said Negative. So, I know that means no HIV. But, what is covered in VDRL? Result said Non Reactive, so that would indicate no STD's - for what it tested for, right? But, what all would that be indicatiing a NO andswer for? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Helo, all. I have posted here before. I hope someone will answer my question without making me feel like an idiot. I had, what is called, a low risk possible exposure in July - oral sex with a woman. I have tested negative elisa at 12 1/2 weeks. At six weeks, I had a PCR DNA and a PCR RNA both undetectable and elisa negative. Also, at 9 weeks, I had an elisa negative and a PCR RNA negative.
Avatar n tn is it possible that my HIV test (with the first Dr) was positive and they just didn't tell me about it? If it were positive wouldn't they have to call me?
Avatar m tn I had a one night stand several months ago and have had negative HIV test results at approximately 2, 5, and 8 months post exposure, but for some reason I cannot shake the idea that I still have HIV. What is the liklihood that a person tests negative at 8 months but they are actually positive? I have seen several doctors and no one has been able to ease my mind.
Avatar m tn Have swollen lymph nodes in my groin, and a little headache, also diarrhea. Had a 9, 13 day hiv rna pcr both negative. Also had an elisa negative at 16 days....How reliable are this results, especially with me having the symptoms? Could it be another std?
Avatar m tn I had blood work drawn at my local hospital about 4 months post exposure. The exposure was with a female and was unprotected vaginal. Just a little background, Im a 21 year old male in great shape. Throughout the 4 months after the exposure I was on an oral steroid, that was considered an "immunosuppresant." My results from the hospital were negative I was just wondering the reliability of this test taking into consideration the medication I was on.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr Hunter Yes it appears I made a mistake , the tests I had were the pcr RNA, which I understand now to be early detection test for the hiv 1 . The other test was ELSA test which was for hiv 1 and 2 antibodies and the P24 was hiv 1. I think that makes more sense now? But as the antibody was at 3 weeks I should do 1 more at 4 weeks?
Avatar m tn had an hiv test done. repeatedly positive for hiv and western blotter negative and absence of all bands. last sexual contact approximately 30 days before testing. what should i believe?
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Avatar n tn This is the test result tested after 10 weeks of an exposure. RPR --> Non Reactive HIV 1/0/2 Abs-ICMA HIV 1/0/2 Abs-Index Value Result: < 1.00 Reference Value: Non Reactive Can somebody explain whether it is negative? Why there is nothing printed against "HIV 1/0/2 Abs-ICMA"?
Avatar m tn of course you had a negative dont get hiv from kissing. there is no reason for you to test again. move on...
Avatar m tn I'm confused on my test results the paper says HIV NONREACT should it say nonreactive So am I positive or neg
Avatar f tn and is it possible for a rapid test to show positive 2 times and have a lab test be negative 2 weeks after the rapid test and then get a positive at the lab at 12 weeks?cause I can't be taking faulty tests all the time cause I was told that the rapid test I took could of being faulty but what are the chances of 2 rapid tests being faulty?any feed back will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn ve read that in late stage hiv/aids that antibodies sometimes disappear causing a false negative test.