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Avatar n tn I recently went to pick up a home access hiv test from walgreens. when i got home i noticed that the side of the box had been opened. and there appeared to be dried blood on the inside of the box. while i dont know if the box was tampered with, i am worried that it could have been. i know hiv is not a possibility but what about hepatitis c. I definitely touched the red marks, should i be worried? thank you.
2086677 tn?1372511435 its a test kit for men it test to see if there sperm count is good its like 25$just wounder if anyone use it are not.
Avatar f tn You also can get an HA1C test kit at Walgreens and also I believe Walmarts now that will test your blood sugar average for a period of a couple months. For a non-diabetic this number would be in the high 4.0's. For pre-diabetic it would be in the high 5.0's and anything over 6.0 is considered diabetes. At Walgreens I believe these kits are around $25.
Avatar f tn Go to Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and get an Oraquick In Home HIV test kit and test. You'll get the results in 20 minutes.
Avatar f tn I did the gender test with my first and it was wrong. It said boy and I have a perfect little girl. I don't trust it.
Avatar m tn However upon going to the website of inverness medical the distributor of abbott determine it says there that this product only test for HIV 1/2, HIV GROUP O and HIV Subtypes A-G... Then I knew that there was HIV GROUP N and HIV subtypes H,J,K.. which was not indicated at abbott determine hiv 1/2 product catalogue. I began to freak out again upon knowing this. I am a family and will soon have an annual medical check-up with our company and I am very afraid now...
Avatar m tn It was one of these test
Avatar n tn My brother says he recently weaned himself off hydrocodone but my mther and I have our doubts. He has agreed to random drug tests. Can anyone recommend a home drug test kit that will detect hydrocodone? If the test says it tests for opiates does that include hydrocodone? Thank you for your help and insight!
Avatar m tn Hi, I did a self test using rapid home test kit for hiv 1 & 2 after 3 months of last sexual encounter with a csw. It tested negative. Is this result conclusive? & how reliable are the rapid test kits?
Avatar m tn There only one FDA approved collection kit, it's home access.
Avatar n tn t be reliable at all nor would any other test. 3 months dude is when you need to take your test and get a conclusive test result. If you want to do a Home Access test. Then do it at three months send it in and your results will be conclusive.
Avatar m tn Greetings, I have ordered an HIV rapid test kit. I understand these home rapid test kits has the HIV antigen embedded in the capture pad, which then will react if an HIV antibody was found in the blood sample. When I pricked my finger, I coudn't get enough blood in so I kind of touched the capture/sample pad a little bit. I'm afraid of HIV exposure after learning that the pad contains the HIV antigen.
Avatar m tn There is a weird pain in the area but nothing from a sore... I plan to get the home test kit from walgreens soon and get checked out.
Avatar m tn Of course I have no way of knowing whether your partner might have lied about his HIV status or, even more bizarrely, manipulated his new HIV test in an elaborate ruse to deceive you. But I have to say that expert experience is that few people intentionally mislead partners about HIV status, especially when asked outside of an immediately sexual situation. And the second situation sounds extraordinarily unlikely.
Avatar m tn I do not have much info about home access HIV test kit, but I can tell you that any test after 3 months well be conclusive
Avatar n tn Teak, I understand there are no "home test kits" approved, but the FDA does approve the Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System in which you sample at home and send in for results. I was inquiring about this one. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find anything on the web.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, from my previous post of protected sex with a mexican girl I have since taken a Home HIV test, I used the iCare HIV test kit, well two of them and they both came out negative. I was just curious if anybody knew the brand and has heard that it is a good one to use. It says it is 99% accurate and was curious if this is true.
Avatar f tn you should be able to buy one at walgreens or cvs I think.. I'm not sure if walmart carries it or not. I know a girl that used it twice & it was right.. boys both times, but personally I'm going to wait. --- I could use that $30 to pay my copayment at my OB & get the ultrasound anyway lol paying money for the intelligender AND my OB is double the money.. when I'm going to find out the sex anyway. it's nice if you have money to spare for sure!