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Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I am about to take the ora quick home HIV test for the first time. My exposure was a brief encounter of unprotected heterosexual sex. He took the condom off. When I realized it, I made him stop immediately. I dont think it lasted more than 20 sec. There was also unprotected oral but I dont think that was a major risk. Im really nervous but I know I gotta do this. Need encouragement...
Avatar f tn Hi there, And the test kit must be the one FDA has approved for Home use.
Avatar f tn Go to Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and get an Oraquick In Home HIV test kit and test. You'll get the results in 20 minutes.
Avatar n tn I recently went to pick up a home access hiv test from walgreens. when i got home i noticed that the side of the box had been opened. and there appeared to be dried blood on the inside of the box. while i dont know if the box was tampered with, i am worried that it could have been. i know hiv is not a possibility but what about hepatitis c. I definitely touched the red marks, should i be worried? thank you.
Avatar m tn The answer is that if your partner had become infected and was in the process of developing a positive test, his test would be positive at this time. The most direct thing you can do at this time is for you both to get tested- if you are both negative, you can be confident that you were not exposed and move forward from there. I hope this is helpful.
Avatar m tn Of course I have no way of knowing whether your partner might have lied about his HIV status or, even more bizarrely, manipulated his new HIV test in an elaborate ruse to deceive you. But I have to say that expert experience is that few people intentionally mislead partners about HIV status, especially when asked outside of an immediately sexual situation. And the second situation sounds extraordinarily unlikely.
Avatar m tn The only approved test kit is Home Access. Now for a rapid test you might have to call around to find a clinic or STD dr that uses them. You might call your department of health and they could advise you who tests with OraQuick Advance in your area.
Avatar m tn I don't use to suggest this test, but since you're so anxious, an HIV PCR Test would rule out virtually any HIV infection at this point. For the protocol, however, you must to confirm it by the 3 months antibody test. "An RNA PCR test will produce a positive test result within two to three weeks. A DNA PCR test will provide positive results within three to four weeks (sometimes sooner).
Avatar m tn I have been known to have outbreaks down there before just acne or follicuitis. Nothing at all on my shaft or head and they are not the kind to bust, plus I have no other symptoms save very mild discomfort. I'm thinking my mind is playing tricks on me again. They aren't sore to the touch or anything... Please help as I am not sure exactly what it could be. Am I having a hypochondriac moment?
Avatar m tn I had a two low risk encounters, I was ok for a while and didn't think much about it until I started looking online and started doing my own research after reading many stories I came in panic and started worrying very much till a point where I couldn't live a normal life no more, I got tested 7 months after the risk event with Oraquick home Test purchased at Walgreens, and tested negative, I did another Oraquick today which is about 14 months and was also negative, are this tests 100% reliab
Avatar m tn To know for sure if you are a pre-diabetic or not, then go buy a self-test kit for diabetes called A1C Now, made by Bayer, available at Wal-mart or Walgreens, for about $25 dollars. This kit is VERY acurate. Follow instructions, then within 5 minutes, you'll see the results. If you wanna see a Doctor for Diabetes diagnosis, to me, go see an Endo only. Common or Family Doctors knows next to nothing about diabetes. Good luck.
Avatar f tn At 3 months I ordered another one the box was from Walgreens the package was best up but the test tube and test stick were intact and still packaged right so I used it. Afterwards I got scared what if someone tampered with the kit and there was hiv in it. I know this sounds silly but this is real to me. That test also came out negative but a week or so later I came down with a really bad flu like illness I went to the doctor and the flu test was negative but they still treated me for the flu.
Avatar n tn I think if I were as stressed out about as you are, I would go down to my local Wal-mart and by a self test kit, while your husband is still out of town, and test yourself. I think if I were in your situation I would be grateful I had such freedoms. I think if I were in your situation, I'd get to the bottom of things rather than waiting for some stranger to write something on this forum.... I don't have those liberties.... so soak up what you got. Go viist Wal-mart or Walgreens etc.
Avatar n tn Otherwise other options do exist.
Avatar m tn This gave me a real bad scare last night so I went out and got Oraquick HIV test kit from Walgreens and guess what, I am negative! Thank God. The reason I am sharing this is because there's not enough research about how effective or ineffective lambskin condoms are. And especially since it says on the pack itself HIV/STD could be transmitted thru them. AND NOBODY IN GENERAL WARNS PEOPLE TO NOT USE LAMBSKIN CONDOMS FOR HIV/STSD PROTECTION. So folks, beware.
Avatar m tn The mouth is a very hostile environment for HIV. There isn't one scientifically credible study linking any form of kissing or even oral sex WITH ejaculation to HIV infection. You need to relax.......if the only way to alleviate your anxiety is a test then go and get one. Go to Walgreens and get yourself an Oraquick 1/2 oral swab kit or see your Doctor. You claim it's been three months or 12 weeks since the event you told us about....
Avatar m tn about the oral fluids rapid HIV test. The scientific data are clear that it takes longer to become positive than the blood tests, both rapid and lab-based. Your negative results at 4 weeks probably is around 70-80% reliable.
Avatar f tn I tested positive on a dozen bands and the nurse said it is conclusive. Should I test again with western blot? Given all the negs after 60 days with oral swabs oraquick home kit? Sorry for all the questions but I am pretty devastated just now. Even if it is all my own fault.
2214462 tn?1339431583 I had the same experience re HIV - the docs kept making me test (4 times!) which was negative and I don't have the history to suggest it but they kept thinking I was lying, of course... *sigh* - and finally sent me to an AIDS doc! who laughed and said his AIDS patients are better off than I was. He did some auto-immune testing but nothing really was definitive enough so he was baffled. It literally took me over a year to heal a small wound (I am not a diabetic) with help. It was miserable.
Avatar n tn First trip to the doc's office says it could be a sign of weak immune system (possibly HIV) which I find next to impossible as my wife and I are very very low risk. Plus for insurance purposes we had an HIV test 2 years ago and both came back neg. Still has me worried as I cannot figure out what this is. Doctor gave me some medicine for the yeast infection, has controlled it abit but not entirely. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn if had a clumpy white discharge and a random itch. it doesnt itch all the time maybe once or twice a day, i took the Vagasil screening kit test and it said i may or may not have a yeast infection. so ive started the useing the 3 day medicine that u insert into your vagina and a cream for the itching.
Avatar f tn My liver count has been elevated and continued to rise--but they believe that it was because of the infection as well as all of the medication. They tested for Hep and HIV--because of the multiple blood transfusions I had--all negative. My docs are attempting to get my pain under control using Lyrica and Melexicam, both are non narcotic. The Lyrica mainly helps the nerve endings and the combination seems to help.
Avatar n tn Obviously not saying that you have it, but once I cut out gluten from my diet (that caused all of the villi in my small intestine to lie flat), I immediately stopped having any symptoms. Worth a quick blood test to find out if you might be a candidate.
Avatar n tn I get it in the day or night , i know what I think it is but all my allergist say is that I test neg. to everything , now do you believe that? I have been very allergic to steer, cows , the animal ,( not the meat ) & they gave me a series of shots that was yrs. ago now he says that they don't do that anymore , I have since told him where to go as i have been so distraught about it but don't know to whom to go too , I need a dr that will give me the series again ......
Avatar n tn If he withdraws or uses a condom there is no bad odor afterward. I've had an occasional yeast infection, but usually my test results are fine. My doctor said this is how my pH levels react to semen, thus causing the odor. In my opinion, his semen simply makes me stink! As time goes by I smell more and more like rotten boiled fish and it lasts for several days after intercourse. It's quite embarrassing. My doctor said I should clean myself with plain warm water and wait it out.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I am super nervous about 1) the pain and 2) that the test will not go favorably for me. So, I wanted to ask you ladies that have had the test done how painful was it on a 1-10 scale? Also, what EXACTLY do they do, what does the pain feel like, how long does the test take, and how long does it take to get results back? Mango - Congrats on your O and I would still do this cycle if it were me.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue about 10 yrs ago after a blood test to resolve my chronic anemia. Because I have never been religious about not eating foods made with gluten or containing wheat products I have now developed Dermatitis Herpetiformis on my elbows. Since the outbreak I have had itchy palms and occasionally itchy ankles and feet, but my only outbreak of DH is on my elbows.
Avatar n tn I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets these. I went to the gyno and she thought it was herpes! Which, the test came back negative, so it wasn't that. And I hate having to use the bathroom because if urine runs over the tear, it hurts!! It's also painful to wipe. And yes, in response to your question, I do get yeast-like infections as well. I didn't know what to try, I never thought of something like Desitin. If anyone gets an answer from the doc, let me know!