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Avatar m tn I am confident the tests will be negative. At 2 weeks a standard HIV antibody test will detect well over 50% of recent HIV infections and if you get a combination test at 5 weeks, your results will be conclusive (and almost certainly negative). I hope my comments are helpful to you. Please continue to practice safe sex.
Avatar m tn However as the time draws nearer for the HIV test (this is the 3rd week), I would like to seek your professional opinion on my risk assessment. I had read the forum and understand that HIV transmission from female to male is about 1:1000. Would like to seek further understanding on this. Is it protected or unprotected? At the same time, I also found out that with a condom sex penetration, it is only 80% safe. May I know what is your opinion?
Avatar n tn Thankyou. But what name of test. i need to ask the test shop they got not. I will go Jakarta if my villege no 3 generetion test. test shop paper print EIA (assxym). Is the test not the forum call elisa or is one old test long time no use already.
Avatar m tn s my worry, about 3 days back I had a risky encounter with a sex worker in Jakarta and now in panic mode that I may have a big problem. On a business trip to Jakarta, I picked up a prostitute at the hotel club. This is not a run of the mill hotel, but a top end 5star hotel. Here are the facts as I recall: 1. Used condom for the whole time during the encounter. However, lost the erection after which she proceeded to give me oral and was back up again. 2.
Avatar m tn am back, but please give me your advice again, i went to reputable clinic in Jakarta Indonesia for my 36 days ( 5 weeks 1 day) ab/ag p24 combo test , my exposure is licking vaginal fluids on breast and thanks GOD the result was nonreactive, all the equipment are new (cotton, band aid, needle) but what make me worries is there are drops of blood from previous patient on tray which the test equipment are placed, 1.
Avatar m tn There is also the unknown about the A/E subtype that is supposed to be easier to transmit via heterosexual intercourse. The Jakarta government states that the vast majority of new HIV cases in the city are from heterosexual acts, and particularly from csw's in Jakarta. With this in mind, do you recommend I find PEP at this juncture.
Avatar m tn nPEP is up to you and the doctor and if taken you require an HIV test 3 months after your last dose of nPEP.
Avatar m tn A Duo (4th generation HIV Antibody+Antigen) test is not considered to be conclusive before 4 weeks of exposure, therefore you need to wait a little more.
Avatar m tn On 28th of June 2010 I was in Jakarta, had unprotected sex with a prostitute in a bar, sooner I started feeling muscular pain, headache, rashes, tender muscles, so today i got the rapid immuno chromatographic HIV test done... the results were negative, i also did rapid Immunochromatographic, VDRL & HCV on 28th of July 2010 and the results were negative, now i have a problem with frequent urination , and tender/swollen pubic area...
Avatar m tn sorry for my 2# question, but please give me your advice again, i went to reputable clinic in Jakarta Indonesia for my 36 days ( 5 weeks 1 day) ab/ag p24 combo test , and thanks GOD the result was nonreactive, all the equipment are new (cotton, band aid, needle) but what make me worries is there are drops of blood from previous patient on tray which the test equipment are placed, 1. can i get hiv if any equipment (cotton, band aid, needle) were contaminated with the blood on tray 2.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the Forum. I am not familiar with the test you mention but your exposure was low risk for HIV acquisition. HIV is very rarely if ever transmitted through oral sexual contact and your vaginal sex was condom protected and therefore virtually no risk as well. Your symptoms, which have some partial overlap with the acute retroviral syndrome are too late to be typical and do not include many of the manifestations on the infection.
Avatar n tn HI, i live in Jakarta, Indonesia and about 2 months ago i received unprotected fellatio which lasted for a long period of time, about 30min-1hour, was not sure as i was terribly drunk during this incident. About 2 weeks after this i started getting cold chills which was very mild. Then at about 3-4 weeks i started to get more severe cold chills with a weird fever that gave tingling sensations on face, red face and very severe hot flashes and dizziness.
Avatar m tn but the doctor in this article condemns it as fraud: what do you think of this company and its reliability and other such tests for that matter? . Quick reply highly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I am not notice it maybe around 5-8 minutes untill sperm out inside her vagina. She working at one of medium hotel in jakarta and she tell regulary check HIV (she say 3 week ago she just check and the result is negative). I am scared because maybe she infected with another guy before me or she just lying to me. I ask to management hotel and they tell me all girl is clean and regulary cleaning the vaginal. I dont know they honest or not. Please help me...
Avatar m tn Hey is pimples appearing a few days after a known risky exposure with SW a possible symptom of HIV, they are varied in size pimples with a white heads and itchy - but no puss or burning - but seem to leave a mark after they are gone - like a scar. They are not in clusters at all... like one might appear on one butt cheek one day and another on the other cheek a few days later then one behind my knee cap or leg.
Avatar m tn Most importantly, I would be shifting to Middle East in connection with my job in the month of August and I need to undergo a medical test which will have HIV test as well. My questions: 1.) What are the chances of getting HIV from the episode. 2.) Do I need to go for testing 3.) Condom protected sex is 100% prevention against HIV if condom is put correctly. Appreciate your reply.
2005965 tn?1332667991 Hello everybody, This is my (me too) story, Okay... I am 24 YO Male, Indonesian, I have never ever had sex act before I was call massage therapist when I'm in Jakarta, after she massages my back, she offer me "Fit man therapy" that's mean handjob, then i agree...
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I have received our combo test today (i and the terapist), I ask her to got the hiv test and she aggree to got it with me yesterday, it is 28 days(4 weeks) from the explosure, and our test are nonreactive, we made test at clinic in Jakarta indonesia, please would you give me an last advice for our results Doctor Best Regards CXDXRX
Avatar m tn Hi, exactly three weeks ago i was for business in Jakarta. In the hotel there is a bar with a lot of CSW. At night I drunk to much and was still under the influence of sleeping pills for the long flight. No excuses but I took a girl to my room. I fingered the girl and she gave me a handjob (handjob very shortly i did not wanted it). Then i put on a condom and had vaginal intercourse for about 5 min.
Avatar m tn On 9 May (30 days post exposure) I took a different test on a different place. The test is Anti HIV (EIA) and the index result is "0.02 Negative" with reference range are =0.25 (Positive). My 6 questions are: (1) Are my 3 activities mentioned above could transmit HIV? (2) Are the conditions I described above could be considered as ARS? (3) Are the two test results indicate that I am negative of HIV?