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Avatar f tn I know 17 days is early for an hiv test but i need it for my sanity. How accurate will the test be? What type of test should i request? What do you think of my situation? Thanks very much. I am very fearful anxious regret my decision with all my heart. I urge anyone reading this to spare themselves the situation i am going through and always practice safe sex.
Avatar m tn Then out and .... Anyway, where can i have HIV test in Jakarta? Public hospitals? Any good recommendations? I knew no privacy in Jakarta... a little afraid of that.... thanks!!!
2005965 tn?1332671591 Hello, Today i get my test result for antibody-HIV test (ELISA) 80 day post exposure, Guys it's NEGATIVE!!!!! Can I MOVE ON? Is it conclusive? I think yes... What do you think..?
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, I am a 28-year old Singapore male citizen and recently had unprotected sex with a prostitute of Chinese ethnicity who told me she was Javanese during my visit to a friend's wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was in the suburbs in one of the "complexes" - one of the more lowly hangout areas for laborers and blue-collarers where it was dark and dirty. The sex was cheap and good - of course because I didn't use a condom! I feel like **** now.
Avatar n tn I will go Jakarta if my villege no 3 generetion test. test shop paper print EIA (assxym). Is the test not the forum call elisa or is one old test long time no use already.
Avatar f tn Can you kindly confirm which test was done at 6 and 7 weeks? Sorry, I assumed it is hiv duo. However, my above comments also apply for antibody only test.
Avatar n tn Dear Expert/ Advisor, I am based in Jakarta now. Apparently HIV here is significantly rising. Yesterday I made arrangements to see an Indonesian karaoke hostess. We were having protected sex. However when reverting to another position, I felt the durex condom break as I was penetrating her. It must have been up to halfway inside her vagina when I felt it break.
Avatar m tn - 2 Weeks 3rd Gen Lab Base test by Abbott (Negative) - 6 Weeks 4th Gen AB/AG Combo by Abbott Architect Lab Base (Non Reactive - value 0.11 ) < 1 is non reactive - 9 Weeks 4th Gen AB/AG Combo by Abbott Architect Lab Base (Non Reactive - Value 0.74) < 1 is non reactive STD Check @ 6 Week :Syphilis, GO, HSV1, HSV2 all clear. Than assumption on the exposure i'm clear from STD during Exposure that also lower my Risk as ONLY have ONE exposure outside monogamous partnership ??
Avatar m tn Worried sick with HIV, I went to several clinics proven to be amongts the best in Jakarta and got myself tested. However, when I asked them about HIV (since I am fully aware from reading tons of information in this forum), none of them can give me straight, convincing answers. The answers were varied from one clinic to another. I know I can just go back to Singapore and get tested there for more qualititative result but work won't permit me from taking a leave.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I' sorry for i'am back, but please give me your advice again, i went to reputable clinic in Jakarta Indonesia for my 36 days ( 5 weeks 1 day) ab/ag p24 combo test , my exposure is licking vaginal fluids on breast and thanks GOD the result was nonreactive, all the equipment are new (cotton, band aid, needle) but what make me worries is there are drops of blood from previous patient on tray which the test equipment are placed, 1.
Avatar m tn nPEP is up to you and the doctor and if taken you require an HIV test 3 months after your last dose of nPEP.
Avatar m tn on tuesday I will go to get tested for other STDs, but will have to wait other 2 months for the HIV. How easy can HIV be transmitted after a single vaginal sex (maybe for one minute)? What about my symptoms?
Avatar n tn HI, i live in Jakarta, Indonesia and about 2 months ago i received unprotected fellatio which lasted for a long period of time, about 30min-1hour, was not sure as i was terribly drunk during this incident. About 2 weeks after this i started getting cold chills which was very mild. Then at about 3-4 weeks i started to get more severe cold chills with a weird fever that gave tingling sensations on face, red face and very severe hot flashes and dizziness.
Avatar m tn If your condom was not obviously broken (when condoms break, they break wide open and there is no doubt that they failed), then there was no risk for HIV or for other STIs. Your fever is not a sign of HIV from the encounter you describe. It occurred too early and when HIV causes symptoms the fever is accompanied by other symptoms such as severe muscle aches, sore throat and a rash. I suspect your fever is just the sort or viral sore throat that travelers get from time to time.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I' sorry for my 2# question, but please give me your advice again, i went to reputable clinic in Jakarta Indonesia for my 36 days ( 5 weeks 1 day) ab/ag p24 combo test , and thanks GOD the result was nonreactive, all the equipment are new (cotton, band aid, needle) but what make me worries is there are drops of blood from previous patient on tray which the test equipment are placed, 1.
Avatar m tn But my tounge turn white really scare me, I try to calm my self thinking its because the antibiotic. I took hiv DNA test exactly 8 weeks after exposure result was non reactive,negative . I don't really have ars symptom, but two days ago 12 weeks from exposure have a little swolen in back of my right ear(not noticeable ) bring my anxiey to the roof, and my white tonge just have a little improve after 2 months. Is 8 weeks neg.result from lab corp is conclusive so I can move on from anxiety?
Avatar m tn Hi There, I don't know whether this is an OCD or not but it is definitely an anxiety. So my story was, on December 11th i received an oral sex from a CSW, i was using condom by that time and i'm absolutely sure i was protected, the oral sex activity is actually quite brief only last for about a minutes or two, and i came in the condom, NO intercourse whatsoever anal or vaginal and it ended just like that.
Avatar m tn On 9 May (30 days post exposure) I took a different test on a different place. The test is Anti HIV (EIA) and the index result is "0.02 Negative" with reference range are =0.25 (Positive). My 6 questions are: (1) Are my 3 activities mentioned above could transmit HIV? (2) Are the conditions I described above could be considered as ARS? (3) Are the two test results indicate that I am negative of HIV?
Avatar n tn I was tested for HIV Rapid test March 13,2008 (22 weeks) negative results. Recently I started experiencing some dull pain in my testicles again and did an STD test (blood). Siphyllis, Gonnorea negative. Chlamydia Serological test positive. GP's note 1. Pos IgG: in the presence of clinical manifestation may be considered as present infection and a treatment is advised.2. High IgM titers seldom develop in patients with uncomplicated genital infection.
Avatar m tn In this situation, the only way to rule out the infection is to get ourselves tested. A Duo (4th generation HIV Antibody+Antigen) test is not considered to be conclusive before 4 weeks of exposure, therefore you need to wait a little more.
Avatar n tn 5 wks since the possible exposure.. the test only took slightly more than 1 hr... and i tested negative for HIV on 9.5 weeks.. i suddenly developed gross hematuria which lasted for two days.. went to see a urinologist who tested my urine and confirmed there were blood in urine but NO bacteria present and prescribed ciprobay... and since 3 days ago.. i have developed stiff neck.. i dont know wether its swollen lymph nodes..
Avatar m tn What are the chances that I am HIV posiitive? I have not had a test yet as I have been told it is too soon to do so. Am very worried about this so any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn However as the time draws nearer for the HIV test (this is the 3rd week), I would like to seek your professional opinion on my risk assessment. I had read the forum and understand that HIV transmission from female to male is about 1:1000. Would like to seek further understanding on this. Is it protected or unprotected? At the same time, I also found out that with a condom sex penetration, it is only 80% safe. May I know what is your opinion?
Avatar f tn after I wash it clean. I have not been doing HIV test, my plan I will do a test at 6 weeks is the 4th generation method. my question : 1. whether the test in week 6 with a 4th generation method is accurate? 2. whether my actions are at high risk and very likely have HIV? Note : this is my first time get oral from female (sex workers) . i'm so scared.
Avatar m tn I am confident the tests will be negative. At 2 weeks a standard HIV antibody test will detect well over 50% of recent HIV infections and if you get a combination test at 5 weeks, your results will be conclusive (and almost certainly negative). I hope my comments are helpful to you. Please continue to practice safe sex.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm a bisexual expat from San Francisco currently posted in Jakarta, Indonesia. While here I've had several sexual encounters (2 times to be precise) with male sexworkers already. Both times we engaged in anal sex with me on 'top'. Both times condoms were used which did not break, I'm 100% positive about this. Now I know condoms can solve alot, but was there an increased risk because of the nature of my sexpartners?
Avatar m tn On 28th of June 2010 I was in Jakarta, had unprotected sex with a prostitute in a bar, sooner I started feeling muscular pain, headache, rashes, tender muscles, so today i got the rapid immuno chromatographic HIV test done... the results were negative, i also did rapid Immunochromatographic, VDRL & HCV on 28th of July 2010 and the results were negative, now i have a problem with frequent urination , and tender/swollen pubic area...
Avatar f tn Could you guys help me when I should do another hiv test to really give me confident that I am not infected with hiv? Thanks a lot for your suggestion. God bless.
Avatar m tn Hi Teak, The lab will use CMIA test for Anti-HIV, can you please advise if this is a reliable test to detect any HIV within 30 days post exposure? Please advise.