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Avatar n tn Teak, I understand there are no "home test kits" approved, but the FDA does approve the Home Access Express HIV-1 Test System in which you sample at home and send in for results. I was inquiring about this one. Any help would be appreciated. I can't find anything on the web.
Avatar m tn I do not have much info about home access HIV test kit, but I can tell you that any test after 3 months well be conclusive
Avatar n tn I have used a HIV home test kit for HIV1 and 2 as it says that I bought online ,the test result came negative can I rely on that result as it says if the result is negative it is definitive and if positive it can be a false positive . Do I need to do another lab test ?
Avatar f tn I'm very worried about the fact that I used an unapproved DIY test kit a couple of months back.. I tested again at 11 weeks after i took that test with a proper test in a lab and the result was negative too but I'm concerned that this home test kit may have been dangerous. Would it be possible to contract any kind of blood to blood illness from a test kit like this? It looked fairly clean but I have no idea where it came from really (apart from China) and that's what concerns me.
Avatar m tn Home Access is not a test kit it is a collection kit.
Avatar m tn There is only one HIV Home collection kit approved by the FDA and that is the Home Access.
Avatar m tn Hi, I did a self test using rapid home test kit for hiv 1 & 2 after 3 months of last sexual encounter with a csw. It tested negative. Is this result conclusive? & how reliable are the rapid test kits?
Avatar m tn There only one FDA approved collection kit, it's home access.
Avatar m tn home access is a collection kit...not one that you do yourself.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, from my previous post of protected sex with a mexican girl I have since taken a Home HIV test, I used the iCare HIV test kit, well two of them and they both came out negative. I was just curious if anybody knew the brand and has heard that it is a good one to use. It says it is 99% accurate and was curious if this is true.
Avatar m tn Greetings, I have ordered an HIV rapid test kit. I understand these home rapid test kits has the HIV antigen embedded in the capture pad, which then will react if an HIV antibody was found in the blood sample. When I pricked my finger, I coudn't get enough blood in so I kind of touched the capture/sample pad a little bit. I'm afraid of HIV exposure after learning that the pad contains the HIV antigen.
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of/ have any info or have experience using the HIV Test yourself kit available from Geodesic Meditech apparetly located in California US, Although this test is not approved by reglatory bodies I'm wondering about its credentials as a reliable test?
Avatar n tn I recently went to pick up a home access hiv test from walgreens. when i got home i noticed that the side of the box had been opened. and there appeared to be dried blood on the inside of the box. while i dont know if the box was tampered with, i am worried that it could have been. i know hiv is not a possibility but what about hepatitis c. I definitely touched the red marks, should i be worried? thank you.
Avatar n tn I bought HIV home test 1 week ago and yesterday I tested myself for HIV and the result came positive 2 lines then I tested my self again today and came negative 1 line , I was reading on the internet that this might be a false positive, so what is the ideal period I should wait to do the conformity test or tests ( timings) and which test I should go for a 100% result and after what period and should the rules of the window period of people who had risky exposure should apply to my case ( posi
Avatar n tn Thanks man. But I dont live in the US so cant use it. And orasure is available online only but as you said its not approved. I will stick to the traditional lab tests I guess for the future.
Avatar n tn I have purchased a hiv blood rapid test kit and carried out test at home. As I read the instruction on the kit, I know that on the blood collecting sample area on the kit, there is HIV virus antigen, which will react with the HIV antibody in finger blood (if exist) to further process. Q1. Are the rapid test result taken on 90 days post exposure conclusive? Q2. If my bloody finger with wound (cut) touch the sample area (with antigen) of the test kit, will I be infected by the HIV virus? Q3.
Avatar n tn t be reliable at all nor would any other test. 3 months dude is when you need to take your test and get a conclusive test result. If you want to do a Home Access test. Then do it at three months send it in and your results will be conclusive.
Avatar f tn I just bought the HIV Home Access Kit. It said it detects the antibodies in the blood and that it is FDA Approved. So will the results to this test be accurate? The risk of unprotected sex was about two years ago. Also when I got mono last year my doctor did an oral swab test... But i'm not sure if she was just doing it to detect mono or if she was seeing if there were any indications of HIV but she came to me and said she was going to do a blood culture and then she confirmed it was mono.