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Avatar m tn I had a two low risk encounters, I was ok for a while and didn't think much about it until I started looking online and started doing my own research after reading many stories I came in panic and started worrying very much till a point where I couldn't live a normal life no more, I got tested 7 months after the risk event with Oraquick home Test purchased at Walgreens, and tested negative, I did another Oraquick today which is about 14 months and was also negative, are this tests 100% reliab
Avatar f tn Go to Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and get an Oraquick In Home HIV test kit and test. You'll get the results in 20 minutes.
Avatar m tn The next day I texted him my concerns and he assured me he was negative. I told him that was not enough. He went to Walgreens and bought an Orasure kit and took a picture of the box and the negative result. Of course my anxiety gets me to think, what if its not real, what if he had someone negative take the test so he would not have to admit this to me. He was a bit upset that I kept pressuring after knowing me so long and having these discussions.
Avatar m tn They are afraid of HepB antivirals because of it's effects on my HIV testing and liver function. I still have weeks until my 12 week HIV test... My WBC count was higher (3000) but my liver enzymes JUMPED up since the week before. The doctor said she had discussed my case with 2 infectious disease specialists and they couldn't make a ruling based on my results.
Avatar m tn I have been known to have outbreaks down there before just acne or follicuitis. Nothing at all on my shaft or head and they are not the kind to bust, plus I have no other symptoms save very mild discomfort. I'm thinking my mind is playing tricks on me again. They aren't sore to the touch or anything... Please help as I am not sure exactly what it could be. Am I having a hypochondriac moment?
Avatar n tn Otherwise other options do exist.
229411 tn?1189759425 Go to their website. Google it (you've googled everything else under the sun on HIV).
Avatar m tn To know for sure if you are a pre-diabetic or not, then go buy a self-test kit for diabetes called A1C Now, made by Bayer, available at Wal-mart or Walgreens, for about $25 dollars. This kit is VERY acurate. Follow instructions, then within 5 minutes, you'll see the results. If you wanna see a Doctor for Diabetes diagnosis, to me, go see an Endo only. Common or Family Doctors knows next to nothing about diabetes. Good luck.
Avatar m tn This gave me a real bad scare last night so I went out and got Oraquick HIV test kit from Walgreens and guess what, I am negative! Thank God. The reason I am sharing this is because there's not enough research about how effective or ineffective lambskin condoms are. And especially since it says on the pack itself HIV/STD could be transmitted thru them. AND NOBODY IN GENERAL WARNS PEOPLE TO NOT USE LAMBSKIN CONDOMS FOR HIV/STSD PROTECTION. So folks, beware.
Avatar m tn Go to Walgreens and get yourself an Oraquick 1/2 oral swab kit or see your Doctor. You claim it's been three months or 12 weeks since the event you told us about....that is the standard time frame that all FDA approved tests will yield conclusive results. I don't think you need any kind of test for the aforementioned event but if it will calm you then do it. Or, pay a small fee and ask the Doctors....but you need to calm down. You did not have a risk!
Avatar f tn At 3 months I ordered another one the box was from Walgreens the package was best up but the test tube and test stick were intact and still packaged right so I used it. Afterwards I got scared what if someone tampered with the kit and there was hiv in it. I know this sounds silly but this is real to me. That test also came out negative but a week or so later I came down with a really bad flu like illness I went to the doctor and the flu test was negative but they still treated me for the flu.
Avatar m tn I had oral sex unprotected without ejaculation and receptive anal sex. We discussed HIV status beforehand and I had relations with this person 4 years ago. I am bisexual and every now and again the urge is overwhelming! He claimed to be "clean" , but I cannot verify this as he said he was tested one year ago.I recollect him donning a condom and applying lube.
2214462 tn?1339431583 What time exactly were the tests done? Did they do sodium and potassium testing as well? I would go find a doctor who DOES know what they are doing - 10mg is generally too low a replacement dose. One does 15mg on up - and you take the bulk in the morning with a small amount in the late afternoon (this is a guideline). The doctor should not put you on hydrocortisone replacement dose without doing the proper testing - such as a stimulation test and the adrenal antibody test.
Avatar f tn My liver count has been elevated and continued to rise--but they believe that it was because of the infection as well as all of the medication. They tested for Hep and HIV--because of the multiple blood transfusions I had--all negative. My docs are attempting to get my pain under control using Lyrica and Melexicam, both are non narcotic. The Lyrica mainly helps the nerve endings and the combination seems to help.
Avatar n tn I tried eating yogurt/kefir more regularly to no avail. I did the OTC pH testing and was in the normal range, and didn't know what else to do. This month, of course, it came back again. After finding the name "cytolitic vaginosis" here, I did some more searching and found this article from an online nursing journal:
Avatar n tn First trip to the doc's office says it could be a sign of weak immune system (possibly HIV) which I find next to impossible as my wife and I are very very low risk. Plus for insurance purposes we had an HIV test 2 years ago and both came back neg. Still has me worried as I cannot figure out what this is. Doctor gave me some medicine for the yeast infection, has controlled it abit but not entirely. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn 3 or 4 other doctors agree that I'm too young for a colonoscopy (which I agree). But do you all think I should get an endoscopy? I just got a kit for stool samples today. I've also have a lot of cbc's done. In december, my white cell count was SLIGHTLY elevated. All the doctor's say that's nothing. My thyroid and celiac levels were also tested. My celiac levels were slightly elevated. But I'm wondering about these worms things in my stool. That is just weird and creepy.
Avatar n tn if had a clumpy white discharge and a random itch. it doesnt itch all the time maybe once or twice a day, i took the Vagasil screening kit test and it said i may or may not have a yeast infection. so ive started the useing the 3 day medicine that u insert into your vagina and a cream for the itching.
Avatar n tn Poor you! My son is anaphylactic (eggs, milk & every nut on the planet) and he has regular blood tests and skin ***** tests to assess his current level of reaction to his known allergens and assess possible further allergy to new substances. The new substances are introduced one at a time and include allergens known to be linked to his existing ones (like sesame seeds, lupin flour, latex etc).
Avatar n tn There are still bodily fluids that come out when your husband ejaculates, so it could very well be that your vaginas pH is getting messed up from that. You can get a vagisal screening kit that can tell you what may be wrong, I would try that OR just call your gyno and get an appointment.
Avatar n tn I never had dizzy spells just feeling foggy or whossy feeling. ENT thought. I had miners disease. I check out ok on that. as well with alot of other testing. I do work have 3 kids and married. I miss alot of work do to this can't get disablity due to know dignosis and family just listens to me. I have know life it seems like know more. I know 4 years ago I was normal I know what that feels like. So, I know something is going on. I do also have tmj using a mouth guard and that does not help me.
Avatar n tn What I found is that I'm probably allergic to glycerin, an ingredient in many personal lubricants and soaps. My husband and I have been testing lubricants that are glycerin and paraben free to see if the cuts return. So far everything is normal, like my old self is back again. I haven't had any redness and raw feeling after intercourse either. My advice is to read labels and stay away from glycerin! I hope that this information will help someone else.
Avatar m tn I purchased a mold kit from Lowes and sent it to the lab to have it analized. The results came back, with 3 types of mold. Since I have had this truck several health problems have occured along with the bugs. I have taken every kind of anti parasite medication that is on the market. Now, I am taking anti-fungal medication and the crawling is almost gone. The sores that look like bite marks are almost gone. I think that the mold caused the fungas to grow all over my body and under my skin.
Avatar n tn He asked if I had ever been tested for food allergies. I said no. He said there was a lab in the area that sold a kit for testing for multiple food allergies from a single blood draw. He said it wasn't covered by insurance and asked if I wanted to pay for it myself anyway. I said I absolutely wanted to know if I had any food allergies, so it was worth it to me to pay for it out of pocket (under $200). The results astonished both the doctor and me.
1294995 tn?1330666336 Good luck with more testing this week. Keep us posted :) I'm feeling good -- 3rd round without any symptoms... just feel steady (like last time). I have so much hope for this cycle. I really feel like I've been inching my way along to the destination. I can't see it yet, but it feels like it's right around the bend in the road. SSBD to all! -`*`- (that's my little sparkler firework!
Avatar n tn The doc was testing me for the flu, in which I knew I didn't have! And then, he calls to tell me he's prescribing an antibiotic because he thinks I have a virus... I refused the antibiotic, searched for a new doctor for future reference and laughed at them.. they thought my selenium poisoning was insane, and they were prescribing a freakin zpac for a VIRUS??? DOCTORS need to back off the computer and start thinking with what they know!