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Avatar n tn I tested negative for HIV one day short of 8 weeks via Homeaccess test kit which uses first generation ELISA testing methods. Do I need to get further tested at a later date or can I consider myself ok?
Avatar m tn For severe illnessess like hiv/aids and cancer, we always recommend to visit a physician or general practitioner. For hiv/aids we would like to emphasize the possibility of anonymous and free of charge testing at several health care facilities. Especially in case you have performed a test and do not trust the outcome, we recommend you have the test repeated by a physician. Hopefully, this information has answered your questions.
Avatar n tn If you said yourself that i cant hiv from the two incidents i described then why would you challenge me to get a test.
Avatar f tn That is okay. But don't over worry. The best test at this time is the 4th generation duo assay. That checks antlgen and antibody. And, for this test around 40 days is the best time to detect both. If you are clear from that test you don't have to worry. I am not sure about these quick tests . They do have about 90 some percent accuracy provided you do them the right way if it is a take home type.
Avatar f tn I have found a testing center in my area that does rapid 1-hr testing. I am going to go on Wednesday, my 6 week mark. Thanks again for all of your help.
Avatar m tn hi sir your help in answering my doubts are greatly appreciated, sir on 6/04/2014, i had a exposure, unprotected sex with a massage girl, vietnamise, 10 ten later i did a hiv 1,2 test elisa-negative, 20 ez trust rapid test, negative, 50 days after exposure did a western blot test, it says negative for antibody and antigen, after that 10 ez trust rapid test negative 90 day cmia hiv test plus stud, hiv was negative but positive for herpes type 1, i guess thats why my tounge turn whitesih, till now
Avatar m tn HIV test was performed using the COBAS (R) Ampliprep/Cobas (R) HIV- 1 Test Kit (Roche Molecular Systems, Inc) and performed by Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute. Result: not detected (I was told by the lab tech this means negative) Two questions: 1. Based on these test results and taking into account window periods; am I definitely negative, probably negative, or possible negative?
Avatar f tn i still live with my parents and i don't want them to find out i'm testing for HIV. it's been at least 5 since my possible exposure. i can't go on living under this stress and i don't want to risk not getting insurance in the future just because i went to get an HIV test at the doctor. plus, i don't think i could emotionally handle it. i break down crying just thinking about it. also, could HIV be transmitted by performing oral sex (fellatio)? thank you.
Avatar m tn and how does the AFA here in singapore conclude that a 3 months post exposure test is conclusive if they are using the above test kit which cannot able to detect HIV-1 subtypes H,J,K? Can you pls give me some inputs on this issue.. You can confirm this fact on its product catalogue.
Avatar f tn "All I think about is dying from HIV" This is no way to live. You must get your results. Symptoms do NOT prove HIV. Only testing. HIV test are among the accurate and specific out there, including rapid test. How relieved you would be to hear you are negative? Take responsibility and charge of this situation and test right away. You are not alone. And yes, anxiety can wreck a person physically.
Avatar f tn RNA or HIV DUO test at 4 weeks.
Avatar n tn You did not catch HIV and there is no need for additional testing. There will be no follow-up comments or discussion. There is no information you could provide that would change my opinion or advice. Also please note that MedHelp permits a maximum of 2 questions every 6 months on the professionally moderated forums. Any new question before next March will be deleted without reply, and without refund of the posting fee.
Avatar m tn It was one of these test
Avatar m tn Atlast ... I did my rapid testing after 15 weeks...Negative... I want to say sorry to all specially to Teak for indulging in arguments which I shuld not have done.... Its time to educate people...thanks guys..
1924838 tn?1326928291 If the OraQuick rapid fluid test is good at 12 weeks post expose then I might go that route as the state HIV clinic gives free anonymously rapid oral fluid test. I have filling I will test positive due to the symptoms I had and currently having. The slight back rash and night sweats got me concerned. I do not want my medical insurance to find out if I turn out positive as I can not test anonymously with my doctor.
Avatar m tn i had sexual intercourse while using a female condom with a hiv positive male he also had oral sex on me with out a condom this was in jan i did not know he had been given a positive result for hiv at the time i learned in feb he had hiv i got tested in feb test results were neg what are my chances of living a hiv free life and how long will it take for me to have symptoms or will i even get symptoms
Avatar m tn – is it hiv releted is it occuring due to hiv infection, can hiv testing in india catch africa hiv virus Pls help
Avatar f tn Your Elisa result alone is enough to conclude that you're HIV free. For most countries, 3 months after exposure test is enough to conclude your HIV status. I've heard in Singapore they only need 22~28 days after exposure for Combo test, 6 weeks for other test. I have no experience on PCR test so I'll let the others discuss this.
936016 tn?1332769204 // ) and also our information on novel testing methods for more information ( ) What happens during seroconversion? The article ( ) also gives a rough timeline of the different stages of HIV infection. Day 0: A person is infected with the HIV virus.
Avatar m tn Oral sex remains to be ZERO risk and one of the factors why you cannot have HIV from Oral is the Saliva. Saliva is a sterile fluid which means free from all germs / virus making the receptive partner free from HIV risk. For person giving oral sex, Saliva has powerful substances / enzymes that makes the virus
Avatar m tn Teak sir, only i need advice, is it i am free from Hiv or not and nothing else from medhelp as doctors are unable to give feedback
Avatar f tn In india i have taken on hiv kit tridot hiv 1/2 kit ('it is writing on it ). I hope above 2 kits are ok. I hope 3 month window period is ok for hiv 2.
Avatar m tn 3 months has been the testing guideline since 2004. YOU DONT HAVE HIV. there is a hiv anxiety community forum here at medhelp. a link is provided in the lower right hand corner of this page. please post any further comments on that dont have hiv and this forum really has nothing left to offer.
Avatar m tn Hi doc sorry for the addition... Just curious the Ez Trust hiv 1+2 test kit are they an approved and reliable test or was my money totally wasted on this item.? Also if they are do they also test for p24 antibody?
Avatar f tn Hi AnxiousNoMore, Thank you for the prompt reply. So are you saying that I'm HIV-free? I just need to be sure, that's all. So further to my questions, that rapid test I am taking, what generation is that? Is that the Rapid Test Duo you just mentioned above?
Avatar m tn let me add that if anyone else suffers from this worry about hiv testing, please feel free to message me. i have a wealth of videos, photos of tests and other info that I have gathered from the internet. maybe it can help you. let also ask again, if anyone here can tell me another way to look at this, please do, it would help a lot and I would love to help you as well.
Avatar m tn Your test satisfied CDC guidelines for a conclusive negative. Hiv symptoms mirror many other health issues so testing is the only way to know.
Avatar n tn ) I do suffer from anxiety/depression and am under treatment for that. I am near a place that does free HIV rapid tests and am considering it though it's only been 21 days.
Avatar m tn with modern tests it is rarely necessary to wait 3 months. You really didn't need HIV testing at all after such an exposure. But if you'll feel better having a final HIV antibody test at 3 months for enhanced reassurance, feel free. You don't say where in Ireland you are, but excellent GUM services are available in many areas. If you're in or near Dublin, visit the world-class one at St. James's Hospital.