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Avatar n tn Just wanted to know about accuracy about hiv rapid testing kit and whether they are FDA approved. Also I was looking for one to buy, but all I found was the one that you take the blood sample and send to the lab and get your results with 3 days. But I am looking for the one that you take the blood sample and get your results with 15 minutes. If anybody knows the link to purchase that particular kit I would really appericate. Thank you.
Avatar m tn I have tested at Action for Aids in DSC Clinic Singapore using rapid blood testing at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 5 months, and at 11 months post exposure and it all came back negative. My question is. Can I rely on this results and finally move on with my life. It is almost a year and 2 months since that stupid mistake happened and just now I have a severe headache runs for almost 2 weeks and I tend to co-relate these symptoms to HIV? Please advise. Many Thanks.
Avatar n tn Singapore Ministry of Helath has not approved any HIV home test kit. All HIV tests are done in clinics approved by the Ministry of Health in Singapore, whether it is anonymous or not.
Avatar f tn That is okay. But don't over worry. The best test at this time is the 4th generation duo assay. That checks antlgen and antibody. And, for this test around 40 days is the best time to detect both. If you are clear from that test you don't have to worry. I am not sure about these quick tests . They do have about 90 some percent accuracy provided you do them the right way if it is a take home type.
Avatar n tn Is there any testing kit for HIV like as for a Pregnancy Test? If there is..what the brand and how much could it cost.. Kinda afraid to go to a Doctor and let somebody know. because here in the country were I'm staying..they will lock you up first in jail before sending to your country of origin..
Avatar m tn this time i went to a different clinic, the nurse opened the testing kit in front of me. my question is the needle that came out of the kit, which was used on me was a different kind of needle that was used on my 2 weeks agothis time the needle was thin and in green colour, and the last time that was used it was in blue colour and bigger. also as i remember in last test the needle was not in the box the nurse had it separate.
Avatar m tn home access is a collection kit...not one that you do yourself.
Avatar n tn Just did the test for me so quick and he gave me the kit when the C line showed dark red, and he told me it is negative I put the kit in pocket and then I took the test kit to my car, the kit was wet because of the blood and to dry it I put it under the sun in the care ( it is very sunny in my country) after 1 hour I looked at the kit again and it did show a faint line in the T .
Avatar m tn - I got tested through rapid test kit from JMitra Tridot and on 91 days with Rackon Triline hiv test kit which is i think not approved by FDA. Is this sufficient or i have to change the testing method?
Avatar m tn hi sir your help in answering my doubts are greatly appreciated, sir on 6/04/2014, i had a exposure, unprotected sex with a massage girl, vietnamise, 10 ten later i did a hiv 1,2 test elisa-negative, 20 ez trust rapid test, negative, 50 days after exposure did a western blot test, it says negative for antibody and antigen, after that 10 ez trust rapid test negative 90 day cmia hiv test plus stud, hiv was negative but positive for herpes type 1, i guess thats why my tounge turn whitesih, till now
Avatar f tn Yeah it's just Trips me out I went to a outreach center to get tested. Even tho it's good they have free testing clinics I just get nervous and start thinking bout since it's free is there risk! Etc..
Avatar n tn A determine HIV 1/2 kit used for testing a patient and is throwed in a dust bin. We want know HIV in this kit can live how long?
Avatar m tn 2009) in urology hospital. At this time I contacted tested other people kit(the numberof test kit(HIV + syphilis) about 30). At that contact test kit, my hand and finger no wound. And I am just contact plastic(surface) of tested kit. (at 07.07.2009) tested kit is 14 hours after last tested because hospital diagnostic or treatment is done at 16:00. I visited hospital early time and I first guest for urology hospital(at 09:00 AM). I remember that I am not roll eyes.
Avatar m tn i had sexual intercourse while using a female condom with a hiv positive male he also had oral sex on me with out a condom this was in jan i did not know he had been given a positive result for hiv at the time i learned in feb he had hiv i got tested in feb test results were neg what are my chances of living a hiv free life and how long will it take for me to have symptoms or will i even get symptoms
Avatar m tn He did not mention it to me until after the fact. They stated they were on Meds. I did purchase HIV Home Test kit at two and 4 weeks; both are negative. No symptoms besides nervousness. My question is that I have been reading so much, in fact, to much about 1 time exposures possibly not leading to exposure. Of course 1 time could lead to contracting the virus.
Avatar f tn thanks medhelp team but note i have tested myself with hiv kit,, droping finger bood with solution. Resulted negitive. Only one control line came.
Avatar m tn I used a rapid test at home. The test claims using "double antigen sandwich immunoassay measurement principles". Unfortunately, my finger with blood had contacted the testing strip which claims containing "purified recombinant antigens of HIV". So, are these HIV antigens dangerous? Will I get HIV from the rapid test?? Those antigens do not mean as virus, right?? I'm so scared now.
Avatar f tn The DUO test is an HIV test that looks for antibodies for HIV-1 and HIV-2 and also looks for evidence of the p24 protein which is on the surface of the HIV virus particle.
Avatar m tn "Modern third generation tests will identify well over 99% of newly infected HIV positive people at 6 weeks after exposure even though they are licensed for use after 12 weeks after a possible exposure. " Just like to enquire on above 3rd generation test- is it the same as the oralquick test kit of below link: If it is or similar, does a negative result at week 5 and 4 days consider sufficient?
Avatar n tn As I read the instruction on the kit, I know that on the blood collecting sample area on the kit, there is HIV virus antigen, which will react with the HIV antibody in finger blood (if exist) to further process. Q1. Are the rapid test result taken on 90 days post exposure conclusive? Q2. If my bloody finger with wound (cut) touch the sample area (with antigen) of the test kit, will I be infected by the HIV virus? Q3.