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Avatar n tn I didn't request the other STD test. Just curious, is it true in the state of New Jersey all pregnant women are required to get tested for Syphillis???? In the office pamplet it stated the others tests were suggested but syphillis testing is required by law. Seems weird, that is a requirement while HIV test is not Thanks for reading!!
Avatar m tn 201-926-8008 New Mexico 800-545-AIDS New Orleans 800-992-4379 New York -- In New York: 718-638-2074 -- In New York (counseling): 800-872-2777 (M-F 2-8, Sat/Sun 10-6) -- Taped information, 24 hrs.
Avatar m tn I got tested July of 2012 in New Jersey. They tested for syphilis, gonorrhea, and HIV. I called them after I took the test to confirm if they tested for HIV-1 and HIV-2, or just HIV-1. I was told over the phone that they test for both, that is why they send it out instead of doing rapid testing. When I called for my results a couple weeks later, I was told "syphilis negative, gonorrhea negative, HIV negative.
Avatar m tn Sorry for asking you again I wanted to know the risk including HIV and all other STDS? This happened in New Jersey in US..
Avatar n tn What percentage of white escort women have hiv in New Jersey/New York? Is four weeks enough time to get tested? Have you ever heard of a sitituation like this where a man got hiv, and you belive that they weren't lying?
Avatar m tn she was in her 30-40's from New Jersey but recently moved to New Mexico, was using the drug oxycodon( am not sure of others), had children, worked as a nurse for Dr. Doyle (which I searched and there is a doctor by that name in that state), she insured me that she was clean and won't be doing this if she had any STD's but I think she could have been lying because she needed the money.
Avatar m tn she was in her 30-40's from New Jersey but recently moved to New Mexico, was using the drug oxycodon( am not sure of others), had children, worked as a nurse for Dr. Doyle (which I searched and there is a doctor by that name in that state), she insured me that she was clean and won't be doing this if she had any STD's but I think she could have been lying because she needed the money.
Avatar n tn Man, I keep hoping each new drug coming to trial is the Silver Bullet. Maybe, just maybe ...!
Avatar f tn I need to know if in New Jersey (Bergen County) I can find medical institution where I can bring my doughter for skin reactions to something that we don`t know what, without ensurance.
Avatar n tn A week ago, I had sex with a prostitute in New Jersey. I had protected vaginal intercourse for less than 30 min. I remember inserting my index finger 2 times in her vagina each for less than 2 sec. The intention in this case was not fingering as I did not oscillate my finger to and fro. Please dilute my the following concerns : 1) My penis at that time was not completely erected, but I had a condom throughout the duration (which was intact and not broken).
Avatar n tn Was in the US in New Jersey at a casino. Picked her up there. Did use condom for vaginal and oral. She insisted as did I. Yes the other STDs are a worry but REALLY worried about hiv. Please let me know what you think with the new info I gave you. Thanks.
Avatar n tn A good illustration of the buildup of hiv antibodies with time (which indicates the effectivenss of the hiv antibody test) is given in an article by the state of New Jersey mentioned by JohnnyV last weekend. This article can be found at: The graph on page 2 of this article illustrates the rapid buildup of hiv antibodies after 30 days.
Avatar m tn 00 Negative HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual HIV 1/O/2 Abs, Qual Nonreactive HIV-1 DNA by PCR With HIV Antibodies by ICMA Negative I was told by the testing center after 3 weeks these results are 90% reliable. How confident can I be in these results. I have grown very worried - My girlfriend has a bad cold for 2 days now - sorethroat, headache, slight fever, and running nose - now all congested. This adds to my anxiety that I may have caught HIV and gave it to her.
Avatar n tn Have any suggestions on Counseling Places around New York/ New Jersey?
Avatar n tn Teak do you still beleive that i dont even need any testing, I think that when i posted that question last night asking about nodes and stuff i think its just all because of anxiety. I think that i was just thinking about the nodes all day thus i thought that they were getting swollen and stuff. When i said that i thought i was getting a fever cause i thought i felt warm, i dont know cause about 45 minutes later i felt fine. I think i just had a very small headache but im sure no fever.
Avatar m tn Theres more going on with me and it's not good I had all the ars Symtons had neg HIV test herpes and hep at 7 weeks still not feeling right. Going back to doctor at id care here in new jersey ,by the way i was up iyour way sunday by easton ,in 2 weeks for HIV test at 17 weeks.
1122973 tn?1269735728 I am being told I may have to wait up until a year before fully knowing, because there is no set window period for every person...every person is different. I live in New Jersey, and all the clinics are saying that my results at this time are still not considered conclusive especially given the fact my risk was somewhat high (unprotected sex in a third world country with a male of unknown status)....I don't no what to do. I am having a mental breakdown that I can no longer hide from peers.....
Avatar m tn Doctor, Yesterday night I went to strip club and was ended having penetration with a strip dancer in Western New Jersey who appeared to be from central america . She used a condom and everything lasted for about an minute or a minute and half and I ejaculted in the condom. I later relaized how much of risk I took and the stuip mistake. I am worried with Anxiety and looking for help. It has been about 24 hrs (1 day) since the exposure.
Avatar n tn I was browsing and found this. It is a discussion about the different info in HIV window period."I talked to a doctor who leads the state in HIV testing in Massachussetts about how they came up with 6 weeks as a conclusive test. He said the state conducted a huge study following a very large group of MSM participants. The study concluded that ALL men who seroconverted during this test did so within 6 weeks using modern assays AKA 3rd gen or higher.
Avatar m tn In any case, I know there isn't anything you can do about the red tape. My doctor suggested I try to have the blood drawn in New Jersey to avoid the New York paperwork. This is so frustrating! FWIW, I have been doing some more reseatch on the bumps that I've been getting on my scalp... The dermatologists I saw said they look like folliculitis, but they all failed to mention the possibility of viral folliculitis, which is a possible side-effect of herpes infection!
1122973 tn?1269735728 I've done well to stay off for a couple weeks and try to be around friends which has done me some good. However this time, I am dealing with a whole new set of HIV anxiety related qualms. Two weeks ago, I did something I feel may have conflicted with my sero-negative status and I am scared and depressed beyond belief. I had protected sex with my ex boyfriend, he did not ejaculate from the sex. We later had a lot of frottage, dry humping in which he unexpectedly dipped into me without a condom.
Avatar n tn That's good information, about the trial. It looks like only Hawaii, Philadelphia, and New Jersey are recruiting right now. I would definitely have signed up if they were recruiting in my area and I were eligible! I don't see how long the induction period is, or does it say and I missed it?
149918 tn?1208132344 The company has operations in California, Colorado, Indiana and New Jersey. Roche has alliances and research and development agreements with numerous partners, including majority ownership interests in Genentech and Chugai. Roche's Pharmaceuticals Division offers a portfolio of leading medicines in therapeutic areas including cancer, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, transplantation, dermatology and influenza.
Avatar m tn Can you please tell me any clinic close by in new jersey I can travel to to get the western blot done? I currently live in nyc. I have had the same partner for 4 years. In oct i was tested for hsv2 and told i was negative 0.77. Now this march after shaving and getting cut my gyn tested me again and said i was positive 2.8. I asked my partner if he had an affair he denies it. I don't know what to believe and would like a western blot to confirm everything. Thanks!
Avatar n tn It certainly makes sense that they would contact you if it came up positive, but it's easier for you to call and confirm the results. I know in New Jersey many test results in one year, over 20,000 in one year including over 300 positive results, were never disclosed to the people tested, because they were supposed to contact the testing center to get the results. There's a small chance that the lab that tested you can't release results to you unless you request them.
Avatar n tn - At 10 weeks I went back to Planned Parenthood, with new symptoms, but they refused to order more testing until I reached the conclusive 12-week mark. - At 12 weeks I had more tests done at my PCP's office.
Avatar n tn So the fact that she says that she tested after 6 weeks means that she was trying to go with the doctors advice and if she truly did test negative after that there would probably have been a post from her saying i tested negative and im happy or something. (with the exact time of testing not just after 6 weeks). I think that it might be a scam as far as HIV goes.
Avatar n tn I heard about the mandatory testing for HIV too. And have some pretty strong feelings about the mandatory part. I agree that everyone needs to know and that this will help get these things more under control but unless we are ready to provide easy access to treatment for everyone testing positive, I am afraid it will only create a larger wall between the haves and the have nots. Not to mention how many folks testing positive will not be able to obtain medical insurance, life insurance, etc.
Avatar f tn I haven't seen anything that indicates this is a 1st sign of HIV in women. It may facilitate HIV transmission when in advanced stages of yeast overgrowth, but since you're in a monogomous relationship, you have no worries there. I'm no expert in yeast infections but what I have heard is that you can get some relief by changing the diet and supplementing with homeopathic remedies.