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Avatar m tn By the way, I have the negative hiv antibody test in 6 weeks and 12 weeks and negative rapid test in 7 weeks.
786232 tn?1241745656 Can i ignore the HIV infection and move on?? 2. Test lab in Malaysia mostly using blood to detect Chlamydia antibody (IGG). Very difficult to get urine / swab test for Chlamydia & Gonorrhea. They said the test is accurate to detect infection. Is it true?? 3. Is the STD test accurate after 8 months possible exposure. Thanks.
Avatar f tn the available generation here is the third and fourth generation, all rapid test kit in malaysia has to pass a test from IMR (institute of medical research) and a must have a 99-100 specify and 99.5 -100 sensitivity.
786232 tn?1241745656 Dear Experts, I had possible exposure of unprotected sex with CSW back on June 08 in Malaysia. ELISA test done at 6wks, 19 wks, 25 wks & 37 wks...all came back negative... Is further testing required??? 12/13 wks is conclusive right?? But..for your Malaysia..most doctors & test labs told me the same story... the window period of HIV and other STD's is 3-6 months...what a shame...
Avatar f tn If you did not trust in the last test, why would you trust the next test? Or the next after that? You really need to talk to a therapist who can help you manage this anxiety.
Avatar f tn check this out n addition, the APTIMA HIV-1 RNA Qualitative Assay may be used as an additional test to confirm HIV-I infection in an individual whose specimen is repeatedly reactive for HIV-1 antibodies. This is important because the Western blot can, in some instances, be difficult to interpret and may not always provide a conclusive result.
Avatar n tn Doc, Just to clear up my previous question. My wife and I are still waiting for the results of the HIV test. I wanted to find out what the chances are of testing positive for HIV considering my circumstances (unprotected sex with a "pro" who may be HIV positive). Sorry to string this out...
Avatar m tn I had sex with a prostitute in malaysia on november 2011 and after 2 weeks i felt sick. i had diarrhea, fever, night sweats, loss of appetite, headache, fatigue, sore throat for more than 3 weeks. I tested using a rapid finger prick test after 3 weeks and came back negative, since i assume i had all ars symptoms i continued to do more test on week 4 elisa, and western blot end of week 4, it all came out negative.
Avatar n tn , You essentially has a single episode of sex with a commercial sex worker. Most CSWs, even in Malaysia do not have HIV. Even if she did have HIV, your risk for infection from a single exposure is no greater than 1 in 1000- pretty low. Instead of worrying about this, my advice is that you should go and get a HIV test. I predict it will be negative and when it is, this long after exposure, you can then be sure you did not get HIV from this exposure.
Avatar m tn First off, any HIV related questions should be posted in the HIV community so others there can better assist you. Second, the series of test results that came back negative should be definite fact that you do not have HIV. 12 weeks (3 months) is conclusive and symptoms that continue after 12 weeks are not related to HIV. You must get these symptoms checked out by either your general physician or clinic physician for diagnosis.
Avatar m tn ) Even my 8 week negative Antibody HIV test has me sweating it for the 12 week test that I'm a little nervous for. Anyway, any insight on this situation, as i'm now "living with herpes" would be incredibly helpful.
Avatar m tn hiv window period in malaysia is 12week?i tgest in malaysia lab 12week last my exporst is negetive by elisa ?can i move on now and stop worry hiv?
Avatar m tn i had a protected sex with a prostitute in malaysia ?? the sex was vaginal >> after the intercourse she took the condom off and she gave me a hand-job with her saliva !! what is my risk of catching HIV ?? i had a an HIV Antigen-Antibody combo test after 28 days from the exposure >> the result is (non-reactive)>>0.07 what does the test mean ?? please help me guys i am really worried !!
Avatar m tn How long hiv window period in malaysia?i have hiv blood test come back negetive 12week after my exposure?anybody know pathlab in malaysia use what gerenation hiv test (elisa)?
Avatar f tn hi bro , I have done hiv ab/ag test written in the report . is this is duo test ? I ask the clinic or lab they dunno What the hell I'm talking about . my exposures . handjob , sucking nipple , deep kissing . I have bad gum disease .
Avatar n tn if you had protected sex or unprotected oral sex then you did not need to test in the first place..
Avatar m tn While waiting for my test results I started looking up the symptoms of HIV and noticed the rash and swelling of lymph nodes is common in hiv infected patients. I don't know that the girl in Malaysia is hiv +ve. She is unaware and taking a test now as I contacted her yesterday. I was assured at the HIV prevention forum that i dont have a risk cause I used protection however I have been freaking out so much over the last couple of days (I should get my results tomorrow).
Avatar m tn The conclusive Hiv window period in Malaysia is 3 Months so your test results are final and it means you are Hiv free.All the best to you.
Avatar m tn As far as i understand ...its test for anti bodies too . any test look for anti bodies can be conclusive after 90 days periods... you are fine and yes move on life ...
Avatar m tn 4) Am i consider conclusive for HIV Result? In Malaysia, a lot of GP recommend to have 6 month HIV test instead of 3 month which really confuse me. 5) Do i need to follow my GP to go for 6 month HIV test again? 6) I did some general treatment because of mild fever and some other sickness, will medication affect my HIV Result too? 7) Is there any window period for WB and it is reliable for negative result at week 4? Please help me Dr, I'm so worry and confuse.
Avatar f tn Hey guys. British guy working in Malaysia. So a few weeks ago I slept with a Chinese-Malaysian girl form East Malaysia. We had sex 4 times, used a condom for 3 of them and the last time I stupidly had unprotected sex for around 3 minutes or so. Also the condoms I got where too big (was so nervous buying them in the shop I got the xl ones lol) So the day after I started to get a rash which went down after a while then came back last week.
Avatar f tn That test is conclusive.It won't change in 1 week.
Avatar m tn thanks vance, then do you think my HIV ELISA 1&2 test in pretty sure on the 17th day?? or i should go for another testing. as for now its been 46days from post exposure.
Avatar m tn reliable and conclusive ! ! !
Avatar m tn doctor in malaysia ask me to come again and do a check after 2 month because they said window period is 6 month. people from malaysia aids council in malaysia tell me i' m free from hiv. can all of u help me becoz i am so worried about this hiv infection.
Avatar m tn I in 26 February is a girl without condoms for oral sex, 1 March to test center testing HIV, the test is CMIA and elisa.cmia reported to be positive in that report ELISA is negative. Respectively on 8 March, 30 March and 3 may go on a test center for HIV, the test is ELISA HIV1 2 (Ag AB), report the result is negative. I would like to ask the doctor I can exclude the?? and test center staff told me that CMIA inspection accuracy than ELISA high.
Avatar f tn Hi to everyone. Just want to ask some questions about the HIV Testing. 5 months ago i had protected anal sex and unprotected oral sex with a gay black guy. He is top, i.m bottom. But i.m not sure it was 100% safe sex when we were having sex. That's y i.m still worries about getting infection of HIV. 1. So, am i still have the chance to get the HIV if the Balck guy has been tested Neg- by ELISA (Don't know what generation is that) at 16 Weeks in Malaysia?
Avatar m tn after talk with malaysia aids council people they said in malaysia history dont have any people get hiv after 3 months test. most are they test positif before 3 months.
Avatar m tn In my country, the HIV/STD awareness in my opinion is not high enough. In fact, unlike USA, UK, France or Australia, we do not have STD clinics. There are probably one or two clinics but they remain rare. The testing facilities here might be good as most of the medical testing labs are from Australia.But, have you known or worked with any HIV/STD experts or Infectious Disease experts from Malaysia? If you do, perhaps you can post it here. Might be helpful to my fellow countrymen.