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Avatar m tn How long hiv window period in malaysia?i have hiv blood test come back negetive 12week after my exposure?anybody know pathlab in malaysia use what gerenation hiv test (elisa)?
Avatar m tn hi can someone give me advice chances i get hiv after 12 weeks test is negative.
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia is upto date and very dont have hiv..
Avatar m tn after talk with malaysia aids council people they said in malaysia history dont have any people get hiv after 3 months test. most are they test positif before 3 months.
Avatar n tn im from malaysia..86-88 days after unprotected sex exposure rapid test ANTI-HIV I & II : NON REACTIVE (by abbott EIA Method) is that conclusive?and can i stop worry now ?
Avatar m tn cmia reported to be positive in that report ELISA is negative. Respectively on 8 March, 30 March and 3 may go on a test center for HIV, the test is ELISA HIV1 2 (Ag AB), report the result is negative. I would like to ask the doctor I can exclude the?? and test center staff told me that CMIA inspection accuracy than ELISA high.
Avatar m tn Do the Malaysia hospital test for HIV/AID prior to such operation?
Avatar f tn hi bro , I have done hiv ab/ag test written in the report . is this is duo test ? I ask the clinic or lab they dunno What the hell I'm talking about . my exposures . handjob , sucking nipple , deep kissing . I have bad gum disease .
Avatar m tn as long the test is approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, then you are good to go..
Avatar m tn 4) Am i consider conclusive for HIV Result? In Malaysia, a lot of GP recommend to have 6 month HIV test instead of 3 month which really confuse me. 5) Do i need to follow my GP to go for 6 month HIV test again? 6) I did some general treatment because of mild fever and some other sickness, will medication affect my HIV Result too? 7) Is there any window period for WB and it is reliable for negative result at week 4? Please help me Dr, I'm so worry and confuse.
Avatar m tn my question is how reliable is rapid test here in malaysia because i ask the clinics they told me 99.8% but i want to know do i need further testing like elisa. the other foundation told me their test is equivalent to EIA. i am scared all these symtoms within the exact ars frame. please help me do i need to test again?
Avatar m tn Yes, I am outside of US. In fact, I am from Malaysia just for your info. So, do you thin my HIV risk increased based on my current situation as mentioned above.
Avatar n tn Your oral encounters were no risk because hiv is not transmitted that way ,however other STD,s are.No testing for hiv required but i would test for other STD,s.Speak to your doctor about the symptoms you are experiencing because there not related to hiv due to the fact that you never had a risk.
Avatar n tn for ur information i take elisa test after 12 weeks and the result is negative
Avatar m tn The conclusive Hiv window period in Malaysia is 3 Months so your test results are final and it means you are Hiv free.All the best to you.
Avatar n tn this is the third time you have asked this same question. you were NOT at risk for hiv. period!
Avatar n tn i just did a hiv test and it came out negative but i just had sex 4 weeks ago and i have been having having diarrhea for the last 2 days does that have anything to do with each other and should i still be worried
Avatar f tn Dear all, just wanted to know do all the current HIV test likes ELISA, EIA or ECLIA can detect all the typew, groups (including Group 0 & N) or suptypes? Cause the Black guy i have sex with he is from Nigeria, Africa. Please do some reply. Thanks very much.
Avatar m tn this is a hiv forum and you do not have a hiv concern. see your doctor for any health concerns you may one here can diagnose you.