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Avatar n tn 1st week 3th gen ELISA combo ag/ab negative 3th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test negative 3th week PCR HIV test negative 4th week 4th gen ELISA combo ag/ab test negative 8th week HIV ANTIGEN test negative 8th week HIV ANTIBODY test negative the doc said i am fine and need to move on with my life...But i have some rash on my neck and chest and my neck is stiff and the glands sometimes are painfull... this is going on for about 5 weeks now..
Avatar m tn 3) Should I go for a urine test for HIV ? I am not even sure if the place I live in has any labs that does this. Please advise.
Avatar m tn hi sir your help in answering my doubts are greatly appreciated, sir on 6/04/2014, i had a exposure, unprotected sex with a massage girl, vietnamise, 10 ten later i did a hiv 1,2 test elisa-negative, 20 ez trust rapid test, negative, 50 days after exposure did a western blot test, it says negative for antibody and antigen, after that 10 ez trust rapid test negative 90 day cmia hiv test plus stud, hiv was negative but positive for herpes type 1, i guess thats why my tounge turn whitesih, till now
Avatar n tn do u think my counselor was mistaken about info re antibody and antigen? is an hiv antigen test done the same way an hiv antibody test is done? what is a more common rapid test taken at a howard brown clinic giving free hiv tests?
Avatar m tn This test is not approved by the FDA for use. The ONLY at-home testing kit for HIV approved by the FDA is the Home Access kit. Unfortunately, given that you have no proof or reassurance that this is a reliable test, you will need to test again. You can go to a local health clinic and get a test- many places offer free, confidential HIV testing. If you want to do it at home, the only test you should buy is the Home Access.
Avatar m tn and i took the pcr dna after 8 weeks again and the antibody at 11 weeks and they came back negative and i'm scare to take another one so my question is im i hiv free or what should i do?
Avatar n tn divorce is just a word, you are obviously still there for him where it counts, don't fret that one too much, or delay the process if you can until all the results are in. the AIDS test is done for free in many clinics, and Dept Of health, they don't take long to come back with a result. He can always have it done at the next blood work. don't forget to take care of yourself also, stress is not good for ANYone, healthy or not.
Avatar n tn But even in the highest risk circumstance -- for example, if it was anal sex with a male -- the combination of negative PCR test at 4 weeks plus the negative antibody test at 11 weeks (75 days) is 100% proof positive you didn't catch HIV during the broken condom event. Bottom line: You're home free and do not need further testing.
Avatar n tn Hi, How reliable is the Oraquick Advance rapid HIV test with oral mucosal transudate? I was tested 18 months after exposure and the test was negative but recently there has been research indicating that oral test is not as reliable as blood test or finger prick. Is that true? Do I need to be tested with finger stick? It states that the sensitivity is not as great as the blood test, approximately 98% with oral sample compared to 99.
Avatar n tn Handsfield, I had posted on this forum earlier and was recommended by Dr. Hook to get an HIV test. Its been 9 weeks now to my possible expsoure and my results have come out non-reactive. This is what it says: Cut off Value: 1.00 Patient Value: 0.17 Note: Test to be considered "Reactive" if patient rate is equal to to greater than cut off value.
Avatar m tn hi .. good morning...Can u tell me the after 3 month HIV test is conclusive for all test methods.I have tested with ELISHA in india, I dont know the version of ELISHA but i tested after 95 days of post exposer...test was non reactive( 0.08) , then I Have no HIV. This means i m free from HIV.....
1712935 tn?1309243917 Dear Sir, 1st sorry for my english I am male 29, I had 2 exposure one in July, 09, it was condom broken with CSW in Thailand... And my 2nd exposure on 2nd Feb,10, that was protected but same condom broken and her period was going on so i notice some blood on condom.
1907998 tn?1331842919 My doctor used a a HIV blood drop testing like a pregnancy test how accute are thos I waited 15 mins.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a intercourse sex with morocan girl, i did not is she free or have HIV. Any how, i put 2 of my fingre inside her vagina to inforce her for ***. I check my hand this day, i saw a wound at the middle finger i put it in her vagina. I had 2 q. 1- can i take Combo HIV test after 14 days. And is it accurte? 2- Am i with haigh, moderate or mild risk?
Avatar m tn Hello experts, I am back and again, I truly appreciate the unwavering help and helpful advice you've been offering! Finally, I got tested for all of those common STI (except for HIV), and the results all came back negative. It looks all good but I still cannot live with a peace of mind, it seems like I just don't have the courage to have a HIV test.
Avatar m tn i became worried and started my tests, i have got tested after 21 days (HIV ag/ab, P24 Combo), 28 days(HIV ag/ab, P24 Combo) and(HIV RNA Quanitative), 35days(HIV ag/ab, P24 Combo) and after 42 days(HIV ag/ab, P24 Combo) all results were negative. my question is should i consider all these testes conclusive or i have to wait 3 and 6 months to be tested again.
Avatar m tn even do, they reflex to an HIV 1 and 2 Differentiation Test for confirmation (Results were HIV 1 non reactive and HIV 2 non reactive). Still feeling a little bit anxious. open to any comments. thanks.
Avatar n tn The test is the same for HIV or AIDS, AIDS can be called as the last stage of HIV, Hiv is the virus that causes AIDS, so the test is the same for both, a person is diagnosed with AIDS, after having and hiv positive test, and when their body has a CD4 count lower than 350.
Avatar n tn Thank God and thank you all for your replies!!! After 4 months I'm finally free...but definitely this experience changed my life. I will be very much careful in the future. This forum really helped me to learn more about HIV and the most important thing, this forum gave me hope because there were some facts about HIV I didn't know. Mike_no, I'm sure You're going to be just fine!!! Have faith, everything is going to be OK. You'll see!!! Thank You again!!!!
Avatar f tn Welcome to our Forum. You are correct, the test you had was a "duo" test which tested for both HIV antibodies and HIV p24 antigen and the result you got was conclusive. Unless your partner was from West Africa, an even then, the chance that he had HIV-2 is quite small. Further, according to the manufacturer's data, the test has been evaluated for reactivity against HIV-1 and HIV-2 believe your results.
Avatar n tn i was asking bcoz , me & my friend we both recieved oral sex from a prostitute almost 2 years before just 1 time in life, we were never involved in anal or viganal sex never, & my friend donated blood just 3 months before, so i was thinking to get a hiv test for me , but now i think i shud not do it , bcoz my friend is hiv free & we both recived oral from same prostitute he donated blood, it means i also have a no risk, or shud i get tested?
Avatar m tn You need to test at 3 months for a concusive result. But so far it looks good. Since all your test came back NEG. So get tested at your 3 month mark.
Avatar f tn 2 with with p24 antigenat 2,4,6,8 and 10th months respectively and all test came negative do I consider my test conclusive or do I need any more tests..?as now wife is pregnant and In her test for hiv was also negative.
Avatar m tn No need to do another test. Oral is zero risk for HIV, so the good news is you wasted your time getting the first test. You are free to get back to your normal life. HIV science is 40 years old and well proven, so there is nothing you can add that will make you at risk for HIV.
Avatar m tn MEthod-(RT-PCR) 2. HIV-DUO(Serum) by CMIA(IV Generation test) HIV-p24 antigen detection, serum by ELFA Nucleic acid detection: HIV-Proviral DNA, blood by PCR. Now, my question is since the test sample was as early as the eighth day; can I rely completely on the results? or should I take another test in 3 months. Please advice.
Avatar m tn Kissing and oral sex (mouth to penis) are risk free for HIV. Also, your HIV test result at 51 days is condlusive. (Official advice remains testing at 3 months or more, but in truth the antibody tests are considered conclusive at 6+ weeks after the last exposure. And no, "localized night sweats" do not indicate HIV. So all is well. You can move on without worry.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you had a bacterial infection, not HIV. Your negative test result shows that you don't have HIV. I don't see any need for further testing, it's up to you to test again at a later timepoint if you're still anxious.