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Avatar f tn He does not have to test if he does not want to. Yes if he is HIV+ and having unprotected sex then he is a scumbag, but it's his choice to test or not to test. You can not do anything. Tell your friend to speak with a lawyer if she wants or contact the police. This is not the place for this type of question. This is a risk assestment forum.
Avatar f tn I've been waiting to test for HIV, because of participating in gay sexual activity. I met a guy on Grindr and we had protected anal sex. Also I picked up a street worker in the downtown Atlanta area and we also had protected anal sex . I'm worried that the condoms could've possibly leaked from the top or tampered with by the first guy mentioned. I also performed oral sex on three random guys unprotected.
9445847 tn?1408059755 I'm not sure if its in the whole U.S. but in Florida its tax free weekend Aug 1st-3rd. I work at walmart and we got a hand out on what is tax free. Among aparrel and school supplies, diapers and wipes are also tax free. I know I will be stocking up. Just thought I'd share!
Avatar f tn So I had a igg test done after two weeks of hooking up with the guy I got with and it came back negative. I have no bumps, there's some discomfort when I pee, and looks like a rash or cut on my anus. Do you think I have herpes and was the test a waste getting it done this early?
Avatar n tn I have read many articles that the TSH test is not a good judge of Thyroid functioning compared to Free T3 and Free T4. I have also read horrifying stories of people suffering with thyroid symptoms and yet were not treated because of the tsh test until they were bed ridden!!! and their TSH was extremely high. The question is how do you re-educate a doctor that doses based on the TSH test? I am tired of switching doctors!!!
Avatar f tn I see that some women were able to get a breast pump through their insurance, does that work with medicaid?
Avatar f tn Even though it is supposed to accurately reflect levels of the biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T3 and Free T4, it cannot be shown to correlate well with either, much less with symptoms, which are even more important. Scientific studies have shown that Free T3 correlated best with hypo symptoms, while Free T4 and TSH did not correlate at all.
Avatar m tn What are the chances of a white male in Georgia having HIV? What are the chances of me contracting it from one exposure (if he is HIV+)? I have 5 more weeks before I can test and I need some medical advice because this is driving me crazy.
Avatar m tn 1-2 days for HIV first symptoms is too soon! you had safe sex by the way. dont worry about HIV, you are safe!
Avatar m tn I have read that Determine HIV 1/2 rapid blood test cannot detect HIV-1 subtypes H,J,K? and how does the AFA here in singapore conclude that a 3 months post exposure test is conclusive if they are using the above test kit which cannot able to detect HIV-1 subtypes H,J,K? Can you pls give me some inputs on this issue.. You can confirm this fact on its product catalogue.
Avatar m tn 6 months back i had oral sex with a call girl. 2 days back i had a hiv tridot test. It came as non reactive. Does it mean that i am negative? Even though he used a new needle, i am afraid that needle may have some hiv deposit and i may get infected?? Am i over reacting? Are there any documented cases of hiv transmission through needles in private clinics??
Avatar f tn Just wanted everyone to know the tax free weekend is this weekend depending on state you can Google exact dates. But you can get diapers tax free... this is a good deal especially If you have coupons...
Avatar f tn At day 115 I took COMBO test HIV 1/2+antigen 24 which was negative and in conjunction with COMBO I took RNA test. I am now waiting till tuesday comes and I will get my results. Still a bit nervous. If RNA test comes out negative it would be mean that there is no evidence of antibodies, antigen and viral RNA. This will finaly put me to rest, I hope. Or it is any possibility to have all those test negative 4 months+ and still be infected?
561964 tn?1283798616 Your Free T4 is too low. If you had a Free T3 done with your free t4, we could see the whole picture of what your active thyroid hormone is doing. TSH is a pituitary function test only, and your Dr should be looking at your Free's first. When did you have your last ultrasound done on your thyroid to make sure you haven't developed nodules on the existing side?
6763424 tn?1426255108 I took a test this morning and it came out positive so I have a question what do I do next I don't have health insurance.
Avatar f tn They will do a dna test that goes for anyone putting someone on child support but hes name doesn't have to be on the birth certificate
Avatar f tn That's what I've been trying to get throughout to myself but it seems every time I start to believe myself a new symptom comes up and now I don't know what to think . I understand that my anxiety may play a roll in this but I'm just honestly terrified and don't know what to do . i cant even grasp thought of having an HIV+ positive test come back to me and knowing how I haven't even really lived my life .
Avatar m tn its not drama I just moved to a small town in the georgia mountains theres nothing for miles and I dont have my car, ive been to the e.r. and they wouldnt test me, Im scared and i want to know if the symptoms sound like hiv?