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Avatar m tn One last question, are there any statistics as to how many people infected with HIV experienced NO ARS symptoms at all and what percentage of of people infected with HIV DID experience ARS symptoms. If so what are thay?
Avatar m tn Can you advise if someone had unprottected vaginal sex with a lady who was confirmed HIV+ status, what are the odds the the man will aquire HIV?
Avatar m tn oh i've got a FIGURE for son contracted hiv from a single, one time exposure from an infected female!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn there are no hiv specific symptoms. the same symptoms of early infection are those of numerous, common, everyday illnesses. the only way to know one's status is by testing.
Avatar n tn So got medicine to treat it. Does anyone know the statistics of people who contract HIV and chlamydia at the same time? Also what % of people who contract HIV actually get symptoms post exposure?
Avatar n tn Is it possible to have symptoms of hiv 6 months post exposure? I have had vaginal irritation for 2 months which was 6 months post exposure. I'm waiting for my appointment with my specialist for my testing, but I was wondering if this is a possible symptom so soon with no other symptoms?
Avatar n tn the symptoms you discuss are not specific to HIV. I am unaware of any such statistics in question #2. Bottom line - don't use symptoms and GO GET TESTED!!! You owe it to yourself!
Avatar f tn I have read many times about the low risk of HIV with oral sex, but I am having unexplained symptoms that are very worrysome. Standard STD tests were neg 1 week after recieving oral from an unknown female (I am a 33yo male). First doc appt with symptoms of a very flushed feeling face and neck resulted in a probable allergic reaction to the treatment of chlamdia and ghonorreah given as a precaution one week prior. A steroid shot was given and did not help.
Avatar n tn However, you missed some other very common themes, including the fact that symptoms NEVER reliably indicate new HIV infection. Whatever symptoms you have make no difference in my assessment of your risk. That is because even when someone has classical symptoms of new HIV infection (you do not), absolutely identical symptoms occur much more commonly from many other conditions that are much more common. You say nothing about your partner.
Avatar n tn Is it considered lymphomia if i have a sore swollen lymph node in my thigh/groin, and enlarged lymph nodes in neck? I know HIV cant be diagnosed through symptoms, but anything you can say to make me feel better would be great. I know it was a stupid mistake, and i've been regretting it for almost 10 weeks. What is the earliest time that i could obtain a conclusive result, i know people keep saying 3 months, but how many days would that be?
Avatar n tn pdf Every state collects data for HIV/AIDS, so just google your state and HIV statistics and you can find yours. Other countries collect data as well.
Avatar n tn ) The quick reply is that your risk was too low to even have HIV testing, regardless of your symptoms. Interesting to see those statistics on HIV in Scotland; that's less than one third the rate in the US. And surely the large majority of those women are commercial sex workers, injection drug users, immigrants from HIV endemic countries, or partners of known HIV infected men. The chance your sex partner had HIV undoubtedly is even lower.
Avatar m tn Eye infection is not symptom of ARS. But you had a risk and you should be tested.
Avatar m tn So randomly going out into the general population, i have a 1 in 1000 risk of catching hiv (ie entailing that any single exposure to an infected individual will guarantee I catch HIV) or is it 1 out of 1000 episodes with 1 positive person -ie out of 1 in 1000 people - ie 1000x1000, thus the absolute utmost outside odds are up to 1 in a million? And probably less chance of a heterosexual male being exposed if say 50% of the infected persons are gay males?
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Avatar n tn Why is the risk for men to contract HIV from women low? What are the statistics/percentages? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Would an INSTI quick prick HIV test be pretty accurate at 5 weeks post-exposure? I had a single unprotected encounter of vaginal sex with a girl on June the 6th and I'm obviously worried about HIV. I know that 3 months is definitive for antibody tests, but I've also read that the great majority of people will have developed antibodies at around four to five weeks. Is this true?
Avatar f tn Of course I looked up tons of symptoms and now I feel it’s a cause for concern. Even more so when I found statistics for Washington ST, stating that there have been more than 15,000 HIV/AIDS cases recorded in Washington and about 3,000 people on average that have HIV and don’t know it. Some other symptoms like diarrhea have been present but no fever. I do not have a history of rashes and to my knowledge I am not allergic to anything.
Avatar m tn Firstly, you are overwhelming yourself with inaccurate and meaningless statistics where HIV is concerned. FACT- No one has EVER been confirmed to have an HIV infection via oral sex in the nearly 30 year epidemic worldwide ( you certainly won't be the first). FACT- HIV does NOT survive outside it's host. It's ability to infect is immediately compromised through exposure to air.
Avatar f tn I know symptoms/lack of symptoms are not a good way to judge an infection, that is why I have gotten tested. The alarming part of this to me was the tingling in the legs, as I read that can be related to HIV. I was wondering if anyone knew how it is related to HIV. When in the disease does that show up?? If i was infected this summer, would that be common??
Avatar m tn Given your test results it is very, very unlikely that you have HIV and the symptoms you describe are certainly not due to HIV. Take care. EWH .
Avatar m tn She is a surburban mother, so I am assuming she is of low risk of being HIV infected. I tested negative after a 4 week rapid test. I have not had any ARS symptoms. Should I feel confident I am HIV negative? I also tested for other STI's and am waiting for the results.
Avatar m tn This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities.
Avatar m tn I have, however, been confused by the lack of differentiation between ARS symptoms and the symptoms of HIV itself. I know that ARS is the virus seroconverting and the efffect it has on your body - rather than the actual effects of HIV itself (actually i would like verification of that as well). Is tingling in the extremities typical after 4 weeks, also, what about diarrea or bowel symptoms. Is joint ache typical in the elbows, or is this more than likely caused by something physical.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum. I'm going to start with a little lecture. You describe exactly why asking partners about HIV status, and sharing one's own HIV status BEFORE starting sex ("do ask, do tell") is such an important element of safe sex for men who have sex with men -- just as important as condoms for anal sex. Intentions for safe sex often go by the wayside in the heat of the moment, as happened with you.
Avatar n tn When people think their symptoms are due to anxiety, they are usually correct. And definitely do not google HIV and symptoms- you will only get inaccurate information and it will make things worse. To answer your specific questions: 1. Your HIV test was too early and only establishes a baseline. If you are still worried get a test at 6 weeks, which will be ~95% accurate.