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Avatar n tn Check out to get some real answers and here is a link on explaining statistics on how hiv is being trasmitted, it can happen only after 1 exposure of unprotected.
Avatar m tn One last question, are there any statistics as to how many people infected with HIV experienced NO ARS symptoms at all and what percentage of of people infected with HIV DID experience ARS symptoms. If so what are thay?
Avatar m tn Like everyone in my situation i'm going crazy spending lots of hours looking for information, forums, statistics, symptoms, etc. over the internet. For those obsessed with statistics, I just found an EXCELLENT report on HIV in Europe (sub-divided by country): It helped me by understanding a little more about HIV reality and how "real" it is on my society, and of course how my situation looks under this statistics.
Avatar n tn statisticly speaking, wat are the chances of catching hiv. im scared ive had sex with 3 partners.
Avatar n tn Are they going to tell you if the guy or gal you were with has HIV? NO. So what is the point of statistics in assessment and support? Just like symptoms.
Avatar m tn Bob had chosen his words very carefully when answering a question on HIV risk and statistics, for everyone to understand, but sadly it is evident that this subject is still causing confusion and angst. I have a great deal of respect for Dr. Bob, who has a considerable amount of experience and expertise, with his whole life devoted to the subject. I for one would not even attempt to challenge his views or have any reason to do so.
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Avatar m tn I also made the mistake of not washing my penis after having sex and I'm uncircumsized--all things which probably led to my transmission. I'm thankful not to have contracted HIV. Since then, my recurrence rate when not medicated is pretty frequent. Unmedicated, I probably have an outbreak about once a month or so. Instead of episodic therapy, I take Valtrex daily as suppressive therapy and it works. I do not have any outbreaks, so long as I don't forget to take it.
475555 tn?1469307939 Does anyone know where I can get some statistics on how many people with hepatitis progress to end-stage liver disease, particularly with reference to genotype, age, ALT/AST, etc.? Thanks!
Avatar m tn there are no hiv specific symptoms. the same symptoms of early infection are those of numerous, common, everyday illnesses. the only way to know one's status is by testing.
Avatar n tn (Howeverr, your symptoms do not particularly suggest HIV to me.) You need a blood test to know and symptoms simply are not helpful. Since your exposure was a month ago, you can get tested now. You wasted your money on the PCR test; a standard blood test (for one tenth the cost) would have been sufficient. Anyway, the chance you got HIV from the encounter you describe was close to zero. Just relax; you're overly stressed about this.
Avatar m tn 1) May I know at what time frame the initial symptoms(high fever,sore throat,Rash) usually appears? --> 2-4 weeks post-exposure; the earliest is 10 days. They will last for 1-2 weeks (or even longer in some cases), and will disappear afterward. 2) Does all these 3 symptoms appears together for all of 70-80% of infected people (who get symptoms) or they may get any of these 3? --> Dr.
Avatar m tn What is my risk level? I'm very anxious and have been reading articles non stop. I have no symptoms so far *knock on wood* but I know some are silent. So, I took a 8 Test Panel for STD's (Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HSV 1 & 2, HIV, HBV, HCV, Syphillis) recently and I'm awaiting my results *very anxious* I took the test after 5 weeks of possible exposure and should my results come back negative *praying* how accurate are the results?
Avatar n tn I wonder why HIV/AIDS is affecting the black community in that manner. Being that I am bi-racial and sleep with black men. IT really scares me...really.
Avatar n tn However negative results at 6 weeks are quite encouraging. The symptoms of acute HIV resemble the symptoms of flu and mononucleosis type of illness like fever, joint pains and swollen lymph nodes. These symptoms last for about 2 weeks and a person is highly infective at this time. It is very important to diagnose this phase of HIV correctly. Please discuss this in detail with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn ) The quick reply is that your risk was too low to even have HIV testing, regardless of your symptoms. Interesting to see those statistics on HIV in Scotland; that's less than one third the rate in the US. And surely the large majority of those women are commercial sex workers, injection drug users, immigrants from HIV endemic countries, or partners of known HIV infected men. The chance your sex partner had HIV undoubtedly is even lower.
Avatar n tn So got medicine to treat it. Does anyone know the statistics of people who contract HIV and chlamydia at the same time? Also what % of people who contract HIV actually get symptoms post exposure?
Avatar n tn 1) I know that not all people show symptoms when they become HIV positive. However, I am wondering what percentage of people actually have fevers, etc. 2) I usually defecate 3 - 4 times a day. Sometimes it is diahrea, but often it is not. However, my stomach usually aches, and I cannot hold it very long (especially after a meal). Does this sound HIV related?
Avatar n tn Considering the overall statistics your chances of actually having hiv are far lower than your symptoms just being a regular viral infection or just general reactions to anxiety.
Avatar n tn My question is that how much I will have if she had HIV I mean my chance of getting HIV if she had HIV+. Just condom ruptured and quickly I pull out my pennies??? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/1052595'>HIV incubation period, symptoms</a>.
Avatar f tn I know symptoms/lack of symptoms are not a good way to judge an infection, that is why I have gotten tested. The alarming part of this to me was the tingling in the legs, as I read that can be related to HIV. I was wondering if anyone knew how it is related to HIV. When in the disease does that show up?? If i was infected this summer, would that be common??
Avatar m tn You can prove to yourself that your symptoms are not due to HIV y testing for HIV 3-5 days after the symptoms began- if the test is negative, your symptoms are not due to HIV. As for early conclusive diagnosis of HIV, you need to wait until at least 4 weeks after exposure (no matter what the people who sell PCR tests will tell you).
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question. The vast majority of apparent "HIV symptoms", as you put it in the title you gave this thread, in fact are not due to HIV. That's the case even in people at very high risk for HIV, either by general lifestyle or a recent exposure. HIV symptoms are nonspecific, meaning the same ones occur with many other medical conditions in addition to HIV.
Avatar m tn page=ask-01-04-13 this site tells about HIV greenlydia Aug 12, 2010 HIV is much more difficult to contract than most people think and if you are sexually active, getting educated about HIV/AIDS would save a great deal of worry and panic, it would protect you and your partner and it might even begin to lower the statistics on new infection levels. HIV must be contracted inside the human body.
Avatar n tn He explained to me the statistics involved in acquiring HIV from an infected person, and mentioned that the above symptoms 'could' be from a number of other illnesses. I just can't get over how coincidental this would be though - to suffer from "seroconversion" symptoms within a week of having unprotected sex, when I haven't been ill at all for about two years.
Avatar n tn Almost certainly you caught a cold, and considered together, your symptoms do not suggest HIV. 1, 2) Your exposure was too long before shaving to worry about it. No chance. 3) Coincidence. 4) No, it is a symptom of any viral infection. 5) Zero, for practical purposes. You used a condom, that's all that matters. 6) Yes, you can rely on the test. I would have recommended against HIV testing at all.
Avatar n tn My guess is that somewhere around a quarter of the threads on this forum ask questions that are variations on yours. Search the archives and threads using terms "HIV anxiety", "HIV transmission risk", "ARS symptoms" and "HIV symptoms" and you can find a wealth of information in more detail.
Avatar m tn She says she's a virgin, and I believe her. I tested negative for HIV while giving blood in October 2007. Since then I have become sexually involved with another woman (woman B) as well. The sex has been unprotected and includes vaginal, oral & anal. Woman B says she tested negative for HIV in August 2007, and has not engaged in any risky behavior, such as sex without a condom since, before getting involved with me. I am currently involved with both women.
Avatar m tn Hello, Since my early childhood, I had OCD. Always washed my hands many times, very picky about things I eat, get extremely worried and seriously depressed whenever i'm sick (whether it's a simple flu, or food poisoning). The illness always takes longer than normal to heal, because of anxiety aggravating symptoms. OCD also applies in the fear of me "hurting" others. I always had a "fear" of me having "HIV"..