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Avatar m tn Although HIV Ars sympts are non-specific, in general - can the onset be with acute joint pains and manifest on mild flu like symptoms. How common is loss of appetite and weight loss. Can you pls explain what is the nature of fever one would experience since fever is one of most common symptom. Will it be high, moderate or low temp. Continuos or intemittent. How many days typically does it last? What is the nature of HIV rashes. do they appear on the back.
6950160 tn?1386381810 I am wondering if my loss of appetite could be a symptom of HIV? Or just paranoia because I had a parent succumb to the disease?
Avatar f tn hey a week and 4 days ago, i suffered a bad headache for 2 days, from morning till night, then went away, then i started getting diarrhea or loose stools along with stomach pains, sore throat, swollen lymp node right under my right jaw, and on my neck, which dissappeared after 3 days, then random itching all over the body, night sweats, appetite loss and abit of weight loss from not eating much ( not sure if from anxiety , when i suffer from extreme anxiety i dont tend eat much ) and pain of on
Avatar m tn I believe I may be experiencing late stage HIV symptoms (persistent headache, loss of appetite and taste, weight loss, vision blurry, loss of memory and concentration, hair loss and a lot of weakness), I am not sure when exactly my exposure was...I have only had unprotected vaginal sex a few times men over the last 6 years. I recently completed a HIV 1/2 Antibody p24 Ag test and it came back non-reactive.
Avatar m tn the 1st week i felt the Headache, Swollen lymph glands, stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. The loss appetite and diarrhea, and Swollen lymph glands is still there. The headache comes back and forth. I read many of these forums and peoples complaints are not as severe as mine when you begin to experaince thrush, and peripheral neuropathy. I read online that these can possibly appeared during ARS.
Avatar n tn exactly 13 days later she also had the exact same symptoms, loss of appetite, feeling of malaise, headache and loss of appetite, on that same day we discussed the symptoms i was feeling exactly the same symptoms. It could be a flu or cold we both caught at the same time, but it felt weird, unlike a normal cold, due to the malaise, loss of appetite and fever-ish feeling. as far as i know two weeks is 14 days, but 13 days is close enough to be in the range for ars?
Avatar n tn When you repost this please include any and all labs and values you have currently, what the doctors have said, and what his symptoms are. Yes, unlike doctors we are very interested in symptoms. We believe that is the heart of auto immune and it goes so commonly ignored. I really hope you get some answers soon!
Avatar m tn I am experiencing weakness for few months, anxiety, loss of appetite. I had sore throat for a while but now it seems gone. I still have white tongue. I feel pain in lower left/right abdominal part. What could these signs be of? Thanks..
Avatar f tn I had my gallbladder out 1 month ago. Ever since I have had a loss of appetite. I have been experiencing episodes in which I get very hot, start sweating and then get very nauseous. If I eat once these episodes start I get sick. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn i am having hiv ars symptoms i receive handjob for 15minutes and i was completely naked and women was just wearing her pants and she rub my penis with her hands and gave me handjob i was not wearing any condom i mean my penis was without condom and women massage e for 40minutes and i ejaculated on her belly she put massaghe lotion on my penis i am having diarrhea loss of appetite and fever and rash and confusion i need to get tested for hiv women was 30years old and i did not do sexual intercour
Avatar f tn I know a lot of people that have went through a major move, job loss, or divorce and it has caused them a lot of anxiety symptoms that they can not handle. In my case I have taken Celexa 2 times in the past and after a month or so it helps. I wish I didn't need medication, but without I don't how long I would have lost my appetite and not slept well.
Avatar m tn Exactly four weeks before coming down rapidly with a high fever 103+ for four days with immediate loss of appetite and significant weight loss I had unprotected oral (penetrator) male with male in a sauna in NYC. Other symptom was a short lived cough and no phlegm. The whole episode lasted about 8 days. I am fine now but so worried.
Avatar f tn There is a lot of tylenol in vicodin and you need to be careful. Your kidneys and liver can be affected and cause a lot of different symptoms. Loss of appetite can be one of these.
Avatar f tn Do I need an HIV test? Just worried about the symptoms. Specialy slight sore throat n loss of appetite.
Avatar m tn Yes, we all know that loss of appetite can mean sinister things but as you said you have no other symptoms, no fatigue etc. There are so many more things that statistically it's more likely to be and its very unlikely that it's anything sinister really. The more you worry yourself about it the worse it might get. Why not visit the doctor if only to put your mind at rest.
Avatar m tn Hello, I hear that you are struggling to eat as a result of loss of appetite. This may or may not be related to the medication you are taking. I would recommend sharing this information with the doctor who prescribed these medications for you so that he/she may assess your symptoms and choose the best course of action. Warmly, Dr.
Avatar m tn said you "got scared" and took all those meds. Being scared leads to anxiety and ongoing unchecked anxiety is harmful to your health. You got a clean bill of health STD-wise, so that leaves one thing in my mind and that is anxiety. You will be amazed what anxiety can do to a person's body. It causes loss of appetite, it can bring on health problems from the shear fact that the anxiety has worn your body down to the point that your immune system is compromised.
Avatar f tn According to users on this sight, this is a good sign. But still having headaches, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I have noticed that my breasts have enlarged in the past couple of weeks or so. I have heard that this is a sign in women who may be HIV positive. Thoughts on what the heck is going on?
Avatar n tn could stress of thinking you have hiv or stds have symtoms such as wieght loss , diarreah, head aches , fevers etc
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot , but i wanna know smthing iv tried finding if loss of appetite ,runny nose and cough symptoms but i couldnt , are they?? And also yes it was a one time thing even if the person is hiv ppsitive are the odds still low?
1770554 tn?1313983315 This is not a doctor forum. You did describe the symptoms of acute infection. It is very rare to get HIV from heterosexual vaginal sex. Even if your partner was infected your chances of getting it from vaginal fluid are something like 1 in 10,000. It doesn’t matter much that you put on a condom after initial penetration. You still had a possible exposure. You may want to get tested just because of the acute infection; However it was far more likely another virus.
Avatar n tn if U never had unprotected sex then it has nothing to do with HIV and symptoms or lack of it is not a sign of HIV if u have an HIV concern please test
Avatar f tn decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, pain in my neck, occassional chills, 13 pound weight loss. Can I rely on my 10 week hiv test? are all these symptoms of mono? am so worried. I've never been this sick before.
Avatar n tn When a dog loses appetite for more than a day or two, something is very much wrong. Loss of appetite in a dog as advanced in age as your Dally is something to be very concerned about. Don't wait and wonder - get to the vet as soon as possible!
Avatar f tn All just anxiety. It won't just vanish till you accept you haven't got HIV. That thought has dug itself deeper into your mind. Starts off small. What if. Then grows and grows to ' I have '. Really, you haven't. But accepting that is hard for you because of all the strange symptoms you are going through. HIV anxiety. Maybe a shrink to talk it over would be a good idea. Someone who can teach you how to deal with such things. As that is something you are not doing.