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936016 tn?1332769204 One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test. Diagnosis may be difficult and uncomfortable but in Western Industrialised countires knowing your HIV status - positive or negative is ALWAYS a good thing.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know when loss of appetite and sudden weight loss happens when it is associated with an HIV infection? Is this during the window period or after?
Avatar f tn hey a week and 4 days ago, i suffered a bad headache for 2 days, from morning till night, then went away, then i started getting diarrhea or loose stools along with stomach pains, sore throat, swollen lymp node right under my right jaw, and on my neck, which dissappeared after 3 days, then random itching all over the body, night sweats, appetite loss and abit of weight loss from not eating much ( not sure if from anxiety , when i suffer from extreme anxiety i dont tend eat much ) and pain of on
Avatar m tn i am having hiv ars symptoms i receive handjob for 15minutes and i was completely naked and women was just wearing her pants and she rub my penis with her hands and gave me handjob i was not wearing any condom i mean my penis was without condom and women massage e for 40minutes and i ejaculated on her belly she put massaghe lotion on my penis i am having diarrhea loss of appetite and fever and rash and confusion i need to get tested for hiv women was 30years old and i did not do sexual intercour
Avatar n tn What was my chance of catching HIV? Do these symptoms sound serious? I have had a test done for hiv and results are back in 6 days. Help please?
Avatar f tn According to users on this sight, this is a good sign. But still having headaches, diarrhea and loss of appetite. I have noticed that my breasts have enlarged in the past couple of weeks or so. I have heard that this is a sign in women who may be HIV positive. Thoughts on what the heck is going on?
Avatar m tn the 1st week i felt the Headache, Swollen lymph glands, stomach ache, loss appetite and diarrhea. The loss appetite and diarrhea, and Swollen lymph glands is still there. The headache comes back and forth. I read many of these forums and peoples complaints are not as severe as mine when you begin to experaince thrush, and peripheral neuropathy. I read online that these can possibly appeared during ARS.
Avatar m tn i went to prostitute again this time she gave me handjob but no sexual intercourse and penetration she was wearing her jeans but i was rubbing my penis on her back and between her boobs and i was touching her boobs and i was kissing her on her cheeks and i was kissing her boobs and no sexual penetration and intercourse but rubbing our bodies against each other and she came on top of me and i was completely nude and naked tell me my risk for hiv and pep and prostitute did not remove her jeans ju
Avatar n tn i have dry cough, and sometimes difficulty in breathing and also slight pain in swallowing which suggests infection of the swallowing tube (esophagus). however, my appetite is still good and no evidence of weight loss. slight fatigue though.
Avatar f tn decreased appetite, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, pain in my neck, occassional chills, 13 pound weight loss. Can I rely on my 10 week hiv test? are all these symptoms of mono? am so worried. I've never been this sick before.
Avatar m tn About a week ago i was feeling mildly feverish, loss of appetite and tired. Then i was feeling OK and still do but a rash appeared on my back two days ago and has not gone away. I have a recurring rash on the top of my back that I use a topical cream and it goes away. This rash is in the middle lower part of my back and i am starting to see some spots on the top part of my stomach.At the moment i have no fever, no flu like symptoms.
Avatar m tn I am experiencing weakness for few months, anxiety, loss of appetite. I had sore throat for a while but now it seems gone. I still have white tongue. I feel pain in lower left/right abdominal part. What could these signs be of? Thanks..
Avatar m tn Although HIV Ars sympts are non-specific, in general - can the onset be with acute joint pains and manifest on mild flu like symptoms. How common is loss of appetite and weight loss. Can you pls explain what is the nature of fever one would experience since fever is one of most common symptom. Will it be high, moderate or low temp. Continuos or intemittent. How many days typically does it last? What is the nature of HIV rashes. do they appear on the back.
Avatar n tn I have the same symptoms as you: morning nausea, extreme fatigue and loss of appetite (but not pregnant). I was just wondering if you ever found out what was wrong w/ you and if you found any relief? Any information that you can provide would be extremely helpful.
Avatar m tn hi , I am very sad please help This is what I got in the first sexual relationship High fever, I was hit a week after sex Sweating during sleep for nearly two weeks Rash looks like acne dark sometimes appears and disappears Severe diarrhea coincided with fever and loss of appetite continued with me so far has nearly two months Drop in weight is likely due to diarrhea Pain in the throat, nearly two months Pain and tingling in the armpits Dry mouth and extreme thirst Muscle pain I got some tests
Avatar f tn On the 10 I came down with mild fever, and that same night I had a pretty bad night sweat. Then the fatigue, Malaise, loss of appetite happened from the 10 all the way until August 16. On August 16 I got loose stools.. Not so much of diarrhea but loose. Then again on the 17 and 18.. I started taking acyclovir on the 17. So it can't be the pills given me loose stools. Now I just have that a tiny bits of headache but not migraine level headache. And hazy vision.
Avatar f tn Only a test result will tell a person they are Hiv+.I would think that if you had Hiv for 10 years but weren't aware of your status and not on ARV meds your immune system would let you know something was wrong.
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot , but i wanna know smthing iv tried finding if loss of appetite ,runny nose and cough symptoms but i couldnt , are they?? And also yes it was a one time thing even if the person is hiv ppsitive are the odds still low?
Avatar n tn About 3 days after the encounter i came down with what seemed to be a gastric flu (upset stomach, nausia, loss of appetite) which has continued for 4 weeks with varying levels of discomfort. I also developed what looked like blisters on my penis, which have now nearly cleared up. Last Wednesday (2nd April) fear got the better of me and i went for an hiv test, which thankfully came back negative, however i know that 28 days may not be sufficient.
Avatar f tn This morning, third day, I am awake and writing this with still high anxiety, no other symptoms other than loss of appetite. Based on this info, and my risk exposure, any preliminary recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I also want to get tested but nit sure when to do it. It has been three weeks since risk exposure. Thanks in advance, especially to Teak whose posts have been especially helpful and informative!
Avatar m tn The other is can a rash unaccompanied by other symptoms be a sign of HIV, no fever , flu like symptoms, or other signs. I did have a slight loss of appetite and stiff shoulders (most likely from worry)? I did something stupid and exposed my self to a person of unknown status. I am now very concerned about being infected. I will be taking a test when I get back to the US. At that time it will be 7 weeks since the incident.
Avatar f tn I had a risk on 24may nd on 6june I feel a loss of appetite nd don't sleep at night which I feel it course my weekness during the day on the 9june I notice dry mouth nd white tonge and yelow urination and went to doctor on 11june which told me it was dhydration nd gave me a drug (clavodor and vitamin c) nd tolD me to drink a lot of fluid which make me fell ok I gain my appetit.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I have had sex with an prost my condom broke i have took a hiv home blood test after 84 days and negative i have many Symptoms Loss of appetite and Ongoing fatigue Peeling skin particularly on palms of hands Dry mouth White tongue loss of weight 7 KG at 60 days is this hiv and do i need to took more test ???
Avatar m tn I have questions 1_tonsillitis in acute HIV infection how is it common, and are there characteristic features of HIV tonsillitis? 2_weight loss in acute infection can occur?? 3_if we assume that my tonsillitis was due to HIV,after how many days it will return back to normal size? 4_lymph node after how many days in acute infection will disappear (maximum time) 5-my rashes coming and going ,rash of HIV is like that?? 6-how much the chance to get infection by one time vaginal sex? Note.
Avatar m tn This is considered a cure, though the antibodies will remain in your bloodstream, probably for the rest of your life. Hep C is not considered to be a Std as hep b and Hiv are. Blood transfusion and drug use are the most common methods of transmission of hep c. Sexual transmission is possible but not common and is more likely to occur male to female than female to male. This explains why your current husband is neg. lalas, i am only a regular guy, trying to survive in this crazy world.
Avatar n tn My symptoms with nodes started 2weeks post. They have subsided. But I think I feel one under my jaw line.
Avatar n tn headache, chills, fatigue, and loss of appetite. this lasted approximately five days and then i felt fine again. then around day 60 i experienced a bad case of diarrhea and went to the doctors once again. they took a stool sample said it was bacterial, and with some antibiotics AGAIN i was better in a few days. now about day 90 i noticed that i have a slight case herpes again.
Avatar f tn after ejaculation´╝îI saw my semen was in the tip of condom, and I touched it felt a little bit slippery. And now I feel fatigue, nausea and loss of appetite for few days.And sometimes night sweat. All this symptoms are so related to ASR and I cant stop thinking it. I am so panic and I feel like I definitely had been infected hiv.
Avatar f tn Symptoms or the lack of symptoms or the lack of symptoms is not a good indication of one being infected or not. You did put yourself at risk and you will need to test at 3 months post exposure to obtain your conclusive test result. Next time, use a condom correctly and consistently and you won't put yourself at risk for contracting HIV.