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Avatar n tn You have been repeatedly reassured about HIV, hair loss, and HIV testing on both this and the HIV community forum. Mouth sores can sometimes occur in advanced AIDS but not as a symptom of early HIV ifnection. Feel free to get tested as often as you like. But the primary health need reflected in this and your other posts seems to be emotional.
Avatar m tn They happen in 1 to 2 weeks or not at all. Memory loss and hair loss are not at all related to ARS symptoms. You had protected sex. You had zero risk unless the condom broke. No risk no reason to test. HIV is not your worry.
1341040 tn?1276317702 YES! I forgot to mention this bizarre symptom in my post too! I've had baaad hair loss, to the point where my hair is only 1/3 as thick as it used to be. It seems to just come out in clumps & if very scary. My skin also sheds too, like a bad sunburn, it peels off in sheets, but seems worse when I'm having these EBV symptoms. The skin shedding & hair loss often happen together in cycles. It's really worrisome I know.
Avatar f tn 13 weeks ago I had an encounter with a sex worker. In my drunken state I stupidly performed unprotected oral on her and we had unprotected vaginal sex for a short period of time. Since then I have repeatedly tested negative for HIV, Hep B & C and Syphilis up to the 12 week point. The tests were antibody tests.
Avatar f tn s, Neuro Syphilis, Lupus, CMV, HIV, etc Joint pain and hair loss are not typical MS related symptoms, although muscle weakness in the legs can lead to joint pain as a secondary sign.
Avatar m tn Symptoms or lack of symptoms won't tell you your status. Test as you were told above.
Avatar f tn Hi, this is my first time posting in a forum but I'm desperate for help. I've had strange symptoms for the past couple years and they seem to slowly he getting worse. I've been tested for everything at a private lab. Also, I've seen my doctor multiple times and have explained all of my symptoms. She's run multiple blood test on me and only found a vitamin d deficiency.
Avatar f tn Sept 8th and will bring this new symptom to her with a bag full of hair, just to show her how much Im losing a day. Does this hair loss have anything to do with Crohn's disease??
Avatar f tn My thyroid levels are normal taking armour and still having hair loss. Could it be the medications? I was on all the different thyroid meds. and still had hair loss. Would anyone be able to help?
Avatar f tn i had hair loss since 18 years, that will start from head, eye brows, eye laces, chest, and know calfs, but not arms and pubic,still growing but know eye brows and calf skin will appear head lost , know im 37 had an few more problems started since a year back insomnia , pitted nail sometimes disappear sometime come pitted nails, back pain sever , sometimes cant stand or walk , malabsorbtion not good , never had constipation , memory loss , sometime burning foot, sometimes no sensation in leg or
Avatar f tn For some reason the immune system attacks the hair follicles and destroys them which is what leads to the hair loss. My best friend has it and she has no hair anywhere! Not really sure if it is thyroid realated but I don't think so. With the thyroid you do lose hair but not leading to baldness.
Avatar n tn It would be very helpful if we could have a look at your thyroid related test results from the time you were feeling good, and also from the time when you dosage was reduced. You also need to know your test results from Aug. It is a good idea to always get a copy of blood test results and write on there how you were feeling at the time, and your med and supplement dosages. Those reports are a very useful history for future reference.
Avatar m tn in my understanding there is no any other disease that can manifest like that except hiv......but i have a symptom like hair loss,some warts in different parts of my body,wt. loss for the last 13- 15 thing that i need to tell u is i have no sexual contact with any body since i was born........what other test r u advising me to take ?? currently i use some food supplements like zinc, spirulina to support my self and that's why i am healthy now.
Avatar m tn I believe I may be experiencing late stage HIV symptoms (persistent headache, loss of appetite and taste, weight loss, vision blurry, loss of memory and concentration, hair loss and a lot of weakness), I am not sure when exactly my exposure was...I have only had unprotected vaginal sex a few times men over the last 6 years. I recently completed a HIV 1/2 Antibody p24 Ag test and it came back non-reactive.