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Avatar n tn What are the possible conditions I may have? Symptoms: Hair loss...Thinning all over Itchy scalp. Dandruff Soreness on scalp 21yr old female.
Avatar n tn hello every1...!! is hair loss one of the symptoms for hiv, like i have been observing that i have a patch on my wrist where am loosing hair...its almost been 2-3 weeks that hair is not growing back rather the patch is becoming bigger, i have had a 7 week ELISA test which was negative. is there anything to worry!!
Avatar m tn I have lots of symptoms but one of them is hair loss from eyebrow and mostache? Also I tested negative for both HIV and syphylis what could be the reason?
1341040 tn?1276321302 But if I am wrong, and the sensation in you feet and through your body isn't nuerological, it is reported amongst EBV diagnosed people. The hair loss can be a sign for EBV too. I say that because even in myself, I noticed hair loss. Being in my late twenties, I was still shocked to see myself balding although my parents have a head full of hair.
Avatar n tn As well, i have noticed that i am losing hair on my eyebrows...only a few strands of course. Is my hair loss problem stress and anxiety induced?
Avatar n tn I haven't experienced any fever, rashes, sore throat or any other obvious symptoms - mostly mild symptoms. What are the chances my symptoms are due to hiv? Are hiv symptoms usually more severe? I know that hiv cannot be diagnosed by symptoms but I am really worried. I am going to the doctors in a few days about my sudden hair loss and will ask for a HIV blood test.
Avatar n tn the reason everyones ars symptoms are different is because it is unrelated to hiv. either their neg,or never had a risk. 2.cant self diagnose hiv through symptoms, proven time and time again, symptoms are unreliable. testing tells the story, if 6 wks then 3 mos test, then by conservative testing your neg. with a risk. if no risk, then no need for testing. good luck.
Avatar m tn memory loss, hair loss, lymph node (14 days after exposure). This is possible, isn't it?
Avatar n tn I am quite scared as it started ruining my life. Can someone kindly help me out please 1. Rapid hair loss ( Losing hairs gradually, almost scalp became visible in 2-3 months ) 2. Knee pain ( not a shooting pain but discomfortable continous pain all the time) 3. small painless blisters on fore arms and few on thighs as well. It looks tiny and not reddish nor purplish but the raised bumps , color of the skin 4. little bleeding from the gums while brushing 5.
Avatar n tn That's the only viable coure of action if you think you may have contracted HIV. You will not have shown symptoms of ARS this long after exposure. No one on this forum can accurately guess what is causing your symptoms. Work with your doctor to figure out what your medical issue is. Be well.
Avatar n tn muscle pain, night sweats, loss of appetite, fatigue, lethargy, then 3 months later I had diarrhea for 4 days and then my tongue went white and my right leg started losing hair, got a scar and went sort of red. I was convinced that I had contracted HIV and was so scared I didn't know what to do. I thought about my funeral, suicide, how I couldn't carry on the family name, you name it! I cried, I was angry and then became depressed and very anxious.
Avatar n tn I experienced some tiredness, fatigue over the last month and a half, but since I've been working long hours, eating late and working out late, I thought it might be due to that...but now I'm very worried seeing the hiv symptoms. I don't remember experiencing any loss in appetite, sores or chancres, illness or enlarged lymph nodes.
Avatar m tn 1) Do these symptoms fit the timing(9 days later) and description of acute HIV? You have a flu-like illness and the symptoms of early HIV are those of a flu-like illness, including fever, diarrhea, sore throat, and a rash. Body (muscle and joint) aches are also part of the syndrome which tends to occur between 2 and 4 to 6 weeks after an exposure.
Avatar m tn Although, it is a big relief for me that you think I do not have HIV(AS i AM CLOSE TO A nervous breakdown) afraid of it , but if I do not have HIV then what the hell do I have. Which std has these symptoms, of yellow urine, muscle weakness, fatigue of another level, always tired and hairfall. please let me know and I state with intent that I will not repeat my posts promise. I just want an answer. Because the doctors here really do not know.
Avatar m tn I will get tested again soon in two weeks time and after that but what i want to know is i have had all the symptoms that are the same as described for hiv and i never had a sickness like this all together, my qustion is given the time of contact and symptoms i am almost sure that this is hiv and i'm now in the window peiod is there any other disease that might have these same symptoms in this severety and combination?
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex with sex worker SYMPTOMS: 1- (Creamy long hair on the body , Greasy skin,) ( Shiver hands)(Sweating hands and feet) 2_ fatigue, Jock itch, weight loss 2.
Avatar m tn As for your symptoms, I don't know the cause. However, they don't sound like those of a new HIV infection, and your negative HIV test 5-6 weeks after your last sexual exposure proves it. Not only are the antibody tests (including the rapid fingerstick tests) almost always positive by that time, but the tests are always positive within a week or two of onset of HIV symtoms. For definitive results, you really don't need to wait 12-13 weeks; 6-8 weeks generally is definitive.
Avatar m tn Here are my signs: Dry flaky skin, skin rash and bumps, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis,periphereal neuropathy, fatigue, weakness, dry cough and shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste and smell, forgetfulness,confusion, loss of vision, tender skin, rapid heart rate with minimal exertion, feeling cold. These are all documented hiv symptoms but I have had four negative rapid fingerprick tests outside the window period over a year..
Avatar m tn Do not take propecia mate. Your problem is not related to hair loss.
Avatar m tn Symptoms or lack of symptoms won't tell you your status. Test as you were told above.
Avatar f tn As for your symptoms, there are many, many possible causes and although such symptoms might sometimes occur with person with HIV, they would be unusual (i.e. your symptoms are not typical of HIV), it is far more likely they are due to something else. Finally, the chance that you gave anything to your mom is also incredibly low. Bottom line, your symptoms are most unlikely to e due to HIV. If you are concerned and it would give you peace of mind, go on and get tested.
Avatar m tn A week later I notice the most disturbing of my symptoms. Symptom#2 -exfoliative chelitis. This is an HIV forum and I'm sure people are still scratching thier heads wondering what this is. This is an autoimmune disorder where your lips produce skin at a faster rate than your own body can keep up with causing dead skin to pile up and peel off. This can leave your lips lookin very dry and unnatural. At this point I am freaking out. I can't get through work without alchohol and chapstick.
Avatar n tn At this point, I noticed that there was a hair in the middle of it, and thought because of that it might be folliculitis, so I decided to pull out the hair. For some reason, I also pulled out the hair directly to the left of it. The next morning, where I pulled out the hair, there was another bump there. I think this one burst too, though I'm not sure if it was from me fiddling with it or not.
Avatar m tn hi all many symptoms but hiv negativ stating from 2 days after unprotected sex in phillipine unti now 1 year after 20 days negative antibodies after 28 days negative combo after 41 days negative combo after 75 days negative combo after 103 days negative combo after 165 days negative antibodies also i do syphlis at 20 days and 7 weeks and 165 days all negative but with test i found that i have cmv and herps1or 2 i dont do the seletive test and i do also ana test at 7 monthes after symptoms start
Avatar m tn but I still had symptoms By this time my symptoms were really bad depression irritations in penis shaft and groin random spouts of fatigue randomly feeling out of breath slightly blurred vision slight hair loss I returned to the gum clinic after 7MONTHS CONCLUSIVE before this time i had got into a relationship and the girl i'm with has developed all symptoms I have had and is currently going through fast weight loss, irregular periods, clots in her period, tiredness etc I told the nurse abou
Avatar n tn These symptoms that worry me 1- (Creamy long hair on the body , Greasy skin,) ( Shiver hands)(Sweating hands and feet) is These HIV symptoms??????? 6 M HIV 1&2 NEG CMV CMV AB, IGM < 0.
Avatar m tn I had a risky encounter 9 months ago now Lets start with symptoms I have had Night Sweats Oral Thrush after 8 weeks Weight Loss of 20 lbs after 8 weeks Hair Loss Itchy all over Tingling in back Geographic Tongue Hot Sweats Persistent Sore Throat Trouble Breathing Symptoms as of today High Pitched Ringing in my ears Geographic Tongue for the last 6 months Tingling hands and arms nightly while I sleep, persistently wakes me up Tingling hands and feet throughout the day.