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Avatar m tn You never had an exposure even if the other person was HIV positive.
Avatar m tn It got on my forearm where I had the bits, and open sores. Now I don't know this guy very well. Would I be at risk of HIV if her was positive? Thanks!
Avatar m tn My boyfriend has chapped lips and it worried me if transmission can occur. I don't know if the other guy had chapped lips, but if they both did can transmission occur? 1) How much blood would have needed to be on the pipe to transmit? 2) Are chapped lips a passage for HIV to enter? 3)I got diagnosed with hsv-1 so I don't know if my boyfriend of 1 1/2 has it too, but I'm almost positive he doesn't have lesions in his mouth.
Avatar m tn and this hiv positive results can come in HIV tridot test report? (j.
Avatar m tn I found out that I HIV positive about year ago. I went down on him for about 10 min or so and he did not ejaculate. What are the odds of him getting the virus from me?
Avatar n tn I recently gave and received oral sex without a condom (without ejaculation) and received anal sex (proteced, again without ejaculation). How risky is this behavoir for HIV transmission if my partner is positive?
Avatar n tn can Hiv be transmited thru saliva? what if HIV positive partner has been being treated for 11 years and viroload is I stil at risk?
Avatar f tn OK, If one drop of hiv positive blood comes to contact with air then this hiv virus of the drop of the blood also become inactive/ uninfectious ?
Avatar n tn what precautions do we have to take when there are no signs of an outbreak i.e., condoms, oral sex, hand to gential contact?. Can you keep reinfecting each other in different sites? 2. Can HSV2 infect the oral mucosa and lips.? (My partner has complained of chapped/dry lips but no hx of lesions) 3. Is there a role for suppressive therapy in HSV2 in concordant couples for the peace of mind of decreasing outbreaks/viral shedding? 4.
Avatar n tn i slept with a girl which could be hiv positive , before starting with the intercourse , she slightly put my penis inside of her only abt 2 cm inside and then toke it out , she claimed she was doing a joke. is it possible that her vaginal fliud can enter into my urethra and cause hiv ?
Avatar m tn ty teak just my anxiety can i ask yu another thing
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Avatar m tn I don't have any cuts on my penis at that time will there be any chances of HIV transmission if she is HIV positive. Adding to my ignorance i sucked her breasts as well, Can you please kindly let me know about chances of HIV tranmission in my case. My sincere thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn im having an injection then the one injecting me poked her hand with my used needle then she used it again to inject me. was this a high risk if she is hiv positive? Thank u for answering.
Avatar m tn For instance,see u had protected sex with an hiv positive female and by chance her vaginal fluid comes in contact with your penis which does'nt have a sore or cut.what are the chances in this case?are there any specific amount of body fluid required for an infection to occur?
Avatar m tn - 1) having been born to an HIV positive mother 2) having unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex 3) receiving contaminated blood products or transplant organs. Social contact such as kissing, touching hands, sucking nipples, mutual masturbation will not result in HIV infection.
Avatar m tn This is the first time I did this with a sex worker. Do I have any chance of getting HIV from her if she is HIV positive. I am bit worried. Please help me.
Avatar m tn For the past few days, we had been engaging in protected vaginal sexual intercourse and un-protected oral sex (me as the insertive partner). Assuming that my partner is HIV positive, my concerns are the following: i) If my penis (without a condom) comes into contact with her vaginal fluid before intercourse, would I be at risk of getting HIV? ii) I have an allergy on one of my legs and when I scratch it, the area sometimes bleed.
Avatar n tn I tried on a pair of glasses at the store with my friend who is hiv positive and has been sick. Was this a bad mistake? Can you catch hiv if there was eye fluid on the lenses... My eyes started to itch later that day so I am getting concerned. I read somewhere that you can catch from contact lenses. is the risk the same?
Avatar m tn One last question. Hypothetically is it possible if a HIV positive person with a cut in his mouth lick the nipples of a female and a droplet with the HIV virus falls on it, A few minutes later another guy whom the prostitue sleeps with licks that part of her body again and takes it inside his mouth and gets infected?. this will be my final question. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I dont know her hiv status positive or negative. Could this be a risky situation for HIV transmission? pls send your comment.
Avatar m tn I know there was no direct blood to blood contact but what if somebody who is HIV positive touched something like saliva or had dirty hands and touched my cut while shaking hands or dancing ?
Avatar n tn I want to know if a person can get infected with HIV from a partner who has tested negative for HIV but might have had exposure to HIV in the last 1 or 2 weeks. Does HIV transmission depend on the viral load of the infected partner? the higher the load the greater the risk?
Avatar m tn i am really worried, and i want to know what could be the possibilities if she is HIV positive that i could have got it as well.....and if i want to a test, is it one time should be okay or i need to wait for sometimes to do the test, what should be the proper timing for the test and how many times.. thanking you in advance.