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Avatar n tn Like it or not the CDC has not ruled out biting as a means of transmission of the HIV virus. For instance, if an officer is bitten by a known HIV positive individual it can be charged as attempted murder. The thing with HIV is that it's not only in your blood, it's in every form of fluid in your body from your blood to yoru semen to vaginal fluids to saliva.
Avatar f tn Hi recently I am dating with someone who is hiv positive. I am negative. I liked him but I also want to know how to really protect myself at the same time. We did not have oral sex. The only thing I did was rubbing his anal without a condom but there were no penetration involved. I was consern about the anal hole and my penis with precum contacting from my urethra tip and his anal hole will there be a risk?
Avatar f tn I recently started dating a female. We basically did everything but have intercourse. Before having intercourse we both decided to get full std screening. Hers came back hiv "positive"!!! They performed some testing and her viral load was sky high in the millions the Dr. Said. I now believe I need to test because I may have become infected. We made out heavily and one occasion we did so after getting her tongue pierced. My fear is that I remember tasting blood during the kissing.
Avatar n tn There is zero risk exposure for HIV transmission and a very low risk for any other std transmission. There are some many bacterium and enzymes in the mouth that are even toxic to these stds.
Avatar m tn You never had an exposure even if the other person was HIV positive.
Avatar m tn s HIV positive, do we need to get tested after the window period? What doctors tell to their HIV positive patients about french kissing HIV negative ones?
Avatar f tn OK, If one drop of hiv positive blood comes to contact with air then this hiv virus of the drop of the blood also become inactive/ uninfectious ?
Avatar m tn My concern is that my son had a tiny cut in his ear and always picks at it and in his nose to the point that his nose will bleed. If someone that is hiv positive got cut and then dripped blood on a counter top, and then my son immediately touch├ęd the blood on the countertop and then picked his nose till it bled, or picked his barely bleeding ear, could he be at risk?
Avatar m tn HIV is very fragile and saliva has over a dozen different enzymes and proteins that inhibit HIV transmission
Avatar f tn What about if there was pre-cum present? I don't believe I had any open sores (becauset they didn't hurt), but if I did, would it be possible to contract it by the precum entering a sore? - its good to note, that his past history was that he was married for 6 yrs and since then has only had 3 monogamous relationships. I broke up with him because he wanted an open relationship, and I wasn't confortable with that.
Avatar f tn im having an injection then the one injecting me poked her hand with my used needle then she used it again to inject me. was this a high risk if she is hiv positive? Thank u for answering.
Avatar n tn i am afraid i might have, yes. did not know i had a few sores. we had vaginal sex with protection. we have talked about the risk of herpes transmission this way, but i am concerned now about the risk of hiv transmission, if she is positive, which she claims she is not. either way, would a woman sitting on top of your groin unclothed present a risk of hiv transmission if she were positive and a bit 'wet' down there?
Avatar n tn I gave and received oral from a girl who is HIV positive. Neither act was longer than a few minutes with nothing but me being exposed to her vaginal fluid. I am scared and the slightest muscle and joint aches make me nervous. What are my risks and is it even worth getting tested. I know my status because I received my normal check up 2 weeks prior. And can some1 explain what a lymph nodes look and feel like. Are they like pimples or like a bubble over the skin.
Avatar f tn Yes,,, Not even when your partner is positive. Transmission risk is always determined with respect to positive partners. You can not get HIV from a negative partner,, even if you do unprotected sex.
Avatar m tn First off theyre doctors in a hospital, not hiv specialists. Many of them pobably know less about hiv transmission than many of the people on this non-expert site because this is not an area of expertise. Being that he did come onto the community, i wasnt giving him my opinion, i was actually espousing the opinion of the expert epedimeologists on this site, who DO NOT even recomend testing for a single act of oral sex. Even if you go over to thebody.
Avatar m tn risk near to zero but tell me there is some risk involved i am having mouth ulcer also and tell me i am infected with hiv virus i want to committ suicide please help me tell me without penetration hiv is possible hiv transmission sir please tell me i was completely naked and nude but no sexual intercourse tell me handjob without condom is risky
Avatar m tn i have been having unprotected sex with one girl only for 3yrs now i am hiv positive she is negative how
Avatar m tn 04% per act or, in theory, about 4 cases of HIV transmission per every 10,000 acts of vaginal sex with a woman who is HIV positive) and male-to-female (.08% per act or 8 cases of HIV transmission per every 10,000 acts of vaginal sex with a man who is HIV positive) transmission estimates in high-income countries show a low risk of infection even when the person with HIV is not on antiretroviral treatments. https://www.hivlawandpolicy.
Avatar n tn No and No.
Avatar m tn hi folks,am just curious about how easy or how difficult is it to get hiv in case of partial exposure to hiv infected body fluid in ur genitals.For instance,see u had protected sex with an hiv positive female and by chance her vaginal fluid comes in contact with your penis which does'nt have a sore or cut.what are the chances in this case?are there any specific amount of body fluid required for an infection to occur?
Avatar m tn // But then after i read the whole article in the post above ,i found it said --- "Amongst the HIV-positive men, 34% ejaculated into the mouths of their partners and vaginal infections were detected in two of the HIV-positive women who had cunnilingus performed on them by a HIV-negative partner.