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Avatar n tn You can also get excellent care at the Public Health clinic at Harborview; or, if you have a positive test for HSV-2, at the UW Viral Disease Research Clinic (also at Harborview) or it's non-research arm, called the Remington Clinic. The STD Clinic can provide more information (206-731-3590). 5) All STD and HPV experts agree that most infections resolve and infectiousness declines with time. There is no sharp cut-off; sometimes 3 months, 6 mo, 9 mo, a year, or longer. In my view 6 mo.
Avatar n tn Second, your sexual exposure was safe. Even if the woman you had sex with was HIV positive and you didn't use a condom, your risk of getting HIV probalbly is around 1 in 1000. And the odds probably are 100 to one she didn't have HIV (in most commercial sex workers in the US, around 1% are infected). And you did use a condom, which is virtually 100% protective when properly used and it doesn't break. Specific replies to your questions: 1) Does this sound like ARS? No.
Avatar m tn Thank you for taking the time to help me. I am trying to reinforce with positive thoughts like "HIV is transferred through anal sex. I have never had anal sex so I would know if I had while drunk. I have no sensation that that occurred, so it didn't happen. Therefore I don't have HIV." "HIV is transferred through unprotected sex, but I was clean when I woke up with not evidence of any sexual encounter. Therefore I didn't have sex, Therefore I don't have HIV.
Avatar n tn Before that time period, however, during my college years about eight years ago, I had vaginal sex with about ten strictly heterosexual, caucasian, non-drug using, college women aged 18-24--- that to my knowledge-- did not have STD's/HIV or any symptoms and probably had 0 to 5 other vaginal sex experiences per year with other heterosexual people with very similar demographics to what I explained. My demographics are the same-except for being male and am now older.
Avatar m tn That's assuming that the insertive partner is HIV positive which you don't know so that would decrease your odds even more. Demographics play a role too, for eg. HIV is rare in the States so if you live there it's more than likely he didn't have it. Still you have exposed yourself to a risk and I'd recommend talking to an HIV specialist about your risk. If they recommend and you do decide to go on PEP, which only a doctor or HIV specialist is qualified to do, then time is of the essence.
Avatar f tn Since we don't know where you live and what is the HIV demographics in your region not only we can't recommend PEP but also, it is not correct for us to do it from an internet forum. PEP is a matter that essentially needs to be discussed with a doctor and apparently prescribed by them. I would strongly recommend you to reach out to your partner and speak to him about his HIV sero-status, most people would not lie about it when asked directly.
Avatar n tn Even if it was only 2 months following the incident, the vast majority of HIV positive people test positive between 4-8 weeks. For the future, be safe.
Avatar m tn gov/globalaids/Resources/pmtct-care/docs/TM/Module_6TM.pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure.
Avatar n tn 1. You don't need ejaculation to transmit HIV. 2. You can contract HIV on the first exposure. 3. HIV is found everywhere. Hetrosexuals are just as much at risk by having unprotected sex when they don't know the status of their partner. Symptoms are never reliable in diagnosing HIV.
Avatar f tn Really sad that no national media coverage was generated by the recent revelation that HCV deaths began exceeding HIV - five years ago. The principal CDC investigator of the study presented at the AASLD, Scott Holmberg, was kind enough to reply to an email I sent expressing concerns over the worsening trend in HCV illness and death rates. He believes that the new data will spur additional HCV funding.
Avatar n tn 1. Gay males precisely fit the "description of an HIV-positive patient". Race and age are less important. 2. HSV-2 increases the risk of HIV transmission. Getting tested is the right thing to do. It will probably be negative, since most of the anal sex was covered. Good luck.
Avatar m tn This is my case, pls. help... My partner was tested positive in HIV (initial test), rapid test on MArch 10 and is now subject for confirmatory result for two weeks.. Last March 2 and 9 we had unprotected sex. We didn't know she was infected. And today, I tried to have an hiv rapid test, and it result negative. Is there a possibilities that she have a false positive? what are the ratio? She has taking birth control pills and have no symptoms at all. Please help me.. Im scared to death...
Avatar f tn I do have a history of lymph problems in my neck after having long term untreated adult tonsillitis for years (now removed, but still have lymph node issues from time to time). Knowing that Philadelphia has a decent sized HIV positive population and not knowing where this guy came from, I am very frightened right now. Knowing the demographics of HIV I fear that I may be infected. I plan on seeing my doctor ASAP, but I am currently uninsured.
Avatar m tn I am concerned that this is primary HIV. I saw my doctor, who ordered the HIV test (4 weeks), PSA, Hep B and C. He mentioned that statistically my chances of infection are low. Results due mid-week, but I can't keep from worrying. Positive test would pretty much mean loss of my wife, family, and most anything else important to me. I keep reading that HIV is not common in U.S.
Avatar n tn She is white, divorced, a RN, early 40's, several children who said that she is negative for HIV. I tested anyway August 23; negative. Started another relationship in with a medical profesional, DWF early 50s, several kids, not promiscious. Before we had unprotected sex for the first time 11/18/11 she assured me that she is HIV negative, had been tested, and had been with no one else since long term boyfriend three months before, who is a internal medicine physician.
Avatar m tn thier is no reason to presume that the window period for hiv 2 is longer than hiv 1. anyway was your exposure in west africa becuase thats the home of hiv 2?
Avatar f tn This form of viral hepatitis may lead to cirrhosis, or scarring, of the liver. Coinfection of hepatitis C in patients who are HIV positive is common; about one quarter of patients infected with HIV are infected with hepatitis C. The majority of these patients, 50 to 90 percent, were infected through injection drug use. Hepatitis C ranks with alcohol abuse as the most common cause of chronic liver disease and leads to about 1,000 liver transplants yearly in the U.S. http://engineeringevil.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, Need your help & advice on my exposure. Demographics: I am hetro male in early 30's living in Northern California (Silicon Valley). Happen to engage in the service of an escort on May 4th. She was a white female in the mid to late 20's (not sure if it matters much, she was expensive than average & by appointment) Exposure: I had 2 activities that could be of concern, a.) Unprotected Oral for about ~2 mins, didn't feel rough. b.) Protected vaginal for ~2 mins.
Avatar f tn They did not have HBV or HIV coinfection, nor did any have liver transplant. Data collected included demographics, route of transmission, daily consumptions of alcohol, tobacco, caffeine during the 6 months preceding liver biopsy, body mass index, genotype, ALT level at the time of liver biopsy, steatosis and activity grades, as well as fibrosis stage, according to METAVIR. Daily caffeine consumption was estimated as the sum of mean intakes of coffee, tea and caffeine-containing sodas.
Avatar n tn The lab almost certainly would not have informed the doc, let alone the patient, that an HIV test was positive before confirmatory testing was done. If Mackia is truthful about being HIV positive, it is a confirmed result.
Avatar n tn If I were to, on my own dime, go ahead with 1 yr testing, and test positive, am I in trouble getting work and insurance again? (I am now in a master's program to teach nursing and will be applying at colleges). If I don't test, will it be a problem anyway? Finally, to others still in tx. the only thing I want to add is the absolute necessity of drinking at leat 64 ozs of water a day. I only slacked on that in the last month of tx and boy, did I pay for it...
Avatar n tn No acute viral infection (at least not EBV, HSV1 or 2, CMV, Hep, HIV) My first Lyme titer was .67, my second, a month later was .90 (borderline). Western Blot analysis was "highly reactive". Because of my demographics-- 27 white female, Scot-Irish decent, as well as some symptoms I had just prior to onset of neuro symptoms (maculopaples across buttocks, examthem across belly), my doctor wants to rule out MS as a differential diagnosis before proceeding with IV antibiotics.
Avatar n tn My MRI showed no focal lesions, but activity showed generalized minimal ischemic demylination in the periventricular region. No acute viral infection (at least not EBV, HSV1 or 2, CMV, Hep, HIV) My first Lyme titer was .67, my second, a month later was .90 (borderline). Western Blot analysis was "highly reactive".
Avatar n tn 2) If you want to be tested for HSV-2, wait until 3 months after your last sex with your partner. If positive, though, you won't know whether you were infected recently or might have had it all along. But don't worry about it much in the meantime. Most likely you weren't infected. And be understanding with your partner. She probably knows that at her age (and probable long duration of infection) and while taking valtrex, the chance she would infect you was small.
577132 tn?1314270126 All analyzed patients were being treated for the first time, were receiving full-dose pegylated interferon plus ribavirin, were not coinfected with HIV, and had 6 months of post-treatment follow-up. In this group, the mean age was 46 years, 60% were men, 55% were of Hispanic descent, and 63% had HCV genotype 1. Information about demographics, HCV viral load, and the presence or absence of depression was extracted from patients' medical charts.
181575 tn?1250202386 Notes from "Chronic Hepatitis B: Preventing, Detecting, and Managing Viral Resistance" by Keeffe, Emmet B., Dieterich, Douglas T., Pawlotsky, Jean-Michael, and Benhamou, Yves in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology 2008;6:268-274. Full paper in 1. Monotherapy using lamivudine has the longest history of use and shows highest rate of resistance.
475555 tn?1469307939 Both are so-called protease inhibitors, similar to drugs used against the AIDS virus HIV, that block an enzyme that viruses use to copy themselves. 1 Trillion Particles Hepatitis C copies itself so quickly that the typical patient makes about 1 trillion viral particles a day, Perelson said. With each new copy, there’s a chance of a genetic mutation and some of these mutations make the virus resistant to drugs.
12849 tn?1189759425 Also, pot doesn't always affect me in a positive way. Yes, it does take the edge off for moodiness & makes me feel more easy-going & talkative (more like my REAL self). But along with brain fog (which I have sometimes) & also fatigue & the lightheaded feeling, it definately magnifies those sides. Especially the lightheadedness when you stand up. Beware of that.
29837 tn?1414538248 Initially only available to patients afflicted by marijuana-responsive disorders and orphan drugs, the concept was expanded to include HIV-positive patients in the mid-1980s. However, because of the growing number of AIDS patients throughout the late 1980s and the resulting numbers of patients who joined the Compassionate IND program, the George H. W. Bush administration closed the program down in 1991. At its peak, the program had thirty active patients.
Avatar n tn Not aware of this particular study other than a heads-up (I believe at the Clincial Options Website) that an early viral kenetics presentation was forthcoming. That said, this particular study is much akin to the European "short course" directive that found I believe 90% SVR in a cohort of geno 1's who were serum negative at week 4 and also had pre-tx VL of under 600,000.