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480448 tn?1426952138 I am very honored to be a regular contributor on the HIV Prevention Forum here at MH. The forum is very busy, and we often get the same inquiries over and over. I figured that putting together a journal entry covering the most popular topics, and just laying out the facts may be helpful. I also invite Lizzie Lou and Teak to share their thoughts, and to cover anything I may have missed.
Avatar n tn The guilt continued and I told my fiancée about it on 6 August. She has been wonderful and as she has worked with HIV victims, she was clear that I had no chance of contracting it. The next day (7 Aug), I decided to take a test to put my mind at ease. In the past, I have received two handjobs and I have fingered two girls. As far as I know, my hands have never had any serious cuts. My result came back negative. I am still feeling anxious.
Avatar n tn I watched a crime special today about a Ugandan man that intentionally infected female victims with HIV. For the first time I heard about primary hiv infection as one of the woman got a severe rash and had weight loss 4 weeks after infection. This horrified me as I was date raped 6 weeks ago, he did not use a condom but did withdraw. He is hetro-sexual and 23 years old, he is not a intrevenous drug user.
Avatar n tn No, that is not true. A conclusive negative result is 3 months. There are no tests approved to give a conclusive negative result less than 3 months.
Avatar n tn I then began looking online and saw symtoms for STD's and HIV. I now have a small purple rash on my hand, and sometimes itch all over my body like I have hives. not to mention I have recently started to get diarrhea. I know that it takes a while before HIV shows up, but I can not wait! I am having trouble sleeping at night because I am so worried. What do you think all this could be? HIV? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I scared what if i swallow hiv positive blood that is on the utensils after a hiv + person touches the utensils. Then i will transmit hiv to my baby through breastfeeding 3) i have a 3 year old daughter & a 7mth old baby boy. I am afraid of going out to buy stuff whenever i have a cut on my hand due to my baby scratching me or due to knife when i accidentally cut myself while cutting.
Avatar f tn I do not know if she washed her hands before doing this and I did not see any blood or cuts on the bottom of her finger but I still would like to know if I could have been exposed to HIV if she was positive for it and had a cut on her finger when she touched the bare needle wound that had not healed yet. She did alcohol swab it immediately afterwards before she put the needle in for the third time, which was the second time for the arm in question.
Avatar m tn see mine were band 23 was positive IgM and band 41 was positive in both IgM and IgG. and this too was through the Western Blot. I am very scared/worried too... I hope this is right and that this test is reliable and the results are reliable... I would also like to ask that same question can 23 be something else? is any way shape or for? or is it strictly Lyme? I am so confused too. I understand...
Avatar m tn maybe these people without the organs would probably they have the organs..and even zo they are hiv positive they are still alive...and if proper follow up is done..they can live a long life...i guess their close relatives would better have them next to them than dead...but its about donors sud be given fully b4 any transplant...
Avatar m tn Mind you I was having an extremely stressful dream about crazy ppl purposely spreading HIV to innocent victims and that it was extremely easy to catch - talk about being anxious. I have noted that you say symptoms come all at once just curious what you mean by this and which symptoms are most prominent? I have been tested for antibodies and viral load at 28 days. Test should be back in a few days.
1301089 tn?1290670171 (AP) — An airman in Kansas has been charged with assault and related crimes for having unprotected sex without telling his partners he was HIV positive, the Air Force said Tuesday. Tech. Sgt. David Gutierrez, 43, is accused of violating military law by having unprotected sex with at least 11 different people, including some he met at so-called swinger parties. Gutierrez is stationed with the 22nd Maintenance Operations Squadron at McConnell Air Force Base in central Kansas.
Avatar f tn I live in the Bahamas, but I'm not sure what our treatment is like here for HIV victims. Thanks for any advice.... I will post my results on Monday.
Avatar f tn Ha-ha, I just gave you HIV. Follow @NBCNewsUS That's what a rape victim was told as she was brutally attacked -- possibly for hours -- near her Philadelphia, Pa., home, the victim's sister tells NBC10. Philadelphia Police asked for the public’s help Tuesday to help track down the assailant. They made a surveillance video public that they say shows the rapist as he approached the victim and then began beating and raping her. For more, visit NBC10.
Avatar n tn Makes me wonder if the stereotype was also applied to the victims of agent orange, hiv and Gulf War syndrom.
Avatar f tn I took mine in February and was put on Combivir (AZT Zidovudine) and Kaletra to prevent infection after I was exposed to an HIV positive female. Ever since then I have been struggling with health problems that seem to have no explanation. Fatigue, Crawling sensations, Weakness, bodywide muscle spasms, neuropathy, and now at the 8 month mark, I've lost about 18lbs of weight, and the fatigue is becoming more noticeable.
2059648 tn?1439770265 I was shocked to see this comparison in a ad aired in California last week. The ad does advertise Hepatic C is a curable. As we know, HIV/AIDS is not.
Avatar f tn PCR tests are monitoring tests for people that are known to be HIV positive and to monitor their HIV progression.
Avatar n tn Shall I continue the meds? I am not sure about the HIV status of the partner whether she is positive or not. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/865992'>Condom broke during sex</a>.
199177 tn?1490502134 Effects of Domestic Violence Health Consequences For Victims of Domestic Violence Psychological consequences: • Stress-related disorders • Sleep disturbances • Depression • Suicidal ideation/actions • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Alcohol and other substance abuse • Eating disorders Physiologic consequences: • Chronic pain of all kinds (migranes/headaches, pelvic pain) • Chest pain/heart palpitations • Irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal problems • Pelvic inflammatory disease
Avatar n tn You are just hypersensitive to anything dealing with hiv because it is on your mind. I hope this helped you. I know how bad an hiv scare can be.
1225178 tn?1318984204 Still another attorney said he was representing 25 former patients of the Endoscopy Center. Most have tested positive for hepatitis C, although the lawyers said some were HIV positive. Health officials have urged 40,000 patients of the Endoscopy Center to get blood tests for HIV and hepatitis strains B and C. Health investigators estimate 4 percent of the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada’s patients will end up testing positive for hepatitis C.
Avatar m tn There is no evidence that the immune system is weakened through HSV. Absolute nonsense that 90% of HIV positive people have HSV2. There is no link between HSV2 and cervical cancer (unlike HPV).
Avatar n tn What worries me most now, that in the recorded cases across the US, there have been a number of HIV patients seroreverted in the late HIV stage. Like for example patients with negative antibody tests arrived to the hospital in critical conditions with AIDS related complex, never suspecting of having HIV. Thus, I myself don’t know what to do. If I myself in the late stage of AIDS according to the symptoms, what should I do?
Avatar n tn are deported when found infected. I know many of them expelled when fdetected positive. You can not get HIV test kit by mail into these tiny states due to strict security and custom control on incoming parcels. You can not hide your infection while living there, because you may go through clinical investigation either in your annual medical check up or in case of some prolonged illness.Better to get yourself tested in your native country, before such time arrives.
Avatar f tn I picked them up from the lab today and while everything else was still negative, the one test, Syphilis EIA, was positive. It says that anything over 1.10 is positive and my number was 1.34. I’ve never had syphilis or any other STD before, so if I’m positive it is most definitely from this encounter. I’m going to call my doctor in the morning but I don’t know when I’ll hear back and actually get to speak with her. I have two questions.
6708370 tn?1471493810 The business of blood products is very costly when any mistakes occur. I believe it's easier and cost effective just to deni Hepatitic C positive donors. The positive side is many donors who weren't aware of their Hepatis C find our and directed to help. All Hepatitis C positive donors are contacted by the Health Department in their county. If not, you can contact them directly to get direct to treatment.
Avatar n tn The RNA test (which is also called a viral load test) is used in the treatment of people already infected and in treatment for HIV. The DNA test is simply a positive/negative test which can detect very small levels of HIV in a person's system. As noted also, the PCR tests can show a false positive for several reasons and this is the primary reason they are not recommended (along with their expense).
Avatar n tn elisa fourth generation Ag/Ab with negative result on days 23, 31, 42 and 48 (I know, i got too many test) I know that I should wait 3 months but i would like to hear your opinions. it is possible that my positive becomes negative to 3 months? should I be calm?
Avatar m tn My exposure was low risk (received unprotected oral from a sex worker) but yet in my mind I'm convinced I could still have HIV. My doctor says I do not have HIV, she chalks it up to anxiety and my EIA test at 20 days was negative and just took a second test yesterday at 7 weeks. In my rational logical mind I know that I don't have HIV but the stress and anxiety seem to exacerbate the symptoms that do exist, still leaving doubt.