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Avatar f tn I’m confused I will tell you my story guys,, I had protected vaginal with two girls in Philippines and unprotected oral I met them in the bar, after 8 days I went back to my country and had unprotected s*x with my GF 2 days later I had very high fever last for 4 days then after few days I notice small pimples on my pubic area with burning sensation in my leg the DR told me it’s Herpes ..
Avatar f tn can i really on my hiv rapid test @ 13th week to be conclusive with my symptoms of i have?.... hiv antibody rapid test here in philippines and all over the world have same accuracy? thanx.. for response...
Avatar f tn been searching for a duo test for hiv here in the philippines, they told me i still need to wait 3 months for a conclusive result..
Avatar m tn Had roughly 20 secs of unprotected sex with a sex worker in the philippines. I was drunk and stopped after I realized the severity of the situation. The next morning I was very scared and freaking out. I went to a nearby clinic and told the doctor that a condom broke during sex with a local sex worker. He mentioned a prophylaxis and antibiotics. I was worried about HIV and thought that this prophylaxis was for aids. He gave me a shot and a 10 day supply of doxicycline (antibiotic).
Avatar m tn I have also read that possibility of HIV transmission is less than 10%, kindly enlighten, does this mean that it is possible to have Vaginal Sex with a HIV Positive person and not be infected 9 out of 10 times? Also any expert who can give advice how I can make sure that my 2 boys will not be infected, any precautions? I have read that sweat can also contain the virus, I sleep with my youngest in a bed and share a bathroom/shower with the kids, is this safe? How about towels and utensils?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reassurance! Could you elaborate a bit? I assume MSM are the highest risk and in a country like the Philippines are less likely to be on medication if infected. I am also paranoid about her deliberately infecting me (I know this sounds paranoid) as I found red stuff on a towel in the bathroom of the hotel. I guess this could have been lipstick but it worries me...
Avatar n tn i am not quiet sure if Ireland will not accept me or the hospital institution there will not accept my application as a nurse if i am HIV positive...I am originally from Philippines. can u give me some feedback about this one? I just want to know if it is okay or allow HIV positive nurse to work in Ireland...
Avatar m tn Hello My question may be a little odd but I'm really scared last night I masturbated in front of the computer and drop of semen dropped on the mouse, I immediately washed my hands in the bathroom. When I came back my brother is using the computer. Are there any chances that I might infect him? assuming that I'm hiv positive? The small amount of semen was already exposed in the air for about 12 mins. please help really really scared.
Avatar f tn is this standardized for all hiv ag/ab tests? i live in the philippines and got tested in makati med, and they told me that 6 months was the window period.
Avatar m tn Sorry Your risk of HIV from a single exposure to a sex partner, even is she had HIV (which is very unlikely, even in the Philippines) is less than 1 infection per 1000 exposures. The symptoms you have noted are non-specific and do not suggest HIV. At 41 days your HIV test would have detected over 95% of HIV infections acquired 41 days earlier, adding confidence that you do not have HIV, As for your specific questions: 1. Yes they would..
Avatar m tn I am Canadian guy in Philippines . I met a 18 year old girl today at the mall . We went back to my hotel room . Well , we were hanging out just watching TV and she start grabbing my penis . Then she got naked and grab it and put in her mouth with no condom . Then she lay on her back and I finish by " Titty *******" but put my sperm in her mouth at the last second . Honestly this last about 5 min as she was 9.8 on a scale of 1 to 10 , and I cant hold back .
Avatar n tn But can find no source for it in the Philippines. Not in Cebu, not in Manila. I have a pharmacy in Canada that can provide it, but it has to be shipped in ice and can take 5 days to arrive. Fed Ex won't take it. Neither will UPS. Have to use Canada Post which "promises" 4 days. But if it gets stalled in customs, it will lose its potency. Can't find in Hong Kong or Singapore either. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn I also discovered that my tongue had teeth marks in the sides and I think I may have thrush developing as well. Had white pimple like bumps in the middle of my tongue. What are the risk of me having hiv related to my symptoms? Pls help me..
Avatar f tn Monono, do you mean to say you were tested at the hospital -or- are you saying you donated blood in order to see if they caught your hiv status as (+/-) in the hopes that they will notify you if you positive?
Avatar m tn In November of the same year, I got worried of the rising population of HIV positive so I went to my doctor and asked me to have urinalysis. I was then told that there's no more problem with me, just the thread-like passage of sperm which is like swollen but not painful. He told me get back after three months and that will be on the late February of this year 2013. Am I really cured? Could untreated gonorrhea turn into HIV?
Avatar m tn ve never had a condom failure, had you had one, taking it off can pinch the heck out of your penis when trying to remove it. By the way if she was a CSW and the condom failed she would have probably beat the living heck out of you. She uses condoms to protect herself from you.
Avatar n tn This time i was in the Philippines and had to break away from daily hectic work chores and stress. Wanted to spend nice time and de-stress. I had protected sex but was engagaed in deep kissing and the girl giving oral not me ( i thought she had cold). I returned from the country but suddenly 12 days post that I've got chicken pox ???? Is that the first signs of being HIV positive ???
Avatar f tn If you had HIV 1 and/or 2 if would've been picked up long before now.