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Avatar m tn I have also read that possibility of HIV transmission is less than 10%, kindly enlighten, does this mean that it is possible to have Vaginal Sex with a HIV Positive person and not be infected 9 out of 10 times? Also any expert who can give advice how I can make sure that my 2 boys will not be infected, any precautions? I have read that sweat can also contain the virus, I sleep with my youngest in a bed and share a bathroom/shower with the kids, is this safe? How about towels and utensils?
Avatar m tn What generation of tests are they using here in the Philippines? I was just disappointed because I kept asking them questions as to what generation of tests they are using and they don't have a clue and they kept on insisting that 6 months was the window period. (and they're from the laboratory division which i THOUGHT should be the ones updated by the technology they are using. And what is the probability that my 7 week test would turn positive?
Avatar m tn Are there any chances that I might infect him? assuming that I'm hiv positive? The small amount of semen was already exposed in the air for about 12 mins. please help really really scared.
Avatar n tn Well this is what my doctor told me: the philippines still follows the old 6 months rules because this being a third world banana republic country, politicians and policy makers have more important things to do than keep the country up to date - namely they concentrate on staying in power and getting richer. (well, he didn't exactly phrase it that way) However, I'm one of the lucky few who has access to doctors who have actually trained in the US.
Avatar n tn i am not quiet sure if Ireland will not accept me or the hospital institution there will not accept my application as a nurse if i am HIV positive...I am originally from Philippines. can u give me some feedback about this one? I just want to know if it is okay or allow HIV positive nurse to work in Ireland...
Avatar n tn I then was tested for, Hepatitis, Syphilis and Gonorrhea and in August was tested for HIV, all came back negative. Later I experienced a wired tingling in my foot a funny feeling inside of my right thigh and two accounts of sharp pains in my stomach area no more of any of this to date. I now from time to time experience a slight tinging sensation in my groin area. I saw a Dr.
Avatar n tn Here in the Philippines, they say that it's six months? Are the HIV tests different in different countries?
Avatar m tn While the chances that she had HIV are low and the chance of getting HIV if she had it are only 1 in 1,000 sex acts, there is a small risk of HIV form the encounter you describe. There is a larger risk of other STDs which can be asymptomatic and are far more common among CSWs in the Philippines. Further, it is unlikely that your flu-like illness was HIV particularly since there were others with similar illnesses at about the same time.
Avatar m tn the that doctors said to you about detection of HIV in urinalysis should go back in university and study again. It's very unlikely that promo girls in our country has HIV because they undergo for different screening including HIV before they are employed. It's also very unlikely that you get HIV from the 4 seconds unprotected sex. But you need to take a test to conclude the risk. it's still a risk though very low.
Avatar f tn Just can't relax. I took the test in LAB in the Philippines (my country) First when I got the result i feel relieved but after few months here I go again, recalling why I get symptoms like the one in HIV. and also I got Vaginal yeast infection that makes my mind go crazy bad so bad. I am getting married with my current bf next year and I want everything to be fine. He knows that this happened in my past and he got tested and everything is fine.
Avatar m tn i asked the girl if she was std free and she said yes and according to her she just had a hiv test the month before. i called the clinic in which the bargirls would get tested and although they cannot give a specific person's name due to privacy, they did say that no one has tested positive for hiv in that certain club. so i became paranoid and self prescribed myself with 2g of zithromax for other STD. the following week i took again 2g of zithromax to be sure.
Avatar f tn is this standardized for all hiv ag/ab tests? i live in the philippines and got tested in makati med, and they told me that 6 months was the window period.
Avatar f tn I’m confused I will tell you my story guys,, I had protected vaginal with two girls in Philippines and unprotected oral I met them in the bar, after 8 days I went back to my country and had unprotected s*x with my GF 2 days later I had very high fever last for 4 days then after few days I notice small pimples on my pubic area with burning sensation in my leg the DR told me it’s Herpes ..
Avatar m tn I'm a 21 year old male from the Philippines and I recently had a handjob from a massage parlor. Is there a risk for HIV im my case? The thing is I had a bad cold at the time during the handjob, is this a factor whatsoever? I should note that I checked her hands and she had no visible cuts, and I asked her whether she was HIV positive, she said she wasn't. I'm very worried about my situation, can an expert answer my questions? do i need testing? or is this just my OCD? thanks you very much!!
Avatar m tn Your symptoms mean nothing in the slightest. Move on and forget about HIV, it really is not a concern for you from what you have described.
Avatar m tn Hook 3 in your other question in January, most CSWs in most Asian countries -- including the Philippines -- do not have HIV. But even if your partner was infected, blood (or sexual secretions) on intact skin carry no significant risk of transmission. Despite blood on your pubic area skin, the important thing is that the condom did not break, and therefore protection from HIV was complete. To your specific questions: 1) I do not recommend HIV testing on account of this exposure.
Avatar m tn Hi thanks for your re assurance.To tell you support groups for HIV here in the Philippines are not so helpful.Ive spoken with a doctor who is a part of the HIV support group and she told me that I am at risk and she already know people having HIV thru oral sex.And even told me to wait 3 months for the test.Then Ive asked a friend of mine who to ask his brother which is a doctor in one of good hospital here in the Philippines about my encounter.
Avatar f tn can i really on my hiv rapid test @ 13th week to be conclusive with my symptoms of i have?.... hiv antibody rapid test here in philippines and all over the world have same accuracy? thanx.. for response...
Avatar f tn 5 week HIV test result ? will it be positive ? if the symptoms are showing it that mean body already produce enough antibody ? today i went for my HIV test and i will get my result tomorrow. my risk is given blow : i am 22 years old (male) had a unprotected (only one time) vaginal sex with a bar girl in Philippines.i was drank that time so acutely i dint remember how long it was .i never use drugs and no record about blood transfer.
Avatar m tn Having contracted a concomitant infection, like herpes in your case, can increase the risk of HIV transmission. The fact that you have not had many symptoms does not mean that you have not got infected. Not everybody who gets infected develops symptoms of acute HIV sero-conversion. My advice to you is to get tested as soon as possible; you can have a HIV Duo after 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn creatinine on the first month of use hbvdna pcr after 3 or 6 months this drug wont clear hbv, in the fututre you may combo withinterferon and nitazoxanide to increase chances to eradicate hbv, also follow the community for news on therapies and results
Avatar m tn I think there is no risk at all to you of acquiring HIV this way but of course the only way to tell is to have an HIV test which you can do at 28 days using an HIV DUO - or 4th generation mixed HIV 1 and 2 antibodies and p24 antigen test which is widely available in the UK. I don't think the genital rubbing is relevant in terms of HIV transmission either.
1023899 tn?1254665326 My gf was sent home to the philippines in august. our country do not allow hiv poz foreigners to work here. i spoke to her a few times on the phone, she still will not tell me who give her the virus, I wont bother to ask her again.
Avatar m tn I'm pretty sure it slipped off during intercourse and I had unprotected sex for a period and only realized when I pulled out that the condom wasn't on my penis but was inside the escort's vagina My worry is that I have contracted HIV from her during the time the condom had slipped off. We had sex in two different positions, the missionary and from behind.
Avatar n tn talk to a MD who specialized in HIV they all have the answers and dont lie tell them everything you did and what you felt during your last exposure and get tested.
Avatar m tn But it seems a HIV rash is so non specific I can't be 100% sure it is HIV or sweat from the night sweats blocking my glands, or as a result of being in the Philippines. I know Perianal Abscesses and fistulas appear in HIV because of the lowered immune system, but has there ever been any examples of them appearing in the acute/primary phase? I have never got them before and the timing along with the other symptoms( 2 to three weeks) after potential exposure is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn That interval--the first 2-4 weeks after acquiring HIV, before a person's antibody test becomes positive--is the period of maximum HIV transmission. That doesn't mean you were at high risk. You have to add up the odds that her Nigerian partner had HIV; the chance he infected her; and the chance that you caught it during a single episode of unprotected vaginal sex, if she was infected. Those figures suggest a very low risk for you.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I have a question, If the girl has an oral sore or open wound in her mouth, What are the statistics or chances of me acquiring HIV if she has HIV. I am a bit confused since my doctor here in the Philippines said that I have a considerable risk of getting it. Thanks for your patience Rob.
Avatar f tn Monono, do you mean to say you were tested at the hospital -or- are you saying you donated blood in order to see if they caught your hiv status as (+/-) in the hopes that they will notify you if you positive?