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Avatar f tn There are very few diseases which absolutely preclude organ donation - HIV is one. At the time of death medical experts will determine whether any tissue or organ are suitable to be used. People should not automatically assume that they cannot be listed as organ donors because they've been infected with HCV - put "organ donor" on your license because it just might really help someone and it sure can't hurt. §121.6 Organ Procurement.
Avatar n tn The letter the the red cross sent me said that the donation had tested positive for antibodies to the hep c virus. the letter goes on to say that the findings are consistent with previous exposure to hep c and after futher tests i was found to have successfully cleared the virus. Now my question is can i be an organ donor??????????
Avatar m tn maybe these people without the organs would probably they have the organs..and even zo they are hiv positive they are still alive...and if proper follow up is done..they can live a long life...i guess their close relatives would better have them next to them than dead...but its about donors sud be given fully b4 any transplant...
398059 tn?1447945633 According to Alberta Health Services, organ and tissue donation is still an option for patients with MS, hepatitis, and diabetes. Those with AIDS or a recent history of cancer (excluding non metastasized brain tumours) cannot donate their organs for transplant. Seems the rules are different everywhere.
Avatar f tn Contrary to popular belief (and what many Dr’s may also believe)…You CAN donate organs even though you have hepatitis. These organ donations are usually made to another person who is already infected with hepatitis and in desperate need of an organ donation. I know that if I was dying of end stage liver disease, I would gladly accept an organ from someone who has hepatitis. I wish I had more time to find some better articles about this, but here are a couple.
Avatar f tn As long as you are positive for antibodies, even though SVR, anatomical gift and blood donation are not possible. There is always a slim chance we still have a minute amount of circulating virons in our bodies. Until there is a time when we can be positive of a CURE, blood and organ donations will be denied.
1244143 tn?1268497624 gary95: 'Remission' is a misleading word... could mean a number of things, which makes your question ambiguous and difficult to answer. Bottom line, though: If you do not have active virus, you would not be contagious. Trish77: My understanding of the blood donor screening process as it relates to hcv is simply based on 'efficiency' -- it is both costly and timely to screen blood for the presence of active virus (PCRs are pricey, whatever the method).
Avatar m tn actually, I'm joking. Really when I get blood I'm pretty grateful that someone went out of their way to take the time to donate something I just can't make well on my own and I'm kind of in wonder that someone would care enough about someone they've never met to do that. People really don't understand how important blood and organ donation is sometimes unless they've been in a position to need one or the other.
419309 tn?1326503291 I thought I had to take my name off the list until somebody put it up on this forum that that is not the case. I am still an organ donor and still hcv positive. Good thread.
446474 tn?1446347682 No major organized religion in the world objects to organ donation (for specific views, ). In fact, donation is often encouraged as an act that exemplifies a basic religious principle - that the giving of life and alleviation of pain and suffering is the highest level of spiritual generosity and love one can offer. Cheers!
Avatar n tn s needle ?? I went to a clinic to test HIV before the blood donation. I went to test HIV 1 year ago, and the blood donation was done yesterday. But, when I donated my blood, I saw the package of the needle is different than my blood draw. My question is : Is it true that the needle is a little bit different between blood donation and blood draw ?
Avatar m tn The plaintiffs in the case argued that bone marrow donation is not so different from blood, plasma, sperm, or egg donation, which are not protected under the National Organ Transplant Act.
53186 tn?1225749549 I've attempted organ donation on and off since my teenage years - sometimes with greater discrimination for the intended recipients than others. My pitch is not unlike frijole's: "Hey c'mon, it's better than death, right?" Actually, I've carried a donor card since I was 16. It's a lot less likely anyone's gonna want my left over parts these days, but you never know. Donating your body to medical research is another way to go, so to speak.
1677144 tn?1304446884 Most mainstream, organized religions approve of organ, tissue and eye donation and consider it an act of charity. To learn more about organ donation please visit the following web site. Every day, 17 people die waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. I hope this helps. Thank you for thinking of helping others when you no longer need your body or body parts.
Avatar n tn One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Increasing the Organ Supply With Live Donors" (You need to register and sign in for Medscape ,it is free.
Avatar n tn I am a nurse that routinely conducts STD exams and just got through drawing blood for a confirmatory test on a patient that was told he/she had tested positive on a test at the local plasma donation center. The patient brought in a form letter from this center which had several selections with a check mark beside HIV 1/2. I called the plasma center and inquired as to what HIV test they run on donors. The person who I talked to at the plasma center was supposed to call me back, but did not.
Avatar m tn The technique is also employed in organ donation settings where organs to be donated are screened for the HIV-1, HIV-2,Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B viruses.
1103179 tn?1260208148 This is definitely a question that you need to bring up to your surgeon before your surgery in May. Organ donation is a wonderful thing and recipients now do so well because of the advances that have been made in this area. To see if you would be a good donor for your daughter you would have to have compatible blood types, compatible tissue types and they would have to be crossmatched to assure the lowest risk of rejection. Is your daughter already on the transplant list?