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Avatar m tn Hi, my friend and his sibling is coming over (who is HIV positive) and I am scared to touch her. I have cuts from earlier today on my hands and I don't want to shake her hand or have any contact because of my fear of HIV. What should I do?
Avatar n tn i tested positive. i guess it's all over now. i know there drug cocktails i can take, but they cost alot and i dont have the money. im poor, black, gay, and now i have HIV. thanks for your support everyone but i guess i have no one to blame but me and me trusting other people.
Avatar f tn Chances of getting positive results For hiv after 80 days you are tested negative?
Avatar m tn Hello friends, I got poked deeply on my leg by a used syringe in my community park when i was playing hockey. Now if the syringe was used recently or immediately by an hiv positive injection user or a drug addict ( a lot of guys inject drugs in that park) if thats the case then am i at risk and need pep?
Avatar m tn After this, I was unaware of his status, he informed me he was HIV positive. I ensured him I was no worried, as not to upset him, but I anxiety has made me worried as to the levels of exposure he made of put me under. Please can I have advice as to what risk I have been under during this encounter. As mentioned we used a condom (i checked afterwards for any slips/rips of which there were none) and I nor him ejaculated. There was though unprotected oral sex from him to me.
98010 tn?1305903335 I have a niece who is living with a friend that just found out he is HIV positive. What can she do to help her friend through this difficult journey? What precautions should she be taking for herself (just roommates, nothing intimate)? Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn Could l be HIV positive? l am studying in a foreign country and chances are if l get tested positive l will be deported,what should l do l am really going crazy l cannot even concentrate in class.
Avatar m tn I had tested HSV1 positive and HIV negative after two weeks of possible exposure. After 11 weeks i tested HIV is negative. Since 5 week of exposure i'm having burning sensation and tingling over my body, it continues even after i took treatment. Past one week i am feeling tightness and shooting pain also on my chest. now its 12week over after possible exposure. HSV Lesion on my genital area becoming more painful everyday. Since 2nd week to 5th week i had diarrhea, neck pain, fatigue.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I am a 37-year-old man, and 6,5 months ago I had a risky exposure (unprotected sexual contact) with a woman with unknown HIV status. 6,5 weeks after this exposure, I had several symptoms such as fever for a week, sore throat, one swollen lymph node under neck and severe muscle pain. At the time of my illness and also 3 months and 6 months after the contact I was tested negative for HIV with Ag+Ab testing.
Avatar m tn i was grabbed and kissed by a man whilst intoxicated in beer i think the man was hiv positive as some friends of is said one had aids and one had been in prison for murder few days later my mouth became dry i went to gp he said dry mouth due to the beer a week later still same then i got pains in my head and when i swallowed food it felt like it was getting stuck i went to a/e who said it was oral thrush prescribed nystati
Avatar f tn Seek therapy for your HIV obsession. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms, however you are trying to work up an HIV theory based on symptoms. Since you don't have any medical training it doesn't make sense that for you to say that you can diagnose from symptoms since HIV doctors can't do it.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, Last week, i went to a house party with my friends. We started drinking a bit. There were many people there . My friend even told me that there were HIV +ve people there and i should be careful sexually . I never did anything except play video games . After some time, i went and slept on the couch. Next morning , there was a needle stick like mark on my arm . I think that someone might have injected HIV blood into me. The puncture site was not deep.
Avatar m tn 12 miu/mL HEPATITIS B CORE AB IGM --------------- NON REACTIVE HEPATITIS B VIRUS E ANTIBODIES -------------------POSITIVE BHV DNA QUANTATATION PCR Hepatitis B Virus DNA UltraQuant----------- 3470 (H) ( reference: <100 ) ( units: copies/mL) HBV DNA UltraQuant----------------------------- 660 (H) ( reference: <19 ) ( units : IU/mL ) HBS Ag CONFIRMATION -------------------PENDING a week later, all previous results remains the same except for the last line; HBS
Avatar m tn It came negative (0.31) where if it turns 1 then you are positive. 2. HIV TEST 3 Months after incident. It again came negative with a value of (0.32). 3. HIV test 4 months after incident . Negative with a value of 0.23. 4. HIV test 5 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.22 5. HIV test 7 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.09 Negative for Hep B but anti bodies positive. Doc says maybe I was inoculated before when I was a kid that’s why anti body so high.
Avatar m tn She would have to be positive for you to have any chance what so ever of becoming HIV positive. Your OCD run along many lines and honestly you need to be in treatment for it. Have you seen a psychologist in the past? You have mentioned reading articles about HIV prevention, protection, etc. but what have you actually learned that you believe? It seems to me that doubt will always be there and doubt is a big part of OCD. Check out this website:
Avatar n tn I think I have been infected with HIV. My symptoms include headaches, abdominal pain, gastrointestinal problems, leg pain, fatigue, heart problems (palpatations, pain, shortness of breath), and little brown specs on my tongue. This has been going on for about 2.5 years but I havent had the thrush, or the swollen lymph nodes, which I have read is real common in infected individuals. I also know that I have a leaky heart valve which makes my [self] diagnosis even harder.
Avatar n tn gov/globalaids/Resources/pmtct-care/docs/TM/Module_6TM.pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure. Persons at high risk who initially test negative should be retested 3 months after exposure to confirm results UK Fourth Generation Testing http://www.bhiva.
Avatar m tn My exposure was a needle stick-stuck by an iv drug user who was probably hiv positive / hep-c, positive, ect. I've had many symptoms, some seem like hiv and others i don't know..i tested hiv - at the 12 week mark, i'm still going back in Feb for another examination though...
Avatar m tn Hepatitis C is rarely transmitted By Sexual activities Than Why is the number of hepatitis C positive people a lot higher than the number HIV positive people?? ? I know it's not the palace to ask this answer. .. But I couldn't find the answer. . If anyone knows please guide me..
Avatar m tn You can not tell by looking at the physical appearance of people that they are or are not positive. You know there is a high rate of hiv in Thailand Momar even if the woman is not a prostitute this carries over to the general population. Try not to worry yourself with what the internet, learn your status after three months and NEVER again man. My ex-girlfriend told me only one hour a day when i was at the height of my worrying, but i could not help myself worrying endlessly and i lost her.
Avatar m tn hi friends i did an oral sex with hiv infected gay person unknowingly,and next day i have noticed red dots on my toungue ,so i just went to check eclia hiv antibody and that was negative and after that i have given test for herpus 1&2 and that is also negative and my last eclia test is after 53days from the exposure and after that no exposures and that last eclia antibody test wwas negative and i dont have any other symptoms as of now,so please guide me what to do i mean i am worried about m
936016 tn?1332769204 Diagnosis may be difficult and uncomfortable but in Western Industrialised countires knowing your HIV status - positive or negative is ALWAYS a good thing. Knowing you are HIV positive and engaging in medical care will preserve your life to a normal lifespan. It sounds obvious, but in order to acquire HIV there has to be a significant exposure. A significant sexual exposure means unprotected vaginal and or anal (or both) penetrative sex with a person who already has HIV infection.
Avatar n tn hi my name is Hoo I had protected sex with a prostitute in Malaysia she was from Kenya black cute girl,then after sex I didn't carefully look at the condom but it seems alrights but after reminding myself i doubt that and after searching in internet I understand that Kenya is a dangerous country for HIV and it has 6.
Avatar n tn Yes, unprotected oral sex performed on my manhood was my only exposure. Took HIV antibody/antigen test + other std test 3 days after the act because the sore throat appeared just the morning following the act. All these tests came back negative, at least implying that I have been clean prior to the act. (It was my first sexual encounter in 1.5 years). Now, I have to wait for so long to get a conclusive test. But the more I see symptoms (particularly rash), the more I freak out.
Avatar m tn is it possible i'll turn into positive on twelfth week really scared PLZ reply me friends...........................................................................................................................
Avatar f tn I didn't think much of it as I admit I didn't know much about hep c but after googling I found out that hep c can live for weeks on objects and it's easier to catch than hiv. I am now freaking out, I'm not sure when she last used this mascara, she also had a scratch above her eye. Am I at risk?
Avatar m tn 12/13 weeks is considered conclusive by the cdc. chances your negative @11.5 weeks turning positive is close to impossible. white hairs can be a just getting older, a vitamin deficiency, and sometimes stress.
936016 tn?1332769204 Researchers form the San Francisco Dept of Public Health have found that increased HIV testing rates and also improved and increased uptake of the use of anti-hiv medications - (anti-retorviral drugs - or ARV's for short) has resulted in a reduction in the "community HIV viral load" on San Francisco. Viral load is the term used to describe the amount of HIV in a persons blood stream and or body fluids.
Avatar n tn ) There are HIV date sights, some of my friends use them. Are you in the UK?