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Avatar m tn Hi, my friend and his sibling is coming over (who is HIV positive) and I am scared to touch her. I have cuts from earlier today on my hands and I don't want to shake her hand or have any contact because of my fear of HIV. What should I do?
1881216 tn?1320835314 thank teak and forgive me.
Avatar m tn it's been 10 weeks after my exposure i am having muscle pains and i have a lump which is a swollen lymph node about 0.5cm it was pain full i can feel soreness in my armpits mild feverish my last update was 9th week rapid finger prick test Negative i had all symptoms. is it possible i'll turn into positive on twelfth week really scared PLZ reply me friends...........................................................................................................................
Avatar f tn Myself is 25 years and my partner does not have it. If It was HIV most definitely I could pass it on. HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. HCV is not. You can get 'pink eye' from using another persons mascara. I'd be more worried about that.
Avatar m tn You can not tell by looking at the physical appearance of people that they are or are not positive. You know there is a high rate of hiv in Thailand Momar even if the woman is not a prostitute this carries over to the general population. Try not to worry yourself with what the internet, learn your status after three months and NEVER again man. My ex-girlfriend told me only one hour a day when i was at the height of my worrying, but i could not help myself worrying endlessly and i lost her.
Avatar n tn Hi, been positive since last year and on arvs and now very healthy and I have taken control of my life. I want to experience it just as a normal human being despite taking care. I have been to very many sites in search of a soul mate but in vain thus am asking is it possible to find someone of the same status and pick up the pieces and live life a normal way and if possible have children?
Avatar m tn t know whether she was hiv positive or not so are there any chances of getting hiv ??? i am really worried , i dont have any ulcers wounds.
Avatar f tn Hi experts, one of my friends is recently diagnosed with HIV. His wife is pregnant at that time and her result is non reactive. But my friend is worried that even though her result is non reactive at her 3,months pregnancy test might she also turn positive in her 5 months test? How come he is hiv positive her wif is non reactive..please advice on the chances of her wife also becoming hiv positive?
Avatar m tn i have taken antibiotics but not fully recovered.still i am having sore throat and white tongue.... i hv tested for HIV in 6-7 week since last sex encounter. and10th week and 12 week test all negative. i have tested negative for herpes both I and II. i am so depressed and feeling weakness. i lost my body weight too. more concerned about my Immunity which is very low after CD4 test. Its 232 (12%) and normal is above 450. I havent experience fever, no skin rashes, no pain in groin, no lymph node.
Avatar f tn You will always test positive on an HIV test if you have the virus.No such thing as a carrier like Mommy2one2007 has said.
1790576 tn?1317505702 s not enough that I have my own HIV fears, but I remmember that in the last spring I caught my 13 years old son while doing a sort of brotherhood ritual that involved touching (binding) of bleeding excisions between him and 2 friends. Is there any HIV risk? This doc scared my and my wife to death! http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn About two months into our relationship (May 11) I went in for a routine physical. To my astonishment, my HIV test came back positive ELISA and negative Western Blot. My PCP was not at all concerned. She considered the test to be negative, but did ask that I get a quick blood test reran at the 6-month mark just to officially clear my status. I have since broken up with this person (for reasons unrelated to a confusing and scary HIV test).
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Avatar m tn my hiv positive son was bleeding from his arm the other night. he got it on a pillow on the couch. i wet a rag and cleaned it up :) you are fine...
Avatar m tn she told that she has very clean health and not HIV positive. She also told that i should not worry at all as she has no STDs; she regularly does HIV test every 3 months. Even she told that she is in this job from past 8 years and did not had unprotected sex with anyone except her boyfriend and they both are HIV negative. Even though she told her entire work life and that she is not HIV positive; i politely ask her to please consider retesting with me on the same day with a clinic in pattaya.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is HIV positive. We never had sexual contact and we have been dating for almost 3 years. I love him with all my being. I want to become his wife. We don't have sex because of the fear of him affecting me. Can we ever have a safe and healthy sexual relationship? We started out as friends and when things started to get a little too close, he told me that he was HIV positive.
Avatar f tn Since then I have had a really bad herpes outbreak (never had one before, but was HSV 1 positive for years) Doctors have asked me if I am immunocompromised- and I am concerned that perhaps I am HIV positive.... As I know that can cause herpes outbreaks. I have ordered another test but am wondering how conclusive a test is at 38 days. Thanks for your help.