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Avatar f tn I'm getting sick of the anxiety of a possible HIV exposure following this tattoo. Today is day 25 after the risk, I want to get some solid answers at this point. I'm still overseas at this time and the only test I can get is the HIV antibodies test. I see so much differing information out there but will this test at least give me a fairly good idea of my HIV status?
Avatar f tn I work in a Max. Security HIV prison 90% of our inmate population is HIV+. While conducting a "shake down" i was stuck really deep with a homemade inmate tattoo gun. What is my risk for HIV and HEP ABC our nursing staff is a joke..and I need a new doctor, just want some advice..
Avatar m tn Im paranoid and scared I got hiv from the tattoo. I didn't see him open the needles and afraid if he reused the ink. At 4 weeks I got a naat test and it was negative. At 10 weeks I got a elisa oral test and was negative. what are the chances of that test turning positive.? Are my test conclusive? I feel tired all the time, eyes feel heavy all the time and I got a rash that hurts between my legs .
Avatar m tn Not a risk for HIV transmission. Tattoo needles can't transmit the virus. No one has been ever documented to acquire HIV in this manner. Your symptoms don't relate to HIV, please see a doctor for them. You don't need to test.
Avatar m tn Would HCV have any affect on HIV testing? 6. Have there been any case where someone got HCV or HIV from tattoo? Thanks alot again!
Avatar n tn And Now I just found out that the person I poked my finger with tattoo needle may have HIV because he has SSI paper work and it says his complaints for SSI was Bypolar syndrome Diabetes eye problems and HIV positive. He now denies having HIV and is a Alcoholic and lies alot claims he may have lied to nurses about having HIV I just cant trust it. It has now been 6 months and im so panic attacks and anxiety out i cant sleep nothing eat much so scarred.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I have a tattoo on my thigh of my ex-boyfriends name whom i have not been with in over 6 1/2yrs. After dating my fiance and getting serious he told me that i needed to get rid of the tattoo, then i got pregnant with my daughter who is now 4. I am pregnant again, 11 wks today. I really need to get rid of this tattoo before having this baby. I want to get it covered up with another tattoo. I tried laser removal, and it seriously hurts more than childbirth so i never went back.
Avatar n tn At 4 weeks, an HIV test is about 90% accurate. When you got the tattoo, how was it done? Were new needles used? Actually, early HIV symptoms are vague, and your symptoms could be from many other things. And not to freak you out more, but if clean needles weren't used, you should also test for hep b and hep c. If you used clean needles, then you have nothing to worry about, ok?
Avatar n tn Hi - I am pregnant and had a routine HIV test. i came back "borderline" positive for HIV-2, at 1.13, and indeterminate on the Western Blot. I am currently awaiting the retest results, and my husband's have already come back negative. He is the only man I have ever had a sexual relationship with, I've never had IV drugs or a blood transfusion, or even a tattoo. I did test positive for rheumatoid arthritis, however.
Avatar f tn so say if someone who is hiv positive just got a tattoo and then 1 minute later someone else gets a tattoo with the the same needle it is no risk?
Avatar m tn I had mutual masturbation with 2 Chinese guys (with unknown HIV status and one of them looks pretty weird with a tattoo!) in the sauna. We also have brief insertive and receptive oral sex (for couple of minutes but NO ejaculation) with them and I also rub my penis with one of them's penis. I find my penis a bit painful with some swelling of foreskin afterwards possibly due to too rough masturbation (not sure whether there is abrasion or not).
Avatar f tn Even so afterwards I got worried about HIV and Hep C. I have had an HIV antibody test at 10 weeks, 3 months and 6 months ... All were negative. A 10 week HCV test was negative but my 6 month HCV was reactive. Subsequent HCV RNA PCR was negative and not detected. 1. If I did get Hep C from tattoo could that affect my negative 6 month HIV test? 2. Do I have Hep C? 3. Could the 6 month HCV antibody test be a false positive? RIBA test is currently unavailable due to some recall.
Avatar m tn My concern is HIV and Hepatitis C.I m vaccinated for hepatitis A and B as well. The tattoo was done with sterile needles opened in front of me, gloves where used at all the time by tattoo artist and color was taken from big bottles in new small color wells and dropped in trash along with needles after tattooing. My concern is because I have not seen the guy using autoclave machine for tattoo machine (gun) itself and tattoo tube (grip).
3191940 tn?1447272317 “The risk of HIV, if your partner is HIV-positive, is around 1 in 10,000. That's equivalent to giving BJs to infected men once daily for 27 years before transmission might be likely.” Neither recommend testing. Here is a study of serodiscordant couples that supports their recommendation: I suggest that you give events like this the same concern as you might to being trampled in an elephant (which is probably none).
Avatar n tn tattoos are NOT a risk for HIV. NO ONE has ever gotten HIV from getting a tattoo. If you didn't engage in any of the things I listed as risks, you have nothing to worry about,.
Avatar m tn My concern is HIV and Hepatitis C.I m vaccinated for hepatitis A and B as well. The tattoo was done with sterile needles opened in front of me, gloves where used at all the time by tattoo artist and color was taken from big bottles in new small color wells and dropped in trash along with needles after tattooing. My concern is because I have not seen the guy using autoclave machine for tattoo machine (gun) itself and tattoo tube (grip).
Avatar f tn im still freaking out about the whole hiv thing....i again got my nails done and they cut me with the file i dont understand how it is not a risk if the person before me had hiv and the blood got into my cut how is it no risk?i got a cold 4 weeks after and thats what made me paranoye again....ive had a sore throat since then could it be just from the cold weather? Plusse i have a spot on my soft palate (redish purple) its been over 2 weeks now....
Avatar n tn tattoo and piercing parlour about 3 months ago, now the local health board has issued a public advisory that the needles in that parlour were not appropriately sterilized. A person who got a tattoo done there in 2006, has tested positive for Hepatitis B. But my point is, im really scared if i have HIV. I got tested after a month and the results were negative, the results from the two month mark are expected next week, at which point I also intend to get a rapid test there on the spot.
Avatar n tn My question centers around if there was blood on my penis and then she gave me oral sex what are the chances of infection from that episode? Also is a normal pap smear a positive fact in the sense that alot of HIV positive women will have abnormal pap smears and infections? Also, not long after the episode i was swabbed for gonhorea and clymidia and the tests were 7 days after teh episode my anxiety level has decreased alot from what it once was...
Avatar m tn i saw a rash on my to my newly aquired tattoo..i have read about HIV symptoms and they are now getting into my head..whichever little thing i see on my body i go crazy..i saw the medic..but i havent had a blood test as if it comes positive i will loose my job...i am super worried as i am now loosing sleep,heart burns, having lack of apetite, hence i will lose weight..i am going nuts here...please HELP..oh before i forget it now 2 months!!
Avatar f tn I am sure my insurance wont cover Harvoni , has anyone found assistance? I cant prove I got this from my job but I am CERTAIN I did!!! I don't use drugs and NEVER have, nor has my husband and have never had a blood transfusion- I feel like my employer should pay for my drugs but I am sure they wont. I am thinking of suing- any advice??
Avatar f tn RIBA test is not available due to some recall but HCV RNA PCR test showed negative and non reactive. 1. If I contracted Hep C from tattoo would that increase the HIV window ... Is my 6 month test conclusive? 2. What would cause 10 week non reactive to change to reactive? 3. Could the 6 month HCV antibody test be a false positive? 3. Dr. says I have to do another HCV and HCV RNA PCR test in six months ... Why do I have Hep C or not?
Avatar m tn Hello All, I have a few questions regarding my HSV2 test that I took at Labcorp which tested positive (IgG - 8.47H Index). Before getting tested for all STD's (tests did not include HSV-1, Don't ask how it was skipped) i.e on 05/25/12, I have not been sexually active for almost three years. My physician noticed that I got a tattoo and he wanted me to get tested for Hepatitis A,B,C and Herpes.
Avatar n tn Because one day my wife took my father to the hospital the nurse had asked him the series of questions about him And said your HIV positive and he was drunk of course and nodded his head yes! My wife looked at him like what he was shaky and having withdraws from alcohol so he did not care. My wife said to the nurse hes HIV positive she said well thats what it says here. So eventually I contacted him and asked him and he denied it to the fullest. So i asked him are you dad infact HIV positive!
Avatar m tn Yes hep c is blood borne but a significant amount of people have no clue when or where the got it. Also as far as HIV there is an association of people who have HIV who also have Hep C but not the reverse so don't let that worry you but you may want to get tested to put your mind at ease. Here is a link to web md about hep c it should give you a start on understanding what is going on. http://www.m.webmd.
Avatar m tn If you test positive for HCV then you will need to see a Liver Specialist for further treatment. Also your HIV testing window period should be extended to 12 months.
Avatar n tn That is love, to be with a known HIV person, this is my fear in life. THat I will never be able to find true love.
Avatar m tn Activities where this can happen include vaginal intercourse (both partners), anal intercourse (both partners), giving oral sex, sharing needles (IV, tattoo etc.), and rarely through receiving a blood transfusion. HIV can also be transmitted from mother to child. HIV is NOT transmitted through any form of casual contact. In summary, in order for infection to occur, 3 things must happen: 1) You must be exposed to pre-***, semen, vaginal secretions, blood, or breast milk.
Avatar m tn , where he tapered down his drug use, and he now works at the city's AIDS/HIV Services Group, where he'll soon begin counseling HIV-positive drug users. He is fairly close with his immediate family in West Virginia, including a gay father and a lesbian sister with a partner and a baby. The drug regimen has been pretty easy.