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Avatar n tn I am living in a hotel, We are 3 members sharing a 3 bed room flat, one of my room mate reported as HIV positive, So please, tell me is HIV will transmit in any one of the following activities, Went for a message parallel with him and had hand job from a same lady next to him Some times I have used his bed sheet in which he might ejaculated with self hand job , Using same plates to eat. Please tell me that, am I get HIV infection and may I required any test related to HIV.
Avatar n tn I kissed(deep kissing) someone HIV positive almost 3 months ago( 10 days left) ... They say that it would be dangerous if I had sours in my mouth..I dont know if I had one....I get tested after two months and it was Negative... It was 2nd generation elisa test.. Should I get tested again or is it enough to let it go??!!
Avatar m tn (1) Does HIV-postive effective an older person as myself more than a younger person? (2) Is there a lot of medications that I have to take? (3) My biggest fear is telling my wife about this for she will just fall apart, especially knowing I have had sex with a woman or man, that more fear than having HIV-positive, something I should have thought about first. Hope to hear back from you later.
Avatar f tn yesterday while i was at work I was drawing blood on an HIV positive person. I used a butterfly needle size 23 x 3/4 needle gauge. Upon withdrawing needle from a vein in his arm, I somehow slipped and the needle came out of his arm and stuck me in the right hand. It happened so fast that I honestly dont remember if i felt the stick or not. Afterwards I went into the bathroom and removed my gloves. I then filled up the left glove with water to see if it had any holes. None.
Avatar m tn Is handjob even a risk for transmitt hiv? Is handjob really safe from a hiv positive person giving to a hiv negative person? From the forum i read, is handjob no different from touching a person such as massage, holding hand... etc?
Avatar f tn Not sure what you're asking. Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive. A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person. Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected. Does that help?
Avatar n tn Even though your partner was HIV positive, the chance you were infected are close to zero. You don't need to wait to the 3-month mark to be tested; that is the official recommendation, but with modern HIV tests almost every infected develops a positive result within 4 weeks and certainly by 6 weeks. If it's negative, you may still want to be tested at 3 months for your peace of mind, but there is no reason to go through another 2+ weeks of worry.
Avatar m tn No, oral sex is not a risk even if the person is HIV positive.
Avatar f tn His blood from finger could have entered in to my pennis while he was doing masturbatin. Can i get hiv if he is hiv positive? I am dying everyday because i am in dick for past one month. Body pain headache and fever inside the body.
Avatar m tn my friend (female) is only 21 yrs old and she is HIV positive. Very cute and good in nature and I have decided to marry her. she is telling me that HIV will be cleared within 2 years as per her doctor advised. I also trust her for this but i would like to know doctor's (expert's) opinion. 1) Is it possible that HIV+ will be cleared within 2yrs.? 2) what precaution she have to followed to cleared this HIV. 2) is my decision correct to marry her?
Avatar m tn I had a no/low risk exposure(received oral for a few seconds and I did not even asked for it) last year and even though the Dr. in the HIV forum told me I have no risk for HIV but I still cannot shake the feeling of being the first one infected through receipt of oral sex. I want to go test but too scare too even though the Dr said it is not necessary to test. I cannot talk to my family, friends, and of coz my wife on this issue because I feel so ashame of what I did.