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Avatar n tn I kissed(deep kissing) someone HIV positive almost 3 months ago( 10 days left) ... They say that it would be dangerous if I had sours in my mouth..I dont know if I had one....I get tested after two months and it was Negative... It was 2nd generation elisa test.. Should I get tested again or is it enough to let it go??!!
Avatar n tn A human bite is NOT a risk of contracting HIV. Saliva is noninfectious. It would matter if the person was positive with sores in their mouth.
Avatar f tn Not sure what you're asking. Once a person is HIV+, they will always be positive. A positive person who has unprotected intercourse with ANYONE, pregnant or not...can infect that person. Having unprotected sex with a positive person is always a risk, but will not DEFINITELY result in that person getting infected. Does that help?
Avatar f tn No you are not at risk even if the person is HIV positive. The is no risk for HIV from sex toys!
Avatar m tn since you have tested post 8 weeks you are negative for HIV. since u have mentioned your partner is already HIV positive testing post 3months is necessary for a conclusive result and to be conclusively sure. Most likely you will be having a negative result. Your symptoms could be of some other reasons and not HIV but u r having really high levels of anxiety. Condoms are the first source of protection from HIV INFECTION. It is the least you can do to save yourself from infection.
Avatar m tn (1) Does HIV-postive effective an older person as myself more than a younger person? (2) Is there a lot of medications that I have to take? (3) My biggest fear is telling my wife about this for she will just fall apart, especially knowing I have had sex with a woman or man, that more fear than having HIV-positive, something I should have thought about first. Hope to hear back from you later.
Avatar m tn No, oral sex is not a risk even if the person is HIV positive.
Avatar m tn i recently had unprotected sex with a hiv positive person. he didn't tell me he was. it was ananl sex and i was the giver. no body fluids were exchanged. what should i do? and what is the likely hood of me contracting hiv?
Avatar m tn and just to make it clear, HIV is not transmitted from one person to another person if you get scratched even if they are HIV positive. And how long does it take for the HIV virus to be inactive or dead .
Avatar m tn Im anxious to know the answer. If some X had sex with some hiv positive person couple of days back and got a 100 % chance of getting the disease. If he went for a blood donation camp on the next day and donates blood and the same has been given to a patient 2 days later. Quest are 1. Will the person receiving the blood gets HIV? 2. Is it possible for testing the blood for HIV, coz it is only three days over after he had unprotected sex.. 3 .
Avatar m tn my friend (female) is only 21 yrs old and she is HIV positive. Very cute and good in nature and I have decided to marry her. she is telling me that HIV will be cleared within 2 years as per her doctor advised. I also trust her for this but i would like to know doctor's (expert's) opinion. 1) Is it possible that HIV+ will be cleared within 2yrs.? 2) what precaution she have to followed to cleared this HIV. 2) is my decision correct to marry her?
Avatar f tn I think you TOTALLY misread my question. I am not afraid of catching HIV from being near an HIV positive person. I am worried that I will get the person sick with my cold. I'm afraid that that person will catch my cold and because they are HIV positive it could turn into pneumonia and be very dangerous to that person, not me.
Avatar f tn no because if a person is positive then they will produce antibody that will be detected on that tridot test...