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Avatar f tn Jon Stewart defended his Comedy Central colleagues, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of "South Park," in a 10-minute segment on Thursday night bashing a radical Muslim group for issuing a death threat against the rude-humor duo. You can watch the segment here (warning: some PG-13 language).
Avatar n tn She did however point blank refuse to carry on with no condom, which makes me think she was HIV positive and didnt want to give it to me. I then put another condom on and finished off with intercourse. The next morning i woke up sober and in a complete panic! I checked the second condom i used and it did not break. However it was very close to its 'used by' date so am worried some of her infected fluid may have seeped through. I also couldnt check the 1st condom as id thrown it.
Avatar m tn Obviously although you are worried about the episode it again is most likely that the lady you had sex with is probably HIV negative. Even if she was HIV positive then the average chance of acquiring HIV on a single occasion would be of the order of 1 in 1200 or so.
Avatar m tn Wasn't this a South Park episode? Yes it's enough to get hpv is the other guy had an active hpv infection. You're wife should be having regular paps. It may or may not show up on her pap.
Avatar m tn ve been absolutely mortified since the experience and am scared about contracting HIV. I understand that South Korea has roughly 0.1% incidence rate as well but my mind has been playing tricks on me. I know I'll have to wait to wait for another few weeks to get conclusive results from any tests so I wanted to ask you guys about the risk (%) or likelihood of contracting HIV from this exposure.
Avatar n tn I had one episode of SVT three years ago. My heart rate went up to 270 and I had no descernible pulse or BP. I was given adenisone IV and my heart immediately regulated. I have had irregular EKG prior to this. No further episodes. No current medication. I am planning a trip to Disney World and want to know if I can go on rides that caution against riders with heart problem. Is my problem considered one that would be limit my rides? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Why does it give you pain the drugs? Why no walk in the park unless the other doctor lied to me! It's all up to the man upstairs! With him everything is possible.
Avatar n tn Given the above data, especially the Visa part, does her South African origin affect the her chance of being HIV positive? Could she even be allowed in the US on her husband's Visa if she(they?) were HIV positive? How do statistics play into my risk? I've read that anyone from South Africa is considerably high risk. Many thanks from an guy whose anxiety is through the roof.
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV is relatively low and certainly lower than your risk for chlamydia which is both much more common than HIV and much easier to catch if exposed. HIV rates in Singapore, like elsewhere vary in terms of who your partners are but in general they are not excessively high. With regard to your question about the time it is taking to get your test results, in general chlamydia tests are done at different locations than HIV tests and on different schedules.
Avatar m tn PCR-DNA monitoring tests for people that are HIV positive to monitor their HIV progression. There are no 9 month tests for HIV. An antibody test at 3 months is conclusive.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr.Hunter, I am a man and had sex with a high-end CSW (woman) in South America on two occasions. On both occasions we had protected vaginal sex and unprotected receptive oral (no more than two minutes oral on both occasions) and on one occasion I fingered her for no more than one minute. The next day I noticed a small cut on one of my fingers, although I am not sure if that was the finger I used and if the cut was made after or before the above-mentioned event.
5038240 tn?1370648512 I live in huron township and my mom and mil live in south rockwood!
Avatar m tn In addition, a single exposure to an infected sex partner usually does not result in infection (the transmission rates for different STDs differ between them but for female to male transmission, none of the rates exceed about 20% per episode of intercourse (that’s the rate for gonorrhea) and for some, like HIV, the risk is far smaller, like 0.01% per sex act). Thus you can take some comfort there. Add to that multiple negative tests for HIV with reliable tests.
Avatar m tn Your risk for HIV from the exposure you describe is modest. Risk for getting HIV is determined by two main factors - the likelihood that you partner has HIV and the sort of sexual exposure you have. My guess is that the likelihood that your partner has HIV is low. You could find out more if you were to ask her or if she was willing to get tested if she has not been recently. If she is HIV infected, the risk of a single episode of virginal sex is about 1 infection per 1000 exposures.
Avatar m tn Well actually the question really is AM I Hiv positive? I have read extensively on the dissidents views and this situation makes me think that they may be onto something. I dont want to be stupid and just believe everything I read but no-one has ever been able to explain this to me. Im from South Africa, I just thought someone somewhere else in the world may have a clue to what is really going on here.
Avatar f tn The prevalence of HSV-2 antibodies in South Africa was further assessed in 106 HIV-1-infected and 106 HIV-1-negative donors matched for sex, race, and donation history, as well as 200 random HIV-1-negative donors. RESULTS: A total of 52.2 percent of US and 69.3 percent of South African HIV-1-infected donations were HSV-2-seropositive.
535822 tn?1443976780 If you would mean South Park or some similar show they have mocked every religious group, race and orientation and have often generated protests. IMO the best thing to do is change the channel as they are trying to get that reaction. The reason they edited out the Mohammed character is because they received direct terrorist threats.