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1696352 tn?1318532367 Hi.In which case is it better for an HIV positive mother to breastfeed her baby?and for how long?
Avatar f tn My coworker did not tell me of his HIV status prior to me starting the IV for her, which I am pretty upset about because I never would have pulled the tip of my glove off had I known he was HIV positive. I do not have any cuts on the area that was exposed to the blood and I washed my hands immediately after. I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old daughter and I am just paranoid about it. Do you think there is any risk of transmission from this exposure?
Avatar m tn However, there have been some discussions about the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for HIV transmission. Inflammation or activation within the infant gut as a result of introduction of foreign antigens, contaminants and pathogens could activate probable mechanisms that facilitate viral transmission[41,42]. Small changes in the rate of suckling or non-exclusive breastfeeding could be associated with milk stasis and breast engorgement.
Avatar n tn This is a forum for individuals who are HIV positive or have AIDS to connect and support each other. You have anymore question take it to HIV Prevention Forum.
Avatar f tn Iwan25: like i already told you im a little ocd and the though of she habing hiv can leave out of my mind. And no i canot just ask her she would get really upset.
Avatar f tn This has been a rough time. I was starting an IV and the needle didn't retract and pricked my finger through my glove. It wasn't a deep stick. The patient was HIV negative but positive for hepatitis c. I wasn't offered PEP. I called the PEPline and spoke to a doctor and was told the source patient is considered uninfected if they test negative for HIV and that's why I wasn't offered PEP. My concern is that I am breastfeeding.
Avatar m tn Hope all of you are doing well, Please advice Urgently, I had protected sex with postutude for a years, last i had was on 7th May 2011, All procted may be the condom slip half way, i tested yesterday 89days thank God its negative, I am just worried few things it will sound crazy but your reply will be highly appreciated, In mean time i had unprocted pentrate with my wife, Any chance she can turn to be positive? She is breastfeeding my 7months child any chance my child can turn to be positive?
Avatar m tn I kissed a lady that is hiv positive and had a ulcer and a small cut in my mouth.on a different day me and the same lady got intimate and i fingered her i had a open cut on the palm of my hand the cut was a hour old and still had some watery fluid inside.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 and aparently healthy. Yesterday I shook hands with an HIV positive person (diagnosed about a 10 days ago). About an hour later I was home and my 3 year old boy fell and cut his lower lip. Without thinking I touched the bleeding wound to see how deep the cut was and began to put water to wash the bleeing. I don´t remeber having washed my hands between the handshake and touching my son´s freshly made bleeding lesion. I know this question sounds silly but I´m worried because of my baby.
Avatar m tn You most likely misinterpreted what you have read, that information is relevant to infants breastfeeding on their HIV positive mother only, it is said to be a risk due to their underdeveloped mucosal lining. You are an adult. Therefore, that information doesn't apply to you. There is no recorded case of any one getting infected from kissing with or without presence of blood while doing that. You must now focus at the information diver58 has given you and consider moving on.
Avatar n tn i had an encounter with prostitute, we had protected vaginal intercourse for two times and unprotected oral sex once, i got tested 10 days later and i got neagtive result for hiv and positive for chlamydia (11). i know that test was made earlier than i t should be, but does it hold and indication even if minor, also i took viral meds 7 days after the encounter, now 17 days later i have a mild fever 37.
Avatar f tn 1: Am I at high risk assumed she is HIV+ and the water contained HIV virus from the previous man? 2: As my wife still breastfeeding, if she is inflected, how much quantity of milk is enough to pass to my baby? 3: If dry mouth can be caused by stress, then what about white tongue and mild fever? I’m super worried… please help! Hope the result is fine as I’ll not forgive myself if anything happen to my wife and baby.
Avatar m tn Babies born to HIV-positive women can be infected with the virus before or during birth, or through breastfeeding after birth. More information about HIV and pregnancy can be found here. * Transmission in health care settings. Healthcare professionals have been infected with HIV in the workplace, usually after being stuck with needles or sharp objects containing HIV-infected blood.
Avatar f tn m really scared if he infected with hiv,i will get it too n pass it to my 2 years littlegirl via breastfeeding cause i read hsv2 increased hiv risk..and my husband get the massage when his body get tired(unhealthy)..i'm scared this can increase hiv risk husband get hiv tes in 5 weeks n 7 weeks with rapid in our local clinic n hospital n the result is negatif..but what make me really scared,when i get tes too,the clinic tell me that my result must get confirmed with western blot..
Avatar f tn What they mean when they say HIV cannot be transmitted by a doorknob is that once HIV comes into contact with the air, it is no longer viable. It dies. So it cannot be transmitted this way. When they say "less commonly HIV can be spread by contact with broken skin or wounds with HIV-infected blood" that means that you have to have an open wound and you need to take that open wound and grind it against an HIV-positive person's bleeding wound to have any chance at all of spread.
Avatar m tn Hello, this will be my last question but i have been wandering why is it an hiv risk when a baby is breastfed from their mother as from my understanding wouldn't the enzymes in the baby's mouth act against the virus and stop the infection from being transmitted, as that is why i thought deep kissing and sharing a toothbrush and oral sex is not a risk either as the enzymes in the saliva act against the virus and stop it from being transmitted, thank you
Avatar f tn The patient tested HIV negative and hepatitis c positive. I tested HIV negative and hepatitis c negative at 6 and 12 weeks. I did not take pep because patient was negative. I had taken a medrol dose pack for 3 days before my 6 week test and I had a kenalog shot the week before my 12 week test. Do those drugs interfere with the antibody tests? My test was HIV 1/0/2 by ICMA at labcorp. I'm breastfeeding my baby and she keeps getting colds and ear infections. She gets a cold every month.
Avatar f tn Good morning Thank you for your further questions. I'm sorry I'm a bit late responding but we had a power cut affecting the whole of the street in which my office is based yesterday so we were peculiarly isolated. Good - i think thats much better news. As I've implied - I don't like or rate second generation tests or Western Blot and I don't believe in the modern HIV testing world that they have much of a place. Certainly 2nd generations I would not bother with.
Avatar m tn No risk, because HIV is inactivated in air and also in saliva so if they had HIV it is effectively dead by the time it gets into you. It doesn't matter if they or you have open wounds either. Only sex risk is unprotected penetrating vaginal or anal.
Avatar m tn s gloves were stained with hiv positive blood because she was working on hiv positive blood samples when she gave me the rapid tests, and then my cut finger touched the device packet 45 minutes later at home, and if this put me at risk; so again i have hiv panick although everybody told me there was no noticeable risk, but 3 months after that day i tested myself with 5 of my rapid tests and 1 of the nurse's rapid tests (all results were negative), again after 2 months i tested myself with 1
Avatar f tn Hi all, found out threw my OB-GYN that im Hep C positive. Shocking because I've never been a drug user, never had a transfusion, ext. Requested a retest which also came back positive, just to be sure. Then they did a RNA test and it came back with no viral load. Does this mean I cleared the virus on my own and wont ever need treatment? Should I do this test again? Also, since im pregnant and am wanting to breastfeed, I'm wondering if it is passable or not since I have no viral load?
Avatar f tn Your fears are inappropriate. If you had acquired HIV and transmitted it to your husband your HIV test would have been positive. It was not. Thus you had a very, very low risk exposure, a negative test at 6 weeks when over 95% of tests would be positive and your husband has a common, run of the mile sore throat. If you cannot control your fears and anxieties, I urge you to seek professional counseling, not to spend more money asking repetitive questions.
Avatar n tn Yes, HIV+ people can have HIV- children. Your doctor should tell you what to do for this to happen. My understanding is that basically you should be on HAART at the time of delivery and avoid breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn Marcis is correct the vertical transmission rate is very low 5% or less. This rate is higher if there is hiv co-infection. The baby will test positive for up to the first year because of mothers infection, but this does not been the baby is infected. The child can be tested after the first year of life. You can however find out if the baby is infected before the first year by testing RNA levels which is a RNA PCR test that can be done at 3 and 6 months to confirm results. Hope This Helps!
Avatar f tn Hi...I am guiaic(blood in breastmilk) positive in my breast. I have had mammograms/ultrasound and both came back negative for malignant cancer cells. I am not sure why I have blood in my breast. I am not breastfeeding but did have a child 7months ago. Could the mammogram/ultrasound be wrong...? I am set up to see a surgeon tomorrow.