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Avatar m tn Mine is a story of a 28yer old out to have a bit of fun and using a condom only to start showing ARS symptoms in Jan close to 2 months from the said "safe-event". All antibody tests came out negative till around 110 days post exposure and that's when it hit me that the condom had failed!!!! Just did my WB today and it showed 2 env bands(120 and 160).Am in shock and I can't bring myself to believe these results. Where does a man go from here?
Avatar f tn Welll it hurts me to say this but I tested positive for HIV 1 I guess it can be 3 months
Avatar m tn Things were great the first few weeks, until the nightmare began a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, she is actually HIV positive and lied to me. My sources on this include a close friend of hers to whom she showed the results, as well as my attorney who investigated the claim. Facts: Do to fear of pregnancy we always had protected intercourse with the exception of one time. On 12/5/09 I had sex with her without a condom.
Avatar m tn I think it is all too rare that we hear about the actual outcomes of people's HIV tests. I suspect it may be because posters - after receiving their negative HIV test, lose interest in the subject and return to life - which is a good thing! :) However, I wanted to provide my story since some worries might find reassurance in it since I had a lot of strange symptoms in close proximity to the sexual encounter that triggered my anxiety.
Avatar n tn However, he did rub his penis on my vagina 2/3 times. I am not sure of his HIV status but say he is HIV positive, does that mean I am too? how high are the chances of me being HIV positive too? I also researched the symptoms of HIV and the site stated that they are: •Fever (this is the most common symptom) •Swollen glands •Sore throat •Rash •Fatigue •Muscle and joint aches and pains •Headache and they will be experienced within 2-4weeks of exposure.
Avatar f tn Now coming to your latest tests, what I understood here is that you had an indeterminate result and then followed them with a series of other antibody test, where you have yielded 2 negative and 1 positive. In that case,you have a false positive here. False positives are pretty common. What surprises me is that why are you being administered 3 tests at a time. Also, a positive is confirmed with a WB not antibody test, some one is doing something wrong here.
Avatar n tn I am HIV positive &came to know last nov 04h cd4 200 after some medication from nov 2005 I started taking antiretroviel Devoir E & completed one yerr with this . my weight is 70kg. & age 40years. I was affected by Harpis. That time I came to know about this. Now I am always having the threat of my life. Sept 06 I have CD4. 340.& STILL TAKING DEVOIR E kit regularly. My question are !
Avatar m tn The doctor said, it's not in my bloodstream yet. Also on that same day i tested NEGATIVE on HIV. Three weeks after having tested negative for HIV I went to get tested again by means of oral swab 1) is it possible that i contracted this virus (HSV-2) 2years ago and it's just now being active? How long is the window period for this? 2) is it now safe to say i don't have hiv? how long is the window period for this virus before it can be detected in your blood stream?
Avatar n tn i cant help but wonder if both our results were wrong, hers at 10 weeks and mine at 6, 13 and 15 weeks. it was hard enough trying to put this out my head but now im even more scared to death. i still have a swollen lymph node in the neck and sometimes i see something white in my troat, but cant tell if its a muscle or what they call trush. please respond anyone!!..this is driving me insane again. how long after your exposure did you test positive for syphilis and negative for hiv Natedov?
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, The IDC specialist informed me (Sep 25) that I had HIV false positive diagnosis, but I find it very hard to believe. Something doesn’t make sense. The reason I asked for my first in 07 HIV test just out of curiosity during my first medical exam in 5 years. Below is the summary of the two tests that been done to me: May 25, 07-> HIV 1 ELISA positive HIV 1 WB indeterminate with gp41 (+-) and gp40 (+-). (+- means a weak band) HIV 2 ELISA/WB negative.
Avatar m tn The cut-off point for the EIA/ELISA was not properly defined and could be overly sensitive. What indexes have HIV positive people seen for the ELISA tests? Is there ANY information? Many sources and case scenarios have shown that the WB has too many flaws to use for an accurate and quick diagnosis of HIV. Many people who test positive on the RNA PCR test, and with hundreds of thousands of viral copies / mL still test negative on their WB.
Avatar m tn ACT was from an HIV + person, that is a blowjob with ejaculation in the mouth of the positive person. Took PEP 12hrs after the act. So receiving means no risk or still slight risk ?
Avatar f tn It's a complicated story; I was dating this guy for 3 years and the past 6 months we have been on and off. Well last month around may 17th I was told by a friend he cheated on me with a herion addict. We live in a small town so rumors so happen. So I didn't know if it was true or not. I asked him and of course he denied it. But I went and got test the 22nd of May. Came back negative. So I continued to sleep with him but then we broke up again and decided to get checked june 20th.
Avatar m tn It has to do with alcohol, poor judgement, a sexual activity I deeply regret and my own personal (on and off) seven year HIV scare. I am writing this here to motivate people to get tested! 2009, after a party with friends, I decided to take the long way home to hit the bars. I drank a lot and was pretty drunk when I decided to go to a local brothel. I live in an area where prostitution is legal and sex workers are frequently tested for the most common STDs.
Avatar n tn She was an older woman, when i got to her place it was quite dirty, she herself appeared well maintained although her mouth smelled and from the beginning she complained of neck pain. Nevertheless she assured me that she was not infected (HIV) and didn´t use any drugs. Cut story short we had protected sex 2 times.
Avatar n tn Insulin level, Fasting Glucose, Folate, HIV, RPR (Syphilis) screen – all normal levels, except for Folate level was high. Neurologist emailed and said this was normal if I was taking multivitamins (which I am). June 4, 2007 – EMG/NCS test on arms, legs, back and back of neck. He said there was no nerve damage, but that I had “Benign EMG disease”, which he said was rare, but nothing bad to have. He said it had nothing to do with my tingling. He said it was more likely to be mild MS.
372760 tn?1201479497 All I want to hear is everyone's story, in details on how it happened, how they feel, what they feel, what fears they have, what thoughts make them get their anxiety, how bad it is.. do you leave the house? Do you take planes? Everything... I think this would make me feel really connected to others with this problem, make me feel a little bit more sane about this jail cell my body and mind has become to me.
Avatar m tn Sad story but cut the long story short , her hiv status came back positive after 4 months, and my questions are: 1.Due to the cancer her immune system responded slower than would do for a healty person or its just a form of hiv wich multiplies slower? 2.wich are my chnces to test positive after 3 months ?
Avatar m tn If a hiv positive gay guy is a receiver with undetectable viral load and been successful on medication for over 6 years and has sex with a negative guy (the top) without protection is the risk of passing hiv very risky. No cuts, sores or STI's present with either guy. Thanks for any advice.
98010 tn?1305903335 I have a niece who is living with a friend that just found out he is HIV positive. What can she do to help her friend through this difficult journey? What precautions should she be taking for herself (just roommates, nothing intimate)? Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn HIV-positive man sentenced to 25 years in prison for not disclosing status before unprotected oral sex and protected anal sex.
Avatar m tn hi there, sorry to bother u again, but i wanna ask if antibody give a wrong positive results, 2 acon and 1 determine alere, cos that result of the girl was positive with the mentioned test, is it possible it was wrong positive?
Avatar f tn If the guy was negative then how can u be positive. You cant get hiv after having sex with non hiv person. Repeat the hiv antibody test after 3 months.
Avatar m tn I had tested HSV1 positive and HIV negative after two weeks of possible exposure. After 11 weeks i tested HIV is negative. Since 5 week of exposure i'm having burning sensation and tingling over my body, it continues even after i took treatment. Past one week i am feeling tightness and shooting pain also on my chest. now its 12week over after possible exposure. HSV Lesion on my genital area becoming more painful everyday. Since 2nd week to 5th week i had diarrhea, neck pain, fatigue.
464347 tn?1207796417 when i first came to this site and how i was received...announcing that my son was hiv positive. you need to get a life...outside of hiv. find another addiction...start living ! ! !
Avatar m tn PCR RNA at 14 days, DUO test at 6 weeks, DUO test at exactly 68 days, INSTI Rapid test in 83 days, INSTI Rapid test at exactly 94 days, DUO test at around 6 months, and another 2 DUO test were done at 9 months. ALL the results were Negative " Not detected " and also I had full STD's screen at 9 months and all results were negative. But I am still worried doctor, if my body did not develop antibodies to HIV if I was infected. is it possible ?
Avatar m tn Even i spoke to her that whether she is free from the disease she said yes but cant vouch on her because in a developing country like India people hardly talk about this Infection and very commonly they lie about there health status so keeping this in mind i am getting all the more paranoid
Avatar m tn It came negative (0.31) where if it turns 1 then you are positive. 2. HIV TEST 3 Months after incident. It again came negative with a value of (0.32). 3. HIV test 4 months after incident . Negative with a value of 0.23. 4. HIV test 5 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.22 5. HIV test 7 months after incident. Negative with a value of 0.09 Negative for Hep B but anti bodies positive. Doc says maybe I was inoculated before when I was a kid that’s why anti body so high.