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Avatar m tn It has to do with alcohol, poor judgement, a sexual activity I deeply regret and my own personal (on and off) seven year HIV scare. I am writing this here to motivate people to get tested! 2009, after a party with friends, I decided to take the long way home to hit the bars. I drank a lot and was pretty drunk when I decided to go to a local brothel. I live in an area where prostitution is legal and sex workers are frequently tested for the most common STDs.
Avatar f tn Welll it hurts me to say this but I tested positive for HIV 1 I guess it can be 3 months
Avatar n tn She was an older woman, when i got to her place it was quite dirty, she herself appeared well maintained although her mouth smelled and from the beginning she complained of neck pain. Nevertheless she assured me that she was not infected (HIV) and didn´t use any drugs. Cut story short we had protected sex 2 times.
Avatar n tn However, he did rub his penis on my vagina 2/3 times. I am not sure of his HIV status but say he is HIV positive, does that mean I am too? how high are the chances of me being HIV positive too? I also researched the symptoms of HIV and the site stated that they are: •Fever (this is the most common symptom) •Swollen glands •Sore throat •Rash •Fatigue •Muscle and joint aches and pains •Headache and they will be experienced within 2-4weeks of exposure.
Avatar n tn Everyone who has said that you are not confirmed to have HIV until you have a positive WB confirming a positive antibody test is absolutely right. A positive ELISA with negative WB is a negative result.
Avatar m tn Things were great the first few weeks, until the nightmare began a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out, she is actually HIV positive and lied to me. My sources on this include a close friend of hers to whom she showed the results, as well as my attorney who investigated the claim. Facts: Do to fear of pregnancy we always had protected intercourse with the exception of one time. On 12/5/09 I had sex with her without a condom.
Avatar f tn As you had unprotected sex there is a risk but to put this into perspective the chances of her being HIV positive is very very slim and the chances of you catching HIV from this incident even if she were positive is small. Taking the two combined I can predict your test will come back negative. Of course other STD's are far easier to catch as you have found out yourself but the STD you've mentioned is a very common one.
Avatar f tn I am relatively positive that what I'm experiencing now is acute HIV syndrome. I thought maybe it was just stress, or the fact that I'm a raging hypochondriac, but no one seems to believe me and I'm having some severe troubles.
Avatar m tn blisters and my doctor told me my itching/redness were due to a yeast infection. Am I correct in assuming that if I test negative 1 day after testing positive, that the positive was a FALSE positive? And lastly, I have read that it takes time for antibodies to develop. These tests were done basically 20 days after my last sexual encounter. Should I re-test in a few months to be safe or is this overkill?
Avatar m tn i wrote my story before here .
Avatar n tn I just retested and I am HIV positive. I know this happened but this is such a bizarre event. Are there statistics on one-night stands?
Avatar f tn If the guy was negative then how can u be positive. You cant get hiv after having sex with non hiv person. Repeat the hiv antibody test after 3 months.
Avatar m tn Romero and others, in their article describing an excellent and diligent long term study failed to identify any risk at all in transfer of HIV from an HIV positive to an HIV negative partner through oral sex. In total 19000 episodes of oral sex were documented amongst 135 heterosexual couples over ten years and in 34% of these episodes the HIV positive male ejaculated into the HIV negative females' mouth. (Romero J et al.
Avatar n tn To make a long story short we had unprotected oral sex and I definatly had his precum in my mouth with no ejaculation . The following week he confesses he is hiv+ and that he just couldnt tell me and has never told a soul, of course I freaked out and have been crazy ever since.
Avatar f tn You never had a risk from oral sex, as you've already been told several times. The type of test doesn't matter when you were never exposed to HIV in the first place. There will be nothing for the any test to find in your case because you had no risk.
Avatar m tn First of all thanks to MedHelp for some very good forums and good advice to people concerned about their risk of HIV infection. I think it is all too rare that we hear about the actual outcomes of people's HIV tests. I suspect it may be because posters - after receiving their negative HIV test, lose interest in the subject and return to life - which is a good thing!
Avatar m tn Ok here is my scary HIV story. Last Saturday I went to a sex party (I know I am a terrible person for even attending something like that). While I was there a meet a guy well actually I had already knew the guy. I use to workout with him a couple of years ago. Well anyway against my better judgment I allow this guy to perform oral sex on me, that was the only act we conducted was oral (low risk right). After leaving the party all I could think about was HIV.
Avatar m tn how soon will the HIV symptoms come to surface after having sex with a HIV infected person.? is a negative test result after >6months a good period to be sure and rely on it?
Avatar m tn I'd just like to say my story, Im 18 living in Canada who has HIV I have not been officially diagnosed HIV positve but it's obvious to tell exactly 2 weeks after exposure I had all of ars symptoms I untill today around 10 weeks after exposure. I believe it was gods punishment for me it was my first ever sexual experience and it lead to me having HIV.
Avatar m tn heey thats my friend test result but we didnt understand it is negative or positive.. SERO+IMMUNO.(TURBI/ELA/IF) TESTS: HIV COMBI PT (ELECSYS) RESULTS:NEG.(0.