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Avatar n tn Next day,my first clinc( positive elisa) sent to HIV/ADIS department in my country to ministry of Health- central department that control AIDS in oman, again i was stressfull for 3 days till my result , then they called me to collect my report with NEGATIVE elisa, thank the god, and they told me my first result was cross reacting as my flu van. 1-Now dr, should i get marrage after this scenario, and forget it because i feel i could not forget first test.
Avatar m tn 8)Is a combination of antibody tests and PCR tests enough to rule out HIV totally and have you ever had a case where somebody tested negative in both the tests at 7-8 months post exposure but tested positive later ?
Avatar m tn I have been battling depression for a while now due to the symptoms i've been having. I had unprotected sex with a female friend and about three weeks later i started feeling dizzy,fever and night sweats, mouth ulcers rash, swollen lymph nodes white tongue, discoloration of fingernails, hair falling and a host of other symptoms. It's been 5 months now and the mouth sores are constant same with the swollen glands in the neck and armpit.
Avatar m tn it seems a bit more complicated than that. A positive result is not simple by any means..there must have been a reason the test (a LAB based one, at that) was reactive..
Avatar m tn Nothing to worry about in relation to hiv. If you had a real risk, a hiv test at 3 months will be conclusive. Your negative test at 11 weeks is highly unlikely to change. Your elisa test result just tells you that your result is negative, meaning no detectable antibodies present at that point in time. The value (0.34) is insignificant, anything below the cut-off value of 1.0 means your test is negative, do not worry about it. What was your exposure, may i ask?
Avatar m tn Mine is a story of a 28yer old out to have a bit of fun and using a condom only to start showing ARS symptoms in Jan close to 2 months from the said "safe-event". All antibody tests came out negative till around 110 days post exposure and that's when it hit me that the condom had failed!!!! Just did my WB today and it showed 2 env bands(120 and 160).Am in shock and I can't bring myself to believe these results. Where does a man go from here?
Avatar f tn Thanks andyjohn have been having sleepless nights again how accurate is the hiv random kit?plz is there also a possibility to test negative 70days only to test positive at 90 days?
Avatar n tn Now the guy i slept with in 2006 tested negative 2 weeks ago. Is that possible to have HIV and test negative. another question is if he tested negative and i got sick like 2 weeks after sleeping with him then did i really get infected from him. Because i read that these symptoms of malaise, fever, flu, skin rash were the early symptoms some weeks after infection. Is there such a thing as having HIV, that is be a carrier and still test ngative on a elisa test?
Avatar m tn I am HIV negative but VDRL positive. Am very feared that whether the HIV test using Western blot was done properly 3 months back or not. If am VDRL positive will i be HIV positive by any missed chances of test? Please help by explaining if am at the risk of HIV infection by insertive oral sex or VDRL unprotected. Feared a lot. Do I need to test HIV for insertive oral sex.?
Avatar f tn Hello I’m really desperate and I hope you guys help me to clear my mind I had an exposure (condom broke) on may18th after 13 days I decided to go for an HIV RNA test that came back negative after 4 weeks I decided to buy an oraquick that came back positive the same day bought 3 all positive with a flate line At that time I was taking Penazopyridine the label on the drug said it could interfere on some lab work the same day I went to the clinic and they do an INSTI test with blood that came back
Avatar m tn We are both sure that we are not HIV positive and not bleeding either during the sex. So, is that risky to get HIV positive for me and him? Another thing is to say that sometimes when I put my penis into his anal and start throbbing, a yellowish (poop type) fluid comes from his *** and get slippery of my penis. Is that also carry the risks of HIV Positve? I have asthema and I do not sex frequently. I go to bed with my boyfriend only once a month (12-15 times a year). Please let me know.
Avatar f tn It has already been 10 weeks now and am to afraid and my partner says hes negative but its hard to believe.
Avatar n tn it was like a bombshell to me . I had no choice than to go for an hiv test as well which the result is yet to come out. Please ,my question is ...what are the chances of contracting the dreaded disease when one has an umprtected sex with a carrier?please ,give me an immediate repply,so as to enable me decide on the next step to take. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went for blood work today for something else. When I mentioned to them about testing me for HIV they told me the doctor had to ok it and that they would check into it. They did draw enough blood to do the test once and if she gives her ok. I am really worried about this.
Avatar f tn he was HIV positive..... they did the tests 4 times and its all positive i did mine and it came up negative. just to let you kow that we are in a relationship since feb 16th 2010 i just wanna know what is the posibility that i'd get a positive result in few months time?is it like about time to show on the blood test or what? im lost confused and scared he is leaving the country and going back to his...i cant eat sleep or think.
Avatar n tn July 25th I was tested for HIV antibodies. Would these be likely to show up on the test if these symptoms truly were related to HIV? And to answer above related to her bruising, she did see her PMD and she is worried about her platelets which were in the normal-low range. Thats why Im concerned about some associated HIV-related thrombocytopenia.
Avatar m tn Fliguy, nothing that you have mentioned in reference to the symptom pattern is specific to HIV. Swollen nodes associated with HIV doesn't occur in ones or twos in a specific part of the body. It's generalized and occurs 2 to 4 weeks post the viral contraction. I would strongly recommend you not to waste $15 since the experts would not tell you any different than "you're in the clear". You've conclusively tested negative beyond the window period and don't need any more test.
Avatar n tn I got tested at a week and a half and all stds came back negative, but i know i have to wait to get the hiv test. What are the chances the i was infected by her fluids through my anus and what disease could my symptoms be from? Thanks to all, you guys have been very helpful thus far.
Avatar m tn The laws here require that sex workers are checked every 3 months. I have previously tested negative for HIV. I went to get tested as a precaution. I read all of these forums and didn't feel particularly concerned, but just wanted to make sure. So the nurse from the sexual health centre rings today. Everything clear except HIV inconclusive. Based on these fora this was the last thing I expected. I didn't even inquire as to the sort of test it was. Anyhow, I am now going quietly mad.
Avatar f tn it is possible that you had a false positive. all positive test results need to be confirmed by a western blot.
Avatar n tn There are places that do rapid testing (30 minutes) for free and confidentially. Its better to know, than to worry. Due to my own recent scare (still too early to get tested) I've done a vast amount of research. The chance of getting infected from one encounter is quite low. If he was infected and you had unprotected sex many times, then the chances increase but getting HIV is still not a certainty. Most likely, you are fine - but you should definitely go get tested.
Avatar n tn Again as you've been told HIV has NO specific symptoms. I just want to know what test was used to confirm her results. She's not positive until she has a confirmed test result.
Avatar n tn It appears that you are looking on the internet and trying to match your symptoms, which are most likely all due to anxiety, to symptoms of HIV infection. This is an error since there are no symptoms which are highly specific for HIV and as a result you can find reports of just about anything being associated with HIV. I do not wish to repeat our prior exchange. My advice is that if you are concerned, get a test,. It will prove that you do not have HIV.
Avatar m tn I dont think you had a hiv risk. Anyway for your peace of mind i recommend a 4th gen hiv ag/ab test which will give conclusive result by now. Your symptoms can be of some other flu or STI or from just anxiety.
Avatar f tn sorry to hear but there is life even with will have to go to the living with hiv forum.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering if i can be still HIV positive if my results were HIV negative? I am so scared and can't stop thinking about it. This is what my report says. HIV1/0/2 Abs-ICMS HIV 1/0/2 Abs Index Value <1.00 Index value reactivity relative to negative cutoff.
Avatar f tn after 6 months i go for test that hiv test was negative 1and 2 antibodies 0.015 in hiv result but liquid saliva in mouth in morning i am still facing. Can hiv positive person got hiv negative test?
Avatar n tn I have explained my history and concern to my dermatologist and told her that I'm afraid I might be HIV positive. Unfortunately, I can't get tested for HIV where I live, else I'll lose my job and get deported. She suggested that we do a full Full Blood Count + WBC and Syphillis just to be sure and fortunately the results came out normal, nothing was detected. Last month, I had what I think was food poisoning (all the people I ate with had the same symptoms).
1570363 tn?1295633508 Hi, I am taking azathiprine, an immunuosuppressant. I was exposed to HIV by IV drug works. I have several symptoms of HIV, but ten months has passed since then. In past ten months, I have been tested twice, and both came out negative. However, my symptoms persist. I don't know if immunosuppressants can have something to do with the test coming out negative? Thanks.