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Avatar m tn e the male being hiv positive while the female remains negative despite repeated unprotected sex.I had intercourse with a girlfriend who tested positive but im HIV negative after 6months as from today. My dr told me she has a couple where the husband is positive but the lady is negative and she has been their family dr for 3 years. Can these people test positive on an advanced test such as a DNA/RNA PCR?
Avatar m tn Also, your symptoms don't even hint at HIV. It can cause sore throat, but not stuffy nose or cough. Worrying about HIV with symptoms like yours is sort of like someone who has just been hit over the head with a two by four being afraid that his headache might be due to a brain tumor. You caught a cold. You didn't need HIV testing, but the negative results prove you weren't infected. All is well. If you get pregnant someday, you'll be automatically tested for HIV.
Avatar f tn he was HIV positive..... they did the tests 4 times and its all positive i did mine and it came up negative. just to let you kow that we are in a relationship since feb 16th 2010 i just wanna know what is the posibility that i'd get a positive result in few months time?is it like about time to show on the blood test or what? im lost confused and scared he is leaving the country and going back to his...i cant eat sleep or think.
Avatar m tn Today my partner and I went to planned parenthood and tested for HIV and HSV. The HIV test was negative for the both of us. We wont recieve the HSV test until next week. I am soooooo nervous and I pray that both of our test are negative. I have so much anxiety surrounding my positive IGM result. I know you have stated in the past that the IGM test is virtually useless in diagnosing Herpes but a positive finding is still a hard pill to swallow when the results are for you.
Avatar m tn ACT was from an HIV + person, that is a blowjob with ejaculation in the mouth of the positive person. Took PEP 12hrs after the act. So receiving means no risk or still slight risk ?
Avatar f tn I was cured with Harvoni and test negative for the virus but I will test positive for hep c antibodies for the rest of my life even though I am cured of hep c. Hep c today is now curable for most people see your doctor and follow their advice. The only test that will tell you if you are infected is the HCV RNA by PCR test or similar that looks for the virus there really was no reason to repeat the antibody test you should have just next tested fro the virus. Again hep c is curable today.
Avatar f tn On the other hand, both the doctor’s statement and the progression of his test results from negative to positive and the WB from negative to indeterminate and possibly positive sounds pretty convincing, as does his illness in mid-April for being the ARS. While we typically discount symptoms on this site, in this scenario their value is not that they support the diagnosis but that it may help to time his seroconversion and presumed HIV acquisition.
Avatar m tn I am not here to know if i am Negative or Positive or any symptoms on window period. Making it short i need proper advice from great people like you who run this forum heartedly. Coming to my question I met a girl online and chatting with her we ended admiring each other and i personally decided that shes up for a long we decided to meet up in a local public place. Meeting up and she bombed me with sad news that she is HIV positive.
Avatar m tn Recently the concept of PrEP - Pre Exposure Prophylaxis has arisen - where in serodiscordant couples (one HIV neg and one HIV positive) the negative partner may take a single antiretroviral medication on a long term basis - on the basis that this will help reduce the risk of the negative partner acquiring HIV. The safety of long term medication in otherwise healthy people seems to be established - the effectiveness does not as yet.
Avatar f tn So they can take it anymore and suicide for not accepting the stigma of disgrace ……this poor 25yo guy, living in the city, has been devastated these 2 weeks. Sad is the result came back negative, but too late for him….. “The HIV generation lived longer than Romania would have wont “ once said Voica Steluta in “Cotidianul”, the 20th October 2007)
Avatar m tn Got tested hiv, hcv, all stds negative. Got tested 38 days post hiv and hcv ... Got liver function test and antibody test hcv 46 days Alt was 17. ...its a infectious disease doctor and she only wants to do antibody test as she says it's not a normal means of transmission well iam reading to much stuff on the Internet.... Now hiv is 4th generation and hcv is ab test....would alt be elevated by now...
Avatar n tn Last week, my wife went for pregnancy(expecting 3 month) check up and followed by a HIV test. Thank god! HIV negative. May i know do i need to test for hiv because my last exposure 5 month ago? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar n tn I had a full physical and blood test in October for everything including HIV, Herpes 1/2 etc and all came back negative. My doctor was very casual about everything and will not even answer my questions because he is to busy. So, I have insisted on a blood test to find out if I have HSVI or HSV2 which I am having done today. My partner has never had a cold sore or any lesions in his genital area of any kind and we have been together for 12 years.
1024580 tn?1331577721 - Frequency of unprotected sexual activity Types of sexual contact use or otherwise of condoms circumcision in males the presence or otherwise of other Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases The study identified 415 heterosexual couples where one was HIV positive and the other HIV negative (HIV discordant couples). 55% of the males were HIV positive and 45% of the females were HIV positive. The study went on for 30 months.
Avatar n tn both false negative or positive could happen,false negative due to extention of window period and false positive for some specific reason that my knowledge is limited about them,but as far as i know both might happen . i am giving my experiences,as up to now symptoms keep hitting me and my gf ...from 2 days ago i got badly sore throat ...
Avatar n tn Protected means , u were protected from all virus , NO RISK.
Avatar m tn After 8 weeks i was tested negative for HIV with HIV Rapid test. Again on 17th July 2010(that is today) i have attended ELISA (HIV 1 & 2) tests.And the results says 0.175( less than .422 negative and greaterthan .422 Positive).I had this ELISA test conducted at a good lab.When i visited the Urologist he said its negative only. Is this test enough to confirm i am not infected ? I think its conducted at 3 months time exactly. Does that kiss has anything to do ?
Avatar n tn Having said all of this, try to keep in mind the fact that oral sex as a means of HIV transmission, especially given the circumstances that you describe, really never happens. Numerous studies have been done involving couples where one is HIV positive and one is negative. The couples use protection for anal or vaginal intercourse, but none for oral sex. The result: not one of the negative partners has tested positive for HIV. Not a single one.
Avatar n tn Well now there are couples out there were one is positive and the other is negative and they practice protected intercourse everytime and the one is is negative has not turn positive at all. Condoms do protect against HIV.
Avatar m tn During the interval from the month before her last HIV-negative test (June 1994) to the month of her first HIV-positive test (July 1995), the woman denied known risk exposures for HIV (i.e., other sex partners; noninjecting- or injecting-drug use; sexually transmitted diseases; blood transfusion; artificial insemination; occupational exposure to HIV; or acupuncture, tattoos, body piercing, or other percutaneous injections)." --Source:
Avatar m tn For the past few months, I have been in a casual sexual relationship with another male who very recently tested positive for HIV. He tested negative several months ago, so his infection is a new one. Our sexual activities have been limited exclusively to oral sex. In almost all of our encounters, I performed fellatio upon him and swallowed his semen. I understand that the average risk of a single episode of unprotected oral sex is somewhere along the lines of one chance in 10,000.
Avatar m tn I had like almost no-risk exposure and it totally freaked me out. After couples of weeks I finally got myself tested and it was negative. I hoped that it'll calm me down but no! Im still freaked out because I convinced myself that I could be infected during the blood draw.
Avatar m tn When i asked my doctor he told me the same thing this appears only in the advace stage of HIV. I know it will be rare for me to test positive after 2 weeks but the thrush made it seem possible that may show positive test result. However, the test showed negative and the thrush may have not been the cause but either way how often is it possible to show positive test results after 2 weeks.
1024580 tn?1331577721 Romero and others, in their article describing an excellent and diligent long term study failed to identify any risk at all in transfer of HIV from an HIV positive to an HIV negative partner through oral sex. In total 19000 episodes of oral sex were documented amongst 135 heterosexual couples over ten years and in 34% of these episodes the HIV positive male ejaculated into the HIV negative females' mouth. (Romero J et al.
Avatar n tn Read the studies of couples where one is positive and one is negative and condoms are used for anal and vaginal sex but not with oral. No one has been infected. Anyone that pays attention to Dumbo, needs to reread his advice. He doesn't know anything about HIV transmission or infection, nor does he know anything on testing and treatment. He is just pissed because there are people here that are more knowledgeable than him and can correct his false information.
Avatar m tn There have been studies carried out on couples where one partner is positive and the other is negative who participate in unprotected oral sex, there has never been a recorded case of HIV transmission this way. Also saliva has enzymes that isn't helpful to HIV transmission. Yes, other STI's can be transmitted through oral sex,but I'm sure other people can answer the second part of the question better than me.
3191940 tn?1447272317 “The risk of HIV, if your partner is HIV-positive, is around 1 in 10,000. That's equivalent to giving BJs to infected men once daily for 27 years before transmission might be likely.” Neither recommend testing. Here is a study of serodiscordant couples that supports their recommendation: I suggest that you give events like this the same concern as you might to being trampled in an elephant (which is probably none).