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Avatar m tn Relax. Like a lot of people today, you seem to have an inflated view of HIV risks; it can be hard to sort out the truth among the scare stories, many of which come from the religious and political right. The bottom line is that in the US and most industrialized countries, among people with lifestyles like yours and your boyfriend's, the proportion of infected people is very low.
Avatar n tn Well now there are couples out there were one is positive and the other is negative and they practice protected intercourse everytime and the one is is negative has not turn positive at all. Condoms do protect against HIV.
Avatar n tn In a two-year study of sero-discordant couples (in which one partner was HIV-positive and one was HIV-negative), no uninfected partner became infected among couples using condoms correctly and consistently at every act of vaginal or anal sex versus 10 percent of those using condoms inconsistently. Keep practicing safe sex using condoms CORRECTLY and A LOT OF water-based lubricant to reduce the risk of condom breakage.
Avatar m tn The study was on 1500 ( their abouts ) and was carried over for a few years. Not one of the couples negative partner became HIV positive. Im sure you have read the forums and see its no risk and many thousands have done the same as you and never once has anyone got HIV from this, you being the first ZERO. Lets not forget the other person is highly unlikley to have HIV in the first place.. Time to educate, grow up and move on..
Avatar m tn It must be emphasized that these findings are only applicable to monogamous, HIV negative heterosexuals. People with multiple sex partners, HIV positive individuals (men and women), and gay/bisexual men are at higher risk; there have been no adequate studies of lesbians. Studies to date of HCV sexual transmission among gay men have not shown consistent associations with specific activities, so it is difficult to recommend particular safer sex or other harm reduction strategies.
Avatar n tn your chances for that are extremely low some doctors are saying that there are no chances for get hiv by this way there was an investigation that took place in spain and found that couples for hiv positive and hiv negative person no one took hiv from receptive oral sex. i belive you will relax when you get your negative result in two weeks.
Avatar m tn When it comes to HIV, you give as an example, couples, one of them are positive and one of them are negative. But what about their viral loads? This person, I mean the positive one, uses medical drugs for HIV. So their viral load is extremely low. What do you think about this?
Avatar m tn Essentially, they are telling us we can have as much oral sex as we like with people who are HIV positive. This is dangerous! Just because there are no "documented" cases doesn't mean that oral HIV transmission hasn't actually occurred. There are no "sex police" in the bedroom to determine if couples are strictly having oral sex, which is why HIV transmission is NEVER attributed to this act.
Avatar f tn I know that the risk of man get infected fron HIV positive wopman is very low. However, if they are VERY ACTIVE sexual partners, having long wet sex for hours and days... then how long he will remain not-infected? I also heard that some people have natural immunity against HIV... Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn The good studies which have looked at the subject in HIV discordant couples - couples where one person is HIV positive and the other HIV negative - have shown zero transfer of HIV. There are anecdotal reports of people identifying oral sex as their only risk factor though these are very rare. In repspect of your 2 g azithromycin, this will have dealt with primary syphilis, chlamydia, and probably gonorrhoea.
Avatar m tn Romero and others, in their article describing an excellent and diligent long term study failed to identify any risk at all in transfer of HIV from an HIV positive to an HIV negative partner through oral sex. In total 19000 episodes of oral sex were documented amongst 135 heterosexual couples over ten years and in 34% of these episodes the HIV positive male ejaculated into the HIV negative females' mouth. (Romero J et al.
Avatar m tn my friend (female) is only 21 yrs old and she is HIV positive. Very cute and good in nature and I have decided to marry her. she is telling me that HIV will be cleared within 2 years as per her doctor advised. I also trust her for this but i would like to know doctor's (expert's) opinion. 1) Is it possible that HIV+ will be cleared within 2yrs.? 2) what precaution she have to followed to cleared this HIV. 2) is my decision correct to marry her?
Avatar m tn 8)Is it hard to transmit Hiv from one person to another?i have heard that there are couples where one partner is Negative and the other is positive and both have had UNPROTECTED MANY times but the Negative stayed negative For years... then wht conditions are neccessary for HIV to transmit? 9)Why do some sites say that ORAL SEX is LOW risk...and why dunt they say NO risk?to cover their *****?? 10)Is Sore Throat a MAJOR symptom in ARS???
Avatar m tn Even if the woman in question was/is HIV positive, the risk for HIV from giving oral is only theoretical. Oral sex is one of the most common of sexual activities. Receiving oral is absolutely no risk. As for giving oral, your saliva contains over a dozen elements and proteins which very effectively prevent the transmission of viable HIV. There have been several longterm studies of sero-discordant couples, both gay and straight.
Avatar f tn With serodiscordant couples where 1 is negative and the other is HIV positive with consistent condom use. The hiv negative partner never acquires hiv. Even with unprotected oral sex. And you had protected oral and vaginal sex. And remember even if she is csw she is also as afraid of getting std's from you as you are to her. That is why she has her own condoms.
Avatar f tn A study by Univ. California San Francisco of 239 HIV-negative men who only had oral sex with men (over 30% of which had ejaculation in their mouths) over a ten year period showed a 0% rate of transmission. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV transmission.
Avatar n tn Even in discrdant couples where one is positive and the other negative, no ifections have taken lace in the studies where oral sex was the only risk factor. Your doc is right, my doctor told me the only people who have a chance of testing positive post 12 weeks are people who have taken PEP, even then it is rare and only been a few cases been reported worldwide. You didnt need testing, you are fine.
Avatar m tn There have been studies carried out on couples where one partner is positive and the other is negative who participate in unprotected oral sex, there has never been a recorded case of HIV transmission this way. Also saliva has enzymes that isn't helpful to HIV transmission. Yes, other STI's can be transmitted through oral sex,but I'm sure other people can answer the second part of the question better than me.
Avatar f tn //www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar m tn Are there any reports of couples were one person is HIV positive and one is HIV negative and no transmission has occurred from frequent unprotected oral sex? Thanks in advance for your responses.
Avatar m tn - A UK study of about 3 years with serodiscordant couples (one positive the other negative) found that there were 0 transmission of HIV with condom use. - A US study of about 2 years of serodiscordant couples found 2%. But there are some people who think this might have been because the people involved didn't use condoms consistently. - Columbia University has 10% failure rate for condoms over all. But this assumes that there are (a) breaks in the condom (b) incorrect use.
Avatar m tn There ane many serodiscordant couples who have protected sex on a regular basis. None have contracted HIV . Consistant use of condoms and lube is very very effective at preventing the spread of HIV. You can have intercourse with anyone you choose as long as you wear condoms. Good Luck to you and Welcome to the Forum.
446474 tn?1446347682 500 anti-HCV-positive, HIV-negative index persons and their long-term heterosexual partners were studied. Couples were interviewed separately for lifetime risk factors for HCV infection, within-couple sexual practices and sharing of personal grooming items. Blood samples were tested for anti-HCV, HCV RNA, and HCV genotype and serotype. Sequencing and phylogenetic analysis determined the relatedness of virus isolates among genotype-concordant couples.