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Avatar n tn Your PCR is negative. You do not have HIV. No further testing is needed.
Avatar m tn I had 12 week HIV1/2/O combo negative and PCR negative but I got a call from a doctor who works with the state HIV test center and he said I am not in the clear because I had 2 different brand rapid tests positive and thus I should get another PCR next month and antibody and if its negative he would send my blood to CDC to get analyzed for rare strains etc. I was getting out of this and felt good but now this.... what should i think of this?
Avatar n tn I had syphlis test that came negative. I have to get HIV test now. Do you think that I might get positive result? I am very scared. Another queation is that if two persons don't have HIV then is it possible that they have sex and get HIV positive?
Avatar n tn This is why they are called "confirmatory" tests. False positives can happen because the tests are so very sensitive. Your confirmatory tests have ruled out HIV.
Avatar f tn What do you mean "Western blot would show up bands on HIV2". You mean it would be intermediate if i was infected with hiv 2? Is there more than 1 kind of western blot? for instance, one that checks for both hiv 1 and 2 and another that checks just for hiv 1?
Avatar n tn after 7 months i testd for mind peace as there were no reasons to do test as i did not do any thing with HIV risk. I donated for blood, result was positive, then Western blood test showed negative. Then same day i been to private clinck then ELISA showed positive again. But western blood test showed negative again. The dector told me do not test again and do donate he said my antibodies like that. Any way, then after 5 months i did not beleive him i testd again ELISA again it was negative.
Avatar m tn First test came back repetitively active, western blot negative. The nurse initially told me I was HIV positive because my index value is 3.4. My doctor reassured me that I am hiv negative due to the western blot. My question... what the heck is the index value, should I test again? p.s. ended up having a miscarriage.
Avatar m tn I am HIV negative but VDRL positive. Am very feared that whether the HIV test using Western blot was done properly 3 months back or not. If am VDRL positive will i be HIV positive by any missed chances of test? Please help by explaining if am at the risk of HIV infection by insertive oral sex or VDRL unprotected. Feared a lot. Do I need to test HIV for insertive oral sex.?
Avatar m tn (positive) can it delay hiv antibodies to 8 months,i got my 8.10 months hiv result(negative),is there any cure for hsv can i paln for baby after having hsv.
Avatar f tn If the guy was negative then how can u be positive. You cant get hiv after having sex with non hiv person. Repeat the hiv antibody test after 3 months.
Avatar m tn Well lets look at it this way. Your HIV negative, had no sexual contact so why take a HIV test? That said you did and its positive but its cannot be correct as you didnt have a risk. False positives are quiet common on HIV forums. Whilst it can naturaly scare you and shake you up, you have to stick to facts and logic to understand the test result. Now a WB is the golden standard of tests, ie that is the ONLY test that will confirm your HIV status.
Avatar f tn she is pregnant n was order to take an hiv test she did 2 n one came back positive has anyone encountered this with pregnant woman....HIV-1 WESTERN BLOT WAS NEGATIVE....
Avatar m tn They tested her blood for HIV, and other diseases like they do when you are pregnant. She was negative for HIV, but positive for gonorreah. I went today to the health department to get tested for any and all stds. They gave me a 20min HIV swab test that came back positive. I have been exposed to dangerous sexual encounters, but find it weird that her blood test is negative and my swab test is positive. They took more blood to send off, but in the meantime my heart is racing.
Avatar f tn hi, i would jus like to say that all those worried about 8 week testing being reliable should test out to 3mnths, cos as it states 3mnths is conclusive, even thou a lot of people say that 8weeks is almost conclusive, i had a hiv test at 8weeks 1 day and it was negative only to b still havin symptoms 2 mnths later, went to the doctors for a full blood count, she said i would be called in if anything serious, well u guessed it i have been called in, i know what she is going to say, so all those wh
Avatar m tn When I used to do anal sex (men 2 men) bareback with my partner, I ejaculated my semen into his anal and that happened several times. We are both sure that we are not HIV positive and not bleeding either during the sex. So, is that risky to get HIV positive for me and him? Another thing is to say that sometimes when I put my penis into his anal and start throbbing, a yellowish (poop type) fluid comes from his *** and get slippery of my penis. Is that also carry the risks of HIV Positve?
Avatar f tn Hello I’m really desperate and I hope you guys help me to clear my mind I had an exposure (condom broke) on may18th after 13 days I decided to go for an HIV RNA test that came back negative after 4 weeks I decided to buy an oraquick that came back positive the same day bought 3 all positive with a flate line At that time I was taking Penazopyridine the label on the drug said it could interfere on some lab work the same day I went to the clinic and they do an INSTI test with blood that came back
Avatar f tn I'm a 26 year old female. In the past, I have never tested positive for HIV. I was date raped unprotected a little over a month ago. I was anxious, and had trouble waiting for the real doctor's test, so I bought an OraQuick over the counter test. On this test, there was a very obvious Control line, and an extremely vague line by the Test. It was so light it almost looked like a shadow, but was clearly a real line. If I shined a light behind it, the line was more obvious.