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Avatar m tn 8)Is a combination of antibody tests and PCR tests enough to rule out HIV totally and have you ever had a case where somebody tested negative in both the tests at 7-8 months post exposure but tested positive later ?
Avatar f tn Talk to your Dr, rash and symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Proven by tests.
Avatar n tn My dermatologist believes it not to be HIV related but I have read on the net that psoriasis is most certainly caused by HIV on occasions. I have had no subsequent risks. Do you suggest further testing in relation to HIV?
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor I'm really worried and can't sleep for the last 2 and half months I went to a dentist on the 17th of Oct 09 and I'm not sure of his Hygiene : I had HIV rapid test 3 weeks later = positive I had ELISA Test 3 weeks later Negative I had another rapid test 3 weeks and 2 days later = Negative I had ELISA Test 8 weeks later = Negative I had PCR & W.
Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I'll try to help. It is time for you to stop worrying about HIV. To continue to do so will just hinder your efforts to understand why you have the oral lesions you have and whether or not this is related to your positive ANA. There are multiple reasons for me to be confident that you do not have HIV. First, it sounds as though your partner does not have HIV- he says he was tested and was negative- most people tell the truth.
Avatar m tn PCR tests are not used to confirm a positive HIV test and are not used for diagnostic use. At 12 weeks your antibody test was conclusive. You're negative.
1570363 tn?1295629908 Hi, I am taking azathiprine, an immunuosuppressant. I was exposed to HIV by IV drug works. I have several symptoms of HIV, but ten months has passed since then. In past ten months, I have been tested twice, and both came out negative. However, my symptoms persist. I don't know if immunosuppressants can have something to do with the test coming out negative? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Next day,my first clinc( positive elisa) sent to HIV/ADIS department in my country to ministry of Health- central department that control AIDS in oman, again i was stressfull for 3 days till my result , then they called me to collect my report with NEGATIVE elisa, thank the god, and they told me my first result was cross reacting as my flu van. 1-Now dr, should i get marrage after this scenario, and forget it because i feel i could not forget first test.
Avatar n tn I had syphlis test that came negative. I have to get HIV test now. Do you think that I might get positive result? I am very scared. Another queation is that if two persons don't have HIV then is it possible that they have sex and get HIV positive?
Avatar n tn This is why they are called "confirmatory" tests. False positives can happen because the tests are so very sensitive. Your confirmatory tests have ruled out HIV.
Avatar m tn In a Blood test at lab Is it true that if the "same syringe" was used before by HIV "positive" person it cannot give "negative" HIV result on my turn?
Avatar f tn At a year, a false positive, you wouldn't get a false negative this late.
Avatar m tn sorry for stupid question u mean im conclusive negative for hiv even i tested positive for ngu????last exposure 24 weeks negative hiv test thankssss...
Avatar n tn Then ELISE showed posistive, then retested 2 times positive. again it happend to me with no reasons to have HIV i told to dr. that because i have flu and i got 2 injections for flu and sick it might tell false positive, any way she said i do not know why this is happend to you. Anyway, she adivsed me to do it again in differenet clinc, then i been to APOLLO Center, after 7 hours the result (ELISE /ELFA-VIDAS) It showed negative with .07 < then .25.
Avatar f tn First of all, you should find out if the girl is positive or negative. If she is (truly) negative then you have nothing to fear. If she is positive, you may still have nothing to fear if she has an undetectable viral load and/or she is or has been on medication. Was she on her period when you penetrated her? HIV is best transmitted blood to blood and semen to blood. Other fluids are somewhat less of a carrier, but it doesn't rule transmission out altogether.
Avatar m tn First test came back repetitively active, western blot negative. The nurse initially told me I was HIV positive because my index value is 3.4. My doctor reassured me that I am hiv negative due to the western blot. My question... what the heck is the index value, should I test again? p.s. ended up having a miscarriage.
Avatar m tn I am HIV negative but VDRL positive. Am very feared that whether the HIV test using Western blot was done properly 3 months back or not. If am VDRL positive will i be HIV positive by any missed chances of test? Please help by explaining if am at the risk of HIV infection by insertive oral sex or VDRL unprotected. Feared a lot. Do I need to test HIV for insertive oral sex.?
Avatar m tn (positive) can it delay hiv antibodies to 8 months,i got my 8.10 months hiv result(negative),is there any cure for hsv can i paln for baby after having hsv.
Avatar m tn You've tested conclusively negative and you cannot give anyone anything you do not HIV.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I got tested for Hepatitis B (negative), Hepatitis C (negative) and HIV which came back positive again (it was an ELISA test like the previous time) and they sent it for a confirmatory test. I'm waiting for the results. Is it possible that back in 2013 the 2 negative western blot tests, that I received after the 2 positive ELISA tests, were false negative tests? If not, will I continue to get tested positive in ELISA tests even though I'm negative?
Avatar n tn I worried about getting another test from post days - NRA or something like that - and it was expensive. What I wanted to know was that if my negative tests and duo tests were negative, does that mean that the 10 day test would be negative. PLease answer this: Have you ever had a patient or heard of a patient who has had a series of tests (all negative) yet had an NRA test that was positive? This worries me. as I was worried about strains that would not appear in a standard test.
1911230 tn?1322754834 I am positive. My gf of 5 yrs negative. She thinks some Nordic descendants are immune to HIV. I disagree. Any thoughts?