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Avatar n tn My real concern though is that I can't stop wondering how likely it is that this person gave me HIV. On Nov. 4th I tested for HIV and Syphillis. The HIV test was the rapid blood test (finger prick). Both of those resulted in a negative finding. Nov. 4th was only 19 days after the possible exposure and I know the recommended time frame is to be tested at 3 months. I have been unbelievably stressed out about this (I am a long time hypochondriac) and I find myself worrying on a daily basis.
Avatar n tn feverish after getting up from sleep. am i hiv positive??? How can I check a swollen gland. will be grateful if u help thank u.
Avatar n tn I have, I started therapy and was feeling emotionally better but then every week again I get sick, on and off fatigue, feel like I have a virus, even when I feel good and go back to my normal life a few days later I get sick again, I have also not found a single person testing positive at 6 weeks with a rapid test looking online.
Avatar m tn No, you are not at a high risk. Not everyone gets HIV from s single act of unprotected sex with an HIV partner. There are many odds in your favor. The most prominent one is your 7+ week test which is highly reassuring and it is very highly unlikely that this test result would change after 5-6 weeks. Get a follow up test done after 12-13 weeks and get a conclusive report and move on with your life, after putting all your worries to rest permanently.
Avatar m tn Being that he did come onto the community, i wasnt giving him my opinion, i was actually espousing the opinion of the expert epedimeologists on this site, who DO NOT even recomend testing for a single act of oral sex. Even if you go over to there other expert on hiv transmission who runs his own foundation on hiv prevention and treatment DOES NOT recomend pep for a single act of oral sex.
Avatar n tn Dear doctor, The IDC specialist informed me (Sep 25) that I had HIV false positive diagnosis, but I find it very hard to believe. Something doesn’t make sense. The reason I asked for my first in 07 HIV test just out of curiosity during my first medical exam in 5 years. Below is the summary of the two tests that been done to me: May 25, 07-> HIV 1 ELISA positive HIV 1 WB indeterminate with gp41 (+-) and gp40 (+-). (+- means a weak band) HIV 2 ELISA/WB negative.
Avatar n tn I know the risk of infection from a single incident for a male from a female is roughly 1 in 2,000 and female from a male is 1 in 1,000 but I am incredibly anxious and losing a lot of sleep over this (which is my fault) and would like to know (if you know) how many cases similar to this where a woman actually became HIV positive from a male during single exposure, withdrawal method and what possibly made that woman more susceptible to the infection than other women who weren't infected in si
Avatar f tn Last week on Friday around 6PM we had our first unprotected sex, on Monday the following week I insisted that we should go and test only to find that he is HIV positive and all along he was telling me that he is HIV negative and to my stupidity I believed him. We did the test around 15:00 and by 16:48 I was given a PEP pill which I'm currently taking. So, my question is will the pill work?
Avatar n tn I had a sexual encounter using condom with a hooker, after eighteen days I started to have mild sore throat pain only without any other symptoms. Does this indicate an HIV positive transimission and after how long can I make a test?
Avatar m tn In case the chlamydia test is positive, is this an indicator that I could also got infected also with HIV? Had discomfort in the perineal area about 4 days (12 days after exposure) and little burning before urinating, no discharge....does this sound like chlamydia symptoms to you?
Avatar n tn Fact, if she was positive, experts agree tht the chance of transmission for a single unprotected episode of vaginal intercourse for a man lies in the region of 1 in 1000. You didn't have unprotected sex, in the true sense of the term. Your Condom broke and you immediately withdrew. Very wise of you. =) All in all, you were exposed, so you need to get tested. Test at 6 weeks for a great indication of your status and 3 months to put all this behind you, once and for all.
Avatar f tn Hello sir, I had unprotected sex for aprox 10mins i was the insertive partner And it was vaginal sex , i do not know the status of the person if positive or not But its 4 weeks now nd few days ago i got runny nose and dry cough but no fever or rashes Or any swollen lumps , im also circumsized nd did nor ejaculate inside I dunno if those help but im worreid sick and also loss of appetite im Not sure if its from anxeity but assuming the person was hiv positive what are The odds This discussion
8488481 tn?1410329809 I was tested at the beginning of my pregnancy for HiV which I know is routine for every mommy to be...& today my doctor sent me to take the test for a second time... I was just curious to know if this is also routine & if all mommy to be's take this test twice through out the pregnancy....btw he sent me to take this test the day after he swabbed me for STREP B...
Avatar n tn However it isnt statistically likely that you will be positive, even if one of the those partners was positive so dont fret too much, good luck.
Avatar m tn If you do come out to be HIV Positive, please know that with today's treatments you'll be able to live a long and normal life. While it may not be as normal as it was before -- at least you'll be able to live. The reason why I say this is because so many people are expecting and praying for a Negative HIV result. But no one prepares themselves for a HIV Positive result. However, I did.
Avatar n tn The estimated risks for vaginal sex (1 in 1000 male to female, 1 in 2000 female to male) are derived from analyzing the apparent routes of infection in AIDS cases reported in the United States, compared with estimates of the frequency of unprotected vaginal intercourse. No single STD clinic, including my own, sees enough patients with HIV to make any statistically valid comparison between the clinic's own experience and the broader estimates.
Avatar n tn By the way, the hiv is negative, syphilis is negative but I am positive for hsv 1. Four weeks after, I experienced fever, coughing, muscle aches, joint pain, sore throat, on and off diarrhea. Now, I am still experiencing the intermittent loose stools. Also, I am having this painful lymph nodes. Could this be sign of HIV? I am very worried. I called the guy I had sex with. He said he is clean. But I don't believe him. I think he is crazy. Please tell me about these symptoms.
Avatar m tn So my question is Is this any risk of sharing toothbrush with known hiv positive person ? Mere washing my toothbrush with water and toothpaste will deactivate any hiv positive blood on my brush? Also I have bleeding gums as I just got my tooth extracted.
Avatar f tn If your partner was infected (and he was probably not), your chance of getting HIV from a single act of vaginal intercourse is less than 1 in 1000. 3. Your test at twelve weeks was at a time when more than 99% of all tests that are going to be positive will be. When you use these three facts to calculate your risks, they are, for all practical purposes, zero. Be comfortable that you did not get HIV from the exposure you describe.
Avatar m tn last year i got a blow job from a women prostitute without a condom and i also kissed her deeply which was a big mistake i normally dont do this but i did so after 10 day of exposer i got very worried so i got tested for it came negative then i got it tested after 30 days of exposer i got tested again it came out negative but it did not get a test done after that do i need to get tested again its been more than one year i don't have any symptoms of Hiv and i was not exposed to anything like
Avatar f tn Today i got his result he is HIV positive. I know i m under great danger now. But here can experts tell me how much percent of transmission in my case. Unprotected process lasted for about 5 to 10 minutes. I knew after i ejaculated inside him. How much percent can warts increase.HIV? Kindly
Avatar n tn The lady told me not to worried since she is a working lady and does this only 2 times in a week, what are my chances of getting HIV? Can i get tested after 25 days or should i wait for 3months.. The CDC wedsite said even a 25days result accurate, is this true?
Avatar m tn I just wanna know if these could also be symptoms of HIV, or might this also mean the chlamydia has not been totally treated? is it possible to still be tested positive for chlamydia after a single dosage of Azithromycin? Thanx.
Avatar m tn Even i spoke to her that whether she is free from the disease she said yes but cant vouch on her because in a developing country like India people hardly talk about this Infection and very commonly they lie about there health status so keeping this in mind i am getting all the more paranoid
Avatar n tn And as I have said many times in this forum, the risk of HIV transmission from a single episode of vaginal intercourse, especially from female to male, is very low. As you imply, most health care providers would try hard to make sure someone with a newly positive HIV test learned the result--so no news probably is good news.
Avatar m tn She claimed to be clean, (I asked if she was sure and she replied she was positive she was clean). nonetheless I am FREAKING out about it because it was a casual encounter and I did not know the person. I have had no symptoms of anything but what are the chances that I contracted any STDs? I received oral sex for about 4 or 5 mins and then had unprotected anal sex for about 2 minutes, ejaculated inside and pulled out. Went home and showered immediately after.
Avatar n tn I went ahead today and got tested for everything, including HIV. They did a blood and urine test. 1. From what I am reading, is the testing too soon for some of these like Syphillis and HIV? What are the accuracy rates after 4 days? 2. What would you consider my risk of catching anything is, considering she likely has nothing? Am I worrying over nothing? 3. What percentage of the female population is carrying an STD if you take out the prostitutes and intravaneous drug uses?
Avatar f tn Hi, I want to ask like I finished chemo on 12 Feb so is it okay to get tested now should I go for instant HIV test or p24 antigen test...