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98010 tn?1305903335 I have a niece who is living with a friend that just found out he is HIV positive. What can she do to help her friend through this difficult journey? What precautions should she be taking for herself (just roommates, nothing intimate)? Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 24 year old male. I had a possible exposure to HIV on 1st Feb 2015(A month ago) Description of exposure: I went to a service bar where we get to pic a girl and we can fondle with her and request for a *******. I took one of the girls in my lap and started to fondle with her breast and nipples. In the meantime I was hugging her and kissed her neck and lips (no smooch she did not even open her mouth fearing infection.
Avatar f tn Overall the risk of an adult contracting HIV from nipple noshing would be extremely low. HIV is transmitted from: Unprotected anal and vaginal sex Mother to child during or shortly after childbirth Sharing IV drug rigs with and infected person ARS symptoms are not specific and can manifest themselves in many forms. On ARS symptoms, I suggest you to read this article from Dr Tan: This should help you.
Avatar f tn Also one thing i have learnt from this if at all i get through this then i am planning to educate ppl on HIV and AIDS via NGO and if i dont that if i turned positive then god know what i will do.
Avatar f tn I have become very good friends with the new roommate and he has secretly confided in me that he is HIV positive. My boyfriend does not know about his roommates HIV status and the roommate would like to keep it quiet. My concern with not telling him is the risk it puts my boyfriend in. My boyfriend has ulcerative collitis and is also anemic and so he is sick quite often. I am worried about them sharing a restroom. Is my boyfriend at risk? Should I tell him this information?
Avatar m tn There was no risk for HIV in this above. If there was no any exposure prior to this, then there is no need for an HIV test.
Avatar m tn no not at all...HIV virus doesnt live outside of the be relax and cool and you are totally safe...and dont required any test..
Avatar f tn So I have cracks in both corners of my mouth and I think it's angular chilitus and found out that HIV can cause angular chilitus. I got tested today and my results came back negative but it's only been 1 month since I could have possibly been exposed. I know to get the best results you should get tested 3 months after possible exposer and my question is if I'm showing HIV symptoms would it come back positive in my test results after only 1 month? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn When i got out of the shower to let her know that I used it, she was extremely concerned and told me that I should be tested for HIV since she is HIV positive (we've have only met recently in the beginning of college). its been about a month and a half since then and I'm waiting to go in and get tested to know for sure. But now I'm so concerned that every ache and ever throat tickle sends me into lil bouts of anxiety till I can calm myself down a couple of days later.
Avatar n tn Hi there, The other day I knocked my roommates razor off of the shelf in the shower and afterward I held the razor up to the streaming water in front of my face. I'm worried that there could have been blood on the razor, subsequently getting into my eyes (I remember water splashing around/in my eyes). It was probably at least 2 hours before she had taken a shower and I'm not even sure if she had used the razor.
Avatar n tn This is the fourth time you have asked a variation on the same question, in relation to the same friend who is HIV positive. The replies are the same. But it is clear you are having trouble accepting the minimal HIV risk associated with sharing a life, or living in the same household, of someone with HIV. In fact there is no risk, but given your fears, I agree you probably should not agree to be his roommate.
Avatar n tn My exposure was vaginal (protected) unprotected oral and fingering/kissing with IV drug user and rumored HIV positive woman (I’ve now been told she is positive, but I don’t know if its 100% reliable). When I went to test at about 100 days, I had just begun to have a flu like illness 4-6 days before my test. If this was ARS would that have made my test result inaccurate? As my seroconversion illness had just begun, and therefore the antibodies hadn’t become prevalent enough to be detected?
Avatar n tn Just to be sure, you are concerned about having gotten HIV from your roomates who might have gotten HIV from contact with the person who has been diagnosed as having HIV. Lets go to the questions: 1. Smoking on a glass pipe after the HIV infected person. No risk, even if you or this person had a sore or even blood on the pipe. No one has ever gotten HIV from an exposure of this sort.. 2. Could you have gotten HIV from using your roomate's eye drops.
Avatar m tn I think if this test comes back negative, I will finally be able to move on (hopefully). Should I be worried about false positive or real positive tests if I have already had 2 negatives?
Avatar n tn Statistics are also on your side. If your partner had HIV and if he did not use condoms, your risk of getting HIV from each exposure is about 1 in 1000. Now for your specific questions: 1. See above. Rates of HIV are somewhat higher in the Cameroon than the U.S. or Western Europe. Much of the problems from that part of the world however arise because people do not get tested. Your partner was. 2. You may not have "gotten" BV from this episode.
Avatar f tn Are a lot of strippers hiv positive ? I have read that even most CSW are hiv negative. Please respond promptly.
Avatar m tn Hi Guys, Just wondering...i have been reading so many things about HIv and its ways of transmission... but im still wondering and thinking abt it.... i have few questions i like answers for 1) i had a exposure almost 18 years back unprotected anal with some room mates..all i can say is none of them are hiv postitve cause most of them are married now and settled down.. ... i have never fallen seriously sick neither have i had any weight loss or any rashes.
Avatar n tn about a week before i was due to fly back to england, i had unprotected vaginal sex a couple of times with my roommates friend. i'm 21, white, male, uncircumcised, non iv drug user. she's 19, white, female, non iv drug user. i wasn't too worried as she was my roommates friend and i had met her on a number of occasions and she never seemed to be involved with anything risky. a couple of days later, i developed a white coating around my foreskin.
Avatar n tn They said no news is good news and I haven't heard from them. Tested negative for HIV. I will go again to be tested for HIV at 4wks and again at 3 months. How much risk did I put myself at for disease? When I read the posts on Med Help I think HIV doesn't spread easily but elsewhere you read about girls who say it was just one time and they were infected. The Vegas guy seemed straight and not someone who uses iv drugs.
Avatar m tn recently i had been to one forest for trip where along with my friend my another roommates friends also had come and there was one guy who was very promiscious. he was telling that he had a sex with many prostitues without condom and drugs too but he told he never tested and he doesnt want to know it it seems. after that days trip we slept and next day morning since it was a forest and there were no toilets we had to do it outside only and had to take water from one small pond.
Avatar f tn self-diagnosing over the internet, but I'm still about 5 weeks out from being able to take a 3 month HIV test and looking for something...anything to ease my mind until then. As a new member, I'm not sure if this board is the proper place to do this so if not, please direct me elsewhere. I am a 21 year old heterosexual female and have always been a hypochondriac in virtually every aspect, with increasing anxiety and symptom chasing since I started college.
Avatar n tn I am not sure whether or not I had herpes present or not, I generally cannot tell unless they occur in my mouth. I have not discussed my situation with my two roommates and have been taking the precautions to make sure they don't get it. Saturday was a screw up, he took a sip after I had. 36 hours later on monday morning he said he had diarrhea. He has had it for a couple days and on/off upset stomach. Could I have given it to him or do you think this is just a coincidence.
Avatar f tn I had sex with someone who I had forgotten was a boyfriend of one of my roommates about 11 years ago. I didn't forget that, but forgot that she came down with a genital herpes infection after dating just him for two years. One night I did not have protected sex with this man and about two days later I had some burning sense of irritation. I went to the doctor and they could find no sores and no other infections.
Avatar f tn I know strep is a bacterial infection and HIV is a virus but I'm wondering if having a compromised immune system as 1 would with HIV could cause repeated bouts of strep. The first time I was on antibiotics for strep, however, I drank while on them so that could be a likely reason for it returning. At the time I was diagnosed with strep again, I became terrified to the point of rapid heartbeat, nightmares, obsessive thoughts, etc.
Avatar f tn SORRY IT'S SO LONG, BUT ALL OF IT IS IMPORTANT Oh definitely. I don't ever plan on having unprotected sex again unless I'm in a long-term relationship and we both have been tested a couple of times since before we do it. Now that I understand the nature of my manic periods I'm better able to resist the temptation and feelings of invincibility that were behind my terrible, terrible decisions. There was an incident a while back. I was still on .
Avatar f tn I went and saw my urologist and did blood work everything can back negative except for HSV 1 he told me it was to soon to show HSV 2 or HIV i know i had HSV1 already .He said it could been a reaction do to strees and guilt of the encounter I'm on valtrex now it's been 2 1/2 weeks and in still feeling flu like symptoms. I feel weak and headache, feeling of ill no fever no chills. My question is 1. During oral sex could there have been holes in the condom before going to anal sex? 2.
Avatar m tn I chose to stop taking the Fentanyl, I could easily be on it for ever due to HIV pain but I chose to stop! That should of made a difference on how I was handled at intake but it is assumed that anyone entering Detox house is an addict.
Avatar n tn I am hoping I can find a full time job soon which might offer benefits while I am still in school, but for now my part time job offers nothing. I think I am afraid that if it is positive my whole life will be out of control. For the first time in my life everything finally seems settled down and I am happy. Oh, and his dad developed cirrhosis and passed away 3 years ago. He went most of his adult life not knowing he had it and he found out the same way-when he applied for insurance.
Avatar n tn How is transmission even possible? Only thing I can think of is sharing my electric trimmer with my roommates while in college. The physician also said that I have to absolutely avoid: * Sex * Alcohol * Contact sports Please someone tell me it will be ok, or am I on a death sentence?
Avatar n tn You will go thru a period of shock for awhile, questions on hows and whys will go thru your head, I get it, trust me, but eventually you have to tell yourself that there are worst things out there and if this is the only thing you have than you will be more than ok. Keep positive, just try.