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Avatar m tn There was no risk for HIV in this above. If there was no any exposure prior to this, then there is no need for an HIV test.
Avatar m tn I had an incident with my roommate when we all went away for a weekend trip and now am concerned about it. I ended up using her shaving razor about 5 hrs after her (the razor had left over shaving cream and a bit of her hair caught in between the blades, and im I can't remember if i cleaned it all out b4 using it) and cut myself doing so, and bleed a little.
Avatar f tn This past year and last year, I was in two situations where I'm not sure whether or not I would be at risk for HIV. One of the incidents was about a year ago. One of my boyfriend's roommates hit his head and it was bleeding. I helped him by putting pressure on the wound and I'm pretty sure I wore a glove on at least one hand but I'm not sure if I did on the other. Also, the other situation was with another one of my boyfriend's roommates. He had a new tattoo.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm not sure exactly how to ask this, but I'm going to anyway. As I move forward in my career I've heard from friends of potential employers that I'll have to submit a Hair Follicle test which normally would be fine. I don't do any drugs but I have a couple of roommates who smoke Marijuana like it is going out of style and the house constantly stinks of Pot. I'm extremely worried about the potential of failing a Hair Follicle test for not being on drugs.
Avatar m tn now what i am afraid most is that i suspect my dad may have hiv,because i think he may sometime has sex with a prostitute in,i am afraid maybe sometime he have used my toothbrush.and i also fear that my classmates,roommates may,i take my toothbrush with me alltime.could anybody tell me something about this?
Avatar n tn I have 2 roommates. I got up 10a.m and brush my teeth, then I found out the toothpaste I spit out was orange,which means open wounds caused by brushing were in my mouth. My roommie got up 4hours earlier than me and went out for class. I don't know their status. What if they mistakenly used MY brush and also came out blood, then I used my brush 4hours later without notice? is this a risk ?
Avatar n tn Just to be sure, you are concerned about having gotten HIV from your roomates who might have gotten HIV from contact with the person who has been diagnosed as having HIV. Lets go to the questions: 1. Smoking on a glass pipe after the HIV infected person. No risk, even if you or this person had a sore or even blood on the pipe. No one has ever gotten HIV from an exposure of this sort.. 2. Could you have gotten HIV from using your roomate's eye drops.
Avatar n tn hello. thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. i have spent hours reading through 100's of threads on this forum and some of my questions have been answered before. i would really like someone to comment on my personal experience. so, i am a british/us citizen and was living in lansing, mi. about a week before i was due to fly back to england, i had unprotected vaginal sex a couple of times with my roommates friend. i'm 21, white, male, uncircumcised, non iv drug user.
Avatar f tn Hey i been freaking out with this covid 19 risk at the same time it's making me worst with other virus risk as well.I been cleaning bathrooms every time i use with clorox but at the same time i don't feel like it's enough i have 3 more roommates. Anyways my question how much can hiv live outside surface i dropped my toilet paper roll on the floor and picked up and used after.
Avatar m tn You had no risk for HIV from oral sex and no risk for HIV from protected vaginal sex.
Avatar n tn 3.5 wks ago in Vegas I had a drunk night that resulted with me kissing a random guy at the bar. I proceeded to bring him back to the hotel suite that I was sharing w/a few other girls. The next morning I woke up naked and the guy was gone as were my panties. I do not remember if we had sex. I have barely any recollection of him besides being a handsome, clean cut appearance. My vaginal area did not feel sore. I haven't had sex in 9 months so I think my body would have felt sore.
Avatar f tn So me and my bf are staying with his roommates and the power got cut off at 9:00 this morning so I went to my moms. While my bf went to school he gets home talks to his roommates and they say they paid the light. This was at 1:00 so we're at my moms my bf comes home at 6 to see if it's on and nothing so me and him call the light company and it turns out his roommates were supposed to pay the whole $315 from last month and they only paid $114.
Avatar m tn I started worrying about this 2 weeks ago because i developed runny nose, coughing, i did not had night sweats or fever, but at some point at the night i was feeling very hot although my roommates did not feel anything and i also have had recurrent cold sore outbreaks and today my stool was green. How risky do you think my exposure is?
1770029 tn?1325802355 A couple of weeks back, I accidentally had some of my friends drink whos lips sometimes bleed. I know she shared drinks with an HIV pos family member so of course I worry about contracting it. Two weeks later, i came down with a head cold -- which freaked me out. My roommates began to get sick also. I also have a bruise like thing on my thigh which hasnt gone away yet. Could any of these things be caused by anxiety? Thank you. God bless.
Avatar m tn Hello, I've posted here before. I just feel like I need some extra clarification. It has been 6 months since my last post. I had a high risk exposure in September 2011. I was tested by my GP in January and June (3.5 months and 9 months post exposure). On the tests it said it was a antigen/antibody test, but I"m not sure if this is true. My doctor wasn't sure. My doctor keeps saying that 'testing can never be completely conclusive'. Is this true?
Avatar f tn My fiancée and I have crappy roommates, We would like to have a midwife but don't know if she would come out to the house? Our roommates trashed everything but it is there house and we can't say anything about it.
Avatar f tn Why does my adult dog (2 years old) continually pee and poop on my both of my roommates' beds but not mine? She was a rescue australian shepherd mix and is very smart. She learned her pottytraining very quickly and doesn't have "accidents" in our apartment. However, when my 2 roommates happen to leave their bedroom doors open she will sneak in there and use the bathroom on their beds.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, I just returned from Las Vegas and am a little worried about some possible exposures. While there, my roommates in our hotel decided to get a prostitute. When she entered the room I decided to leave and as I left she grabbed my hand to stay. This hand had a pretty nasty cut on it from a few hours earlier and was not covered with a bandage. I am not aware of how long viruses including HIV live outside the body and am a little worried about any possible exposures.
Avatar n tn I have a slightly enlarged lymph node on the left side of my neck that has been there a little over a week. My roommates were both sick about a week ago so I started taking vitamin c to prevent myself from getting a cold. I have had no symptoms of a cold and the lymph node does not hurt. Could it have been enlarged due to my body fighting off a cold before it started?
Avatar m tn I am a recovering IV drug addict with Hepatitis C( possibly HIV...will get tested soon). I recently had a relapse last weekend and injected some drugs. One 3/16" needle tip broke off the syringe and flew into the carpet. I searched and searched, but could not find it. Eventually I vacuumed the room like it had never been vacuumed before. I'm still concerned though, what if one of my roommates or a guest step on it? Could HVC (or HIV) be tranmitted this way?!!!
Avatar m tn My friend said she got hep C from her roommates boyfriend by touching his dishes while washing them. However she slept with a man who is homeless unprotected and has a drug issue. I told her she probably got it from the unprotected sex with the homeless man, but she insists she got it from doing her roomies dishes. Is that even possible to get it by touching dishes?
Avatar m tn At this point my anxiety was out of control. My roommates had strep throat; So, I thought I either contracted HIV or had strep. I went to the doctor and they put me on a cycle of antibiotics as well as anti-depressants. I told them about my situation and was promptly tested for STDs. These tests occurred two weeks after the last visit. This test included a antibody test. I also had a DNA PCR at 10 days and 20 days both negative, followed by a rapid test antibody test at 38 days.