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946446 tn?1295975694 Positive for overexpression.
1298247 tn?1288290953 my blood test for HCV by HCV antibody was positive , by liver sonography the following was found : normal size , smooth surface , slight coarse echo-pattern , no focal lesion & all other sonographic findings were normal , my blood tests for liver enzymes (ALT , AST) were normal , my quantitative PCR RNA test was under detectable level , i also was tested for HBV & HIV and the results were negative. what is my treatment regimen ? & what will be my prognosis ?
Avatar f tn From what I have been reading while a diagnosis of HIV+ is life changing, the long term prognosis is positive overall.
Avatar m tn I've read that a better prognosis is given where the cancer is ER/PR positive HER negative. Is this different/better than ER positive PR negative HER negative? Once you've moved to stage 4 is this still relevant (ie Is it better to be ER/PR+ HER-)? Why is HER+ considered to give a worse prognosis? As I understand it new drugs are coming on line to tackle this so presumably this will improve?
Avatar m tn But i went to Ranbaxy Laboratories may be within 3-4 days...that man there told me that if u go through HIV DNA test then it will be effective within 72 hrs and u will get your exact HIV status...and I went through that test....and it came was written in report that HIV DNA not detected....m confused????
Avatar m tn In addition to that, it would have had to be with someone who is HIV positive for you to be at risk. Therefore I do not believe that you need to be too concerned as I feel that it is highly unlikely. Obviously every time we have a HIV test, there is always the possibility that the result might be positive, but one has to put oneslef at risk in the first place, and this is not very clear in your case.
Avatar m tn Since I suspect my reassurance will not completely resolve your concerns and you will want to be tested, I will also point out that if these symptoms were due to HIV, your HIV blood test will be positive within 7-10 days after the symptoms began. I hope these comments are helpful. Try not to worry an I hope your sore throat gets better soon.
Avatar f tn I m 35. Usg normal, fibroscan F0-F1,normal. Hbv dna 6100 iu ml. HbeAg antibody positive, hepB e antigen negative. Dont know my genotype unfortunatelly. Shall i begin treatment??
Avatar n tn Hello everybody I have a question. I am a high myope -23 both eyes. I know that those thing such get blind etc. nobody knows if this will happen or not. And that talking about this is just guessing. So i wonder what is the situation now in 2012. Because of AVASTIN or maybe some new research or maybe pioneer researches, what is prognosis of a pathological myopia today. It's better or it is still a black scenario. Seems the future bright right now for us or not yet?
492898 tn?1222243598 Before surgery, no enlarged lymph nodes could be felt by examination, and no positive for cancer lymphnodes were detected by Ultrasound and/or MRI either. My surgeon was suspicious though, and it only came out during the operation that about 16 out od 22 lymph nodes were positive for cancer and this following 6 treatments with chemotherapy. The chemo did well on the breast but not on the nodes.
Avatar f tn intended for use in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers of disease progress for the clinical management of HIV-1 infected patients COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® HIV-1 Test INTENDED USE This test is intended for use in conjunction with clinical presentation and other laboratory markers of disease progress for the clinical management of HIV-1 infected patients.
Avatar f tn t work they will begin to do experimental drugs. I am trying to remain positive but it seems hard to maintain that and she is very discouraged. I have read the prognosis stats and find them frightening as well as confusing. I know everyone is different but is there a prognosis for this type of cancer and stage that has undergone these tx's? I just want to know what to expect and can't find any sites that clearly answer this. Any information that you have would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been screened for all stds and HIV a few times. I also had been tested for HCV with an antibody test sent to a lab. It was about 9 to 9.5 weeks since toothbrush incident and almost 7.5 weeks since our last sexual encounter. Which was negative. My questions to you are 1-is this a reliable timeframe for testing? 2-how long until you would consider it conclusive with today's testing? 3-would HCV and HIV interfere with each others antibody testing?
13358727 tn?1432326927 With 7 hiv negative tests in total, the last being at 83 days from exposure I finally got to move on. This HSV 1 igg positive has me thinking that whether my hiv tests were influenced by HSV interference?