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Avatar f tn Nowbody has the knowlege, even the doctors. I just want to: 1. Can hiv positive men can make pregent to women who is negitive. 2. Can hiv damage hormone of women or men. 3. Some women used to be pregent with hiv positive, is it that pregent made when he was negitive.
Avatar n tn So pls get ELISA and western blot done to check your HIV status. Some countries have HIV testing done at home.For this HIV kits are available in the market. The testing procedure involves pricking your finger, placing drops of blood on a specially treated card, and then mailing the card in for testing at a licensed laboratory. The test uses traditional ELISA and Western blot procedures and has been shown to be as reliable as HIV tests used by doctors and hospitals.
Avatar f tn Welll it hurts me to say this but I tested positive for HIV 1 I guess it can be 3 months
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar f tn i recieved brief oral sex which was unprotected of hiv positive who has told me in the past hour via facebook. it lasted for 20 seconds but i also think ive got another std of her as i have a sensation in uethra and need to urinate frequently also got lower back pain its 48 hours since incident now should i seek pep in the morning or what or is it no risk now this is really petrifying to me.
Avatar f tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn what was your activated that made u sacred of HIV
Avatar f tn pdf Page 11 #4 In an adult, a positive HIV antibody test result means that the person is infected, a person with a negative or inconclusive result may be in the “window for 4 to 6 weeks but occasionally up to 3 months after HIV exposure.
Avatar m tn Also if you think that oral sex is not at risk for HIV, the doctors are more expert than you and I don't think that fearvishal should interrupt PEP. Teak and Lizzie Lou, you always say that oral sex give or receive is not at risk, but there are (few) case documented of HIV get in this way (only for giving oral sex, no case documented for receive oral sex instead) did you know? So i think that maybe you should change your point of view about this sex act.
Avatar f tn and they are suggest me to come back 3 months again which I return to clinoc and get tested but the resuly still 2 negative and 1 positive ,but the doctors tell me I am in window period stage where antibody not develop fully,after it pass 3 years(6 years afyer exposure) so I went to test to private lab where I given CMIA ab/ag negative Immunocromathography positive Elfa negative Can some one help me...
Avatar n tn i have read abot it Thrush This is THE MOST COMMON infection among hiv positive people. Thrush is a condition that is located in the mouth and is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. White patches on the walls of the mouth, gums, and on the tongue is a good indication of this fungal infection. In addition, people may have a burning sensation and an altered sense of taste.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms in this are irrelevant, for a start they have lasted too long and ssecondly if your symptoms were due to HIV then you would have tested positive or in the least indeterminate on your tests. The HIV test does not look for HIV itself it looks for the antibodies that are produced. The ARS is caused by the production of antibodies not by the illness itself which is why if your symptoms were ARS then your tests would be showing antibodies. Yes, you had a risk but it was a low one.
Avatar f tn Sir, then why indian times says that hiv 2 virus kit is not in the market in some website it is said that if hiv 1 virus is positive then we have to check hiv 2.
Avatar m tn I recently befriended a HIV positive man, and having anxiety issues I hide my fear from HIV from him because it's just not fair. I have a few questions. Handshaking, hugging, sharing drinks is all ok as far as I know. However last time something scary happened. We were sitting outside and a mosquito kept flying around us and we both tried to intimidate it away, however he felt a mosquito bite and so did I shortly after.
Avatar f tn There are no doctors here. This is a moderated HIV prevention forum. You never possessed any risk from what you have mentioned. 1. Condom protected sex is safe sex. 2. Even if we 'assume' your partner was HIV positive, if some infected fluid made contact with a wound in your body, there can be no risk attributed to this, HIV can't infect out of the body.
Avatar n tn hello doctors i am becoming more worried with myself and it will not leave my mind of thinking i am HIV positive because i last had sex about 3 months ago but i found out that the women i had sex with was pregnant after i wore a condom.then when i had finished i noticed that there was blood coming out of her vagina but i still had my condom on so i did not get into contact with her blood but she did perform oral sex on me before we went into intercourse.
Avatar n tn I am HIV positive &came to know last nov 04h cd4 200 after some medication from nov 2005 I started taking antiretroviel Devoir E & completed one yerr with this . my weight is 70kg. & age 40years. I was affected by Harpis. That time I came to know about this. Now I am always having the threat of my life. Sept 06 I have CD4. 340.& STILL TAKING DEVOIR E kit regularly. My question are !
Avatar m tn The doctor said, it's not in my bloodstream yet. Also on that same day i tested NEGATIVE on HIV. Three weeks after having tested negative for HIV I went to get tested again by means of oral swab 1) is it possible that i contracted this virus (HSV-2) 2years ago and it's just now being active? How long is the window period for this? 2) is it now safe to say i don't have hiv? how long is the window period for this virus before it can be detected in your blood stream?
Avatar f tn you had a positive test was sent to hiv specialist scheduled to come back in 3 months BUT before you went you took 2 tests that came back negative then you went back to hiv dr and had viral load, etc done is this correct?
Avatar n tn i cant help but wonder if both our results were wrong, hers at 10 weeks and mine at 6, 13 and 15 weeks. it was hard enough trying to put this out my head but now im even more scared to death. i still have a swollen lymph node in the neck and sometimes i see something white in my troat, but cant tell if its a muscle or what they call trush. please respond anyone!!..this is driving me insane again. how long after your exposure did you test positive for syphilis and negative for hiv Natedov?
Avatar m tn do these symptoms mean i am hiv positive. i was told to come for a test at 6 weeks, i cant stand the stress from day 1, today is day 22.
Avatar m tn I recently had unprotected sex and developed symptom's such as fever, stomach trouble and went to the hospital around 9th march 2015 for check up, I did a hiv test and typhoid with the HIV coming negative and typhoid positive. treated myself for typhoid little after a week but had doubts about the HIV result because it was just 3weeks from my exposure to unprotected sex so I decided to retake another test at 24/04/2015 which i came out negative also and ,is 6weeks from my first one.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have not been able to sleep in quite days because of anxiety attacks thinking that i have the HIV virus. I used a condom, but I do not know if i broke. Anxiety is driving me crazy. In the tests I have 6 weeks after - negative. I took another tests 9 weeks afterwards - and negative again. In both of them my defenses are 105% (hemoglobins). I do not know how the 3 month rule works and it's killing me thinking that I could be positive in the 3 more weeks ahead.
Avatar m tn besides testing positive for hiv can doctors know the time you contracted the virus?
Avatar m tn Doctors, I recently underwent routine HIV test as it was required for applying for Life Insurance. I was surprised to see my lab results. They tested me by three methods. Method 1 :MEIA: Result: Reactive (s/co ratio 5.28 as against required less than 1 for negative). Method 2: Rapid test: Result: Non reactive, Method 3: ELFA: Result: Non reactive.
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