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Avatar m tn s such as fever, stomach trouble and went to the hospital around 9th march 2015 for check up, I did a hiv test and typhoid with the HIV coming negative and typhoid positive. treated myself for typhoid little after a week but had doubts about the HIV result because it was just 3weeks from my exposure to unprotected sex so I decided to retake another test at 24/04/2015 which i came out negative also and ,is 6weeks from my first one.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have not been able to sleep in quite days because of anxiety attacks thinking that i have the HIV virus. I used a condom, but I do not know if i broke. Anxiety is driving me crazy. In the tests I have 6 weeks after - negative. I took another tests 9 weeks afterwards - and negative again. In both of them my defenses are 105% (hemoglobins). I do not know how the 3 month rule works and it's killing me thinking that I could be positive in the 3 more weeks ahead.
Avatar m tn Welcome to the forum. Our opinions here are always honest! We do not pull our punches in assessing risk. Questions like yours are extremely common and the answers are always pretty much the same. Few strippers have HIV; oral sex almost never transmits HIV, even without a condom, and protected oral sex is absolutely zero risk; and hand-genital contact or fingering never transmit HIV, even if genital secretions are used for lubrication.
Avatar m tn (positive) can it delay hiv antibodies to 8 months,i got my 8.10 months hiv result(negative),is there any cure for hsv can i paln for baby after having hsv.
Avatar n tn Today with more recently developed tests, meaningful results are available earlier. Neither I nor any of my colleagues has seen someone who developed a positive HIV test more than 8 weeks following their exposure. You can be confident of your results. Your negative test result at 10 weeks means that you did not get HIV. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn And I know drugy’s are at a high risk. So I made her get a HIV/STD test a month ago. She tested negative for HIV and STD's and she said the last time she slept with him was about 5 weeks before hand but I don't know if I believe her. The other day I did a rapid HIV test (like hers) & std test & everything was negative. This was 28 days after the last time I slept with her so almost 1 month (4 weeks) after the last time I slept with her. We only had vaginal sex.
Avatar m tn Really, i understand the first one but i always thought that doctors who were hiv + could not practice i guess thats some sort of discrimination and i am sorry but here in the uk do they have to tell the board or what? does that not put people at risk?
Avatar n tn Doctors recommend that all sexually active people be tested for HIV. Those that recommend testing after oral sex are few and usually not specialists in infectious diseases.
Avatar m tn Welcome -- but this question should be in the HIV Prevention and Safe Sex Forum; this forum is limited to STDs other than HIV. I'll see if it can be moved. The news is good, through: your test results are definitive. You do not have HIV and have been worrying needlessly. You had a zero risk exposure; scan or search other threads for other discussions of fingering with or without wounds on the fingers or hands.
Avatar f tn when you had sex with her, if she had HIV her test 6 weeks later would have been positive. She did not have HIV at the time you had sex with her. 3. No, you had a cold. the symptoms of the so-called ARS are totally non-specific and are much, much more likely to be due to a cold or flu than HIV. 4. You are clear. Further testing related to this exposure would be a total waste of time and money. Believe your test results.
Avatar m tn However reading on many of these cases where the partner is been confirm to be an HIV positive your responses still remains slim to none. I understand some of these cases can be low exposure such oral sex however when these people are having more then one exposure with a known HIV positive partner and you still assessing their chances of being infected slim to none makes me wonder. As i have come to know the risk of HIV in the US is worse than i thought of.
Avatar n tn Went to test to calm my nerves. What the odds this was a false positive? Could it have tested for a strain of HIV that the others don't? Going to my GP tomorrow to get another ELISA with a WB to either confirm or hopefully to undo a false positive. Help.
Avatar m tn ) Getting to these specific exposures, I would rate them all as zero risk for HIV, or very close to it. Oral sex is extremely low risk, even with HIV infected partners, is very low risk, and kissing and hand-genital contact and fingering have never been known to transmit HIV. From a medical or risk standpoint, you didn't need testing. However, the negative test results you report are reliable in regard to the event 4 and 7 weeks later.
Avatar f tn i recieved brief oral sex which was unprotected of hiv positive who has told me in the past hour via facebook. it lasted for 20 seconds but i also think ive got another std of her as i have a sensation in uethra and need to urinate frequently also got lower back pain its 48 hours since incident now should i seek pep in the morning or what or is it no risk now this is really petrifying to me.
Avatar f tn Welll it hurts me to say this but I tested positive for HIV 1 I guess it can be 3 months
Avatar f tn Talk to your Dr, rash and symptoms have nothing to do with HIV. Proven by tests.
Avatar m tn I got my CBC results back and i am very concerned. 6 weeks ago a had a what was described by doctors as a low risk hiv exposure. I have been tested every week and I'm getting -ve results. I was also tested positive for CMV IGG and HSV 1 IGG. I have been getting some joint and bone pain with some pain in the groin nodes but that all disappeared after a week. I had a random CBC and the results are confusing. Please Help. I also want to add that I took the blood test while on Augmentin 1,000.
Avatar f tn At a year, a false positive, you wouldn't get a false negative this late.
Avatar m tn In my opinion, if the doctors put him in PEP you are nobody for advise him to interrupt it. Also if you think that oral sex is not at risk for HIV, the doctors are more expert than you and I don't think that fearvishal should interrupt PEP. Teak and Lizzie Lou, you always say that oral sex give or receive is not at risk, but there are (few) case documented of HIV get in this way (only for giving oral sex, no case documented for receive oral sex instead) did you know?