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Avatar m tn Just found out I am HSV2 positive. Culture positive and IGG levels at +5. My last potential exposure was many years ago, so I guess I've been asymptomatic for a long time, or my OB's have been so mild, I've mistaken them for something else or haven't noticed. Well THIS outbreak is terrible, and no mistaking. Here are my questions: 1. Can I count this as my "first" OB?
Avatar f tn She tested 3 weeks ago for the required HIV yet and was negative. When they tested before delivery, it was a positive result. You can imagine what we're going through. She says she hasn't had any other sexual partners and I believe her. Naturally, I then thought about myself and an experience I had in a Mexican strip club 3 months ago. It was low risk, (head of penis might have rubbed against her underwear) but the thought is still there.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor, I went for a checkup few days ago after noticing small wart inside the tip of my pines. After screening the results came back positive for HPV 16 and 6. I have been in serious relationship in the past few months but was with multiple partners in the past. My fiance is around 11 weeks pregnant. I have not seen her for about 10 weeks as I'm working abroad.
652407 tn?1300740799 21. July 2010 Early HIV treatment can save more children's lives Efforts worldwide on access to treatment for children with HIV have reached a new milestone, with 355 000 children receiving life-saving HIV treatment at the end of 2009, compared to 276 000 at the end of 2008; but many more lives could be saved if more infants started on medication earlier according to new recommendations from WHO.
Avatar n tn Hi! Recently my boyfriend received his STD results. Everything turned up negative except Herpes Herpes Simplex virus type 1 ( EIA ): 1.4 (<1.0) Herpes Simplex virus type 2 (EIA): 2.6 (<1.0) Is there any chance that his result in HSV 2 can be false positive? I guess that the chance for a false positive is quite low. As I know, the HSV1 in his case is not high enough so that the HSV 2 can be affected by the HSV1 antibodies. Is it necessary to be retested?
Avatar m tn I was talking to one of the OBY nurse practitioners at our clinic today and she also practices at nearby Albany Medical Center which is a large regional hub for the treatment of HIV. Because of the co-infection rates of HIV and HCV they see a lot of pregnant women with HCV and she says emphatically that C-sections are not and should not be routinely reccommended for HCV infected women.
Avatar f tn What you need to do is fall back on past positive experiences. The same way you beat down the HIV irrational thoughts before. Honestly, you don't even need a test. Should you let this go? Absolutely. You don't need me to tell you that. You have been living with OCD long enough to know that. I'm sure though that at the moment you are feeling that despration...looking for anyway to get closure on this thought. Been stinks.
Avatar m tn AIDS is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). By killing or damaging cells of the body's immune system, HIV progressively destroys the body's ability to fight infections and certain cancers. People diagnosed with AIDS may get life-threatening diseases called opportunistic infections, which are caused by microbes such as viruses or bacteria that usually do not make healthy people sick.
Avatar m tn The chance that the delivery person has HIV is very low. 3. Even if 1 and 2 happened, if HIV virus were present on the staple, it would have died almost immediately after exposure to air and room temperature. 4. Staples are solid and do not have space inside them for blood to be transferred from person to person. There is absolutely no reason for concern and no reason for you to seek testing. consideration of PEP is totally un-necessary.
Avatar f tn The only risk to your baby would be during birth- and in that case they'd deliver them very carefully via c-section. If you were HIV positive your doctor would definitely notify you; whether they wait until your next appointment or not is per their discretion. Most of the time, if it is negative, they never bring the tests up. They only bring it up if you test positive on something.
Avatar n tn I have had blood tranfusion before two year at the time of my delivery due to heavy blood loss at one of the reputed healthcare firm in CA usa.Its been two year i have had blood tranfusion and m still worried though i m living normal healthy life and i breast feed my son after delivery too.I kind of remember flu like symptom after 6-7 weeks which was not sever.
Avatar f tn I tested negative for hiv 3 weeks ago. Now i just found out my boyfriend has Herpes and i don't have does this mean we hiv +? I have had infections during my pregnancy like yeast but it has now cured.
Avatar f tn U should try and b calm until u speak to ur doctor hiv can be prevented from passing to ur baby, if it turns out positive I pray not get proper counselling on how it can be managed
Avatar n tn Last week My boyfriend and I went to a friends birthday dinner. The person sitting next to my boyfriend is HIV positive and also has Hep. B. After eating from his spoon, the hiv positive friend picked up some ice cream from another persons plate(with the same spoon) and put it on my boyfriends bowl whichmy bf ate straight away before I could say anything. Ive been stressing ever since. Can either of those be caught?
Avatar f tn If you don't know because you've never been tested--- it would best to know if you are HIV positive, right? I'm not sure why anyone wouldn't want to know or take that simple test.
Avatar n tn All pregrant mothers going in for delivery will be tested for HIV. Most of the other diseases that you mention can not be prevented and are not contracted by sex or drug use, but HIV can be prevented.
Avatar f tn Can Chlamydia as a infection show up positive on a 10 parameter urine test dipstick? I understand that the dipstick is not specific but would it show up as a bacterial infection?
Avatar f tn I work in the ER and recently worked with a patient who is HIV positive. He presented with a hand fracture and a laceration to his pinky finger that he had sustained 6 days earlier. The laceration was sutured and dressed. When he took the dressing off, there was dried blood on it and a small amount of dried blood around the laceration. I cannot recall if I was wearing gloves when handling him.
Avatar f tn According to many researchers, a positive HSV-1 (cold sore) might lead to a false positive HSV-2 value because of cross-reactivity among those different strands of the herpes virus. That has been shown in the literature. In my case, however, this is not a relevant explanation since my HSV-1 values were negative.
Avatar m tn I'm male 30 years old. My girlfriend turned to positive HIV before 5.5 months,and prior to that we had unprotected sex(oral,vaginal and anal) for more than six months and several times.....following this issue I performed several test...8 weeks,3 months and 23 weeks post last exposure,all 4th generation tests and all negative(thanks god)...I did pcr rna qualitative as well in 21 days and 3 months post last exposure which came out not detected.
936016 tn?1332769204 Public Health doctors and people involved in the HIV diagnostic and treatment fields have been looking for innovative ways to increase the HIV tetsing yield. Several issues have conspired to prevent full take up of HIV testing and these include fear, difficulty obtaining testing, desire to remain anonymous and simply finding time to get tested in the first place. At Freedomhealth we're always looking at new ways of improving our service and allowing access to as many people as possible.
Avatar f tn For instance i got a delivery in the work, was a cardboard box with some books inside. On the side of the box was 2 small splash marks, which were red and look like blood. Im positive i washed my hands immedialtely after touching the box, however my mind tells me otherwise! I have small cuts on my hands, knuckles due to constantly washing my hands. I have seen the Doctor about OCD and she is referring me to a Psychologist. Could i have been at risk from HIV or is this my OCD?
Avatar m tn I was having very small tiny finger wound with two days age. I have done HIV test once I arrived Home after 6 days of incident Actually im not having any intercourse with anybody expect my wife My questios: 1- There is any risk from this incident HIV or STD? 2- Any risk of her vengeail sectration if touched my finger cut 3- Since im marred any problem for my wife 4- I need to do any testing? Type , when Pleas I’m thinking about this issue day & night and really effect my normal life?
Avatar m tn Hi Do we get hiv from a body rub from massage parlor, where she was totally naked and my penis rubbed rigorously on her chest stomach and boobs. Also she was naked and she rubbed her ***** against my thighs and she started to put fingers in her ***** where i stopped and i ejaculated. Is there any chance when my penis inner skin rubbed against her breast chest and body... i am uncircumsied. i think her ***** didnt touch my penis . what if her ***** touches my penis. I am really scared.
Avatar n tn In addition when I was tested for HIV I did not recieve the western blot or ELISA so I was concerned that HIV may not show up in a regular Labaratory blood sample and one day I will go in for a check up and have lab drawn again and it will show up positive for HIV. When I was pregnant they had me sign consent for HIV testing and I automatically assumed it was negative because the said if there was a problem they would give me a call. THEY never did!
Avatar n tn If at 5 days you dont have any of these then most likely your ok but for your wifes sake you should get tested for all stds,s including HIV. When we speak of HIV we dont confirm through symptoms or odds but by testing only.
Avatar n tn * Prophylactic caesarian section is not recommended in HCV infected mothers. The role of cesarean delivery in HCV/HIV co-infected mothers remains controversial. * Breast-feeding presents a low or negligible risk of transmission, and, given the well-documented benefits, should be routinely recommended. \ See:
Avatar n tn Last week she did a VDRL test and result came reactive. Doctor told to a Syphillis test for her and came positive. I also did a VDRL, HIV and HBsAg tests, but all results are non-reactive / negative. Do I have to do a Syphillis test or any other tests for further confirmation. I know that Syphillis is a STD, hence the question. Doctor suggested her to do Aminocethesis, but the appointment for these same couple of days after.