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Avatar m tn 1. Undetectable means the virus not being able to be detected by the testing technology. 2. Undetectable necessarily doesn't mean that one is HIV negative, one can be HIV positive and yet fare an "undetectable" result on a NAT Test considering their viral load being extremely low to no due to non progression or drugs prescribed to them. 3.
Avatar n tn However, this seems to contradict the general belief and impression that false positive (which results from the failure to distinguish non-hiv antibody form hiv antibody) is more likely than false negative?) The other thing is that false positive seem to get a lot of media attention while false negative is only tangentially mentioned in the public discussion on hiv testing except in the context of window period. I have another puzzle concerning the concepualization of false negative.
Avatar n tn if both partners are clean (definition in this case as 'infection & disease free', im assuming) no STD would be transmitted.
Avatar n tn I always thought that it meant just shaking hands and hugging WITHOUT contamination of infected fluids. When doctors say that HIV is not spread VIA casual contact, does that include the chance that their hands/body parts are contaminated with HIV infected fluids (blood, sperm, etc)? Sorry if this sounds dumb.
Avatar n tn urine has antibodies for HIV, not HIV itself, so HIV is not transmitted by urine. Manufactured by Seradyn, it is called the "Sentinel" test. A sample of urine is tested at a certified lab, using a modified ELISA procedure. This test must be ordered by a physician; this means the urine HIV test, by definition, is confidential, not anonymous. Because it is less sensitive than a blood test, positive results must be confirmed by a traditional blood sample (ELISA plus WB).
1563685 tn?1310402354 And based on the possibility mentioned by the doctors, would my possibility of getting HIV be 3 in 20,000 or 1 in 20,000?
Avatar m tn They told me that around 80 percent of people that have these persistent lymph nodes will be HIV positive when they take blood test. To make it more specific, there are two lymphs on each side of my neck (so, it means four in my neck) and 1 under my armpit. Those nodes have been swollen for around 1month to 2 months already. Nowadays, when i wake up, i feel very sick but when i start walking around, i feel that i am ok.
Avatar m tn 13 (very good). Mes symptoms are of concern? There really is no chance I have HIV? Thanks.Sérgio Ricardo.
Avatar n tn I understand that insertive oral sex is not an efficient means of HIV transmition. But does the fact that the lymph nodes on the neck are enlarged two weeks following the episode, rise suspition that I contracted HIV by this penile-oral contact? Should I ask to try tested by PCR (since it's probably too early for HIV DUO). Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I received protected oral sex from a sex worker last july and had a 3 month test which was negitive, however i have been suffering from severe pains in my hands and feet and knees for the last 5 months and before that i was feeling sick for about 6 weeks is there any way i could still test positive i also get pain in my eyes and head and recently i have been experencing itching on my lower legs.
Avatar n tn HIV is unable to reproduce outside its living host (unlike many bacteria or fungi, which may do so under suitable conditions), except under laboratory conditions; therefore, it does not spread or maintain infectiousness outside its host.
Avatar f tn An Equivocal test, by definition is an indeterminate test, neither negative, nor positive. However if the test was done after the recommended window period, in most cases this is because the test has found some random antibodies which have nothing to do with HIV.
Avatar f tn Eosinophilic folliculitis is the type HIV patients are seen with.. Which I am sure you arent HIV positive.. You know it is common for people to get Folliculitis.. Try not to tie what you have into HIV...
Avatar m tn I read either from the rapid HIV test website or from the CDC (point is I only go by reliable websites for important info) that although the window period is 3 months, in some cases it can take up to 6 months, however, the average has been observed at 25 days. So your probably fine, after 3 months I'd feel 99.9% sure you didn't have it if I were you.
Avatar f tn he or she has a CD4+ cell count below 200 cells per microliter OR his or her CD4+ cells account for fewer than 14 percent of all lymphocytes OR that person has been diagnosed with one or more of the AIDS-defining illnesses listed below.
Avatar f tn I am happy for that but cannot help wondering 1) how can it be 2) have i exposed myself to contracting HIV 3) how do we move forward 4) can he eventually become HIV positive ??? From her account, she was already diagnosed and aware before the relationship with him, but did not inform him.
Avatar m tn When discussing with him the subject i mentioned the possibility of having another test as tomorrow i will complete 3 months after the sexual exposure. He is affraid the if i happen to have a false positive, i will have a bigger problem on my mind. I am seeking your advise on the above issues: the 0.1pct difference, the 3 month conclusive period and the risks of false positive if i choose to repeat the tests. Just as a note, the Lab i use only provides the Combo.
Avatar m tn So I freaked out after reading about HIV risk of unprotected anal sex, and I decided to get tested for HIV antibodies (HIV EIA AB Screen) on October 14, 2014, which is 80 days or 11.4 weeks. The result came back as negative. Hence, is my result conclusive or not? Do I need further testing? I need some reassurance. My anxiety is killing me!!!
Avatar f tn Finally and most importantly, the false positive rate for PCR tests (i.e. a positive result in persons who do not have HIV) is higher than for blood tests. Each of this on this Forum have seen a number of people who were worried needlessly because of false positive tests. For all of these reasons, we rarely recommend testing for HIV diagnosis using PCR. 2.
Avatar m tn The person I was with tested negative for HIV with an OraQuick Advance test upon my request, his last sexual encounter before me being at least 66 days before said test. At 69 and 42 days respectively from both encounters I had a rapid, EIA test (with reflexes), and a full STI panel done - negative for everything. At 99/72 days respectively I had a rapid test done - negative again.
Avatar n tn Hello Doctors, In March I had vaginal intercourse with a girl who I later found out was HIV positive! The condom broke and I was exposed for about 1 to 2 minutes. 1 week later symptoms began, every SINLGE symptom I read on the net that happen during ARS, except for fever.