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Avatar m tn 1. Undetectable means the virus not being able to be detected by the testing technology. 2. Undetectable necessarily doesn't mean that one is HIV negative, one can be HIV positive and yet fare an "undetectable" result on a NAT Test considering their viral load being extremely low to no due to non progression or drugs prescribed to them. 3.
Avatar n tn risk in transmitting any STD through mutual masturbation, but I'm curious about the definition. It strikes me that something like Herpes or Syphilis might be transferred genitals-to-hands-to-genitals (that is, I masturbate my partner then masturbate myself). Does anyone have a sense of whether this is correct? I will pose the question to Dr. H too when the forum is freed up for more questions.
Avatar n tn I am a very healthy female who always practices safe sex with std free partners. One wk ago, after months of abstinence, I met with male friend known HIV positive with undetectable viral load (last test 1 wk before encounter) & very adherent to therapy. After washing his hands, he fingered my vagina for at least 15 minutes.I was quite lubricated and had no pain although he rubbed 2 fingers quite hard and deep. Then we had penile-vaginal intercourse with condom on.
Avatar f tn I am happy for that but cannot help wondering 1) how can it be 2) have i exposed myself to contracting HIV 3) how do we move forward 4) can he eventually become HIV positive ??? From her account, she was already diagnosed and aware before the relationship with him, but did not inform him.
1225178 tn?1318984204 I know of people who lost their jobs either during TX or as a result of disclosing their HCV positive status. Calling it chemo grants us the privacy granted to cancer patients but with less stigma and more safety. I rather don't like the term immunotherapy or immunomodulation because IFN is not the only agent being used; there is also RBV and it is not an immunomodulator, whatever that may mean. I also think that calling interferon an "immunomodulator" is deceptive.
Avatar m tn Your detailed history provides information that your HIV is almost certainly falsely positive. False positve reactions are, unfortunately far more common with PCR tests than false positives are with the recommended tests. Your experience of increased anxiety following the test is, similarly also common following a false positve reaction. If you had been infected, your antibody tests would have been positive some time ago.
2073572 tn?1334304607 The antibody test may take three months to become positive after the infection of HIV in such cases. Those who think that they may have been infected with HIV, are generally asked to wait at least for four weeks before going through the HIV tests. If in the first test no antibodies detected then the follow up test should be done after completing three months after the assumed exposure.
151543 tn?1233628148 One thing all the research agrees on is that C-Sections are safer for HIV/HIV-HCV co-infected moms b/c HIV is in all body fluids. The info seems somewhat ambiguous re: HCV-only infected C-Section where blood is the only carrier.
9662954 tn?1405609759 Thanks Hector for clarification and positive words of wisdom! I've had hep c dice I was a teenager. The only other condition I developed b/c I really am a klutz, it piecing my ear membrane so badly I disturbed the crystals and now have chronic vertigo (every day). So I wonder if I'm not exhausted from the constant perceived motion of this disease! Other than these two, hep c (1979) and vertigo 2014), I'm free and clear and happy to be alive! As usual I'm learning a lot!
Avatar m tn I see no medical need and agree with your psychiatrist that the risk for a false positive result is higher than the likelihood that you have HIV when your prior tests are considered. Finally, I will remind you that it was Einstein who said that one definition of insanity to to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. I advise you to believe your test results. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn ONE last question, I know you don't know my friend, but after I told him I tested positive for chlamydia, he went to the clinic and tested for HIV along with syphilis and gonorrhea, he told me everything came out negative except for the chlamydia, would somebody lie about something like this?
Avatar n tn how long does it take for HIV to show up and be detected... If my test was at least 12 weeks after the incident... Do i need to go back and get tested or is it final that I'm totally negative??? I heard HIV can take 6 months before it can be that true???
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Avatar n tn can a smooch or an oral sex can cause hiv with out doing intercourse if 2 persona are smooching and doing oral sex are thay prone to be piv positive
Avatar m tn I just have a single question. When does HIV symptom appear? How long does it last always? Can it be 100% cured within a week? The HIV symptom is un-sensitive with medication? I had 4 times protected sex in the past 2 years. 1st Oct 2012 -- Vaginal sex with sex worker. Sore throat happened around 21st Oct 2011. It was cured in about 5 days. Tested -- Negative 20 June 2013 -- Vaginal sex with sex worker. No sypmtom.
Avatar m tn Although these tests are not completely reliable until 28 days after exposure however, if your current symptoms started before you were tested, then you can be confident that the symptoms are not due to HIV. When HIV causes symptoms of this sort, the test is positive.
Avatar n tn heterosexual contact with someone either known to either have HIV or to be a high risk for having HIV. I find that curious, as no other definition is supplied. I know what it implies to me, just curious what others think about it. 5. Why is cunnilingus a very low or no risk? Perhaps, again, for a couple of reasons: 1. The more highly infectious cervical fluids (think I have that right) are found more deeply in the vagina than would normally be contacted during oral sex.
Avatar m tn For the past few months, I have been in a casual sexual relationship with another male who very recently tested positive for HIV. He tested negative several months ago, so his infection is a new one. Our sexual activities have been limited exclusively to oral sex. In almost all of our encounters, I performed fellatio upon him and swallowed his semen. I understand that the average risk of a single episode of unprotected oral sex is somewhere along the lines of one chance in 10,000.
Avatar m tn You've even gone so far as to say you hope i become hiv positive and that i deserved to be exposed to aids man-that's a helpful thing to say to a forum member. People with hiv have some kind of rite to infect people if they choose-is that the logic behind your previous statements? That's the problem with hiv- all it takes for someone to make your life worthless is a vindictive action.
Avatar m tn 44 with the IGM test and was told by her doctor that she was positive. Like a lot of others she had no symptoms. It had been well over a year since she last had sex. The last 2 men she had relationships with over a period of 14 years had recently tested negative. After researching the IGM test from Labcorp we both thought that this could be in error. We've been using condoms from day 1. I'm hSV1 pos, hsv2 negative. Only 1 sexual partner in 37 years.
Avatar n tn Condoms break, and there's also the potential for a heat-of-the-moment decision to have sex anyway if a condom isn't handy, breaks when putting it on, etc. You also need to know with confidence that your partner(s) are not HIV positive. ASK! And if he refuses to answer, or says he is positive, it's sayonara, buddy. (If he is negative, still use condoms, unless and until he and you commit to an exclusive relationship.
Avatar n tn I heard the fever and rash are the leading symptoms for anyone going through acute hiv symptoms so i had home access HIV test done a week ago which came negative. It has been about a month or more since my last exposure and scared that the hiv antibody has not shown up in my body. The main question is the tingling sensation on my feet and hand and the rash on my forehead are symptoms of primary herpes outbreak and if not should I get tested again for HIV?
Avatar f tn i am high risk for HIV, and i have some symptoms (some of these aren't your standard symptoms you hear about, but i found them on a site as symptoms and i do have them so i will list them): 1) thrush 2) genital warts 3) had a white spot in mouth once, after taking a drink, and it went away about an hour later 4) last time i was sick was shortly after last summer, during my promiscuous times, and it took me 4 months to recover (bronchitis & pneumonia) although i kept smoking (weed) the whole
Avatar m tn What part of "You do not have HIV was unclear" 1.How much probability of 3-1/2 month negative test turn to positive in future 6 mon or 1 year? Is there any case recorded like that?? This does not happen. 2.generalized swollen lymph nodes means acute hiv infection(every where I see in google).. I got lymph nodes and it's painful what should I understand ? As experienced dr what you suggest me?? There are many other illnesses which can cause lymph node swelling.
Avatar m tn Bob at and on MedHelp's HIV community forum, that you are not at risk for HIV from the events described. 2) This question reveals the underlying problem here. For some reason you have a grossly inflated perspective on the downsides of sex. You're a much better judge than I can be about the origin of those feelings, whether religous or otherwise. But this isn't a topic for this forum. We deal with HIV transmission risks and related topics, but not psychology.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I'm very sorry to add to the wealth of questions on here from people who are clearly suffering from an unfounded HIV anxiety but I'm afraid I need some personal reassurance. I understand my risk of transmision is essentially zero and had managed to put the anxiety to rest. However, I then developed some worrying symptoms and the 'what ifs; started to creep back in. Let me explain: I had an encounter with a CSW. I recieved protected oral sex and I fingered her briefly.
Avatar m tn Though I've to go back for a 43 day (6 week) antibody test in a few days time (this is day 40) and to check the Chlamydia is gone, I have kind of got round to the idea that I am HIV positive and will just have to live life more positively one way or the other. I'm seeing this as an opportunity in a way, the suspected ARS has been kicking my life into shape, changing my diet, exercise and sleep patterns and stress management.
Avatar n tn check this out... I got it from Dr. Bob forumn It's from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (CDC, NIH) and was published in January of this year. Hopefully it will provide you with the information you require; TABLE 1.
Avatar f tn I almost had 10-12 antibody tests from labcorp- icma and hiv 1/2 from quest all negative at 3-6 mon intervals. I also had hiv-1 dna pcr, qualitative hiv-1 rna pcr, hiv 2 specific EIA from labcorp all negative. I also had hiv 2 dna, hiv duo test, pcr from labcorp and hiv 2 dna/rna pcr from quest all negative. My last test was almost 30 months from last exposure. I am in a new relationship now and my partner develoepd fever 103 3 weeks after exposure and thst is worrying me.