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Avatar n tn I want to know if just wearing a condom will prevent me from HIV if my boyfriend is Positive? Simple? I hope so coz I love him, but we have not had sex yet.
Avatar m tn When I used to do anal sex (men 2 men) bareback with my partner, I ejaculated my semen into his anal and that happened several times. We are both sure that we are not HIV positive and not bleeding either during the sex. So, is that risky to get HIV positive for me and him? Another thing is to say that sometimes when I put my penis into his anal and start throbbing, a yellowish (poop type) fluid comes from his *** and get slippery of my penis. Is that also carry the risks of HIV Positve?
Avatar f tn I am 23, I took a HIV test (mouth swab) and it came out with a faint positive. I want to seriously die, I dont know how i am going to cope with this. i feel so alone. I dont know who to talk to or what to do. I wont get the blood test back til a week and i just cant stop crying.
Avatar n tn 5% of the population), yet 1/3 of the people who are HIV-positive don't know of their positive HIV status. **** (no pun intended).
Avatar n tn The replies are the same. You didn't catch HIV. With modern HIV testing, nobody ever turns positive at 6 months. You need to work to come to a point where you can trust the test results and trust the providers who have advised you. Please direct any further questions to them. It sound like you should also ask about the possible value of referral for professional counseling, since you're obviously having trouble with the emotional aspects of all this.
Avatar n tn He lives in a country where hiv testing is routinely done on all pregnant women, and the mothers and the children all seem perfectly fine and he looks very well and has a new girlfriend. Would it be highly likely he could be hiv positive and not have passed it on to any of these mothers and still not know himself, after maybe twelve years?
Avatar f tn Your best course of action, now that you found out your boyfriend was unfaithful, is to request him to go in for a standard STD and HIV screening. This will help to eliminate the guess work for what you should be testing for. If he is unwilling, I would suggest you start preparing for a battery of STD tests yourself. Unprotected oral and unprotected vaginal sex puts you at risk for nearly anything. It sounds daunting, but its really not.
Avatar f tn I am 40yr old heterosexual female, and i have been in a relationship for 2yrs, and i have not slept with another man. My boyfriend and I did break up a couple months ago due to possible cheating on his end, which he denies. Two weeks ago i go in for my annual physical, and my Dr. does the full blood work including STD's, i suffer from anxiety, so he is aware that i want to check for everything.
Avatar f tn My very best friend has a new boyfriend. They have been dating for 3 months & now his boyfriend has symptoms & tested positive for gonorrhea. My friend had gonorrhea about five months ago but had it taken care of by his doctor right away. When he heard his boyfriend tested positive he also went to his doctor...but he tested negative & has no symptoms? Does that mean his boyfriend either has had it the entire time? Or maybe his boyfriend cheated on him?
Avatar n tn Second question, my boyfriend recently received a phone call that someone he had been with in the past six months tested positive for HIV. He says he hasn't been with anyone in the past six months and thought it was me, but it wasn't. Is it protocol to have someone who tested pos. to list all their sexual partners or just the ones from the past six months? He thinks she is from at least two years ago.
Avatar m tn I am not worried about HIV or any other std as well. I just want to make sure my girlfriend was not effected by my serious mistake. Thanks for the answers.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend last sexual encounter was 11 months ago and I was one year ago. Five days after my boyfriend acompany his best friend to get a HIV test because the person was nervous an in so doing he did another test to make his girlfriend feel comfortable only to find out he was tested positive. These test were all rapid test done but I cant understand why the resons for a different result.
Avatar n tn I am happy to compromise, work things out with him and reassure him ( I think he is very insecure -feels abandoned by parents cause was adopted and is HIV positive so feels toxic- but I am not prepared to sacrifice everything I value or my friends because he feels jealous and will get angry. So as corny as it sounds I stay because I love him and see the great guy he is. Which brings me to my question.......
Avatar n tn Hi - my boyfriend had a one night stand without using a condom before dating me and didn't tell me until after we started having sex without condoms. Putting the fact that he didn't tell me aside, he got tested once (this was about 2 months after his one night stand) then tested again at 3 months. Both times he came back negative. About a month ago I went and got myself tested - this is about 5 months after we started having sex without condoms and I am also negative.
Avatar f tn So my ex boyfriend showed me his test and it said negative to everything except HIV. It said <.9 equivocal. What does this mean? He told me it meant negative but if it did then why wouldn't they just put negative? I haven't had sex with him but I need to know what this means. PLEASE HELP ME... Would appreciate it so much! Thanks!
Avatar n tn It has been 16 days after the sexual contact and i have just developed a bad fever, very sore throat and a headache, which ive heard are all symptoms of acute hiv. Please, what should i do, what are the risks of hiv infection, and is there any point in being tested, would anything show up!!! Any help would be much appreciated thank you.
Avatar f tn Sure it is possible. He could be HIV positive and not have AIDS and she could have contracted it somewhere else all together. You nor she can find anything about him due to the HIPAA laws. All the health department will do is send a letter to advise him that he may have been exposed so someone that has tested positive and to seek medical attention.
Avatar f tn "Should I mentally be preparing myself for a positive result? " You are WAY overblowing this. First, there's no indication that he is HIV+, and most people aren't, so that alone is statistically unlikely. Second, HIV is not that easy to transmit, and even in risky situations, the odds aren't even as high as 1% Fortunately, you didn't have a risk as oral sex doesn't pose a risk (giving or receiving), even when blood is present.
6939574 tn?1390931449 They tested me and came back positive for Chlamydia. I got an hiv blood test and it came back negative. That was only 3 weeks after exposure. I have now been feeling very ill. I been nauseous, not hungry, sweaty and cold, and having loose stools. I been burping a lot too? 2 nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night thinking I was going to puke. I felt like I had a fever. This is 4 weeks after exposure.
1502574 tn?1289404209 at that time i don't know if my boyfriend is hiv positive or not. you told me don't worry,so i was Peace of mind。 i am a gay i make love with my Ex-boyfriend twice。maybe three times. strictly,just only have oral sex.only use my mouth..he did not do that for me. we do it a bit violently ,and there is a Oral cavity ulcer in my mouth,but it is nearly Rehabilitation,no blood. after the sex,there is nothing Uncomfortable in my mouth.
Avatar f tn "All I think about is dying from HIV" This is no way to live. You must get your results. Symptoms do NOT prove HIV. Only testing. HIV test are among the accurate and specific out there, including rapid test. How relieved you would be to hear you are negative? Take responsibility and charge of this situation and test right away. You are not alone. And yes, anxiety can wreck a person physically.
Avatar m tn I'm a little confused as to whether the brief sexual encounter you described was with your regular partner (who apparently had cheated) or with someone else -- but I don't think it matters in regard to your STD/HIV risks. First, heterosexually transmitted HIV is less common than you may think.
Avatar f tn Hi doctor im hoping you can help me with my problem.
Avatar m tn hi, during french kissing (i'm negative, my boyfriend is positive) mine gums started to bleed, is there a possibility that i have been infected?