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Avatar n tn Everyone knows nutrition is a major factor during pregnancy, but I wondered how much it influenced conception. So after doing some research found that it also plays a HUGE role. Which makes sense since it is essentially the foundation and beginning of the whole process. It is especially important for those having difficulty with conception and those old folks like me. Today I purchased prenatal multivitamins for the first time.
Avatar m tn The proper diet ensures that your body has the fuel and nutrients it needs to live well with HIV. It's even more important when you have HIV, says Ernesto J. Lamadrid, MD, director of HIV/AIDS services, Alachua County Health Department in Florida, and adjunct clinical assistant professor at the University of Florida College of Nursing in Gainesville. A healthy diet is helps to boost an immune system weakened by HIV. Some strategies for boosting your nutritional intake.
Avatar n tn Malnourished people are more prone for recurrent infections due to deficiency of macro and micronutrients. AIDS is a severe stage of HIV infection where the person is immunocompromised.AIDS patients are prone for recurrent infections like respiratory tract infections, fungal infections, tuberculosis and many other infections. Malnutrition and HIV are immunocompromised conditions, the cause and treatment being different. Do write to us again. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar m tn Would the 'viral set point' be affected by my diet, exercise regime just now. Other than the regular nutrition and exercise advice for non-infected individuals, what additional nutrition advice should one follow at this time? Any particular supplements one should take? What sort of exercise regime should one follow? I guess also my kitchen, and rest of house needs to be super hygienic?
Avatar m tn I have always wanted to get tested but i'm ashamed to do so. So i found out about HIV Test Kits, Just this year March. The one i bought was from a website called 1mintest.The testkit is called EZ-Trust. Its an approved test kit listing in USAID. The result i received was negative. I read online that cunnilingus carries very low risk and using a condom could greatly reduce the chance of contracting HIV.
Avatar n tn I am looking to see if anyone with HIV has tried Monavie. Would like to know if your bloodwork improved, energy levels increased or did you stay unchanged. This is a really good natural juice that provides excellent nutrition and its high in antioxidants. your input would be greatly appreciated. friend in need.
Avatar n tn and based on all I've told you,2)how much risk is my situation and3) what are the odds of one time vaginal sex without condom for a circumsised male because i read hiv is a very fragile virus and difficult to transmit from a woman to a man.
Avatar n tn A dear friend has recently been diagnosed as HIV+. Recently, he was hospitalised with herpes meningitis. He was apparently cured of this but is suffering with some after effects (poor memory, listlessness, anxiety). Immediately after leaving hospital he was started on his first HIV treatments (Kivexa ( KVA ) Epzicom & Efavirenz ( EFZ ). He is keen to know what are the chances of another herpes meningitis recurrence?
Avatar f tn So I decided to post this in order to provide hope and reassurance to those who have found themselves preoccupied with HIV due to a list of unrelenting symptoms during that anxiety-provoking window period. My story started following a brief unprotected sexual encounter. 3 weeks later I came down with a viral illness which hit me like a tonne of bricks - I had honestly never experienced illness like it before and was absolutely 1 million percent convinced I had contracted HIV.
Avatar m tn after 15 days without eat nothing but taking some antibiotic due to an infection in my eye described by the doctor as a bacteria i went to a clinic to make my regulary HIV test I take every year, just as a rutinary test due that I never had any bad symptoms. But a get a reactive elisa test and with the same blood they made a western blot test. I heard that a western blood test could be a false positive due to other viral diseas or a subclinical infection.
98010 tn?1305903335 I read a book on nutrition that says HIV attacks our lean muscle and creates a deficiancy in vitamin I always snack on proteins (nuts, soy, beans, and my fav mozzerella cheese 7.79g of protein!) and take vitamin B supplements on top of the normal multivitamin. I also load on protein during breakfast (my cereal always has 4-5 grams and I might have an egg or two as well), and as much as possible during dinner. Does any of this actually have an effect on anything? I don't know.
Avatar m tn I haven't had any other symptoms other than flank and lower back pain so far, I also took a 2 and 3 week HIV test negative also 4 week ora quick hiv test negative. What are my chances?
Avatar n tn Not that will affect an HIV test. You are HIV negative.
Avatar n tn I just recently found out that my children's grandmother (their fathers mother) is HIV positive. I by no means want to eliminate her contact with her grandchildren, however I do believe that a basic understanding needs to be established before hand. Their father and I can not seem to agree on the matter at hands and instead it's causing huge disagreements. Our children are ages 4 and 1. So needless to say, they are active, they fall, they constantly are scrapped and scratched.
Avatar m tn I don't think I'm at risk of HIV, however I have a couple of questions about it. I have been unwell for two months and doctors are very close to confirm a diagnosis of neuroborellosis (Lyme disease), however some results are still pending. One of the lyme-related result I had was a LOW absolute count of CD8-CD57+ Lymphs: 59 (range 60 - 360, where healthy patients usually have a value above 200). This result is very consistent with Lyme, however I read somewhere it can also be a sign of HIV.
Avatar n tn this has nothing to do with HIV. 2) White tongue has many causes, from minor viral infections to changes in diet and nutrition. But I doubt prostatitis can cause it. 3) Most prostatitis carries no ongoing important health effects. It is not likely to affect your fertility. However, this is something for you to discuss with your doctor. 4) Many urologists believe that regular sexual release is likely to benefit prostatitis.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr I tested Anti HIV which it's supposed to be ELISA at 1month mark,2months and a half mark, 3months and a half mark. they came out negative. But the thing is i started a vegeterian regime after the last test, then i felt myself weak after a couple weeks of following vegeterian regime. I went to test again at 4months and 10days mark. it was negative. I did search on internet on weakness and that was Vit B12 deficiency.
Avatar m tn Hi Dr Handsfield, 14 months ago (I was just turned 19 at the time) I had sex with a white (non-drug using) girl who was 16 years old (16 is the age of consent in Canada) FOUR different occasions. Lots of oral sex (me receiving) and unprotected intercourse which on each occasion wasn't too long but not too short either. I'm almost 100% I had no cuts and 100% did not have any sores or any STDs (this was my FIRST ever time having unprotected sex) or signs of any STDs. I am circumsized.
Avatar m tn i fingered her vagina a little(2-3 swipes ard the labia) with my finger(did not move in too much other than the first section of my middle finger), my finger had some kind of bloodless-breaks in the area where the skin is attached to the fingernail and some tiny skin peeling(bottom of the fingernail) with tiny bloodless/dried(aint sure) area that is tender to the touch (it is prolly due to me having unbalanced nutrition in my lifestyle for past week) is this considered an open wound as those
Avatar m tn 6 fever at the most that happened in the evening, then went away then the next day came back again with a lower fever and then went away and i felt like really crappy during the day, i would get the chills and stuff like that and then i stopped taking the meds to see if it would be that or not and so this continued even about after 2 to 3 days max after i stopped taking the pills and i started to feel better after catching up on sleep since thats one of the side effects so all the way up till no
Avatar f tn Typical HIV sufferer,I don't agree with that doctor at all because HIV is never diagnosed or suggested by symptoms,only an HIV test at 4 weeks to 3 months will tell you if you have HIV and besides you never had an HIV risk in the first place.You need to continue to work with a medical professional until you establish what's wrong but it has nothing to do with HIV and if I were you I would change doctors.Thrush is very common when taking antibiotics or even if you use the wrong soap,etc.
1097960 tn?1257440975 I crossed the line in the HIV Prevention Forum. Although I know I had no risk, the thoughts come uninvited to my mind and kill my joy of living (when not thinking about AIDS I am am a very happy person). Bottom line is that I cut myself and immediately after a HIV+ friend touched it by reflex for less than a second (I was bleeding, 1 cm cut). They said to me that even if he was bleeding I was at no risk, and my brain believs it.
Avatar m tn RNA Viral Load quantitation ~10 weeks past the exposure . = undetectable DNA PCR Proviral ~ 1 year, 3, years, and 5 years past = not detected 2 different RNA PCR Qualitative (FDA approved) = not detected. To many Oraquick Advance Rapid oral swabs to keep track of = all Negative Several ELISA, ICMA, and EIAs typically through lab corp. Then a few months ago I had a Negative P24 rapid antigen test at a local hospital. = negative Have I been thinking about this non-stop?
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Avatar m tn In addition, this person is a smoker, does not have proper nutrition, or take good general care of herself. She tested for HIV and was negative. My question: If the thrush was related to possible HIV infection (suppressed immune system reason being), would the HIV need to be at a point for testing where it would show up or could it still be too early to show? In short, could thrush only occur from HIV if the HIV infection had occurred some time prior?
Avatar m tn etc i don't know what will happen if i continued eating this fowl eye flowers , only in the raining season i will start it again , in my comunity, hiv patients eat this flowers for their immune system , inspired from Jimie Oliver's recipes with flowers, i decided to test it . -Good nutrition. For good nutrition contact Jimie Oliver's food programs ,http://www.jamieoliver.
Avatar n tn Oral, even with a known HIV positive person, is never high risk. In fact, the risk of contracting HIV from giving a blowjob to a known HIV positive person is only 1 in 10,000. It's negligible for cunnilingus. Relax.
101028 tn?1419606604 Research shows that people with herpes are two to three times more likely to acquire HIV, and that herpes can also make HIV-infected individuals more likely to transmit HIV to others. CDC estimates that over 80 percent of those with HSV-2 are unaware of their infection. Symptoms may be absent, mild, or mistaken for another condition. And people with HSV-2 can transmit the virus even when they have no visible sores or other symptoms.
Avatar f tn What is thr cause of white stuff other then HIV? (poor hygeine, lack of nutrition, etc) 6. Do i need further testing being that it was possible the person I delt with could have been HIV +(tested neg at 5 1/2 weeks and then 5 months) 7. Also I have this dot on the palm of my hand. One dot. it is dark brown and I am very light skinned. Is this a HIV rash? Please someone help me out here.