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Avatar f tn I do not believe it is a symptom of heart problems. Right side heart failure symptoms is swelling in legs and ankles and left side heart failure is swelling in abdomen and fluid in lungs.
Avatar f tn apparently has been treating her for some time for congestive heart failure but just only told her this last week she had the disease. She does have bronchitis right now and possibly pnemonia. What stage would she be in? The doctor will not return my phone calls nor my sisters to give us answers. Do we need to be concerned with time? I live very far away from my mother and haven't seen her for over two years.
Avatar m tn She has been in and out of the hospital with constant diarrhea and vomiting that has yet to be diagnosed and in this last hospitalization she went into heart failure.
Avatar n tn How does death from congestive heart failure occur in a hospital? Is drowning prevented? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/869423'>End Stage Congestive Heart Failure</a>.
Avatar m tn My Father was admitted in to hospital last week following a chest infection which led to pneumonia and heart failure. He has been in hospital for over 10 days and is recovering well. They are due to be sending him home tomorrow, the infection has cleared and virtually all the fluid in his lungs has disappeared, apart from the left lung for which they are going to give him medication.
Avatar f tn My father is 56 years old & has left sided heart failure & heart disease, he has had 5 heart attacks a quadruple bypass, stents too. He’s cardiologist has performed a echocardiogram and has said its not likely hel be eligible for a pacemaker so they have given him entresto I think its called. He has lost 10kg in weight in a year. Whats next? What am i to expect? The nurses explained he could have cardiac arrest (sudden) Is there any warning signs other than oedema to look for?
Avatar n tn I have had all four valves replaced. I also was left with severe cardiomyopathy. I suffer from chronic heart failure since then and am hospitalized frequently. I am currently five months pregnant, and was encouraged to not have the baby, but I chose not to terminate. Right now I am hospitalized and am not doing too well. My heart rate is fluctuating between 150 to 190. The nurses are in here since mid week listening to my heart like every fifteen minutes.
427436 tn?1203623626 I have been hospitalized since last week with heart failure. My heart rate has been up and down between 150 to 190. I also have a low grade fever. The nurses are in here every fifteen minutes it seems to listen to my heart. I also have more electrodes on my chest to monitor my heart than usual plus the fetal monitor. I feel like a science experiment. what is the reason for them listening to my heart so much and all the monitors.
5650943 tn?1374112808 OMG these nurses are pissing me off ugh they come in every 2hours on the dot the last one woke me up so she could check my sugars and the nurse before her I almost cussed out I hope in pray my test come back okay so I can go home before I cuss these nurses out they are so rude it's un real
Avatar m tn My Patty was diagnosed with Heart Failure 10 days ago, he had been doing pretty good, not liking taking his meds but now he is NOT wanting to eat and when we make it liquid and squirt it down his throat, it has started coming back up. He has no problem drinking and peeing. He is a month over 15 years old and my precious baby. Any ideas out there, he goes back to his dr in 2 days but I am about sick, his mom died of kidney failure and I hate to think this is happening to him.
Avatar m tn Those aren't the signs of ecstasy and certainly after a period of 2 months, the drug would be completely out of your system. I would go and have some blood tests to see what is going on.
Avatar n tn I now have many of the long term complications. The one that is most difficult is heart failure, specifically diastolic heart failure. I would like to communicate with others who are dealing with this to see if they experience the same issues that I do. I was diagnosed with this heart condition 5 years ago, and have had a triple bypass 2 years ago. The problems result from the interaction of the heart condition with my diabetes. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn There are doctors forums where you can ask an expert your question. If you go to the top where it says forums pick Doctors Forums. This forum is generally attended by patients only. You should also probably seek out a doctor in your area to go see to be evaluated in person. That said, palpitations don't necessarily mean anything. the heart has to be evaluated to know exactly what it is you are feeling and if what you are feeling is dangerous to your heart.
Avatar n tn You really need your doctor to give you an explanation about your report. Your report indicates that a portion of your heart is not beating properly and your heart is not pumping efficiently. Did your report give an ejection fraction (EF%) by chance? That would help. In any case, no one here is qualified to tell you the implications of your report, please see your doctor.
Avatar f tn I have health anxiety so I’m terrified I have heart failure. She said it’s asthma But my Inhaler doesn’t help and my breathing treatment only brought me from 73% to 75% on my lung function test. She did an ekg and it came back abnormal saying I have horizontal axis for age and Abnormal precordial QRS contours-nondiagnostic for this age. She literally said “I don’t know what that means but if you have heart failure you wouldn’t be able to breathe when lying down.
Avatar f tn No one here can possibly tell you its okay for your friend to take a non-prescribed opiate. He needs to ask his doctor about this. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Hi all, Before I start, I should state that I am not looking for a diagnosis here, it would be idiotic of me to even think about asking for one given that no one here knows my medical history. What concerns me is this - for the last couple of years, I have been having spells of tachycardia and now have a resting heart rate of 110-130bpm. This constant tachy state leaves me tired and breathless.
Avatar m tn why this odd disassociation between heart failure and NSVT when there ought to be a corelation? Also, which is more unsafe- heart failure symptoms without NSVT or NSVT without heart failure symptoms?
328381 tn?1269364102 If there is right side heart failure, that can cause edema of the lower extremities and left side heart failure can contibute as well. You should consult with your doctor to rule out any serious condition.
Avatar n tn Heart failure indicates the heart is not pumping enough blood/oxygen to meet the systems demand. If the heart failure is due to heart muscle damage from a heart attack, muscle disease, etc., the condition may not get any better but can be controlled with medication and reduce any progression. Sometimes, as in my case, five years ago I had ischemiac (lack of blood flow) from occluded vessels and a silent heart attack. The heart cells were stunned and impaired the contractions (EF 13-29%).
Avatar f tn They may have a diagnoses of Heart Failure; Congestive heart failure would be more of a flair=up of the disease. Why does this person think she has CHF?
1467724 tn?1286430368 She was hospitalised because of pneumonia but they checked her blood count and found out about her high sugar level and today it was all about her heart. Is this for real? Is it heart failure? I pray not.
Avatar f tn How do we define heart failure? Am I correct to say that it does not refer to an absolute state but more to the degree of inefficiency of the heart in performing its function? Is it true that when a person has heart failure, it doesn't mean that his/her heart is going to stop beating soon, and that death is imminent? A cousin of mine has had chronic atrial fibrillation since 3 months ago.