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Avatar n tn _ Dear Kerry, thank you for your question. Beta-blockers were long thought to be contraindicated in heart failure because of their negative inotropic properties - that is they depress the pumping function of the heart which is the underlying problem (at least in systolic heart failure). Diastolic heart failure is another problem that we won't deal with here.
463897 tn?1468013750 org/medical-information/show/61/Heart-failure Heart failure, also called congestive heart failure, is a life-threatening condition in which the heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body. Alternative Names: CHF; Congestive heart failure What are the causes, incidence and risk factors associated with Heart Failure? What are the symptoms associated with Heart Failure? What are the treatment options for Heart Failure? Overview: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Should I still be diagnosed as having heart failure? AIso, is congestive heart failure just another way of saying heart failure?
Avatar n tn I wrote last week about my moms congestive heart failure. She is again in the hospital for the 2nd time in less than 2 weeks. Please Help me understand. Her Heart dr. cancelled her appointment last week and made one for april. She takes blood thinner she is diabetic she has high blood pressure. She weighs 111 pounds at the very most. I do not understand Her oxygen was 68 when she got to the hospital this morning and was 95 when I left tonite. How long can her heart take this.
1244565 tn?1268523645 I think the effects of congestive heart failure would be visible on a echocardiogram, but the term Congestive Heart Failure, at least in my case, is used as a name to cover several symptoms. Such as: profound swelling, shortness of breath, etc.
Avatar n tn what is massive congestive heart failure and explain about it and also tell me that is this one time process or repeated thing pls.
Avatar f tn Altitudes of even 5,000 feet, may worsen symptoms of congestive heart failure. Difficulty of breathing and rapid heart beat happens because of the lower level of oxygen in the atmosphere especially at this altitude. Heart failure patients may also be particularly susceptible to the symptoms of altitude sickness, which may include shortness of breath and profound fatigue.
Avatar f tn They may have a diagnoses of Heart Failure; Congestive heart failure would be more of a flair=up of the disease. Why does this person think she has CHF?
Avatar f tn Heart failure management depends largely on the cause of heart failure. If congestive heart failure is due to systolic dysfunction due to either coronary artery disease, primary cardiomyopathy or valvular heart disease the treatment mostly consisting of medical therapy and in the case of coronary artery disease or valvular diseaes of intervention or surgery.
Avatar f tn An enlarged heart may be suggestive of poor heart function which can lead to Congestive Heart failure.
Avatar n tn My father in -Law had congestive Heart Failure he is doing much better now he is able to hear us talk and he can move his body. My question is why does'nt he open his eyes?
Avatar n tn She read in a book about congestive heart failure and wonders about that, but dont the doctors have to tell you?
665298 tn?1225232808 The more serious adverse reaction is cardiac dysfunction (congestive heart failure) which may occur in up to 4% of those taking this drug.
Avatar f tn The word Congestive Heart Failure is such a negative term, I wish there was an effort to give it name that wasn't so negative. As Ireneo mentioned, if the heart's ability to pump blood drops below a 40% level of efficiency, the term Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is used to describe the heart health. A heart attack can weaken the heart to a condition where CHF is a term used to describe it, but through exercise, drugs and diet one can improve the heart function dramatically.
Avatar n tn I originally was implanted with a pacemaker, and about four years ago I had to have a defribulator implanted. About a month ago I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I am interested in the Batista Procedure or the immune globulin treatment that was used on potential heart transplant patients at the U. of Pittsburg hospital. I am also interested in any other surgeries or procedures that might correct my illness..
Avatar n tn I think the confusion stems from the change of name from congestive heart failure to heart failure. I guess the answer to your question is it depends on the device. Mine Does. I hope this helps and if I am in error someone please let me know.
1296191 tn?1280699873 com Dear iRowan, When I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure [CHF] [now more commonly referred to as Heart Failure] [HF] in 2003 - I went online to reasearch this disease. I read that 5 million Americans have it and that 50% die - 5 years after being diagnosed. Well - this year is 2 years past that dreaded 5 years and it is only possible that I am alive because of medication and lifestyle changes. I'm 58 - and was diagnosed when I was 52.
Avatar n tn Can a person develop congestive heart failure by being completly bedridden? My sister who has medical POA has insisted my father be completely bedridden -- she doesn't even want him taken out of bed at all anymore. It seems since he's been completely bedridden for the past month he has developed congestive heart failure. Is this possible?
Avatar f tn When she finally went to the doctor she was told she had heart failure, kidney failure and liver failure. Heart failure and kidney failure can cause the water weight gain in the legs and ankles. The low blood pressure is another sign of distress. If you can, you should get her to the doctor. We have struggled with this since April. She was given weeks to 6 months back then, and she's still fighting, though we can see deterioration.
Avatar n tn Hi does anyone know if congestive heart failure or heart failure per se is associated with low blood presurre can i have a high blood pressure or normal heart pressure and yet have heart failure?
Avatar m tn 1. Does BNP test results of 50 with normal range < 100 pg/mL and PRO-BNP test result of 251 with normal range < 0 - 624 PG/ML rule out congestive heart failure in a women of 82 years of age, who is taking 5 mg warfarin daily for leg vein clot , but no other drugs or medicine?If no, what is the best test to diagnose congestive heart failure in above women of 82 years of age or any adult? 2.
Avatar f tn What does Congestive Heart Failure test results of 27, Units PCG/ML, Reference Range <100. I don't understand this. Thank you for your help.
Avatar f tn I am not sure that your nipple pain is related to congestive heart failure (or even your heart for that matter). I would start with your internal medicine/pcp doctor first for an evaluation. With the information (or lack thereof) that you provided, it is difficult for me to shed any further light on your situation. I'm sorry that you are having this pain but hope it can be sorted out by your doctor.
Avatar n tn s congestive heart failure moreso than his diabetes, although I admit that his diabetes will make his heart failure a bit more complicated in its course and care. In terms of his diabetes the best you can do is ensure his regimen is optimized to bring his glucose numbers under control, and review his medications with his doctor to ensure none are potentially contributing to his water retention or cause of side effects.