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Avatar m tn That just seems odd when a measurement under 40% is most often evidence of heart failure or cardiomyopathy.I have had heart failure since I was 39 and am now 48,It took me nearly 2 years to get disability.He should file. We will all die,but nobody can say for certain that the work your husband does will increase the rate of when he dies. The very least he should think about himself and want some comfort in life not working himself so hard that he falls asleep on his way home from work.
Avatar m tn I have angina my heart is only pumping 15% what is my life exspectancy I am a canadate for a heart attack I have been told
1299944 tn?1304793305 l Atrial fibrillation induced heart failure ,causing weight gain and swelling.
Avatar n tn Hello there! My dad has been recently diagnosed with Diastolic Heart Failure, and from what I am reading I am finding out a diastolic heart issue is a newer topic and less is know about it. In South Carolina, the doctor diagnosed my dad with restrictive paracerdium and advised that he have a surgery to scrape the hardening of the walls of his heart. His blood pressure is now undercontrol, has lost weight, and is VERY agressively controlling his sodium. What is your experience with this surgery?
Avatar n tn You didn't mention it, but I think that your HDL level is probably the best predictor of Coronary Artery Disease. I think that the minimum has been raised from 35 to 40 now. There is a phenomenon know as "familial HDL deficiency". After my heart attack my HDL level was 33. My younger brother's was 29. Our mother died of heart failure after several heart attacks and bypass surgery.
Avatar n tn 48 Dear Michelle, I know of NO such studies or theories, however it is well known that a patient with any heart failure symptoms should be very CAREFULLY started on beta blockers (as opposed to the post MI patient without heart failure.) Such theories may exist, however they remain that "theoretical" and hence unproven in large clinical trials which is how we guide the practice of medicine as well as the institution of AHA and ACC guidelines.
Avatar n tn s nearly 30 years ago and I think heart failure would have begun years ago from that. What you need to establish is the cause of the heart failure. Have there been more blockages in the arteries that haven't been treated? was there as infection involved? I get the impression that artery blockages have been the cause, hence the pacemaker requirement because the normal cells transmitting the signal have been killed. The question would be, why didn't they treat those blockages?
Avatar m tn certainly does not apply to patients with congestive heart failure. In fact, patients with more advanced cases of congestive heart failure are often advised to limit their total daily fluid intake from all sources to 2 quarts (l.9 liters).
Avatar n tn We were told that he has congestive heart failure on the right side of his heart and a possible blockage on the left side of the heart. He is having trouble with his oxgyen level dropping. Can you tell me the stages of COPD? We want to know what to expect and if he will get better. I think he has seen his better days. My dad had triple by surgery about 9 years, he has diabetes and he has over come kidney cancer last year. He is scheduled this week for test on his left side of his heart.
Avatar n tn her father is add and adhd and i though maybe she was but i still dont know what to do i feel like a failure as a parent i cant even leave her with the babysitter because she talks back to them and they dont want to watch her... please if you can help i would appreciate it.
250051 tn?1328131130 A cardiologist who specializes in the management of heart failure would be able to address the above issues. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Ok so my first baby I gained 48lbs I was eating for two I was not aware of the guidelines n just wanted to eat whatever. Now im pg wit second n im 20 weeks n already gain 18lbs I've been for weeks now drinking a lot of water before meals after n during will this reduce or stop me from gainib g I've been exercising n eating three meals a day limiting junk n fast food .
Avatar m tn The heart will ultimately give-in, resulting usually in cardiac failure (heart attack). But with good management, proper treatment, careful monitoring by the vet (involving regular check-ups), low-salt diet, moderate exercise but no excitement or over-exertion, and lots of TLC, many dogs live a fairly full and contented life.
Avatar m tn Xrays and ekg were done and the vet thinks ity may be congestive heart failure. There is a chance it is heartworm, so they are doing that test as well. If the heartworm was negative, they were going to start her on nitroglycerin and lasix to bring her heart rate down. They suggested I take to to an emergency clinic tonight so she can be seen by a cardiologist tomorrow. If they do administer the nitro and lasix, what more can the E.C. do overnight while waiting for the cardiologist.
Avatar m tn On the other hand, Lisinopril is also used to treat high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and to improve survival after a heart attack but belongs to another class of hypertensives, the ACE inhibitors. It is best that you discuss this with your attending physician for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn A defibrillator does not benefit heart muscle in any way, but it shocks you if you have a dangerous rhythm of your heart. The guidelines use certain criteria for who benefits from a defibrillator. The most important thing is that you would need to be on heart failure medications for 3 months and then reassessed to see if your ejection fraction improves. I would discuss this with your cardiologist.
Avatar m tn My husband had a heart attack one month ago. His distal circumflex is 100% blocked. Attempted to stent it and it was too calcified to stent. He has very good collaterals in this area. Proximal LAD is blocked 50%. Mid RCA is blocked 60%. 1st marginal is blocked 50%. 1st diagonal is blocked 70%. Interventional cardiologist said he will do fine with medical management. He said that stents do not prevent heart attacks and can cause their own problems. He has no angina.
Avatar f tn Heart failure management depends largely on the cause of heart failure. If congestive heart failure is due to systolic dysfunction due to either coronary artery disease, primary cardiomyopathy or valvular heart disease the treatment mostly consisting of medical therapy and in the case of coronary artery disease or valvular diseaes of intervention or surgery.
Avatar n tn I understand that a fib is fairly uncommon in children. There are no other heart conditions we know of, and thyroid tests came back good. I can't seem to find anything on a fib in children, and could really use some help. What could cause this, and is there a chance he could outgrow it, or could it get worse? If he was to out grow it how would we know? If he doesn't outgrow this what does his future hold? Thanks for you help.
Avatar n tn I won't share any don't do it advice but WILL say that it is best to have a doctor guiding you. Not everyone wants to be on medication as all meds can have side effects. Did you have high blood pressure? There are natural ways to treat that which include mostly lifestyle. Exercise is like taking a medication! The American Heart Association has been really helpful to me in terms of guidelines. 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise for 5 days a week.
Avatar n tn 46 Dear Carolyn, Thank you for your question. Heart failure, or congestive heart failure (CHF) is a syndrome of low heart output, shortness of breath and swelling in the extremities. The most common cause of heart failure is ischemic (secondary to blockages in the arteries). Other common causes are hypertensive (high blood pressure), viral, valvular and idiopathic. The diagnosis of CHF is made by symptoms and testing of the heart.
Avatar n tn Severe aortic stenosis is a contraindication to maximal stress testing according to ACSM guidelines (pg. 42 ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing - 5th ed.) Submaximal exercise may be appropriate in an individual with mod-severe stenosis but should be done under close supervision. I guess the same guidelines as with any high risk individual should be used - i.e. stop with any symptoms, aim for 60% APMHR if possible, low impact type workout, etc.