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Avatar n tn s longivity, and two valves can be done at the same time. You should contact the Cleveland Clinic or the Mayo Clinic, Rochester for costs and more information regarding prognosis. Mitral valve stenosis will cause an enlarged left atrium. Thanks for your questions. I wish you well going forward, take care.
Avatar m tn According to the Mayo Clinic "CoQ10 has been used, recommended, or studied for numerous conditions, but remains controversial as a treatment in many areas." Further clinical results are needed to determine whether the supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 is beneficial for healthy people. There is some clinical evidence that supplementation with Coenzyme Q10 is beneficial treatment of patients with congestive heart failure.
Avatar n tn Hello, After 10 years of trying to get an answer, I finally got a diagnosis of cardiac preload failure, low VO2max, and decreased AT. I have shortness of breath, palpitations/heart racing, chest pains, fatigue, lightheaded. Many many echos--three with bubbles. A PFO showed up on one. Normal cardiac cath--they couldn't see the PFO during the cath. Normal EKGs. Halters normal except for mild sinus tachycardia. Many pulmonary tests--all normal. I have MVP with trace regurgitation.
627388 tn?1222198212 Has anyone from the MS forum ever seek treatment for their MS at the Mayo Clinic? If so, how was your as your experience with physicians from the clinic? I am considering driving up to Mayo at some point if my neurologist in town can't definatively diagnosis me.
Avatar f tn If not treated, mitral valve regurgitation can lead to congestive heart failure. Treatment depends on the severity of regurgitation, how far mitral valve disease has progressed, and signs and symptoms of the disease. Mitral regurgitation may result from damage to the cords that anchor the flaps of the mitral valve to the heart wall. Over time, these cords may stretch or suddenly tear, especially in people who have mitral valve prolapse.
Avatar m tn Truthfully, I've heard one of the best MS Clinics in the US is the Mellen Center at Cleveland Clinic. You might try checking out http://www.mscare.org They list all the clinics available, etc. My neuro said the clinic at Cincinatti isn't that great but thinks Cleveland Clinic is really good. I've never heard of the Mayo Clinic being highly rated for MS, but more for heart desease.
Avatar f tn I have just made an appointment for a full work up at the Mayo Clinic, does anyone know the tests involved and how much they charge? Thank you!
582396 tn?1259863489 I am over the moon excited that DH got a 5-10 day appointment at Mayo Clinic - Dec. 10. Anyone have any experiences on what to expect etc?
Avatar m tn Some here on the board are not real pleased with the Mayo clinic. It seems they have their own set of standards to give out a dx of MS. I personally know nothing about them and wish you the best....hoping for that answer.
1264955 tn?1381782221 Has anybody here been to the neurology clinic at the Mayo or in their inpatient pain treatment program?
Avatar m tn As far as surgical centers, the doctors I know with heart disease all went to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Cleveland Clinic would be a closer option seeing as how you are on the east coast I assume. I am on the west coast so people go to Mayo for the complicated stuff. We refer to Oregon Health Sciences Univ. In portland Or with Slater or Song Mds for routine stuff. When I was in Cali, we sent the pediatric and strange stuff to Standford Univ.
Avatar n tn http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/heart-failure/cardiac-resynchronization www.revolutionhealth.com/conditions/heart/heart-failure/surgery/pacemakers-devices/resynchronization en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_pacemaker Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn My sugguestion would be to research it with the Mayo Clinic web site. I had to take my 19 year old son there to have heart surgery done. They don't really suggest having ablations done because it's really inducing a heart attack and you can't control the damage that is being done to the heart. It's a guessing game. No guarantee. That's what they told me, when I was going to have it done to him.
986162 tn?1297438441 I have a diagnosis, I have Pure Autonomic Failure. I have been going to Mayo yearly for testing so they can compare it to the years prior. I was just hoping for some new treatment, but in 4 years they haven't come up with anything different.
Avatar m tn Congestive heart failure is a condition in which the heart can no longer pump enough blood to the rest of the body. This is a serious disorder, it is a chronic illness that may get worse with infection or other physical stress. However, this can be controlled with medication, lifestyle changes, and treatment of any underlying disorder. Close monitoring from your husband doctor is highly recommended. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn It would be most important that your asthma be optimally treated and that your doctors carefully check your heart to be sure that you do not have heart failure or abnormal heart rhythms, unrelated to POTS. You may wish to seek a second opinion from an asthma specialist to be sure that your asthma treatment is optimum. My final strong advice is that you seek a 2nd opinion regarding the treatment of POTS. This illness is having and will continue to have a major impact on your quality of life.
Avatar n tn Many people with mild left ventricle hypertrophy live a normal lifespan, or so says the Mayo Clinic web site.
Avatar f tn The Cleveland Clinic and Mayo Clinic have the best sugeons, and the surgeon at the Mayo Clinic commented the bigest problem he sees is the patient waited too long. By waiting too long the heart can enlarge making any intervention more risky. Also, the heart's ability to adequately pump can be impaired and intervention with a valve procedure may not return the heart to normal functionality.
Avatar f tn is up, which shows heart failure before you feel it. When the heart failure improves, so does the VT. Also if you are on amio you are getting TSH tested and cxr every 6 months?
Avatar n tn s ability to adequately pump blood into circulation and fluids will back up into the lungs causing pulmonary edema (congested heart failure) and death. And an enlarged left ventricle can be the underlying cause for arrhythmia and sudden death. It usually is a slow process. How long to wait depends on symptoms, progression rate (history) and should be determined by a cardiological surgeon.
Avatar f tn You can go online and register or call to set up appointments at Cleveland Clinic and the MAYO Clinic. MAYO has three clinics in the U.S. You do not need a referral to get in to either of these clinics. I have also heard of people the drive there and tell them their symptoms and sometimes they get in right away. So, you might want to consider checking them out online and trying to set up an appointment. I hope this will help you, as I know how frustrating this can be and disabilitating.
Avatar f tn I have Pulmonary Hypertension at first I was told PAH then I was told it was due to the left sided heart failure. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with a pulmonary emboilism in my lower right lobe. I was told the right sided of my heart is larger. Could that make my Pulmonary pressures higher. I also recall that blood clots to the lung is a cause of Pulmonary Hypertension.
Avatar f tn Did a stress test, 2 echo, like 10 ekg, chest X-ray, blood test etc. I even went to the Mayo Clinic and got tested. Does not seem to be heart related per two cardio docs, one being A mayo doc. More back ground: child hood asmama, played college sports, 26 now and am overweight. They found a small sliding herina, reflex, esop imotilty, a weak lower spinkter, and indegitikn. I also suffer from anxiety. Any advice as to what the problem could be.
5889951 tn?1380316047 It coukd be a UTI or kidney infection because you are earlier on. Also could be from dehydration. Here is other causes: There are many other possible causes of protein in urine. Emotional stress, being exposed to cold or heat, fever, and strenuous exercise are some of the temporary conditions that can cause this problem, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Avatar f tn her diabetes is under control, so i dont understand, her other systems are working fine from what the drs say. would cleveland clinic or has cleveland clinic done heart transplants on patients this old with diabetes? please help. we dont want to lose her. thank you.