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Avatar f tn Is your uncle a heart failure patient? Furosmide is medication as a diuretic to prevent congested heart failure. The medication should provide relief for shortness of breath, and the only association with shortness of breath would be that medication is not effective and there is some pulmonary edema and the heart is not pumping effectively.... the blood is backing up into the lungs and causing SOB (relative to the diuretic ineffective).
Avatar f tn CHF is congested heart failure. Usually the heart has weak contractions and able to only pump something less than 29% of blood received form the lungs. This causes blood to backup in the lungs and fluid leaks into the lung tissues medically referred to as lung edema (congestion). In the heart affected by cardiomyopathy, heart muscle cells are damaged so that it contracts poorly. The hearts overall systolic (pumping) function is therefore impaired.
Avatar n tn I won't share any don't do it advice but WILL say that it is best to have a doctor guiding you. Not everyone wants to be on medication as all meds can have side effects. Did you have high blood pressure? There are natural ways to treat that which include mostly lifestyle. Exercise is like taking a medication! The American Heart Association has been really helpful to me in terms of guidelines. 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise for 5 days a week.
Avatar n tn https://www.heart.
1379607 tn?1279058714 American Heart Association: "EF higher than 75 percent could indicate a heart condition like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy". The normal EF (ejection fraction) is 50 to 70% and that the percentage of blood pumped into circulation with each heart beat. Most HCM hearts are hyperdynamic. They beat forcefully. The only time it seems they don't do this is if they're in end-stage HCM and are getting into dilated cardiomyopathy, with weak and floppy walls.
1074924 tn?1257461550 You may find yourself on bedrest for the entire pregnancy and you risk heart failure in yourself. You are very young to be considering pregnancy while trying to deal with this disease. have you talked with your cardiologist about this? What does your husband think about the risks you are taking?
Avatar n tn In terms of resources for further reading, the American Heart Association has very good information for people with impaired heart beating ability (also sometimes called heart failure) which can be found at http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/HeartFailure/AboutHeartFailure/About-Heart-Failure_UCM_002044_Article.jsp The Cleveland Clinic Foundation also specific information on dilated cardiomyopathy which you and you husband might find useful to review. http://my.clevelandclinic.
Avatar f tn Some people also find that having more knowledge about their condition helps them better cope. The American Heart Association also provides valuable online patient information at http://www.hearthub.
1298014 tn?1331028254 High blood pressure can cause heart attacks, heart failure and kidney failure, while increased prevalence of diabetes can further complicate the problems. Other Morbid Obesity Problems But morbid obesity doesn’t just affect the heart. The excess weight carried by a morbidly obese individual general causes problems in all the areas of the respiratory system. These prblems include: •Vascular disease: The most severe been strokes which can result in brain damage.
Avatar f tn On the surface this appears to be reasonable given that CHF should be considered a ‘terminal disease’ given that the only cure for the majority is by heart transplantation. Survival after diagnosis of heart failure at one year is 85% and at five years is 50%. Patients with New York Heart Association Class III disease (dyspnoea on mild exertion) have a one-year survival of 80-90%; patients with Class IV (dyspnoea at rest) have a one-year survival of 50-70%" ...
661468 tn?1252514724 Prognosis of patients with viral dilated cardiomyopathy is better than that of idiopathic but still not so good especially id symptoms of heart failure start. The virulence of the virus and its effect on the heart determines the prognosis. Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and beta blockers have been used to treat heart failure associated with dilated cardiomyopathy and have been shown to reduce mortality rates.
574118 tn?1305135284 How do they relate. In fact the echo said heart failure, but her cardiologist whom we trust said heart failure are 4 stages she is stage 1 only. So my question to you: does a weak heart makes one obese? she got energy she walks, i mean does not look she is dying now >>>They checked her pituitary gland as well? what is the pituitary gland.
Avatar f tn Absolutely - the treatments for the condition are excellent and with sensible lifestyle changes there is no reason at all why you cannot. I was diagnosed with a mildly dilated LV myself and made the changes I needed to and I have never felt better in my life - you will feel better as well. Best of luck !
307874 tn?1242755798 My mother was sent to have a sleep study done because she has congestive heart failure and her cardiologist said since she has always had a hard time sleeping she needed one and it caused congestive heart failure. Well she does have sleep apnea and has to be on the machine. I have4 always had a hard time sleeping so I guess I will be next for a sleep study.
Avatar m tn My Patty was diagnosed with Heart Failure 10 days ago, he had been doing pretty good, not liking taking his meds but now he is NOT wanting to eat and when we make it liquid and squirt it down his throat, it has started coming back up. He has no problem drinking and peeing. He is a month over 15 years old and my precious baby. Any ideas out there, he goes back to his dr in 2 days but I am about sick, his mom died of kidney failure and I hate to think this is happening to him.
Avatar m tn Those aren't the signs of ecstasy and certainly after a period of 2 months, the drug would be completely out of your system. I would go and have some blood tests to see what is going on.
Avatar n tn I now have many of the long term complications. The one that is most difficult is heart failure, specifically diastolic heart failure. I would like to communicate with others who are dealing with this to see if they experience the same issues that I do. I was diagnosed with this heart condition 5 years ago, and have had a triple bypass 2 years ago. The problems result from the interaction of the heart condition with my diabetes. Your response would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn There are doctors forums where you can ask an expert your question. If you go to the top where it says forums pick Doctors Forums. This forum is generally attended by patients only. You should also probably seek out a doctor in your area to go see to be evaluated in person. That said, palpitations don't necessarily mean anything. the heart has to be evaluated to know exactly what it is you are feeling and if what you are feeling is dangerous to your heart.
Avatar n tn You really need your doctor to give you an explanation about your report. Your report indicates that a portion of your heart is not beating properly and your heart is not pumping efficiently. Did your report give an ejection fraction (EF%) by chance? That would help. In any case, no one here is qualified to tell you the implications of your report, please see your doctor.
Avatar f tn I have health anxiety so I’m terrified I have heart failure. She said it’s asthma But my Inhaler doesn’t help and my breathing treatment only brought me from 73% to 75% on my lung function test. She did an ekg and it came back abnormal saying I have horizontal axis for age and Abnormal precordial QRS contours-nondiagnostic for this age. She literally said “I don’t know what that means but if you have heart failure you wouldn’t be able to breathe when lying down.
Avatar f tn No one here can possibly tell you its okay for your friend to take a non-prescribed opiate. He needs to ask his doctor about this. Good luck.