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Avatar f tn Hi, My husband has Klinefelter Syndrom and when he was diagnosed 12yrs we never found out if there were any live sperm when he did the semen analysis. We just went on and did donor sperm and we were blessed with 2 BEAUTIFUL daughter's who are now 9 and 5 yrs old. My question is he went in for a routine check up last year and the dr had put him on Testerone because his level's were low. And she stated to be careful and wear a condom because we could get pregnant.
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1679112 tn?1304698487 Me and my husband can not get pregnant cause he is sterile. So we get a sperm donor and he done his business in a cup and we injected it into me. But i dont know if it will take cause i dont know when im most fertile. My period last month was April 13-19. what is the percent of me getting pregnant now?
Avatar f tn Chose our sperm donor. Nervous and excited!
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Avatar m tn I know that sounds awful and I have been reading on the net how many women say that these feelings disappear once you are pregnant and have the baby...We are looking to do a donor egg program overseas and have found a couple of clinics. I'd really like to hear from women who have had donor eggs and how you coped with the emotions. Also if maybe I should keep trying naturally instead. I have never been pregnant and do not want to regret it later in life if I do not do something now.
Avatar f tn You go girl! I'm over 40 and am 15 weeks pregnant with twins using donor eggs. We spent about 4 years trying with my own eggs to no avail. You increase your odds with the younger donor eggs, as older women with older eggs have a higher miscarriage rate. It's the best thing we ever did. Do your homework though...check with the CDC regarding the donor egg facilities.
Avatar f tn I have found a sperm donor who is willing to donate sperm. Is it too late for me to try and get pregnant? I am 39 years old.I still have my cycle like normal, it is just not regular. I was told that I am too old to try and have kids now. I want a baby more than anything in the world. It would be my dream come true to have a child. Am I just dreaming that I could have a child. The donor is a wonderful person who said he would be there if I could ever get pregnant.
Avatar f tn I would suggest talking to your doctor about IUI (Intrauterine insemination) done in a medical setting using clean/washed donor sperm (unless you have a personal donor in mind). Some folks may also have luck with "at home" methods of inserting fresh sperm from a personal donor.
1209439 tn?1265949269 Hi we are looking into using donor sperm, since DH has no sperm even after 3 yrs of HCG injections to make sperm it didn't work. So my question is has anyone used frozen donor sperm and got pregnant?
Avatar n tn We are going to use donor sperm -- what are our chances of getting pregnant? RE thinks that all we are going to need is clomid and not need injections. I know af is around the corner this weekend and we start another month next week. So what are your opinions?
Avatar f tn This is just the same as if your husband had no viable sperm and you used the services of a sperm donor -- a mother or a father is the one who raises the child, nobody would ever say a sperm donor is the child's "real father." The mother is the person to whom the child runs when she is hurt. The egg donor could be standing right there and it would not matter to the child.
Avatar f tn Got the hcg shot this morning and getting iui done tomorrow morning. We are using a sperm donor. Any advice on heightning my chance of getting pregnant...(like pillow under the hips with my legs up in the air) ...??? Good luck to all the woman out there trying to get pregnant!!!
Avatar f tn method (also known as the turkey baster method) in which a family member offers to be the donor, with the only costs being a legal agreement between the man and the mother, and there is the sperm-bank method. The advantage of the sperm bank is that it breaks the legal tie between the donor and the child -- the child cannot come back later and ask for a relationship, nor can the donor.
Avatar f tn Have you heard about IUI using donor sperm? Would you do IVF with donor sperm? We may have to try this. I have one more free treatment of IVF in Jan but then we have to pay and its about $8,000 which is very expensive and we cant afford it. IUI with donor sperm is a bit cheaper.
1553360 tn?1355848431 As one of the possabilities for the pregnancy I am toying with the idea of using a sperm donor. I wondered if any one has tried a sperm donor, thoughts about using a sperm donor, or any advice just related to sperm donor. Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn help with getting pregnant help getting pregnant
Avatar f tn To me the dad of my child is now just a sperm donor, doesn't mean I will call him that to my child. When I got pregnant the baby daddy begged me to get an abortion, even offered to pay me a ton of money to get one. Since I won't get one he has signed me full custody and all parental rights. So yeah I consider him to be just the sperm donor, not the father at all.
Avatar f tn Hello I need some advice please - Well I'm 27 , and for the past 2 years have been trying to find a 'Sperm donor' but have had no luck, i went to the doctors, but was turnt away help - :( I am single and straight, the reason i want a sperm donor to have a baby is because of past troubles with relationships! So this is my choice..
1152782 tn?1451101426 FINALLY. Donor sperm ordered. 1st apt set (April 3rd 10AM). Clomid & injections sent to pharmacy.
Avatar n tn Probability of success with IUI is far from 100%; it's at most 25%. Also, if you use donor sperm it's even lower since frozen sperm does not last as long.
Avatar f tn Iwas wonering if anyone out there have had pregnancy from artificial insemination and how long it took if they did get pregnant? My DH and I are having to use donor sperm but I was wondering the outcome with either donor sperm or from DH?
Avatar f tn Are they using a donor egg or just donor sperm? If just the sperm, how old is the woman who is trying to get pregnant? If she is past 30, she should consult with a fertility specialist.