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7190844 tn?1393362207 my Childs Sperm DoNor Has Gone To Great Lengths To harass And Hurt Me. I'veDone Everythin Possible To Prevent Contact Yet He Finds A Way. I've Changed My Number Four Times And This Last Time I Didn't Give It To Anyone And Just Got A Text From Someone I Believe Is Him. I've Gone To Police And They Denied My Case. He Threatens To Take The Baby And Put Me Through Hell. I've Tried To Stay Calm And Relaxed For The Baby.
Avatar f tn To me the dad of my child is now just a sperm donor, doesn't mean I will call him that to my child. When I got pregnant the baby daddy begged me to get an abortion, even offered to pay me a ton of money to get one. Since I won't get one he has signed me full custody and all parental rights. So yeah I consider him to be just the sperm donor, not the father at all.
Avatar m tn That probably left things open to something like this. There were better ways to getting that sperm. Sadly, the donor did this to himself. If he wanted to donate, he should have gone to a fertility clinic/sperm bank and he'd have been protected. I do think it is a little unfair of the couple to solicit for sperm in the paper, get one of the women pregnant and then decide they can't afford the child so sue for child support.
961574 tn?1520651703 Especially if we keep the lines of communication open with them. No matter if donor eggs, donor sperm, or donor embryo's are used, or how they were conceived either naturally, or by iui, or ivf. If we tell them they are loved everyday, and never take them for granted, or let them take us for granted, we have a wonderful chance of having children that can contribute to society, and not be depressed because of how they were conceived....
1679112 tn?1304702087 Me and my husband can not get pregnant cause he is sterile. So we get a sperm donor and he done his business in a cup and we injected it into me. But i dont know if it will take cause i dont know when im most fertile. My period last month was April 13-19. what is the percent of me getting pregnant now?
Avatar f tn We opted to talk about it to family, since because of my age, they would have worried about chromosomal damage to the baby otherwise and would probably have been angry with us for getting pregnant if they didn't know. As it happened, we talked about it in such a matter-of-fact way that nobody has thought of mentioning it to our son so far.
Avatar f tn Hi, My husband has Klinefelter Syndrom and when he was diagnosed 12yrs we never found out if there were any live sperm when he did the semen analysis. We just went on and did donor sperm and we were blessed with 2 BEAUTIFUL daughter's who are now 9 and 5 yrs old. My question is he went in for a routine check up last year and the dr had put him on Testerone because his level's were low. And she stated to be careful and wear a condom because we could get pregnant.
Avatar f tn It sounds like to me that these donor eggs are not miracle eggs. Although the chances of getting pregnant are higher......30% to 40% are not successful. Was the successful cycle a fresh one or frozen? How many did you transfer? and how old are you. Thank you for sharing. All this info is precious to me, I don't have anyone to share this with but my DH. I did a fresh 2 DE transfer that failed and we have 7 frozen.
Avatar m tn I'm 14 weeks pregnant after my 1st IVF with donor eggs. I'm almost 45. My Fertility MD monitored everything. He adjusted meds for optimal uterine lining thickness, etc. Nothing was ever mentioned about egg rejection-but they do administer antibiotics and steroids during/after embryo transfer. I will be happy to answer any questions that you have. Good luck.
Avatar n tn How do you feel of with donor egg especially they are not your own? At least own husband sperm right? Have you met the donor in person? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hello--I am a 40+ woman trying to get pregnant using donor eggs. I recently had a fresh 5-day transfer of donor eggs. Today, I am 7-days past the 5-day transfer. I have read online that many, many women can tell if they're pregnant or not by now using a home pregnancy test. Well, I just took a First Response home pregnancy test, and the result was a BFN. This is my second time using fresh donor eggs. The first time was a fail.
Avatar f tn I see you are in MI. I would google & look for a clinic in your area. Some place advertise there price online. I used donor eggs & am now 6 months pregnant with Twin Boys. Actually, many of the woman on here that used DE are pregnant with Twins. It can happen to you too, but it is costly. If depends on what type of cycle you do as MHV said. You can do a shared cycle when you share donors eggs with another couple. Or- you can keep all eggs donor produces for yourself.
Avatar m tn I know that sounds awful and I have been reading on the net how many women say that these feelings disappear once you are pregnant and have the baby...We are looking to do a donor egg program overseas and have found a couple of clinics. I'd really like to hear from women who have had donor eggs and how you coped with the emotions. Also if maybe I should keep trying naturally instead. I have never been pregnant and do not want to regret it later in life if I do not do something now.
Avatar f tn If you really want a baby badly enough, consider donor eggs. If you are healthy, there is no reason not to get pregnant, and its MUCH easier to do with young eggs. Once you feel the baby kick you will forget about whose DNA is whose! Alternatively, why not adopt while you are still trying for your own, and get your hands on a baby sooner! I wish you all the best!
Avatar f tn The fact that you don't see it that way now makes it seem as though you don't believe you are at the end of your options for ever getting pregnant. When I was given the chance to use a donor egg, there was a momentary sense of loss, but it was very much overshadowed by my happiness that I might still be able to be a mother.
Avatar n tn ) Yes, it is using donor eggs to become pregnant. There are few forums about this and since I am going to go through a program (use donor eggs and hopefully become pregnant!) and I wanted to know other people's experiences, especially with the clinic I will be using. I am 43 and just underwent my only IVF - negative, so my ovules are what they call "old" and using donor ovules is about the only way to have a baby from here on out.
218177 tn?1240143819 I forgot to tell you, I spoke to my RE office today. They have the complete profile on our donor for me to review and should be getting a picture in the next few days. They tell me she is getting married soon and this will be her last donation. She must feel good giving such a wonderful gift to those of us who need help. I am thankful for her giving heart. You know, I still have times when I'm just mad about the whole thing.
Avatar n tn Our RE said that while miracles do happen, we have zero chance of getting pregnant naturally and because of the morphology, we are doing IVF w/ICSI in July. Did you do ICSI with your IVF #1? We are also in the same boat...trying for a year and a half to have our first. I am 32, DH is 34. So far, we have a good prognosis with ICSI, but without it, we would need donor sperm.
1132307 tn?1357912208 I'm getting ready to do IUI #3 but unfortunately the donor I used previously is no longer available. Now I have to search for another donor and quick. I blurted out to my husband "this is such a pain in the a**" and he didn't like me saying that. I swear this process, if it's not one thing it's another.
591324 tn?1224259458 The other doctor said if I have any hope of getting pregnant or carrying a donor egg that I should definitely get the surgery. A blocked fallopian tube can also cause miscarriage or prevent pregnancy b/c fluid builds up in the tube and then spills into the uterine cavity. Some believe the fluid itself is toxic; others believe it's just the pressure of the fluid spilling into the cavity that can knock the embryo free.
218177 tn?1240143819 (I wasn't planning to hide the fact from family, but didn't feel like I should have to explain to the stranger in line at the post office why my child who I carried didn't look like me.) The sad thing about getting a donor egg is that occasionally you regret the loss of the genetic link to yourself. The good thing is everything else!
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm using a donor egg and currently 23 weeks pregnant. I have 2 biological boys so I feel no jealousy towards my husband over her being his genetic child and not mine. Two years ago my husband and I started the paperwork for international adoption. I assumed I was too old to have a baby. Surprisingly, I found myself pregnant at 45. After 7 weeks no fetal pole/heart beat developed so I had a D&C. My husband then suggested we visit a fertility M.D.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to know your story. How expensive was the donor egg program? How did you chose the donor?
Avatar f tn I agree that a lot of RE's are very casual with donor eggs, and it is a big decision and it is very expensive. I think if you are still getting pregnany without any fertility treatment, IVF with PGD would be a great option for you. Have you had a D&C done on any of your miscarriages? This is another good option because they can tell you if the miscarriage was due to a chromosomal abnormality which is the case a lot of the time after the age of 40. Good luck!!!
402702 tn?1325891412 i have just come from the drs office a bit ago to discuss my options for infertility... my bf has low sperm count of approx 12 million. my dr stated that there is a 50/50 chance of becoming preg using this option.. i have been trying for a total of 6 years and i am now 38 years old and will be turning 39 in july. i am getting very very frustrasted and feeling that there is no hope and time is running out.
Avatar n tn I do not know of anything except IVF for very low sperm count unless you wanted to use donor sperm and attempt IUI that way???
553016 tn?1229737232 I love him but I have been with him about 6 years without knowing why I wasn't getting pregnant and know that I am actively trying, because of him it could take me longer than it already has... and its already so depressing...