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1219499 tn?1410749730 So I'm seriously considering going back on clomid next cycle. When I started acupuncture about 6 months ago (for recurrent miscarriges) he told me he wanted me to stop taking clomid because I didn't need it as I was ovulating on my own. Well I haven't gotten pregnant since stopping the clomid and every month I used clomid I got pregnant (3 times).
202380 tn?1267906966 In the beginning I had no problem getting pregnant but keeping the pregnancy was the biggie for me, now since July last year I have not gotten pregnant even with being on Clomid for 6 months. My obgyn says age could be a factor, also that I am overweight, I think that if you are as you say, healthy, it could be a lot easier.
Avatar f tn For Conception, try having intercourse every month around your ovulation days as it is a best time for conceiving. Ovulation occurs regularly around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. The best timing of intercourse in order to conceive is day 10, 12, 14, and 16 (in case of late ovulation) of a 28-day cycle. After intercourse, do not wash immediately and keep a pillow under your butt so that semen doesn't come out of your body.
Avatar n tn s the same women who have no problem getting pregnant in their mid- to late-30s who also have no problem getting pregnant in their early to mid 40s. Other women have a hard time even in their 20s. My only advice is if you decide to do ivf again you make sure you go with the most aggressive protocol there is (they probably did this to begin with given your wife's age but I would definitely check with other people and doctors to be sure). I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar f tn Hi Sama! In general, it does get a little harder to conceive as you hit your mid-30s, but 35 is still pretty young, and lots and lots of women on here have conceived and carried to term in their mid-to-late 30s and even 40s. I'm now pregnant with my second at age 38, due at the end of May/beginning of June. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn tightening feeling at my abdomen...bloating esp when i eat..still not sure if m pregnant I am 1 month late already..will be testing end of the month...any idea what I am feelings are pregnant symptoms?
Avatar f tn s unlikely that you would be pregnant. As women, our fertility declines in our mid 30s and then sharply declines when we reach our late 30s. Since you have not had a period in over a year, it sounds like you are going into menopause so the chance of pregnancy would be extremely slim. If you are looking to have a child, have you thought about adoption?
1483631 tn?1319228646 and the doctor writes that women in their early thirties have only a 10% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, and 76% chance of becomming pregnant within a year. I didn't know that at 32 my age acts against me, had I known that, I would have started thinking about baby #2 three years ago, when I was still in my late 20s and my odds were much better! Just wanted to share that because I feel depressed.
Avatar f tn Also the other thing you are up against is the high risk of miscarriage in your late 30s. Keep that in mind if you do get pregnant. Lots of these pregnancies fail and you have to keep trying.
1573246 tn?1295871060 i have the copper iud for my birth control but im worried i might have gotten pregnant .. iam sexualy active nd my periods are not always exact but i usualy get em at the end of every month(28th-30s) two months ago i got it really early (18th ) ..
202380 tn?1267906966 I got pregnant in November and miscarried in December. I got pregnant again in late January and Late March, but both miscarried. I am still hopefull. I still have regular periods and ovulate each month. I tested high for anticardiolipid antibodes and they can't be 100% sure that is contributing to my miscarriage issue. More than likely miscarrying because of advanced maternal age. For what it's worth my FSH day 10 level was 11.
Avatar n tn I also understand that having a successful pregnancy becomes problematic in a woman past her late 30s. But, keep in mind I respond to posts on this heart rhythm forum, I have not experience with your question beyond what one learns by being a father, grandfather and family specific medical knowledge here.
1419717 tn?1419339982 pretty sure.
Avatar m tn but the next she has skipped her date by 10 days of the usual time........ is their a chance of getting pregnant...she also took the contraceptive pills within 72 hours after we had sex........ could you please tell me whether there is a danger of getting pregnant............ could u please tell me as quickly as possbl......
1011996 tn?1250838877 Sunday evening and it is getting late. I had a good day today. I did some work outside and managed to enjoy it without getting into that driving need to get a job done. It was nice to work outside again. The meds seem to be settling down , but I am still wondering how long this will last. Guess I have to learn to trust how I am feeling. Seem to still be having trouble with anxiety and am getting heart palpitations which is the first symptom of my panic. Also went out to visit family.
Avatar f tn Back in our 20s...late 80s early 90s...I don't even know if freezing your eggs was an option. I didn't hear about it until about 2004 or 2005 as any sort of option. In fact even then I didn't realize the ramification of old eggs. I have to say I had no idea it would be so hard for me either. I thought as long as I was having a regular period (every 28 days) I would not have any problems getting pregnant.
Avatar n tn 5 days late. Felt pregnant.
Avatar n tn My period started a day late with zero spotting or pre-cramps which is odd for me. Then I only had it for a few days and it was very light. My blood was almost water like at times. And I never had my "heavy day" like I always have. I have sore breast, cramping, stretching around my uterus, I'm tired, hungry even though I'm nausea everyday. Is it possible to be pregnant and have my test still showing negative? My last normal period was Oct 13th.
Avatar n tn I love and adore my son and I feel like he is such a wonderful blessing and I can't imagine my life with out him. He is the light of my life. I would love to have a little girl...I know that is not a given, its up to God...but I would love for James to have a sibling...whether brother or sister. But I tried going off the medicine last month and had some severe symptoms. I got scared, freaked out and went right back on the meds without even trying for a baby.
1110026 tn?1258398234 I honestly think that I want a baby so bad that I am causing myself some how having a hard time getting that way again. Its not like my sex life isn't good. Me and Tom have a great sex life. Better then most couples. I just feel like i am in a rush or on a timer. I am almost 30 and I thought I would already had my baby by now and be this happy go lucky family. I guess I am living in a fairy tale book some place. I just never wanted something so much or so bad before and I can't get it.
Avatar f tn Just about to start trying fertility pills and hoping to get pregnant soon
1301836 tn?1305621815 i think im 6 wks pregnant
Avatar f tn I wanted a baby before I was 30 bc of my own personal choice and I know that when you start to gwt closer around 40 only 8% of your eggs will survive nut lots of women have babies in their early to middle 30s nothing wrong with it just make surw when u r in your mid 30s that u are on point with your health thats all :))
Avatar n tn Hi! I think I may already have answered your question in the other forum. When I re-read it, it sounds to me as though you want to get pregnant during the month that you two are together. I would suggest that your husband donate sperm very early and very late int the cycle. This could be used for IUI if you don't get pregnant while he is with you. When he is with you, you should have intercourse every other day or every day.