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1483631 tn?1319228646 and the doctor writes that women in their early thirties have only a 10% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, and 76% chance of becomming pregnant within a year. I didn't know that at 32 my age acts against me, had I known that, I would have started thinking about baby #2 three years ago, when I was still in my late 20s and my odds were much better! Just wanted to share that because I feel depressed.
Avatar n tn s the same women who have no problem getting pregnant in their mid- to late-30s who also have no problem getting pregnant in their early to mid 40s. Other women have a hard time even in their 20s. My only advice is if you decide to do ivf again you make sure you go with the most aggressive protocol there is (they probably did this to begin with given your wife's age but I would definitely check with other people and doctors to be sure). I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar f tn Also the other thing you are up against is the high risk of miscarriage in your late 30s. Keep that in mind if you do get pregnant. Lots of these pregnancies fail and you have to keep trying.
Avatar f tn s unlikely that you would be pregnant. As women, our fertility declines in our mid 30s and then sharply declines when we reach our late 30s. Since you have not had a period in over a year, it sounds like you are going into menopause so the chance of pregnancy would be extremely slim. If you are looking to have a child, have you thought about adoption?
Avatar f tn I wanted a baby before I was 30 bc of my own personal choice and I know that when you start to gwt closer around 40 only 8% of your eggs will survive nut lots of women have babies in their early to middle 30s nothing wrong with it just make surw when u r in your mid 30s that u are on point with your health thats all :))
Avatar f tn Back in our 20s...late 80s early 90s...I don't even know if freezing your eggs was an option. I didn't hear about it until about 2004 or 2005 as any sort of option. In fact even then I didn't realize the ramification of old eggs. I have to say I had no idea it would be so hard for me either. I thought as long as I was having a regular period (every 28 days) I would not have any problems getting pregnant.
Avatar m tn but the next she has skipped her date by 10 days of the usual time........ is their a chance of getting pregnant...she also took the contraceptive pills within 72 hours after we had sex........ could you please tell me whether there is a danger of getting pregnant............ could u please tell me as quickly as possbl......
Avatar n tn My period started a day late with zero spotting or pre-cramps which is odd for me. Then I only had it for a few days and it was very light. My blood was almost water like at times. And I never had my "heavy day" like I always have. I have sore breast, cramping, stretching around my uterus, I'm tired, hungry even though I'm nausea everyday. Is it possible to be pregnant and have my test still showing negative? My last normal period was Oct 13th.
Avatar n tn Hi! I think I may already have answered your question in the other forum. When I re-read it, it sounds to me as though you want to get pregnant during the month that you two are together. I would suggest that your husband donate sperm very early and very late int the cycle. This could be used for IUI if you don't get pregnant while he is with you. When he is with you, you should have intercourse every other day or every day.
5002615 tn?1366014009 So when i found out i was pregnant was at 14 weeks. but i always had that feeling that i was because i missed my period. but since i was in denial i would tell myself that it was normal my period just skipped a months since i would hear girls that missed theirs for a month or two except for mine was regular. finally in the third month that my period didn't show up that's when i was okay im probably pregnant. that's when i decided to take the home test and all three came out positive.
Avatar f tn I would get to a reputable Reproductive Endocrinologist right away. In your late 30s, there really is no time to waste. You should have day 3 labs done, including: FSH and Estradiol and AMH (which can be any day of your cycle). In addition, you could have a clomid challenge test done (day 3 and day 10 blood work with clomid in between). You should also get your antral follicle count--this will give an indication of your egg reserve. Your husband should also get tested.
Avatar n tn I was so excited to start my clomid this month, then I got excited because I thought I got pregnant naturally. Well guess not. Has anyone ever had a false negative being 2 weeks late?? I HATE PCOS!!!
Avatar m tn I'm in my late-30s and it seems my penis has gotten more in more curved in recent years (picture attached). It is also similarly bent when erect, but I can't say it affects negatively sexual intercourse... at least not yet. Is this an early sign of Peyronie diseases ? It is really more about the fact it seems to worsen with time. Rightly or wrongly, I'm getting more and more self-conscious about it. Is this a cause for concern?
Avatar f tn Yeah it would be possible to be pregnant as you;re super-fertile right now. Having a baby after a c-section - my MW told me to wait at least a year but I'm in no hurry to give my boy any brothers or sisters lol, but I did find ths post from an OB-GYN on the Baby Centre website: As a general rule, you should probably hold off on trying to conceive again for 18 to 23 months — about the same waiting period recommended for women who deliver vaginally.
5276842 tn?1365878296 In my late 30s i was so fed up of feeling ill all the time I had food intolerance testing performed and was told I was intolerant to gluten, dairy and eggs, I cut them all from my diet and felt much better but gradually reintroduced them. For a while I was fine but now the symptoms are back and I feel worse than ever.
Avatar f tn Then something occured that i am completely ashamed of and i completely hate myself for. I got pregnant with my son. Not to say i hated myself for getting pregnant with my son, but i used painkillers throughout my entire pregnancy with him. How he was born completely healthy and not born addicted i will never know. In fact i was three days overdue with him. Early in my pregnancy my boyfriend discovered the 40mg opanas.
Avatar f tn Your period can also be late for no reason at all. Have you considered getting on birth control in addition to using condoms as well?
Avatar n tn Probably not, but if its been awhile since your last birth, you should get checked out. Alot of women get fibroids in their 30s that can block your tubes or prevent implantation of the embryo , etc. Also, if you've had any surgeries or have used Iud's, you could have scar tissue that could prevent you from getting pregnant. It's always good to get a check up through your ob/gyn office. If there is a problem, you won't waste time and go through heartache.
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Avatar n tn My husband and I are trying to have our 2nd child. Just wondering how long it will take..... I had no problem getting pregnant with the first one who is now almost 4 years old. I had a period about a week after the mirena was removed but i haven't had one in july. We have been trying and i havent had a period this month but took 2 pregnancy test and both came back neg. Could I be pregnant???? My breast are tender, im cramping, tired could but just be late and getting ready to start????
Avatar f tn s father has informed me that he does not want another child and wants me to get an abortion (I was on depo ) I hv decided to hv my baby and just do it alone is anyone else out their in this position being in your late 30s with no help