Getting pregnant soon after giving birth

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381667 tn?1200467450 I want to get pregnant now but I dont know what the risks are of getting pregnant so soon after a vaginal birth?? I know there is the emotional part that I need to deal with and it will be scary every day of the pregnancy wondering if something will go wrong, But I just want to have my fourth child now. I have two others, a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old. I want them to be close in age and both my husband and I are sure we want another.
Avatar f tn You need to give your body time to heal. I know you want to try again soon, but you need to wait at least 6 months minimum. If this is too long to you, I encourage you to speak to your doctor and get their advice. They might give you the ok to try asap. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you never have to go through it again.
8023513 tn?1404356555 After you give birth you are fertile.
Avatar f tn Im actually thinking about getting pregnant again as soon as possible after giving birth. Me and my sister are only 10 months apart, we were actually born in the same calender year and it was awesome having a sibling so close in age.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to let you know that I got pregnant 3 weeks after my D&C and I am now 35 weeks--no problems at all--the time period the doctor gives is usually to let you heal emotionally as well as physically. Chances of miscarriage are the same everytime you get pregnant---not just because you get pregnant soon after a D&C or natural miscarriage. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi, To everyone that is scared of trying to be pregnant too soon after a D&C. I too had a m/c in March 2005, had a d&c and got pregnant 2 weeks after, as you can imagined I was extremely worried, even though we were not trying to get pregnant since my Dr. also recomended to wait al least 3 mths. I felt that my body couldn't resist the waitting period, and it didn't. I was pregnant scared... on my first visit to the Dr. I was 6 weeks and I saw the dr.
1455229 tn?1290304668 the reason why they tell you to wait a little bit before getting pregnant again is because if you get pregnant again to soon after one miscarriage your chances of having another one can increase in the next pregnancy as far as the no sex thing maybe it is to help you keep from getting an infection internally I'm not sure
Avatar n tn wiill it be betterr if i goo on BC ????
Avatar n tn I'm a total odd ball, I bf for 8mo & he ate every 2hrs day & night so there was no excuse for the blood. (I bled 10 straight wks pp) after that was when I had my 1mo of no blood & then I had a period every mo after that :( guess af forgot to read the rulebk for me :) LOL Good Luck, I'm hoping this next pp will be different! Maybe things will go as u want them too.
Avatar n tn wasn't the smartest thing i ever did but i stopped bleeding 3 days after giving birth and had no tearing, cutting, no stitches needed. i felt dr said 4-6 weeks.
147932 tn?1226969710 my question is i wasn't sure how i would fall pregnant under the circumstances of never having a period. i understand that after giving birth u are very fertile. my dh could have only gotten pregnant on one occasion and we used a condom. although i know not a 100% i wasn't expecting this. i am very scared seeing as though my daughter is so young, i realize that God only gives you what he believes you can handle so i'm alright with that. i just was thinking is it possible to be a false positive.
Avatar n tn there is always a chance, a girl on another pregnancy website I go on waited the 6 weeks to have sex and she got pregnant the first time after giving birth. Because you only waited 3 weeks, I would think you aren't pregnant because I think it would take your body longer to ovulate the first time. See how you are feeling and if you don't get a period in a month or so take a test or see your doctor.
Avatar f tn I was breastfeeding my daughter exclusively and my periods returned about 8 weeks after giving birth and I got pregnant again when she was just 4 1/2 months old. I had a breatfeeding book that said you will not ovulate while you breastfeed (if you breasfeed around the clock) but obviously it was wrong. Everyone is different but your period could start at any time even if you breastfeed.
Avatar n tn I had a friend get pregnant seven weeks after giving birth. If you don't want to get pregnant again so soon, I would advise to use protection.
443558 tn?1204962366 My husband and I cant even handle the pain that we feel and we really want me to get pregnant again as soon as we can because nothing else will fullfill are hearts. If anyone knows when is a healthy / fertile period and time for me to get pregnant after just giving birth?
Avatar f tn Well I have seen some of the comments left on others questions (one person called a woman an idiot for getting pregnant so soon after birth) and I wanted to make sure people understood before I got too many comments that we are happy about this and that EVERY baby is a blessing!!! Thank you so much for the congrats! We are still in shock... as I am sure you can imagine! I am glad to hear that those babies were healthy!
Avatar f tn I can't even imagine getting pregnant within a few weeks of giving birth. Even if you feel great after having this baby, it takes a huge toll on you getting pregnant again right away.
368785 tn?1270435883 I was just curious as to what was the earliest any moms tried to conceive again after having a baby? Or if anyone else had major baby fever a few weeks after giving birth?
Avatar n tn Hi! I am just a bit worried about me not getting my period after 16 weeks of giving birth. My mother told me that it's okey since I am breastfeeding..but still I have to ask other people, and is it okey to start taking birth control pills even if i'm breastfeeding?!